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A scent of Woman

A scent of a Women

To smell a women inter scent

To me is one of the greatest gifts ?

When a women gets wet over you and leaves it in her kickers for you to smell

Or hands you them her self when you may not be Expecting it

The inner thought ? of her thinking sexual things of what you do to her is a powerful thing in a mind

But to smell and taste her is the start of what
Desires she and you have for each other

Can we beat what plays on our minds

To take it to her to show her what she wants

How do you Seduce

How do we set the mood before you do anything

The art of Seduction can be fun in so many ways

To be Stirred not shaken

To be give the the thoughts ? of what she Desires is a powerful Image in her mine

As long as you know what she wants and read the book of her sexual Desires and you can meet them and make them true

You may have the best lover you will ever have in your life

We know women can use there body’s to show us what we want

But how do we as Men,Doms,Masters

Show our ladies the art of Seduction

Do we use the mind as sexual tool to bring her to beg for it

Where does it start and how do we make it right for her

This is my way on how I set the mood

For me it come from deep inner place inside of me to show her what Conversation can do

And where do I start this first we must set the mood in her head

All I do is Whisper one word in her ear


She will know what the inner thoughts will come with that

This will set the mood for her to know what I will be doing to her tonight

This is my way on how I set the mood

On the bed will be a Dress a pear of kickers and bra of my choice what I want to see her in and a pair of ? placed at the end of the bed

A note will be left to say to be out in the lounge at Certain time

This is my way on how I set the mood

The booking will be set for dinner at her Favourite restaurant

The wine will be on ice the lights will be on low ready for us to Arrive home put her favourite music on hold for when you get home

The booking will be set for dinner at her Favourite restaurant

Sitting the home coming mood is important as much as the dinner and wine and Restaurant

To make her wanted and to feel loved

Mind fuck her get her to want you get the Juices flowing

As you set off in the car to thr Restaurant as you tell her how Beautiful she is

And what a Good Girl she’s been ?

You tell her how Beautiful she is as you run your hand up her Thigh but not to Touch her Sexually

As this she will know what inner sexual Desires will flood Through her mind and body of what she will maybe Expecting tonight

As you drive her to her favourite Restaurant

You tell her of noting you have planned for the night

As you to get to Restaurant you get out of the car and go and open the door and take her hand as you look into her eyes as you walk inside and say are you Ready for a good night

How to to Seduce her over a dinner table you want to unwind her inner sexual Desires in the things you will say

As you dive deep into her mind Exploring fantasy as she sits and wants it

As you sit over the dinner table and Exchange Beautiful conversation of how lovely she looks and how much you want her

As you look in to eyes and see the passion for her as you look deep into he soul and mind holding one hand as you reach over and give her a kiss on the hand

Know how wild it will be as soon as you get home

As you undress her in your mind she will want more and more as the time goes by over the wine and food and take to the dance floor and pull her in close

To Pull her so close to you as you bite her neck so slow not to leave a mark as you grab her ass

Tell her you own her

As you Whisper in your ear Let’s get the
FUCK out of here

As you run your fingers down her spine on
The the way out the door to the car

You walk to to the car with your her arm under yours as you open the car door for her and slap her ass as you Whisper can’t wait to get you home

As you drive her home you know what thoughts are going Through your head as you tell her to remove her underwear

As you pull into the drive she drops her kickers in your lap with that smile on her face you go into the house when the mood is set for a night of passion

As you put the Music on and pour her a glass of wine as you pull her close as you move slow to the music as you kiss her so deep as you unzip the back of her dress so she may slip out of it

Remember it about the Seduction of having her fully before you give your self to her as passion runs high you can feel the fire in her eyes for you and her body will tell you

But never to give it to her right way make her beg for you

As the night moves along

She becomes all you want and Desire

And she gives every thing in return
2 months ago. December 22, 2023 at 7:35 PM

This is a great read I did not write it but brings home whats lots miss about BDSM and what needs to be said 

Madboy2 52 M Master
10 Signs You’re Confused About How Submission Really Works

It’s easy to believe that the only people who are completely confused about how Dominance and submission (D/s) and BDSM work are the wannabe Dominants. It would be unfair of me to say that the only problem lies with those who want to be in charge. There are plenty of submissives out there who get it wrong, with this and a few conversations with others who have gone through the same thing, I thought it might be time for a little tough love for people claiming to be submissive looking for a long-term relationship and seem to be getting it all wrong.

To be fair, I’m not referring to submissives who meet the wrong person or believe the lies. That happens with any type of relationship, vanilla or kinky – and it can happen to Dominants, too. No, today, let’s discuss how other types of submissives are getting it wrong.

Don’t offer your submission before you know their real name. I mean, really? I shouldn’t have to say this, but it seems necessary in a world of online-only kink and online profiles. You’re willing to let someone control your orgasms, the food you eat, and when you go to bed, but you don’t know their real name? Think about that for a second.

Don’t offer to submit through the comments of a blog, on a Facebook profile, or anything that involves some online public forum – as a replacement to an actual private conversation about it.

Think long and hard about why you only want to submit to married or otherwise unavailable Dominants. I have definite opinions on married people taking D/s partners without knowledge and consent from their spouses but that’s a post for another day. But if you seek out or seem to “attract” married Dominants who can never give you a full commitment, I challenge you to think about why that may be.

Build your relationship the same way you would in the vanilla world first. Get to know your potential Dominant. Let them get to know you. The D/s might be an inherent part of your personality, preferences, and physical, emotional, and mental well-being, but you’re both people first. You should know who they are, what they do, and hell, even their favorite colour

Don’t be surprised when you don’t always get your own way. If you’ve discussed, negotiated, and consented to a relationship where your Dominant has the power and control, you’re going to hear, “No” from time to time. This is part of the D/s package. Don’t cry foul when you don’t get your way. You don’t come across as a submissive when you do it – just a spoiled brat. Note: If you’ve got a real problem with something or it violates a hard limit, have a discussion with your Dominant – in a calm manner – and renegotiate. Also if being a brat is part of your power exchange, go for it!

Don’t assume anyone can read your mind. There is no “should know, should think, should anything” in D/s. If you want someone to know how you’re feeling, what you need, or what you hate, you have an obligation and a responsibility to speak up.
Don’t think this is all about you. I know many of us say that submissives have the real control because we can withdraw consent at any time. And I believe that. But don’t mistake that as an opportunity to think you don’t have to contribute to the relationship, too. The relationship isn’t all about you – just as it isn’t all about your Dominant. It’s a partnership and each side must give in order to receive.

Remember that your Dominant has a life outside of you. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with number seven. I’m talking to submissives who freak out when their Dominant doesn’t text back immediately, drop everything to talk to them, and give them attention every moment of the day. Dominants, like submissives, and like everyone else in the world, have responsibilities – to their children, to their families, to their job, to themselves. They shouldn’t ignore you for days on end, but a few hours without a return phone call is rarely a reason to combust.
Tell the truth, even if it’s painful. Don’t lie. Don’t lie. Don’t lie. We warn you about Dominants who lie, but I don’t think submissives hear this often enough. This includes everything from white lies to spare feelings to massive untruths to get out of trouble. If you didn’t do the task, own up to it. Yeah, you might have to face consequences for it, but that’s part of being a submissive.

Understand the difference between BDSM/kinky sex and D/s. If all you want is a rough tumble in bed or to be tied up and flogged, but you don’t want the responsibility of a relationship, you’re most likely just a bottom. And there’s nothing wrong with that. D/s is how you relate to one another in a relationship. Frankly, D/s requires a lot more work than any intricate Shibari scene or the negotiations for some kinky play in a dungeon with a stranger. If you don’t want that kind of work, no problem. No one’s judging you. But before you go around calling yourself a submissive, make sure you know what it is you’re looking for.

To be fair, some people like to play anonymously online as a “submissive” or “Dominant.” For them it’s pure fantasy. This post isn’t for those people. This list is to give a little tough love for anyone, man or woman, calling themselves a submissive, claiming to be looking for their forever Dominant, and who don’t seem to understand that submission requires work and time. If you’re not willing to put in the effort and just want some kinky play, own it, and be a bottom. But don’t get people’s hearts involved and then cause hurt and pain to people who don’t deserve it.

2 months ago. December 19, 2023 at 8:12 AM

A true Dom

Do we Exist

Do we live in only in the minds of others

What makes a True Dom his Values

His Beliefs

His Techniques

What does he show you

How does he show you

What is it he stands for

Is the True Commitment he follows through with

The giving he gives

To know what connection is

To know what is Consent is

To know how to build trust

To know what sub space is

To know what aftercare is

To know how to keep her safe

How to look after her needs

What is safe play

Does he find and Search out

What his sub needs

Does he no the Techniques

In play

Does he Listen to her needs

Does he let her be mind be free

Does he make her stronger then she is

Does he Silence in mind

Works on her mind body soul snd Spirit

To me These are some of the most important things a True Dom is

Do you Agree ???

2 months ago. December 19, 2023 at 8:05 AM

To the Name Dom

Why is it as a Dom want to help subs reach there Potential

And shut there minds off and have them be

let them be free

To Quiet a mind and to let her be

What is it I get out of this it gives me so much Satisfaction

To know I made a difference in a small way in her life

Does it have anything to do with sex


What’s it to do with Mind,Body,Soul,Spirit

As when you start to Explore

Where should it start from Mind

Most men will go straight for the pussy ass and tits

But is that a true Dom

With the right training

Hell No

As I no my training was never to do with sex we should no how to fuck

Yes some of us love our kinks

Don’t get me wrong and it takes training on them to get them right and doing the right Techniques

I ask you this would you take your car to somebody who was not a Mechanic

So why would you give your self to someone who as no Idear of how to look after your Mind, Soul, Spirit

Or not have the skills it takes to be a true Dom

As there so many man out there who say yes I slap ass and I call her names and say she a good girl

Does that give them the right to have the tittle Dom

Like hell it does not

For me it’s about the Knowledge the understanding and no what you doing

Who is she what does she need

That does not mean what’s her kinks are and what she needs in bed

It’s time Doms where held to what there are meant to be

And the true Teachings of what a true Dom is

I think any one and most men walk into this site and put there hand up and say wow I am a Dom now

So it upsets me listen to subs time and time again telling me what men say to them

The Abuse some men give and thing so I am a Dom now I can treat women with no Respect

And that just not right on any way or Form

We need to Re-educate and teach them it not ok

The Name Dom comes with Responsibilities

Not to be asshole or to speak to women with no Respect

Would you as man walk to some one like your mother and say some of the shit you say to women on her

So most subs will tell you the rule is give her Respect and her to no her on a non sexual way

So to Doms women is to understand her and take the time to get to no her

It not to think she drop to her knees and do what she told

So come on men step up to the plate and act like a Real Dom if that’s what you call your self

And don’t fake it

If you not a Dom be real at lest

2 months ago. December 19, 2023 at 7:55 AM

Why do lots of men not give the Respect
I get told by a lot of women that men think a women talks to them it give them the right to to talk to them like there own them

With out no respect and jump right into sexual with them

That crap men has she submit to you

Would you walk up to a family friend or some one in a bar and try the same shit on

what would you do if your mother or sisters
was talk to like that

Would you put up with it

so slow down and get ti no her

for who she is and be her friend first

think about it like a meeting a friend

As all you doing is scaring them away

In time there be no women around to talk to

Remember your actions

Play out on the rest of us

so come on men slow down and give the women some

2 months ago. December 19, 2023 at 7:46 AM

Who is the Captain of the ship

Who is your Dom and what is his role to you

Is he the True Captain of your ship 

To keep you safe not to hit the rocks

Keep your own course

To guide you

To control you Your thoughts so you can grow

Does he keep you safe

What is his status

Does he use his Techniques

To free you

Does he work mind to build it

Does he Stare you away from trouble

Does he keep you away from the Rough waters

Follow your path

As he is the Captain but you are in change of where the ship goes

And he much stay in your hard limits

Never to abandon the ship

So next time ask your self who looking after your ship


2 months ago. December 19, 2023 at 7:43 AM

To own a soul

To own Soul
Is to own her mind
To own her mind
Is to own her body
To own her body
To put her at your feet
To put at you feet
She has to submit to you
To get her to submit you have to Dom
To Dom you must have to win her heart ❤️ 
To win her you must have to know her
To know her you have to meet her
To meet her you must have to like her
And that’s where it all starts
Two people liking each other
Now read it backwards and you get to a soul

2 months ago. December 19, 2023 at 7:35 AM

Old school vs New school BDSM

What has happen over the years with BDSM
What his happens to the Morals and Respect and Manners what is it is Dom 
Of winning the soul over and working on theSpirit of the sub and her soul and making her so strong.
Why do we not get to know her mind before her body
Why is putting up a pic of her body more important then put up a writing of who she is or what she wants.
What are we saying as Doms
Is sex more important then trying to Capture her Inner beauty
We look at our selfs in different light now
What happen to old school BDSM
Where it was making that bond building the trust and give your self time to get to know each other
Why is it changing
What is a Sub of today want
What do Doms want
And where does old school BDSM sit out there
Am I just old Fashioned and still have Morals or is it dead
And we true Doms are we Dieing race
As I still want to Capture her heart her soul her mind
And use my mind over her body
And do we still read on what is is to be a Dom and a true Master
Where do Doms get there teaching from
As for me it come from
A Master in my early days
Let me ask you what is BDSM to you ??


2 months ago. December 19, 2023 at 7:21 AM

How to Honour a sub

I may blind my sub with blindfold but let her see my heart

I may mark my sub but let her feel the love through it

I my tie my sub down but let her feel freedom

I may gag my sub but let her taste my riches of me

I may beat my sub but never to hurt her soul

I do this to build her soul and her spirit to make her strong and to see she is free


2 months ago. December 19, 2023 at 7:19 AM

Miss having sub
I don’t know if a lot of Doms get a feeling of lost when there don’t have a sub.

For me it’s like my toys and tools sit by them selfs and I gag to go and pick them up.

And then there the craving to have a sub or woman at your side to build up that deep connection and bond, trust, Loyalty

It’s like a lost so deep it craves you to want it
And need it it hurts as you know you are Dom
And a Master but can’t play your role out.

For me having her it’s like a drug going Through your veins to make you strong to make you feel like you have a purpose in life.

I feel like a part of me is dieing with out that special someone to show her how strong she will make me I want to be a Master again.

I want to be in change again not feeling a lost in my life with out that special someone to call mine

Am I the only one who feels this after been in a deep connection and now on my own

2 months ago. December 19, 2023 at 7:11 AM

To the mind
As I reach into her mind
I want to Capture her soul
And Secure her mind
And free her self from her self
And let her be what she want to be
As I tie her down it is show she will be free to let go
As I whip her I show her she can be strong and take what she needs
As blind her she will not see dark but will see the light of freedom
As I reach into her soul she then will feel the love of me