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Agoura Hills, California, United States
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Looking for my lifetime DaddyDom
I’m looking for the man that will treasure my loyalty and devotion. Someone who is a partner in kink and in life. For this man I would do everything I can to help him enjoy everyday. He would treasure my little side and not take advantage of my submissiveness. Anything he wants I would do whatever I can to make happen.
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I want to know about you, not just your kinks or how many cute names you can call me. I’m looking for the real deal.


January 2022 - I know what I have been wanting, and missing, for my adult life. I’m not expecting to have this overnight, it does take some getting to know each other (although it is faster than in vanilla dating). I don’t expect to have this instantly, even if we click right away. There are levels of trust and comfort in any relationship. If we get along on here then it would be nice to meet sooner rather than later. I have learned that I have an insatiable sexual appetite and I absolutely love to please who I am with and I love to submissive to him. I like to be told what to do, when I can (or can’t) cum. I like to be fun and I like to make my partner happy.
What I ultimately want is a partner that I can please and be devoted to. Someone who will happily let me be myself and enjoy who I am. Someone who will let me be the sub I am and let me please him and make him happy and someone who will let me be the little I am, who will protect me and take care of me as only a DaddyDom can. I want to be able to be available to my Daddy whenever he wants, to kneel in front of him and look up at him just waiting for him to let me know it’s alight to take him in my mouth and do what he pleases. I want to be with my DaddyDom where I get to totally trust him, 100% and I can be so vulnerable that I let him do some of the things he wants to do but I’ve been to scared to do. I want him to be able to see how far things can go, because I know he won’t do anything that I really can’t handle or that I am totally against. I want him to want to see me smile and to want me to be the person he pushes limits with. I want him to be able to feel like there is nothing else in the world when I’m pleasing him because I do everything he wants and more than he even thought. I want him to be the one who can wrap his arms around me and it’s like putting me in a bubble where the rest of the world is out and it’s just him and me. I want him to tell me his fantasies and I want to do everything I can to make them happen. I want to be able to tell him my fantasies and if he likes them we can make them happen. I want our home to be where he wants to come and relax and be who he is. I want him to be my dominant, my lover, my Daddy, my friend and my master. I want to be his sub, his good girl, his lover, his confidant, his friend. I want to be the one who can make the day better when he’s had a rough day. I want to be the one he wants to push limits with, the one he want to please him, the one he wants to hold when we are watching tv, the one wants to be with when we aren’t doing anything at all.

Ultimately what I am looking for is someone who will share a male-lead or head of household situation and who will not only take control but also will explore. I would want us to explore things together with “you” being in charge. I would want us to provide each other with what we need and desire. My goals would be to give you what you need and desire. To do all I can to make you feel like and to know I have no doubt in the complete man that you are. While I have my hard limits, and I’m sure you do as well, everything else would be free to explore and experience together. You are in control and in charge. I get to, selfishly, let go of the world and experience all of the pleasure and sensation of letting you do as you please with me and to me. I would get the joy of knowing I am the person who is making my man cum, who is the recipient of his attention and desires. I would be the one whose head you hold in your hands while you decide how deep and fast down my throat you want to put your cock, how quickly you want to feed me your cum, when you want to do something else or if you want to feed me and then rest.

I want, need, both of us to be getting fully from this relationship and both of us to be satisfied. My satisfaction is very tied in to your satisfaction. I need to please you and let you do as you please to me and with me. I desire to be yours and have all of the responsibility, pleasure, punishment and ecstasy that comes with being yours. I make it my mission to know you have the pleasure and ecstasy from having me and being in control of us.

The person who lives this male-lead/head of household lifestyle with me will be understanding and supportive. Will never degrade or humiliate me (I can’t fully trust and respect someone who views me as garbage in any way). Will let me learn his quirks and what makes him happy. Will allow me to support him and please him. This person will want the happiness and partnership that comes naturally in this type of setting. He will correct and discipline me as well as get his sexual pleasure and desires from me. We will also be living this way in non-sexual aspects of life, hiking, watching sunsets, sitting in front of the tv or having a picnic. We would be comfortable enough to be spending time together doing different and separate things. We would be confident enough in each other to have our own lives and our joint life. Poker night, girls/guys night out, time with friends or just going to a movie we know the other isn’t interested in. Things that feed our lives individually and that makes us stronger and better when we are together. This partner, this dominant, will have my devotion and dedication. He will have not doubt what I am willing and ready to give and do for him. He is in control and he would have it no other way.


Please do not blind friend request. Send me a message that says something to have a conversation. I want to know about you and why you want to friend request before I consider it. If you blind friend request and have nothing on your profile I will reject you and be glad I don’t block you just for being so boring that you can’t come up with anything to say about yourself in general or in a message as I have specifically requested prior to friend requesting.

I am not always looking for new play partners I am looking for guys who are open to wherever a friendship might lead.

I am allergic to cigarettes so please do not be a smoker. Friends who smoke but can keep it away from me are fine. It is not a pretty sight when my eyes are all swollen shut and gross looking.


So much to learn and experience.

I find being upfront is the best way to go. Some find I overshare what is going on in my head, if we are talking and you feel this way let me know.

I tried to make my profile as complete and clear as possible. I believe in being open and honest. There are some things I want to get out of the way so we don’t get started and then have issues come up. I am a caring, loyal and giving person. Once I feel like I can trust someone I am invested and consider them my friend. I don’t play mind games and I am not into “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” I like to have a connection and after the highs of sexual play I need to be with that person while I recover. When I’m with someone I give all of myself and I expect them to understand that and not take advantage of it. If we move past online I am firm on condoms below the waist and you providing a location to play.


I do write erotica, my writings are either journal entries where I am doing self-discovery or fiction. Some of my stories are written for someone specific or based on a specific request, some are completely fantasy that I would love to happen one day.
BDSM and me
I am a LittleSub thru and thru. I like to be playful and I get shy. I am curious about so much and for the right partner, at the right time, so many boundaries can be pushed.
Hard Limits: abdl, anal hooks, asphyxiaphilia play, ass to mouth, blood play, branding, bukkake, caging/confinement, choking play, cuckold humiliation, defilement, degradation, diaper, diapers, domestic servitude, face slapping, female humiliation, femdom, flesh hooks, glory hole, hook suspension, human ashtray, human toilet, humiliation, male submission, masochism, mistress/slave, mistresses with strap-ons, obedience training, public humiliation, sadism, sissification, spitting, transvestism, verbal humiliation and degradation, watersports
What's new
I am looking for a lifetime relationship where we match in and out of playtime.
I have 4 kids.
My partner will be 40-55 years old (sorry 20s and 30s it’s just not happening).
I am not looking for a sugar daddy, however my partner must be financially secure.
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Jan 23, 2022
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Jan 9, 2022
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