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Thoughts of an orphan

A sub male reflects on his sexual desires and needs
2 months ago. March 9, 2023 at 5:16 PM

I've recently realised my second, sacral chakra is in a really bad way. It connects creativity and sexuality and it's really not been healthy or happy for years. I picture it as all bleeding and bruised and twisted and painful.

I need to bandage it up and give it time to heal. I need to nurture it...

So I'm trying to take time to give myself pleasure, bit beat myself up about my creative side and the fact that it hasn't always got results... Masturbate and take pleasure in masturbation. Do yoga.

No more shame, self hatred and self disgust...

Only care and healing and pleasure.

And so mote it be


Pandaish​(sub female){Collared} - So mote it be.
2 months ago

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