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I want to share my experiences. I hope to continue my journey where I learn, grow, and develop connections.
1 month ago. August 16, 2022 at 9:12 AM

March 2021, I was in an online m/s relationship. This was my first real experience as I was inexperienced, but read up on a lot of things to have some knowledge. He was a muscular build male and what he really wanted was a master to control his workouts, body growth( becoming the desired appearance of what the master wanted). He was inexperienced as well and I never had the best luck finding anyone online until I meet him.

     We talked everything out before starting anything, so we were becoming more comfortable with each other. Involving his growth, I wanted him to become a more beefy build. He showed me that he was really committed to our relationship because he altered his workout routine and diet to accommodate to what I wanted him to be. Our way of communicating with one another was through kik. Eventually, we both had the idea of placing all of the tasks, rules, and other information somewhere else. For as we talk on kik, the information would get lost and it would endless scrolling to retrieve it again. I began searching for apps that could suit our relationship, and that is when I stumbled upon an app called Obedience on the App Store. I am sure people are aware of this more than I am. It is an app designed for BDSM. We placed all of the important information in the desired tabs, along with creating habits/tasks for my slave. Sadly due to becoming more busy with work, he wasn’t able to continue. He really opened my eyes more, and expanded more things for me that not I even knew. I never had someone that was serious and committed, which motivated me as well. I usually have rough experiences finding someone online, but he was the first real slave that I ever had. Our connection was genuine and I hope to continue my journey by creating new experiences just like this one.