chris hamlin

Los Angeles, California, United States
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About me
The joy of being a male submissive is that i can be an outlet for anger and frustration some Women are forced to hide from society.  
my strong feelings of submission 
allows me to be used as a recipient for anger from Women who would otherwise have to hold their feelings inside which only compounds and intensifies their feelings.

When i look up as She whips me, slaps me, spanks me or uses me as Her toilet, i can see the look of power on Her face - power  She is free to express with me, as someone who absolutely adores Her and who takes joy in  doing anything for Her.
BDSM and me
,When a r woman spanks me, whips me, slaps me, spits on me, pisses on me, insults me, degrades me, i feel fulfilled as a lovely slave in service of a Woman i worship..

No more bondage, cutting, shaving, or scat,  because of my old age.
What's new
because of the pandemic, i have been very careful. i have seen very few people during the past several years. i have served a married couple who videos me being humiliated by both of them  i am honored that two Women who live together use me from time to time 
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Nov 23, 2022
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Dec 2, 2017
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