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LittleSubBBW thoughts and stories

I enjoy writing erotica. Sometimes I have thoughts or observations that I just need to get out. Some of the stories are duplicates of what is on Fet, thoughts probably won’t be copied from there, not entirely sure. Enjoy reading.
2 years ago. January 24, 2022 at 5:35 PM

I don’t know who I was with, it was my partner, I just didn’t see him, but the dream was definitely about what I want.

I was waiting for him to come home after work, not sure whose home it was but I was so horny I probably would have let him take me on the hood of his car in the driveway if he wanted. Either way I was horny as ever and couldn’t wait for him. I was thinking about that morning, when I woke up first, wore only my apron to make some breakfast for him and when he came into the kitchen, saw my naked ass, he didn’t say a word, just bent me over the table and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I sat on my legs, naked, in front of his spot on the couch, playing with my dripping pussy. Getting so close to cumming then stopping, knowing I need permission. I heard him walk in the door, resisting the urge to run to him and beg him to take me again, I stayed where I was, knowing he woul be in soon. It got so much harder not to cum, as soon as he walked into the room and say wnme he stopped, when our eyes met I took my fingers from my pussy and licked them off, he could clearly see what I had been doing and that I wanted more. Without breaking eye contact he came to the couch, pulled his pants down and sat in his spot.

I was so excited to just be able to help him relax and I wanted nothing more than to taste him and feed him in my mouth. I looked at him with big eyes and begged him to make me gag. I wanted to feel him as far in me as possible. I felt his hand around my throat while he looked at me, squeezing gently, his eyes telling me whiteout a doubt who was in control. He put my mouth on his cock, pushing up into my throat as much as he could. Holding my head down, his hand in my hair keeping me where he wanted me. He pulled and pushed, guiding me where and how fast he wanted me to move. As I gagged and gulped air, licking and slobbering all over him. Sucking on his balls when I was able to. He lifted my head so he could see my eyes, see that I knew who I belonged to, again, squeezing my throat gently but firmly.

My hands on his thighs, the tightest fists I could make to keep myself from cumming. I couldn’t cum, not without permission and I wasn’t ready to ask for it, not until I knew I had fully satisfied the man I had given myself over to, at least for the moment, until he was ready to do more, to do whatever he wanted to my body, to make me feel all the sensations he wanted me to feel.

As he was looking at me, his eyes never wavering, his fingers tightening and loosening, he smiled and pulled me closer to him. I wanted to be lost in the sensations of him. Worried that I would loose the connection I lowered my eyes. His so intense and the power of him eminating from them. I couldn’t, the man I gave myself to, the man who I willingly let have total control of my body, the man who could make me feel so much, I could handle the power in his eyes. I couldn’t challenge him, not like that and never in this manner. I needed him to claim me. I needed him to invade every inch of my body, as he has so many times before.

He pulled my mouth to his, tasting my being and filling me with his essence. His grip on my kneck moved to the back of my head. My hands traveled up his body to his shoulders and kneck, holding onto him for dear life so I didn’t float away on a cloud of ecstasy. Foreheads touching but our mouth separate so we can catch our breathe. The words formed in my head, with great difficulty, not being able to leave my mouth completely. I heard the beginning of the word please, my body so desperate for everything from him. Again I tried to say please. I backed away enough so he could see the pleading in my eyes. I whispered the word ass.

I needed him to empty his entire being into my ass after pounding it hard that I wouldn’t be able to sit for ages. I needed him to leave every bit of himself inside my ass then plug it in so it wouldn’t drip out. I needed him to fill every hole of mine with something else so when he entered my ass his cock was my only connection to the outside world. I knew he wouldn’t, I knew he knew how I felt about things gagging me that weren’t his cock.

With one hand back on my throat he reached down with his other hand feeling the slickness that leaked out of my pussy. He barely touched me and his fingers returned glistening and slick. I struggled against his hand on my throat, reaching with my tongue to touch his fingers. I knew he loved it when I cleaned off his digits and I wanted/needed to do anything that pleases him. He gave with his hand on my throat, not letting go entirely, but removing the pressure. I devoured his fingers, had anyone seen and not known better they would have said it was the best cock id ever had on mouth. I sucked, licked, fucked and gagged on his hand making sure there was not the slightest remnant of my juices left on them. He returned his hand to my pussy, keeping me in place with his other hand still gently on my throat. He slowly entered his fingers into my wanton hole, the first thrust one, the second thrust two and the third thrust three fingers.

He knows the idea of his whole hand in my pussy scares me, he also knows nothing scares me so much I wouldn’t let him do it. We both know he would never take advantage of that.

My eyes widen, staring in his, my arms tense, fists balled in an attempt to hold the orgasm off. He can see the struggle on my face. My breathing has been all over, now quick and shallow, coming out with the sounds reserved for animals. I know he knows how much I’m struggling to hold my orgasms back as he works his fingers in and around my pussy. His eyebrows raise, he asks if I have permission. I quickly shake my head, my struggling resolve barely holding on. My muscles tensing, trying to hold on. My fists grasping at air. He leans forward and whispers the magic words “cum for Daddy” I explode. Fireworks all throughout my body barely being contained by my skin. My knees instantly in a puddle from my never-ending squirting, my eyes rolling back as my vision plays mind games with me, my hands grasping and twisting his shirt, my arms stiff, my legs turned to noodles, the only thing holding me up are his fingers still working their way in my pussy. I move my body, trying to fuck his fingers but not having control of myself. I don’t know when, or how, but he manages to get me leaning on the couch from where I continue to kneel. My breathe ragged, my heart bursting, my body covered in sweat and juices. I mewl, trying to beg for his cock to be back in my mouth. He knows nothing calms me like sucking on him. He doesn’t want me calm. I hear the side table drawer moving. I feel him behind me. He raises my ass and plunges his cock into my pussy. I’m so surprised it doesn’t slip back out from how slick it is. I scream in delight and from the overwhelmed sensation I needed. He fucks me gently, keeping the orgasm from waneing. He pulls my hands behind my back, not saying a word. I feel silk being wrapped around my wrists, tying them together behind me. I hear the drawer again and feel him withdraw himself from my most precious hole. I hear something I recognize but don’t know what it is. I hear the gel being squeezed out and rubbed on his member. The sounds coming from me are foreign, things that can only be felt. As my mind is swimming and every cell in my body on fire I feel him quickly shove a large vibrator into my pussy. He holds it in place as I squirm as if I want to get away. I don’t want this evening to ever end. I make sounds, trying to bag for his cock. I need it in me. I need to taste him again. I need to feel him on my tongue.

He positions himself behind me, I am so excited to feel his precious penis enter my ass. I feel something else at my puckered hole. Before I can process what it is he has a vibrator in my ass and has it turned on high, as well as the one in my pussy. I scream, my body flailing uncontrollably. I don’t know what he has done but he has something holding the toys in place as he has been able to live back to the couch, watching me with a pleased smile on his face. I wiggle toward him, my tongue reaching out to his cock as my body dances spastically. He helps to guide my head to where it wants to go. This is the closest I’ve ever been to have if three cocks in me at once.

I sigh around his member. My hands trapped behind me, my body on constant fireworks. He pets my head as I suck on him. He tells me I’m such a good girl and he loved how I surprised him today. He lifts my head so I can look at him, so he can make sure I understand what he is saying. “do you want me to cum in your ass?” My body is vibrating, my mind comprehends what he is asking, I vigorously nods my head. He smiles and lets my head down on his leg. I reach my tongue out to his cock. He holds my head where it is, just out of reach. He pets me some more, teaches to tap the toys strapped inside me. I squeal and scream. Wiggling and vibrating on my own while the toys vibrate inside me. He tells me I have to understand what he’s saying, I vaguely nod. He knows I’m not really comprehending. He lifts my head again so he can look in my eyes. “I’ll be right back,” he says, looking at my eyes to get confirmation of my understanding, he must have seen it because he gets up and leaves me as I am. He returns a moment later with a towel, laying it folded on the couch. He kneels beside me so he can look me in the eyes. “Don’t move and don’t change anything. I have to do something and I want you to still be like I leave you when I get back.” I squeal, not wanting him to go. Still needing his cum inside me. I slowly nod. He knows I will never disobey him, not intentionally. He gets up and helps me to stand, on shaking legs that won’t support me he helps guide me to sit on the towel. I scream and squeal, the extra pressure on the toys almost more than I can handle. “Have I given you permission to cum with your toys?” I just shake my head. “Are you cumming?” I look away from him, embarrass that I forgot to get permission, my orgasms having never ended from his fingers and just continuing since. He smiles, kisses my forehead and tells me it’s alright. He stands up watching me as I wiggle in my seat. “I want you to fuck those toys like you’ve done before. I don’t want you to stop cumming until I tell you.” My eyes widen, I look at him to verify I heard correctly. He nods and tells me that I heard him. His eyebrows raising, telling me to do as I’m told. I start moving, shifting and rocking. I have to stop every few heartbeats to let the waves of sensation wash over me. I can feel the towel already getting wet. I rock harder, slower, bouncing and squeezing the toys. He smiles, reminding me not to move or stop as he walks out of the room.

I hear water run. I hear other noises but don’t care about them. All that matters is that I am a good girl and the unbelievable sensations I’ve had since he came home. I feel the towel get wetter. I soMehow manage to scoot the towel to the floor and I follow I don’t want the couch to get wet and it probably has. I fuck myself with those toys. I scream and cry, I’ve never cum so many times during one session. I use my heels to push on the toy in my pussy. I get myself turned around and rub my nipples on the front of the couch, gasping and grunting. I want to be so good. I know I didn’t listen completely but I also know he would appreciate the couch not having to be cleaned.

I hear him returning, his footsteps getting closer. I can imagine how pleased he is. I think I am begging him to let me taste him before he does anything else.

As I anticipate his reaction to me having moved to the floor something in my brain realizes the footsteps are actually my alarm going off. I wake up before he is able to ram his cock in my ass and deposit his seed. I want nothing more than to throw the alarm out the window and continue my dream.