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Submissive chris

The ideas and adventures of a lifelong worthless and obedient bisexual older white male
2 weeks ago. Fri 03 May 2019 11:31:28 PM IDT

My Fem Dom Mistress Katrina before she retired:
Trusting Her: my wrists cuffed, my ankles cuffed with legs spread wide.
my  head back, mouth exposed and open for anything.
Her slaps to my submissive face,  She contemptuously spits in my mouth.
A series of dildos open me ass up, larger and larger they are, hurting but hot.
Then he appears, spits in my mouth, shoves his cock in my mouth till hard
Then he puts on a condom and shoves his cock up my ass. It hurts. I need it.
Mistress Katrina does not participate. She directs us all.
Now a Woman appears above my head. She squats overs me, tampon string visible,
She pisses into my mouth and all over my face so show what She thinks of me.
She pressed Her pussy against my mouth and i suck Her tampon out of Her into my
Slave mouth.
i don’t care about the pussy period mess, i don’t care how hard he fucks me.
i am used and abused by people who consider me toilet trash and i love it!
Everyone cums except me and i am alone with Mistress.
Then She takes out Her little whip and begins to whip my cock.
It hurts as She whips but not badly, just enough
She whips it and whips it and whips it until i cum all over myself.
She has turned my fantasy into reality and i am so grateful.
i miss Her so very much because She saw me as i really am.



slave chris

1 month ago. Thu 11 Apr 2019 07:51:41 AM IDT

Before i massaged Mistress Carol’s feet, i soaked Her feet in warm water.
i bought a large bucket for this purpose which i bring with me.
She sits on the toilet with the lid down, while her feet soak, with me kneeling
At Her feet
She loves to relax while i massage from the heel to her precious toes, alternating from foot to foot.
To help, i bring with me some mineral oil so my hands can smoothly glide over Her lovely feet eventually, working up to her ankle and her legs.
The second time i did this, a long while ago, She allowed me to massage her thighs
And She allowed me to kiss Her most intimate place until She is satisfied.
But this did not happened this last time because, later She was to meet a real man
And who knows what might happen then.
i love that She loves the way i massage her feet
She knows massaging her feet turns me on but
She has no obligation toward me.
After i finished massaging her feet and emptied the water into the shower drain
She asked if i was horny
i told Her i was very hot but that is was not Her problem.
She was very gracious. She told me that She would leave me alone
In Her bathroom, in front of Her toilet and can play with myself
But She was not in a mood to watch. She gave me Her permission
To kiss the toilet seat while i play with myself. She told me to hurry.

She left me there alone and i was so excited it was over quickly into
some toilet paper.  It didn’t seem right to put that toilet paper into Her toilet so I put it in
my pocket.
i called out to Her that i was finished  and She called out to me from another part of the
house that i should make sure the front door closed securely when i left. 
Women have such power over me.



slave chris

1 month ago. Wed 03 Apr 2019 04:44:24 AM IDT

In my dream world of wishes,
i want to be a weak bisexual submissive Woman
submitting to the needs of strong Women
submitting to the needs of strong Men.
Her strong divine Feminine aura envelopes me,
Overwhelms me, uses me, protects me, punishes me,
Teaches me, hurts me, reveals my weaknesses,
shows my faults, and makes me an
everlasting servant to Feminism.
His powerful Maleness degrades me, humiliates me,
Uses me, abuses me, shares me with others,
Leaving me worthless, adoring His contempt,
i crawl lower and lower as i satisfy His unending sexual needs
And i cry with gratitude as i am able to
serve and service Him and anyone he loans me to.
my body is male but i hate being male.
i try to be a Woman to men but
i cannot be a man to Women.
i worship and taste ALL
bodily fluids out of respect for
true Femaleness and Maleness.
my obedient mouth does what it is told
my markless body crawls in degradation
my body is always in heat, never relieved,
always in heat, desperate but unrelieved
always in heat, begging but refused.
After all is done i still suffer in heat.
my submissive soul obeys
whoever leads me.
my submissive body crawls
where it is led


slave chris

1 month ago. Tue 02 Apr 2019 12:00:17 AM IDT

Oh, how i love being submissive when others are strong.
 i love being weak when others are aggressive.
i love following orders and not giving orders.
Most of all, i love sexually pleasing people with my mouth
Because it is one way sex where i am doing the pleasing
And no one needs to please me.
i love my feelings of worthlessness and admire the strength of those i serve.
i love feeling nasty, trashy.
i love people looking down at me .
i love being treated with contempt
i love being humiliated and degraded
i like to crawl rather than walk
i like to beg rather than ask
i like to be used and then thrown out like trash
It excites me to be insulted
i love feeing inferior.
i need owners not friends
i need rulers not acquaintances
my mouth and body wait for commands
and i quiver with anticipation
for the Man, Woman, Couple, Group
who claims me.


slave chris

1 month ago. Sun 31 Mar 2019 10:21:43 PM IDT

i arrived at the hotel room right on time.
Master Rob was with a Woman and they were naked, having drinks.
Master Rob grabbed my arms behind me and told Her to pull down my pants.
Master Rob gave her a whip and told her to whip my cock.  She did and it hurt.
Then Master Rob told her to spit in my mouth. She did it several times.
Master Rob told her to slap my face. She did and it hurt.
Master Rob told Her to kick me in the balls. She kicked and i doubled over in pain.
While i was on the floor recovering, Master Rob told me to kiss his ass and i did.
Then Master Rob told me to lick Her feet and i did.
Finally, Master Rob had her stand back while he pissed in my mouth.
I looked up briefly and caught a look in Her eye of total excitement.
Then Master Rob told me to pull up my pants and leave.
i left shaking with humiliation and excitement at my humiliation.
i was 30 at the time and i loved and still love being submissive.
slave chris

1 month ago. Thu 21 Mar 2019 05:47:40 AM IST

What do i say to a Woman who slaps me in contempt of me?
i say “thank You”
It is a Woman’s right slap an inferior being.



slave chris

2 months ago. Thu 14 Mar 2019 11:16:42 PM IST

i’m ashamed of myself for being so disgusting a submissive.
i’m sitting at the coffee shop patio across from M and K.
He leads me into the mens room where he locks the door,
He uses the urinal, demanding i get down on the floor
next to the urinal. He orders me to swallow.
i can’t help myself. i am so disgusted with myself.
Outside on the patio, sitting across from them again,
i am shaking as he tells Her what he did to me.
She reaches under the table and places Her used tampon in my hand.
She wants to see the nasty thing it in my mouth with the string on my chin.
People are all around and i am afraid. She urges me and urges me
and i do it.
They both laugh at my weakness and leave me there promising to contact me.
i don’t dare take it out of my mouth because people will see. i tuck the
string into my mouth and leave. Will i ever hear from them again, now that i have proved to them how obedient and disgusting a submissive i am? i don’t know.
i am ashamed of myself and yet, i know, i would do it again. i will do it again.
i am helpless.
slave chris

2 months ago. Fri 08 Mar 2019 10:12:15 PM IST

My cell phone rings as I am waking with a Lady friend.
It is Mistress Angela.
“Can you speak now?”
“Are you with another Woman”
“Put Her on the phone. I want to tell Her how you kiss my toilet seat.”
“I can’t.”
“Is She looking at you/”
“Let me talk to Her so I can tell Her all the things you do for me.”
“Please…I can’t..”
“Call me later when you can. I own you.”
“Yes, yes, thank You.”
i am so excited at the situation. i am in heat. i have to compose myself.
my Lady friend looks at me.
i explain it was just a friend i will call back.
Inside, I am torn apart with submissive heat



slave chris

2 months ago. Tue 05 Mar 2019 11:13:36 PM IST

Up to last year a Professional Dominatrix i used to serve, would stage a
Women’s Equality Day party attended by several of her male slaves along with several Dominant Mistresses. 

The idea was to celebrate Women by worshiping Women. Sadly, the Mistress went out of business. But I am celebrating in my own way. Under my clothing today, i am wearing pink panties. Sadly, since I have no Mistress, no one will see them but me.



slave chris

2 months ago. Mon 04 Mar 2019 09:40:39 PM IST

Girls have bullied me all my life.
They called me a sissy and worse.
Now grown up, Women bully me too.
Now grown up i realize i am a submissive.
Now grown up i realize the Girls and Women were right.
They knew more about me than i knew.
Women are very smart and superior to men.
i think about that every time i am whipped.


slave chris