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Soft dom looking for beefy muscled sub (online)
Hi! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I am a fit slim built male looking for a bigger muscular male sub/slave for an online dynamic. Looking to find someone that shares similar ideas and interests, and form a connection with one another. You can view my profile to get to know me better and what I’m looking for. I hope to meet some potential people
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Hello! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I have been interested in bdsm for a while now. Taking the leap to further learn and explore what best suits me and more. That being said, I’m going to be completely honest about who I am, open as possible, and descriptive about what I’m looking for to find a compatible match. So I heavily advise you to read my profile completely before deciding to send a message.


I am a 22 year old male. As of now I’m currently a senior in college. Appearance I am 5’8 weighing around 130lbs with a slim/athletic build. I am an introvert (INFP-T personality type) and shy, but as you talk with me I open up.
I’m a big video game person. I pretty much play all the time every day if I’m not doing anything for my classes. Some of my favorite franchises are: Sonic, Pokemon, Kirby, Sypro, and Bayonetta. But I will play whatever if it is an interest to me. As I mentioned in my post, I have been indulging myself in fighting games. I enjoy learning and improving my knowledge/skills as I play. The games I play are Guilty Gear Strive, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and other anime-styled fighting games. As of right now, I have only been playing Guilty Gear and I can say that I’m proud of my progress over the year since the game came out. I also ended up buying a fight stick to learn and play on that too. I also enjoy going walking. I find it a good way for me to exercise. I use to be in band/marching band from junior high to community college. So it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m also an anime and skincare fanatic as well
BDSM and me
Regarding BDSM, my perspective or philosophy on things is different. I believe a bdsm relationship should revolve around communication, trust, and treating the other person with respect. It should be about creating positive experiences. I don’t agree with how a lot of dom/sub or master/slave relationships(or play things really) are centered around abusive behavior. Whether it’s the dominant person wanting to use and abuse someone, or the submissive person wanting to be abused. That also goes for certain kinks like humiliation and being degraded. None of those things are healthy and does nothing but create negative experiences. Adding to that, I also believe that a title has to be earned. Self-assigning myself with that title doesn’t truly make me a master. That title must be earned. Being a Dom/Master is more than just being bigger, aggressive, and demanding. It is the qualities that you present to the other person. Those qualities that you show to the person gives them a reason whether they choose to submit to you or not. I have had only one experience in an online relationship so far. I will stay I learned a lot from it. It showed me that BDSM is deeper and more meaningful.

Who and what I am looking for:

The type of person are beefy muscular/rugby/thick build men that are subtops. Usually, it’s always the bigger masculine male controlling the smaller male. I like the contrast of a much stronger male being controlled by a smaller male, as if the sub is protecting his master. All races are welcome, and for age range to be between 22-40. I’m willing to up the age but that is the set preference. Experience or no experience is okay with me. But aside from appearance I generally seek other intellectuals that understand where I’m getting at.

I don’t have such high expectations of how I want this to go. I believe forming a connection first and seeing how that progresses is the best way to start. Honesty, respect, communication, and trust from both ends could make this very successful. Creating a safe environment free of judging to be able to learn and explore what I have an interest in, as well as the respected person. I want to be able to share these feelings with another person, as we both grow.

Here are my kinks and limits

Kinks: tasks, rules, cum play, cei, joi, cbt, wardrobe control, forced workouts/muscle growth, service-oriented submission, orgasm control/denial, milking/edging, obedience training, chastity, ruined orgasms, power exchange

My limits/dislikes: feminization, blood, race play, scat

If you made it this far, I thank you for taking the time to read my post. You can see that I’m very interested in this, and determined to experience this again. I look forward to hearing from potential people and having some positive experiences. Thank you again and have a wonderful day/night.
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