New to this

10 months ago. Wed 06 Dec 2017 10:26:56 PM IST

i wasn’t sure if i should right a blog or perhaps right something else. I just want to get out there that i am fairly new to this world and was looking for guidance on how to be a good submissive. I’ve read different blogs and try to catch red flags when i am talking to doms. Just today i thought things where starting out pretty good until i was told to delete my account. I didn’t really understand why that was asked of me if i had just recently made this account just days ago. Why i was being forced to submit to someone i bearly knew. As soon as i got my account recovered today he knew and then became very angry with me to the point of name calling and so on. But what really hurt was he told me since i didn’t obey him that this is probably the reason i am a single mother. Sorry for the long story but honestly i just want the correct guidance from a real dom