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A scent of Woman

A scent of a Women

To smell a women inter scent

To me is one of the greatest gifts ?

When a women gets wet over you and leaves it in her kickers for you to smell

Or hands you them her self when you may not be Expecting it

The inner thought ? of her thinking sexual things of what you do to her is a powerful thing in a mind

But to smell and taste her is the start of what
Desires she and you have for each other

Can we beat what plays on our minds

To take it to her to show her what she wants

How do you Seduce

How do we set the mood before you do anything

The art of Seduction can be fun in so many ways

To be Stirred not shaken

To be give the the thoughts ? of what she Desires is a powerful Image in her mine

As long as you know what she wants and read the book of her sexual Desires and you can meet them and make them true

You may have the best lover you will ever have in your life

We know women can use there body’s to show us what we want

But how do we as Men,Doms,Masters

Show our ladies the art of Seduction

Do we use the mind as sexual tool to bring her to beg for it

Where does it start and how do we make it right for her

This is my way on how I set the mood

For me it come from deep inner place inside of me to show her what Conversation can do

And where do I start this first we must set the mood in her head

All I do is Whisper one word in her ear


She will know what the inner thoughts will come with that

This will set the mood for her to know what I will be doing to her tonight

This is my way on how I set the mood

On the bed will be a Dress a pear of kickers and bra of my choice what I want to see her in and a pair of ? placed at the end of the bed

A note will be left to say to be out in the lounge at Certain time

This is my way on how I set the mood

The booking will be set for dinner at her Favourite restaurant

The wine will be on ice the lights will be on low ready for us to Arrive home put her favourite music on hold for when you get home

The booking will be set for dinner at her Favourite restaurant

Sitting the home coming mood is important as much as the dinner and wine and Restaurant

To make her wanted and to feel loved

Mind fuck her get her to want you get the Juices flowing

As you set off in the car to thr Restaurant as you tell her how Beautiful she is

And what a Good Girl she’s been ?

You tell her how Beautiful she is as you run your hand up her Thigh but not to Touch her Sexually

As this she will know what inner sexual Desires will flood Through her mind and body of what she will maybe Expecting tonight

As you drive her to her favourite Restaurant

You tell her of noting you have planned for the night

As you to get to Restaurant you get out of the car and go and open the door and take her hand as you look into her eyes as you walk inside and say are you Ready for a good night

How to to Seduce her over a dinner table you want to unwind her inner sexual Desires in the things you will say

As you dive deep into her mind Exploring fantasy as she sits and wants it

As you sit over the dinner table and Exchange Beautiful conversation of how lovely she looks and how much you want her

As you look in to eyes and see the passion for her as you look deep into he soul and mind holding one hand as you reach over and give her a kiss on the hand

Know how wild it will be as soon as you get home

As you undress her in your mind she will want more and more as the time goes by over the wine and food and take to the dance floor and pull her in close

To Pull her so close to you as you bite her neck so slow not to leave a mark as you grab her ass

Tell her you own her

As you Whisper in your ear Let’s get the
FUCK out of here

As you run your fingers down her spine on
The the way out the door to the car

You walk to to the car with your her arm under yours as you open the car door for her and slap her ass as you Whisper can’t wait to get you home

As you drive her home you know what thoughts are going Through your head as you tell her to remove her underwear

As you pull into the drive she drops her kickers in your lap with that smile on her face you go into the house when the mood is set for a night of passion

As you put the Music on and pour her a glass of wine as you pull her close as you move slow to the music as you kiss her so deep as you unzip the back of her dress so she may slip out of it

Remember it about the Seduction of having her fully before you give your self to her as passion runs high you can feel the fire in her eyes for you and her body will tell you

But never to give it to her right way make her beg for you

As the night moves along

She becomes all you want and Desire

And she gives every thing in return
2 days ago. June 4, 2023 at 4:09 AM


I want to take a look of what I feel is missing from my life and my BDSM life.
I put a lot into my profile and my life of BDSM to show people who I am and that I am not fake or I am here for the wrong reasons.
It not about kink sex for me or trying to have sex with women.
For me it goes way deeper onto the minds of people and what it means to me been in the lifestyle and a Master.
What do I want from the lifestyle is giving my Knowledge my understanding of what I see.
Most want a connection of some type.
Some just want the sex connection with the freedom to fuck and play with who ever there like and that’s good for them.
Some come to make money use what three given to make it and again if it works for them good on them.
You have the ones who come with the chaos inside of them looking for the Answers to switch it off and there want to find someone who there can connect with.
Some come to Discover themselves. To find out more about there own Sexuality.
We all have our own reasons for been here.
Does not make us bad,what makes it bad is what we tell people the lies of people and the fake bullshit people come up with on here to
Hide the Truth.
That’s where the hurt comes from on here.
So we have a lot of different people on here all wanting different things form here
As long as you make it clear to what you want it should not be a problem.

So I looking for that girl, lady , women what ever you want to call your self it up to you as long as you been real to your self.

So what do I want out of all of this ??

To make that deep connection.

To find that someone who wants to grow inside them selfs.

Who’s not afraid of changing for the better of them selfs.

Who wants a man to love and Cherish them and to be looked after in every way.

I want a women who wants to be in a D/s and is wants to build up to a collar relationship.

What do I ask from her Loyalty her Trust Commitment from her
Knowing she get it all back from me

A Relationship with great Communication each day.

I want someone who will want to Learn or know more to do with old school ways.

I want to make sure there well being is take care of and her needs are looked after in each way in what we set down.

It like rules and Protocols of each other where there are hard limits set down

Knowing she got safe words set
And tte aftercare of what she need as going to be done

Dairy tasks will be set out and followed

With a punishments in place for you to see with so you now what will be done

Your kinks will be written up on what we both want to do

I do ask for 2 books or two ways for you to write things down
1 use one is your Journal book
2 to put in your rules and Protocols that
Would be set down by both of us.

There are aspects of your life I don’t want any control of those are

Your job

Your money

I not in any Financial way I can take care of you fully Financially so I would expect you to work to support your own self.

If you have kids there are yours as my kids are mind I would not tell you how to Parent them.

My rules are simple and are set in ways that there all can be Discusses with in how we work them and may be changes in them if need to be

This is a out line of what’s I would except and want from a women thee are many other aspects to a good D/s but as long as the base is set I could not ask for much Else.

It you think it’s something you like come read my full profile and talk to me.


1 week ago. May 25, 2023 at 10:36 AM

To know Me

When I feel blood running
Through my veins
As I swing the flogger
Over your raw ass
Where it takes me to my happy place
As I see the marks I put on your skin
As you look back at me with that
Smile on your face
I know I am home doing what I do best
Been your true Master
When I look across to my other tools
What shell I do to you
To make you see me for who I am
When I want you in my arms to keep you safe from the world
How do I work as Master you will see
And only you will know
As you submit to only me
You will not only hear my voice
But feel my soul and Spirit
And know you are Truly looked after
In ever way
As we take pledge for one other
Never to give each other to anyone else
So I teach you all there is to be a good girl👧
As I lay down my rules and show you what Protocols are
And make you do your Journal
As I teach you how to reach sub space
As I do my aftercare on you
Then to hold you so close
To my heart as I put you on my chest
At night

6 months ago. November 11, 2022 at 6:22 AM

Where is my mental BDSM gone

What’s happen to what we use to see a lot of the mental connection Way before you play
To build on that deep connection of what so many of us want out of BDSM

How do we get our mental connection

if it’s only about kink sex and yes it great to play but what must come first before we jump in

Just look at around you to hear the horror story’s of bad behaviour

People who think it a easy way to get sex or abuse people on this site

There are people who looking for a easy Targets to take out there sexual Desires on you

Who don’t give a shit around Protocols or rules

How far are you willing to put out

with someone who not taking care of your needs

Who steps over your hard limits and just does what there want to you

It happens in the Vanilla world all the time and it happens on here where someone is not listening to you or what you see is safe Boundaries

Do you have good safe words in place

Do you talk about what your Triggers are

How much talking are you doing
before you jump in

We just have to take a look at the Australian guy who killed the women over in Australia

That was just meant to be a bit of fun for her for a night

Crazy on what went down

To make you wonder how safe do you know who you Intend of playing with

How can you trust the one you talking to over the net

For me it’s all got to be that trust in what I say and how I going to make sure I got that mental connection before we can get to play

How do you I find your mental connection


10 months ago. July 31, 2022 at 4:38 AM

What’s Missing

I here and talk to a lot of subs out in the Community and I ask what is misting

Why can’t there find a good Dom or find that deep connection

Lot of it comes down to men don’t have a clue on how to be Doms I get told or there just don’t get what it is all about

The lack of Respect Manners and knowing it’s not all about kink or sex

Let’s break it down to what a Dom should be

First of all it’s about giving and showing a sub what you have to offer her as a Dom

It’s not aboot telling her what to do in the first 5 mins of knowing her

She not yours she’s not under your control let’s make it clear you can’t tell a woman to get down on her knees after meeting her

Or tell her what you going to do to her
It’s like the old saying goes all talk and all bullshit

No women wants to know about what you going to make her do in the first 5 mins

She want to know about you who you are what you about just be open and friendly with women

It not a race to get them to submit to you slow down get to know her Personality
What is is like as a woman what her Interests

What got her into BDSM what does she want to get out of it

Look into her mind her thoughts 💭 on who she is find out about her as a women

What makes a good Dom is some one who is open book who Listens
And get to no a woman before you try and go all hard in and Scare her away

It ok to find out small things about a women but don’t just go after the sexual side of her it only saying you after one thing

We want our subs to feel Special we want them to know we think about them as a friend then as a lover and then as our subs

There so many wonderful women out there who want to be good girls for there Doms
But you fucking it up by not looking at who there are as people

Yes there are some hard women to crack and some who only hereto make money but ti find that good sub that sits great with you don’t rush it take you’re time it like making a cake you just don’t grab all the Gradients and Chuck in a oven
We must mx and Measure

And it like a women you must ask the right questions at the right time take your time read her profile read her writings it will tell you a lot about

Invest your time into her and you get all you want out of her in the end as long as you treat her right

It’s so important as Doms we do it right and give them what there need as for me I take a long time to collar a sub it not done over night it along Process

To me it like a wedding ring you just don’t pop it on a finger or a collar around a womens neck and it like when you first start talking to a women it along going process

It not done in 5 mins now she’s mine
Where the respect
Where is the Manners
Where is the Gentlemen
Where is showing you are Genuine
As must men with out These won’t get far wil there

And I say all women do your homework on your Doms vetting someone is so important

Building Trust
Building Loyalty
Built in Friendship
Building connection
Work on These

Then you will have a better way to have a D/s

It’s not about sexual side it about the whole Package

I always say work in this Order

Mental connection first Connection
Spiritual connection Second Connection
Get to her soul Third connection
Sexual fourth connection

Do it in that order you both can’t go wrong
Do non sexual things on dates find Interests you both like it ready like dating in the Vanilla world at first

I sure of men took more time women would trust more easy then the bullshit there get on there inbox’s or the shit there have to listen to so come on let’s have more Respect for each other

10 months ago. July 31, 2022 at 4:36 AM


off Fet


What Do I Give As A Master
I was asked what do I give out as a Master
And this is what It’s for me it’s all about the subs needs and what she needs to work on
It all about giving my time and Energy into her making she feels wanted and special and safe in all I do for her it come down this

With the understanding of
And been her rock

I would hope I get the same things back of what I put in

It’s all about making the deep friendship at first and growing it into something so special so she can see I am a real Master and my words turn into Actions

But most of all I want her to grow in all I show her to Inspire her to be strong in all she does I won’t need to hold her up she will be strong but with what I put in her life will only Encourage her to be more strong

It’s important she know who she is what are her Triggers are what things she want to work on
And for her to see me Supporting her on all she does this should be a outline for any male who you want in your life
As a partner
I not about sex I about love to different things love to me is the out come that come from showing your heart to someone who you care about Deeply

Sex is just a act you carry out on someone you find Attractive and I ask what do you get out of sex yes a Orgasm but not much else

You need to see what love gists you endless happy days with someone who is your everything

I want to bare my


I will never put a pic up of my cock on here and my pics are more to inspire people to have a better thought 💭

As what we all looking for most of us is someone who will understand you or want to know you as a person not just sex

When I give my heart to someone I want to give it fully the Master side of me wants the same respect I give her

Noting in wrong in a brat with a Loose
Tongue ad long as she knows when to hold it and to use it

We all have Different personalities on what we see and how we act and thees noting wrong in that

The rules are Standard in my BDSM life for my sub They not hard to follow
And Discipline will be shown and if not punishment show fellow

But how do I bring my rules into her life with a set Period you I do a test time Trail
Set out a rule for 2 weeks and see how it sits with the sub then talk about it

If it working then set in Concrete if not you may both want to Adjust it or get rid of it noting a sub should do should be hard for her to do she should want to do it to please you buy it should be done in a manner for you both

Should all tasks be one sided NO for me it more for her in teaching her what she needs


If its for more for your own Benefit tell her what you like don’t make into a task she should want to do it for you to please you

Don’t over work her yes you can give her jobs to do but make them fun for her

The big thing is to Reward her for her work she done for you or a Completed task

I use time I ask for tasks ti be done on time
So she knows she got to get it done

Keep the Relationship fun

Give her what she loves when she’s been a good girl

But most of all keep her safe

That’s my job as been a true Master to her

Let me know what you think 🤔
What it is to be true Master

11 months ago. July 4, 2022 at 12:29 AM

I would like to know if it would be a good idea to look at putting up a place for learning where you could go and learn all aspects of BDSM for subs and Doms and new comes to go and learn it could be work shops or people giving talks on what there know best or videos of things like wax play where is all in one place like the full Introduction to BDSM from
What is to be a Dom
What it is to be a sub
All the other types out there baby girl etc
You could have weekends where work shops come together for a small price to come along and learn all the diffent aspects of BDSM
So we all can learn from each other get rid of what some just think BDSM is about
Could be done online or at events
It could be a new way of making sure we keep it safe and stops all the bullshit from happening out there in our BDSM Communities
Any ideas on how this could be made come true
Love all your thoughts and ideas 💡

1 year ago. May 6, 2022 at 11:01 AM

Mind, Spirit, Soul, Body

I want us to talk about those and why do not other people try to get to know you in
This order I ask my self ??
On here it’s like sex and sexual side of everyone must be talk about first ????


It’s so important we look at women in this order first to last in order to get to know her understanding her, build on something so special with her.

As if you were out meeting someone in public would you go Straight to what you talk the sexual side to someone like you do on here

It a shame most men will look at the body first and start to look at her sexual side before looking at her in her mind and working out who she is as a person.

I no been a Master and when a sub talks to me it all about what’s going on inside her head I need to find out who she is first and Build on friendship

Do you remember the days of the phones you used to have to talk into with no cam
And Dial the number and it was Connected to the wall with wire no pics of seeing the person not Connected to the net
And the deep connection as we had to actually have to use our words.
And have Intellectual Conversations on
Building getting to know One Another
And use our minds to connect with to form great relationships.

For Communication wow I love to bring back
those days and see how people would Interact.
In not seeing someone just talk and use your brain to make a connection.
And spend the time to get to know someone
On the friendship Level.

Is the Friendship level missing on here I ask my self.

Before building a great relationship it like most of us are so quick to jump in with someone we not formed a strong relationship with and it crazy how quick the The relationship Crumbles and it happens all the time in a D/s

As it takes long time to work on what’s important in a D/s it not all play and games

I preach so much about the bond is 80% Mental 20% sexual but at first I say it should be 100% Mental get to know that someone inside there mind

Let’s me ask you some Basic things on what do you know about your sub or someone you forming a relationship with.

I keep a list of questions in the back of my mind to ask them later down the line to see what there truely know about me and if there fail to know the answers you many need to ask your self how well do there know you

And who’s fault is it that there full short on not knowing the question on your self

To form a great Relationship is build on knowing each other well
Would you not say??

Ask your self now how well do you Know your partner

What’s there star sign or when there birthday
What’s there favourite colour
What’s there favourite food
What’s there fears

There are so many more questions you may like to ask but I dare you to write down on who much you Know about each other

Mybe it could be your next task for both of you sit down over a table and you both have to write down as must as you both know about each other and then swop the tasks and fill out the blanks for each other to make a stronger bond.

I think it so important we all know so much about a person and I think it so important that we ask how much does that person know about me and my mind

How important is it to know one Another when trying to form a relationship ???

I sure we all love a deep connection with someone but how can we do it if we not
Connecting in the right ways with women and men

We all think Different YES but we must all have Respect and Manners for each other

But do we have to leave our brains behind when we try make a connection.

Do we just have to form a sexual connection before we make friendship with someone

it’s like men calling them selfs Doms on here and Demanding sexual things from women with out forming a base of a relationship

I talk about Foundations and what is to form them with that connection

When so many of you
Start off a sexual side of the women and when there have not made any Effort to understand her mind and who she is I hear story after story of men behaving Badly of what there say to women.

It’s Crazy on thinking a man will get sex so easy on here with out making a connection in the mind or knowing who she is.

On how there work together to bring a D/s together and become one

why is it most of us Struggle to connect with someone mind first before looking at other sides to them ??


The true Essence of a women lies inside of her mind.

To know someone you have to read there mind.

To contact with someone it Through there mind

Where is a relationship formed I ask you do you do it through
ass tits and pussy HELL NO

Is it through her sexual side and what there like in bed

come on get fucken real

It is time to wake up and take a look at what people are doing on here and the bullshit games some play

Thinking wow you talked to me know I can control her and get sexual with her and tell her what to do. After the first hour

Just Another example of the bullshit on
What’s going on out there

It like some of us don’t even read peoples profiles or have a understanding why some of us are here

What is wrong with people of today

Is it just this site that says leave your brain at the front door and give no one Respect
And you don’t need Manners as no one gives to fuck

Or are some of us so dumb we think all women will open her
Legs as she got the label sub or just been a woman on this site.

Come on people it’s time to pick up the Rubbish and Throw it out and block the crap that Smothers the real people of BDSM on here

The mind of a sub to me is the only way to start.
Not on what she will do for me it’s about the connection it’s about what’s going on inside her mind and what she needs
It’s about understanding why she is a sub or why she’s on here it all the start of who,
why, where, what she’s all about
Most women have Chaos inside there minds it not about her body or what she going to do sexual for me

So come on let’s start with the MIND


This is so important to me of what drives her what Inspires her to be a sub to be the best she can I look at the well being of her self and we look into a mirror of what she sees
The Sprit of someone show us what Rhee feel deep inside there core and what drives them to be who there are to understand someone we must look at who
There are inside them selfs for me my Spirit is so strong and drives me to be Free and be live inside of my own self


The soul is so important on what she does as a person and feels of who she is i as Master work on her in the way she she doing her homework on her self to become the person she she wants to be the soul of who we are is the freedom of not been at fear of who we are and to say we can be happy with in our own selfs it’s the soul is who we are in side our own shells and we can grow on that with Knowledge and wisdom
We must look deep into that as we get to build our friendship and hope we can full in love with someone soul so there can become our soulmate


Body comes last one how she seeing she what she can do with her body and how does she look after her self in all she does with it
Most men will only want to use it but whats more important is how we show you on whats so important about it the way you see your whole body most of us want to change something about it but we as Dom or Master must show her we love all of her body not just her tits ass and body

I ask when do you spend a night touching her in a non sexual way to show her you Appreciate her whole body I take about a kiss and just holding her with a touch of love in the way you hold her

But I ask all most of all let’s get back to the Basics of forming a relationship not just thinking sex and sexual Thoughts of all women on here this can go both ways.
Women it not the side of a man’s Wallet or the side of his ego Between his legs

We all Deserve a fear go when it come to understanding of what most of us are here for forming friendship and for the some of us great relationships

So I say let’s start talking in the minds with respect and manners

And for Those who do not look deep it time you did read what people put on there profiles


1 year ago. April 28, 2022 at 11:20 AM

Are a lot of US Torn
I see so many liking my pics and Comments on my pics and it so good a little of us can Relate to them
But how many of us a Torn on the inside of our minds on what we want as I see yes the women want to be something but is it a sub there want or it just someone who can look after them.

And do a lot of you understand of what the role of a sub and Slave involve
I just ask as I hear so many who seem to be lost in what they see as a sub or slave let’s break down the two and let’s find out what there both mean and what’s the difference
And let’s see how far you would so to be either one.

Let’s start with a sub

What is a sub? It’s short for submissive and describes a person (male or female) who exhibits submissive personality traits in a BDSM scene or relationship, such as empathy, agreeableness, openness and a desire to relinquish control.

A sub chooses to act as the bottom, allowing the dominant to lead the interaction and does so in a consensual way. A sub is not powerless, as can be depicted in books and movies.

Most of us are born Dom or sub and out own Personalities will have Traits of one of them in us.

A sub might have a submissive nature in everyday life as well as in a Dom sub encounters, or they may only wish to display their submissive tendencies during consensual sex.

If you have the sub Tendencies does not mean you have to play out on them as we may have to run at been the boss and only when we get home we can let our selfs go and let someone else take the control so you can shut down and not have to think.

What is a sub’s role?

The role of a submissive is to submit to the Dom partner. Some submissives enjoy serving their Dom they take pride and pleasure from being able to help another person. Other submissives are only interested in being a sub in the bedroom, and the thrill is purely sexual.

As long as the rules are set down and there’s no Confusion of where it starts and ends of the sub having the control of what is going to be done to her

The trust must be form the control will be handed over it’s so important that the sub knows on what she is handing over to a Dom and where it starts and how far it goes I see a lot of subs and Doms don’t set down the rules of what will be Excepted and the subs get upset as well he Doms only take what they’re want and she feels like she just been used and not taken care of.

We talk about this in a lot on D/s relationship where it can be one sided as the Dom is busy working on his life and looks at is sub more of a play thing and forgets she has needs as must as he does for me it’s comes back to why is she a sub and what am I doing to look after her needs.

What is going on inside there minds I as all Doms who have a sub ??

It’s so important to get inside her mind to build the best connection is to understand her and most Doms don’t no how to get inside her mind

I call it the Mind Fuck

I use the Mind Fuck in so many ways in keeping the intensity in the relationship of what we going to happen to I done a writing on this as well

But coming back to her and her past is so important on getting inside her head and taking about what she needs as a sub and taking about her past and what she fears and what is missing in her life

Not all subs will come from a dark past but as long as you as a sub understand where you come from and what your need is from been a sub

This writing a lot will Relate to

The fact that you're struggling doesn't make you a burden.
It doesn't make you unloveable or undesirable or undeserving of care.
It doesn't make you too much or too sensitive or too needy.
It makes you human. Everyone struggles.
Everyone has a difficult time coping, and at times, we all fall apart.
During these times, we aren't always easy to be
around - and that's okay.
No one is easy to be around one hundred percent of the time.
Yes, you may sometimes be unpleasant or difficult.
And yes, you may sometimes do or say things
that make the people around you feel helpless or sad.
But those things aren't all of who you are and they
certainly don't discount your worth as a human being.
The truth is that you can be struggling and still be loved.
You can be difficult and still be cared for.
You can be less than perfect, and still be deserving
of compassion and kindness.

I find most subs feel this and have a dark side to them and it ok to have it and to hide it but for a sub to open up to her Dom the deep connection and love trust must be there and you have to let it out and let the Dom in take on board of your own feelings as a sub

I as a Master hear a lot of this in the BDSM world of women Struggling with in there own minds of how to stop the Chaos and to Silence the mind and want to give the control over and just switch off.

It not a ease thing to do but it can be done with the right Dom/ Master

My self find it hard to make the deep connection with a sub and I know I have the skills to show her and give her what she needs.

You can see my Techniques in my writings if you like to take a look and I tell you it’s all about passing on Knowledge of what is missing out there.

Let’s look at the different type of subs out there.

What types of submissive are there?

The question of what is a sub is a difficult one to answer because there are so many nuances and variances. Each submissive is their own person and submits in their own unique way.

That said, it’s useful to use broad labels to categorise submisisves in order to answer what a sub is.

The submissive categories are by no means definitive and are not mutually exclusive. You can be a little at some moments, a sex slave at others, and service orientated at all times!

It’s up to you to find your own path and form of submission which works for you
I ask sub to do the sub test this will give you Guidelines to work out what you mybe.

What is a Service orientated sub?

A submissive who takes enjoyment from serving others.

These subs tend to have naturally submissive personality types in all aspects of their life (although this isn’t a rule).
She enjoys menial, dull tasks, and being corrected when a mistake is made.

Ultimately this form of submission helps her grow as a person and overcome destructive self-harm behaviours which would previously have been an outlet for her inner pain.

We as a Dom have to know her hard limits and to show she is in a safe place and know we got her back and we Support her as she grows with out help.

What is a Pain slut sub?

A pain slut enjoys the S&M (sadism and masochism) element of BDSM.

She thrives on her dominant inflicting pain on her. This could be a way of helping her become present in the moment and forget her day to day troubles, or because it is a turn on, or because of the highs of adrenaline and endorphins which the body produces to counteract pain.

A pain slut’s mirror would be a sadist Dom.Pain sluts enjoy more aggressive impact play, such as whipping, canning, and being restrained.

We talk about the sub space as this is where I can shut her down and give her the space she needs to let go and her mind can float and be free

What is a Little sub?

A ‘little’ enjoys feeling nurtured and cared for, often regressing to a younger age.

A little girl thrives under the guidance of a Daddy Dom or Caregiver Dom.

Some littles want to regress to being babies, toddlers, young children or teenagers, and their BDSM scenes would involve playing with stuffed animals, colouring-in, reading books, enjoying crafts. Basically all the activities which children would enjoy!

As with other forms of submissive, it’s a break from the stresses and strains of reality. As a little, you can forget on that and just have fun in play mode, knowing that your Daddy is watching over you.

This is my Time to give a sub of the Nurturing side of me showing her can be be any age she liked and plays out on them with me bern the Daddy Figure she craves it for me to look after her as I would my own child

But at the same time loving her just been her and making sure she look after with the care of knowing she is safe

What is a bratty sub?

A brat is a submissive that answers back, play fights with her Dom and generally needs a firmer hand to keep in line. She enjoys Challenging her and trying to wind her Dom up and seeing him rise to the challenge of keeping her on the straight and narrow.

A brat will continually challenge the Dom authority and try to playfully take back some of his control.

I used to know a bratty sub who would play up at time when I was trying to test out be working so the mouth gag would come in handy for her to keep her quiet 🤫
But it was always fun in her watching her trying to fight with me to get it on and keep it on
But it was the power Exchange she loved in the way I would handle her.

So for me it was a way to show my Strengths in the way I would control her.

If you find yourself with a batty sub, be prepared for a little more work than the other types of sub! Patience and not rising to her angsty remarks are key.

But we should not over punish her for been who she is

It where I see where Power exchange plays a big part of what makes the Relationship

I find the more playful she is the more fun it will be not just in the bedroom the strong the connection the better relationship you will have with her.

What is a rope bunny sub?

She will love rope and everythng to do with it and with some love to be Suspended up in it but she will loverd to be tied up

The main keys points in tis is the safety of how tight the rope is and how long you can keep the sub in it

For me I don’t have the skills so I use what we call is a Rigger who is someone who has the skills to do this

A rope bunny is someone who enjoys being restraint with rope! They likely engage in Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) with their Dom I have many lovely pics of the different type of rope ties there are in my pics

I find them my self to be very lovely to look at please feel free to go though my pics

What is a sex sub?

Sexual subs are submissive who only enjoy the dynamic in the bedroom.

These submissives may have dominant personalities outside the bedroom, but during sexual encounters want to experience the thrill of being overpowered, ravish, and generally bossed around.

Sex may include light bondage, spanking with a hand, Dominant sexual positions such as doggy, lazy doggy, spooning and standing or lifting moves.

The sex sub would also enjoy pleasuring her Dominant-sexually, even more so if done from a submissive position.

As an example, giving her Dominant a blowjob whilst on her knees with her hands tied behind her back.

This can also come into poly Relationship where the couple could have more then
One sexual partner who may give them
Something that there partner may not give them.

Thete can be in a open relationship to that there get the free range to play with others.

What’s it like to be a Slave and how difficult is it from been a sub ???

What is a Slave sub?

I call them slave sub because the sub still shines through the slave when the full control is handed over to her Dom or Master for me it comes down to the understand of what the role will give us both she to me will know I have full control on everything she does from the moment she opens her eyes till she shuts then at night it takes a lot of work to make sure you know what her needs are and yours are and she’s needs that full Attention on what she’s doing.

The extreme end of a service orientated sub.

A slave enjoys engaging in a Master/slave dynamic, which might entail service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Submissive slaves would generally be taught commands and positions to adopt (such as sit, stand, etc.) and be held to a High standard.

Any breach of the rules would result in punishment. Slaves would undergo some element of submissive slave training by their master to learn his routines.

It comes down to the Protocols and fully understanding of what a slaves role is and your role of yours.

We talk about the collar and what it means to collar your sub or slave and what comes with it and how far are we going to go for them I ask my subs would your Dom bend down over a paddle so she would walk over your back so she would not get wet feet I ask how much does your Dom do his Research in been a Dom I was so lucky at 18 to meet a Master who took me under his wing and brought me into the world of BDSM to teach me the true meaning of what BDSM is about

80% menal 20% sexual

I talk about a lot of what it is to be a Dom and what it is to be a Master

But I ask you what is it to be a sub I touch on a little on this on my writing

I would love all your feed back on here and o no there is so many more diffent types of subs out there but on touch on the ones I been on lucky to have meet and play with

I believe the way forward is Knowledge and understanding of who we are and what we want and as long as we open and willing to share on what we know we can all learn something new about our selfs or something we can show or partners.


There’s no right or wrong way to be a sub. Ultimately the major differentiating factor between a dominant and a submissive is the desire to be in control. A dominant wants control, and the submissive is happy to relinquish control.

What’s important for you as a submissive is to know yourself, and be comfortable in your own skin.

Once you have an idea of the type of submissive you want to be, you can start experimenting in a safe, sane and consensual way. Find a dom who mirrors your submissive style (easier said than done) and start playing


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To be a Master
What does it take to be a Master ??

We talk about what it takes to be a Master but how many of us have what it takes on

Let me give my out look on what it takes me to be a Master.

First of all it all about the Respect and Manners of a todays Man in this world we live in the understanding of what makes you who you are and what you doing to showing people you are one

The big part for me is

Man will tell
The Dom will Explain
The Master will Tell them Explain but the big difference is he will Inspire you to try it or to do it for your self

Me as a Master wants to Inspire not just me but all the people around me to be a learner to have the power to Inspire you

I am humble in what i do

I Greet with a hand shake on all people I meet

I stand strong on your own Beliefs I do not back down them

How do you get the best out of someone it not Through control as most Doms think for me it’s about knowing her so well and teaching her how to be a better person
And giving her the tools she needs to grow

To be the best Master you must be in control of your own Thoughts 💭 Emotions body
and soul Intellect and heart when you have them you will be able to lead by Example

What do we do to Inspire each other on here I do it with my pics and with my writings and by running a learning group of BDSM on here

Ask you self if anyone tells you there are a Master

what do they do to show there are ??

Ask him what rules does he live by
My rules are clear and Simple for my self on
Who I want to be and how I Conduct my self in my life

1 be true to your self

2 Respect goes a long way

3 Manners is a must

4 Self respect

5 Protect your heart

6.Talk from your heart not always from the brain

7.Think what you say before you Engage
Your mouth

Honesty is a big one
10 Self control

I sure there are many more

These are my rules I bring to a sub

Respect is earned, not forced.
Breaking a hard limit is never acceptable.
Until control is transferred, there is no right to control.
Master must never punish when angry. The punishment should fit the crime.
Master is responsible for slave's health (physical and
mental), but They are not slave's therapist.
After administering punishment Master may follow up with
tenderness for the sub. It's not a sign of weakness to be loving
and kind.
slave's needs come before Master's wants and pleasures.
Master cannot change the rules without prior consent.
Respect and trustworthiness is required from Master towards slave.
Master may give rewards when earned.
If slave asks to be released Master must let them go, unless
you have negotiated termination requirements in your
Contract (e.g. counseling before ending the relationship).
slave's family, profession and every other aspect of their
life are off limits unless expressly agreed to otherwise.
13.slave is never allowed to be sold or leased (unless slave
has expressly given permission beforehand).

14.As a Master, I understand that I am not immune to making
mistakes; even I am human. It's how I deal with those mistakes
that makes Me a good human.

Being deceitful is never acceptable.
16.Above all else a Master Cherishes The slave/submissive, in the knowledge that the Gift the slave/submissive
Gives Them is the Greatest Gift of all.

17.A Master is Demanding & takes full advantage of the power Given to Them, but Knows how to Share the Pleasure
that comes from that Precious Gift.

18.A Master is in Control of Themself First & Foremost, so that They may Control others.
As a Stern & Demanding Master, They can cause Their slave/submissive to Cry real tears.

19.As the Consummate
Lover, They will then Kiss the tears away, Without stepping out of character.

20.In times of Trouble, a Master will leave the roles behind, to be a supportive Friend & Partner, Never forgetting that
this is still a Loving Relationship between Two caring Individuals.

21.A Master is quick to Understand the Differences between Fantasy & Reality. A Master would Never ask a
slave/submissive to put Them before their Career, or Family, just to satisfy Their own pleasure.

22.A Master must always show them that Their Guidance & Tutoring is Knowledgeable & Deserving of their attention,
that This is a Person they can Learn from, & that they can Trust Their Direction.

23.A Master is Romantic enough to be Protective and Chivalrous. When called upon, They will Fight for Their
slaves/submissive's Honnor

A Master proves to their slave/submissive that They are Someone they can Lean on,
& Depend on.
25.When it comes time to Teach Their slave/submissive their lessons of obedience, The rules of Engagement will outlined and will be talked over with slave/submissive

26.Never does a Master use Discipline without a Good Reason. When They do punish Their slave/submissive, it is
always with a Knowledgeable and Careful hand.

27.A Master is Always Open to Communication & Discussion; Always Ready to Hear Their submissive's wants & needs.

28.A Master is Patient; taking time to Learn Their slave/submissive's Limits, & knowing that as their Trust of Them
Grows, so will they.

29.A Master Never has to demand ritual behavior from Their slave/submissive. Their slave/submissive responds to
Them out of the Want of Pleasing Them. Compliance comes from the Wanting to please, Not the Fear of Punishment.

30.A Master Understands the Fragile nature of Mind & Body & Never violates the Trust Given to Them.

31.A Master is Secure enough to Laugh at Themself & the Absurdities of Life. Open Minded enough to Learn new things.
Strong enough to Grow.

32.A Master's tools are Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, & Love.

33.A Master Understands what Each other puts in

34. To win a slave/Submissive Mind, body, soul, Spirit and love a Master Know there must first win the trust in them

35. The Master will show the slave/submissive Humour, Kindness and warmth.

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The name Slut why is it so used on here
And why do I want to to find my Slut
When she not a Slut in my eyes she would
Be adore and would be so loved ❤️ Her with all of my heart and soul

I ask a lot of people how far would you go for a sub or women you love so much as the Measures of what and how far would you go for that women you see as she call her self a slut for you

Who you see so strong in your eyes and so Beautiful inside and out as she calls her self a slut in your eyes to say take me 24/7 to do with what you wish

It shows me other way of how a women can fully submit her love to a man with giving her self a name that some women see it Degrees
Them if called it

The name Slut can be used as a Insult to many people in the world but the word on here is used to say I am His slut but what she is to us and what she wants to be for us
The devotion to giving us what we want is so much of his her body to do what we want to do to her

I find the word my self as very Unattractive word to say but what it means to me if she says she’s one is her body belongs to me to to use anytime I see fit

I Do not say the world out right as I find it hard to call any woman I love a slut but if she calls he self one I can Except it

There are a lot of Insults in the world of many names we use or people call them selfs when of today the name we bare my be once Upon a time would never to be used

I see of today what is more less manners of what we say and do is become less Disrespectful to some but I ask this is the swear words we use become more Common
In how way we talk to each other or are we just become a race of all words to be Excepted as I see so many pass them out like it does not care of what we say to each other

Where I told to speak of manners and do not use Swear words as the Generations grow the more swear words I hear

But this it only my point of view
I ask where does the Respect and manners of what we say to each other stand into days world ???