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The mind...

We all know that everything starts in the mind.
The mind is the most powerful organ in our being so if
come to accept this truth then we can recognize the aspect
that we all are slaves to our own mind that dictates our body
to oblige in our tailor made needs erotic or other wise.
The mind is so powerful that there is no escape from it.!!!
11 hours ago. May 22, 2022, 7:02 PM

This title applies to every one men and women but being my self unique in my own ways and experiences like every one else is I can only speak about mine since is not my business what others do feel or say.

I just slide to the number 79 of age and through the years even at 29 my favorite number was and still is 69 that makes two bodies act like earth quick from incontrollable passion tasting each others milky lava so smooth with out any burns.

Until the age of 29 I had no idea what kinky erotica was and yes being innocent when my wife try to lick my back hole I pull away Feld embarrassed and never discus the incident with her but God she created a volcano in me bursting as time went by after our divorce.

From my young age I was and still is a loving lover who cares not only for me but for her too with so many kinky lovers I've been involve with that helped me to discover the erotic animal hiding inside and the privilege's allowing me to bring in surf not feeling ashamed of me or her.

Every one of the subs I dominated made my innocents to understand that no matter how kinky or perverted I was it was still innocent in my ways of thinking since we both blend in to it accepting each others animalities. 

After using lies for many years to get my ways I discover being truthful to my self first then I can be truthful to others thus in essence that is what makes me still being innocent a feeling few would understand as I do.

I peeled many onions that brought tears to my eyes from good and bad tasted experiences and now I feel the sweet taste after sautéed them per say.

Our childhood innocents will never leave us it's all a matter if we still feel them and let them come out...



6 days ago. May 17, 2022, 5:19 AM

Dippingmytoes's profile has seduce  my mind with her beautiful voluptuous body.

Dippingtoes are subs n need to feel the cold and hot sensations under their toes that run all over her body

accumulating all forces driven and centered in the clit waiting for Master the OK to cum.

I love teaching beginners they are so hungry and obedient for new discoveries.


1 week ago. May 14, 2022, 6:43 PM

This is for you sexy curves along with thanking you for loving my vicious circle blog.!!!

 I feel there is a huge amount of chemistry with sexy C but disappointed I can't reach her by being new to her friends circle but,

you know who you are so make the first step..

Love can only be given by one who first love his/hers self along with having the natural need to offer it.

Love is responsibility that makes happy the beholder love brings peace of mint and positive outlook on life love is like smelling roses even if they are not in front of our nose and last if we exhale love the hate and negativity disappears. .

Life is to enjoy the so many splendors things and by the magic of nature we don't know when they will appear how and with whom.

1 week ago. May 14, 2022, 12:28 PM

In this the cage site as well as others there are approximately one sub available for 12 men Dom's and that is the perfect trap for her failure.

She the sub while she things she's got the Doms by the balls because she gets so many choices to select from, she speaks to one then an other and so on which entangles her intuitions as who is the best for her or not and usually ends up selecting the one who is alike her Father she loves thus treated the same way continuing the vicious cycle with out growing.

Our familiarities could be our best friend or our worst enemy and it's which one we choose to bring out and live with.

Yes every sub is not the same like the other so there are exceptions and in the end is either we have it by nature or not as to who we are and who we are it takes time and feelings to invest digging out the roots for personal growth.


Two heads ( talking ) are better than one ( our own ) three are too many unless is our choice...


PS.I get the someone likes your profile but don't take the indicative to approach me. Wrong....



1 week ago. May 13, 2022, 2:36 PM


Love is a many splendors thing and it starts in the mind and heart of the beholder.

 Love I learn is the responsibility for both to care for each other and make sure every day is a happy day filled with smiles and laughter TRUST at all times and so on.

Love is not Eros Eros bring the erotic and exotic animal out on both while Love gets deep in every corner of INTIMACY.

Sex can be WOW WOW WOW in the begging but will fade away with out LOVE and TRUST the paramount ingredients  

to bake a cake and eat it too.!

Love is not abuse thought some people are comfortable in uncomfortable and fake love settings.

As I mention I did not knew what love was in reality so while I was expecting someone to love me I was incapable to offer love to an other but found ways to Love my self where everything starts and now I have the need to give it away.

If I tell you I love you 9 times and one time I poke your eyes with my two fingers per say I do not love you so I learn If I give love and don't get love I walk away.

Love simply makes the beholder to feel what peace of mind is what intimacy is because LOVE pushes away the negativity while brings out possitive thinking LOVE makes me smell the Roses even if roses are not IN front of my nose.

Love allows two lovers to see each other deep inside and bring out the best eroticism of both.

Real love is raw and don't need Mayonnaise for topping it.

Fake love will bring lies and lies with out honesty involve and if you lie to me once it will not bother me but it will bother me because I won't trust you again along second guessing the previous things you told me.


I welcome comments even if they are opposite to mine.

4 weeks ago. Apr 24, 2022, 3:15 PM

The right song at the right time makes me forget everything and other times makes me remember everything.!!!

Dancing awakes my sensuality and while holding her my sensuous eroticism experiences the freedom two bodies

being in harmony trying to undress each other because clothing does not matter in those moments.

Life is a dance attached to a song so I dance the moment even when I am not dancing.

1 month ago. Apr 22, 2022, 2:57 PM

Distance as always is the joy kill.

I love teaching the dynamics of our exotic essentials called D/s 

simply because it runs in my blood by nature.

Yes I know I am too old for you but not to every one so as every one

is searching for chemistry so am I.

I become wisher and knowledgeable not by reading books but practicing

learning correcting nurturing my self and others.

You can lean on my shoulders and won't let you fall.

I am attracted to intelligent people who have or need the ability to express

their feelings thoughts and needs along with a woman who is Lady in the

streets and a SLUT on the sheets 

.You are slave to your own mind as I am too and there is no escape from it

thus we let go and be who we are with exquisite freedom.!!!

I invite you to connect with me.

1 month ago. Apr 14, 2022, 9:31 PM

What is love?....

Some say is a many splendors thing...

Others say is a razor that cuts the tenderly...

Love is a very complicated essential that lives in the mind of the beholder...

If we say nine times I love you and one time we pock with two fingers their eyes is not love.

Love is responsibility for the well being of each other that is earned by actions and not words...

I lived many years that I did not what love was...(Childhood essentials)...

One day it happen to see the Foreigner band playing the song (I want to know what love is I want you to show me)...

So I took it as some one, a woman specifically, will come along and show me.

I play that song many many times and I started wondering if that would ever happen until something click in my mind

that made me feel drops of tears in my cheeks and I realize that that some one I was expecting to show me it was me...

What an extraordinary feeling it was.

Yes I found the ways to love my self and now I know how to give it to some one else...

Love is to be shared not to be kept.

Sex kinky sex can be so extraordinary fabulously exotic etc but will fade away if there is no love and 

that special trust love brings.


PS.Comments are welcome.... 

1 month ago. Apr 13, 2022, 8:59 PM

Every body is looking for something to gain from others and yes we all learning from each other.

Maybe to be loved or be understood and be accepted.

Maybe to use others or be used by others.

Some people are unhappy and searching for others to make them happy and yes I used to be one.

There are lovers and haters positive and negative ones.

There are people who learn by reading and reading books and there are others who learn on daily affairs in the streets.

We can read all the books we can but we will forget the context of them in time but will always remember life's experiences.

Intelligent ones learn from the downs then appreciate the ups...

If we smell the roses that they are not in front of us then life is full of aroma.

I've been told that I got a diploma from the University called life on the streets.

Finding our self complications is not to be ashamed of as long as we don't harm others when they don't want us to harm them.

I love the colors of a Rainbow especially on a white pale butt.

There are four seasons in nature and by nature I get happy and moody too enthusiastic or disappointed it all depends. 

Life is a bicycle that needs to be in motion to establish balance.