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Los Angeles, California, United States
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Oh, how i love being submissive when others are strong.


 i love being weak when others are aggressive. 

i love following orders and not giving orders. 


Most of all, i love sexually pleasing people with my mouth

Because it is one way sex where i am doing the pleasing

And no one needs to please me.


i love my feelings of worthlessness and admire the strength of those i serve.


i love feeling nasty, trashy.

i love people looking down at me .

i love being treated with contempt

i love being humiliated and degraded


i like to crawl rather than walk

i like to beg rather than ask


i like to be used and then thrown out like trash


It excites me to be insulted


i love feeing inferior.


i need owners not friends

i need rulers not acquaintances


my mouth and body wait for commands

and i quiver with anticipation

for the Man, Woman, Couple, Group

who claims me.

BDSM and me

In my dream world of wishes, 

i want to be a weak bisexual submissive Woman

submitting to the needs of strong Women

submitting to the needs of strong Men.


Her strong divine Feminine aura envelopes me, 

Overwhelms me, uses me, protects me, punishes me,

Teaches me, hurts me, reveals my weaknesses, 

shows my faults, and makes me an 

everlasting servant to Feminism.


His powerful Maleness degrades me, humiliates me, 

Uses me, abuses me, shares me with others, 

Leaving me worthless, adoring His contempt, 

i crawl lower and lower as i satisfy His unending sexual needs

And i cry with gratitude as i am able to 

serve and service Him and anyone he loans me to.


my body is male but i hate being male.

i try to be a Woman to men but 

i cannot be a man to Women.


i worship and taste ALL 

bodily fluids out of respect for 

true Femaleness and Maleness.


my obedient mouth does what it is told

my markless body crawls in degradation

my body is always in heat, never relieved,

always in heat, desperate but unrelieved

always in heat, begging but refused.

After all is done i still suffer in heat.


my submissive soul obeys

whoever leads me.


my submissive body crawls

where it is led

Totally bisexual old male slut with no dignity and craves humiliation will suck anything with anyone.

LIMITS: Please, no scat n my mouth anymore but everything else. Please not cutting or marks on any part of my worthless body.
My safe word: "Piss "
What's new

In the first video, watch while a man pisses in my mouth.

The second video shows a man getting his cock whipped by a Woman. i love taking pain on my cock  if  she She enjoys doing it to me.

The third video shows a faggot  just  like me  being fucked in the mouth and licking ass like i do. as much as i can Ie i am used for sex but what is even more exciting for all of us is that theyn can take pleasure in humiliating me, making up domination games.  Licking feet in public, wearing a collar, making my mouth a target in piss shooting contests. 
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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Saturday, December 2, 2017
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