Authenticly honest

About me
I love blonds they are so innocent like this blond run in to a tree and said to cops is not my fault I blue the horn.
I am a lover of the woman's anatomy a lover of nature a lover of erotic kink.
I love the intelligence in a sub the Lady on the streets and the slut on the sheets.
I am a Dominant LOVER who respects the individuality of a woman.!
I am totally honest and I mean totally honest even to a personal fault.
My out look in life is filed with positive energy love and understanding the simple or complicated needs of my self and others.
I am 78 years of age in good health charming humorous and well respected by the ones who know me.
Soft spoken with my Greek charming accent and always a gentleman.
Integrity is paramount for one to establish and I have done that.
So MUCH more to know about me....
BDSM and me
BDSM to me is all about trust between tow willing (me and you) people.
Trust opens the door to freedom that enables us to be who we are and who are we?.
By letting the exotic pleasures surf out under the dynamics of DS then we are ready to enjoy the deepest and or animalistic desires we long to live.
I am a teacher with charisma and very caring to our mutual desires and needs.
Yes I truly enjoy also on online attachments.
So much more but enough for now.
I will always respect your limits but will expand them as I see fit to them.
I don't care using ropes (occasionally yes) because I will bound your mind with trust care and nurturing.
What's new
I was a member of ALT.COM but out of it for the last 4 years since I left LAS VEGAS NV and retired in Greece but my DS essentials are still alive.
I am open for an on line DS relation but really I hope to find my soul mate especially the one that is willing to relocate to me.

PS I am unable to become a paid member due to banking regulations here in Greece so if you like to connect with me find a way and where is a will there are ways.
Go to my blogs and respond...
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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Sunday, March 20, 2022
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