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Collecting Dust

This is some of my writings from over time. A good deal of it will talk about Old School type of D/s. There aren't a lot of us who still deal in it, but think of it as hieroglyphics. There is wisdom in places one would never think to look.....

It is also the home of my writings. The main writing is that of Sylvia, a woman who is introduced to the lifestyle through a friend to a man who expanded her world.
1 day ago. October 3, 2023 at 3:12 PM

This is going to be a rather long post.   But it does include pictures, so sit back and enjoy the ride:


I made a new Toy!


So when I showed off the new handle for the redo of the handle for my BearClaw, Fluffypoppet (you can blame her for this) somewhat challenged me to make something stiffer than the leather base.   And after some thought, I decided a paddle would work with the claws and fur.   So I bought some parts and went down to my work area and puttered around.


The first step was choosing the paddle.   I tried to have one custom made but the manufacturer never got back to me, so I looked around and found these on Amazon:


Perfectly acceptable but I did not make sure of the size before paying for them :


Cei La Vie.... I went ahead with my project just the same.


Attaching the screws for the claws was somewhat tough.  My original plan was to drill and set in some hanger bolts, but the claws are 3mm screws.    You can't find 3mm hanger bolts here in the US.    A dear friend of mine down in Australia (Sincourable is such a dear) found some on Amazon UK but I didn't want to pay that kind of shipping).   

So I went through a number of adhesives to glue the screw to the edge of the paddle:


After a number of tries, I found that simple superglue worked the best.   Hot gluing, spray and wood glue all failed the tests of pressure on wood, my own chest and spanking against my hand.   So added the rest of the screws to my test paddle:



I sanded and wiped them down and then went with a solid black stain with a polyurethane self coat on one and simple black paint on the other:


As you can see from the photo,  the black stain didn't come out so well, so I went to the test paddle and coated it with a spray polyurethane:


After that properly dried, I cut some fake rabbit fur (I thought about using real fur, but just could not bring myself to do it):



and using the spray adhesive, attached it to the paddle:



Now fully dried, here is the final product!   Anyone who wants to be a testor for it, please let me know!




3 days ago. October 1, 2023 at 7:37 PM

Will you shine my boots with your tongue

                                                                                                    knowing I will cook you a 3 course meal afterwards?


Will you take the pain I bring to your body tonight

                                                                                                        knowing I will kiss the tears away in the morning?


Will you follow my demands, no matter how odd

                                                                                 knowing I will always answer your questions, no matter how small?


Will you lie on the floor beside my bed

                                                                                 knowing I will cherish always  you and pull you up when you need it


Will you allow me to lock you in a cage

                                                                                           knowing I will open it to set you free when the time is right?


Will you take my hand and follow me into a world 

of love and pain

of joy and sorrow 

of light and darkness


All because I hold out my hand and beckon you


4 days ago. September 30, 2023 at 12:26 PM

Silvia stared up at the ceiling while she could feel her arms and legs being tied to the table.

Earlier in the day, her Dom Matt had requested her presence to one of the smaller play rooms within The Club.  Of course she agreed, but was curious what He had in mind.   She was still a bite sore and had more than a few bruises from their last session together.   However, she was up for a bit more "attention" and arrived at the room when he told her.

When she opened the door and walked in, she saw that not only was Matt there, but Nick and Sheila as well.   Silvia smiled at all of them, as she loved having both of the others around.  She curtsied before Sheila and kissed Nick on the cheek.    To Matt, she bowed her head and went to kneel before him when Matt stopped her by grabbing her by the hair at her neck and said "Not this time.  Strip and get on the table.

Silvia nodded and looked around the room.  This room was playroom was the one set up for medical play.   White paint on the walls, white tables and chairs, even white cabinets  with medical play tools.    There was even a full exam table.  To this, Silvia walked up and began to undress.   First her flip flops were kicked off, then she striped off her shirt and bra.   Last she stepped off her skirt and panties.   All this she dropped right on the floor and then stood facing the three of them with her hand folded just above her genitals.

She wasn't embarrassed to be naked before Sheila and Nick.   They were both old friends and play partners.   In fact, both of them being here excited her a bit.  It had been a long time since the four of them played together.  Silvia's juices started to build within her.  She watched as her Dom smiled at her and then nod to each of the other two in succession.  At the nods, both Sheila and Nick approached Silvia and began to look her over.

Without touching Silvia, the two of them  ran their eyes all over her body.   Nick in front and Sheila behind.  From the scalp to her toes, no part of her body was ignored by either one.   When the exam was done, Sheila grabbed Silvia's shoulders and spun her around.   Then it was done all over again.  The only difference was that Sheila seemed to spend more time looking at Silvia's breasts.  "Well,"  Silvia thought, "She did love her tits".

When the second exam was finished, both Sheila and Nick looked at Matt and nodded to him.   In return, Matt grinned and waved his hand at the group of them.   At this signal both Sheila and Nick grabbed Silvia by each bicep and dragged her to the exam table.    Rather forcibly, they laid her out flat and held her down as they opened drawers to get tools. 

Sliva just kept her eyes on the ceiling while all this was going on.  She wondered what the scene was going to be as she felt the leather cuffs being affixed to her ankles and wrists.   Different scenarios ran through her head when she felt all four limbs strapped down.  When Sheila and Nick finished they stepped back and Matt came into Silvia's view.   

He again smiled at her and leaned down to whisper into her ear. "My god you look delicious!"  He then moved his head down her body.  Sniffing as he moved down her body, Matt made a short stop to lick a nipple.   Then he moved over her stomach and bit her right above her belly button.   Finally he came to her virginia.  Here to took a deep breath and says "I am sooooooo HUNGRY!"

Matt then stood straight up and looked at Sheila and Nick in turn and said "I think Alexis has pizza at the bar.   Wanna go get some?"

Silvia blinked as she heard Sheila say "Yes!"  and Nick reply with "Yes, Sir.  Let's go!"

With a pat pat on Silvia's shoulder and a parting "We'll be right back babe.  Don't go anywhere."  she watched the three of them go out the door.    She figured it was a joke, she she waited for them to return.

and waited 

and waited


"Fuck," she thought to herself.


Now she wanted pizza too.


"Motherfuckers better bring some back for me"




6 days ago. September 28, 2023 at 1:57 PM

1 week ago. September 27, 2023 at 2:34 PM

Silva never thought she would see a flogger in real life.   Much less 15 of them at once.

Yet here they were.   Long ones, short ones.   Red, Black, Yellow, Grey.  All the colors of the rainbow!  They were hanging on a wooden rack by their handles with all the falls dangling down.   Matt had left her in the room to bring the rack from another room and she didn't know what to expect when he came back.   And now she had to choose one for Him to use on her.    She was scared.


And excited!   After reading so many times on how floggings happened and now it was her time to have it done to her!


She looked back at Matt, as if he would give some indication on what one He thought she should pick, but he just stood there, with a smirk on His face.   "Fuck," she thought, "He's enjoying this.   He wants to see me tremble."   Turning her eyes back to the rack, Silvia slowly reached out a hand, as if to pick one.  Then she leaned down and ran her fingers across the hanging falls of 3 or 4 different floggers. 

Looking back again at the smirk and then back to the swinging falls, Silvia closed her eyes and let her hand wander.   With a deep breath, she suddenly grabbed ahold of one and stood up.   Opening her eyes again, Silvia saw she had she had picked one of the shorter ones.   Maybe fifteen inches overall.   Yellow, fairly thick falls with a matching carved yellow handle.  The leather smell intoxicated her.

Matt walked up and put a hand on her back.   His touch almost stattled her.  "You choose well my dear," He told her. "The leather is Elk and a bit heavier than cow leather. " Again Matt ran his hand down and up her back. "Now you have two choices to make.  Come."

He took her hand as he walked back to the front of his desk.   Checking to make sure the desktop was clear, Matt turned and nodded his head to the space between the desk and the green chair.  Still holding the flogger in her hand, Silvia understood what He wanted and knelt down in the space indicated.  Ass on heels, back straight and her hands on her thighs.  Only this time the flogger rested between her palm and her leg.

Leaning against the desk, Matt cocked his head and said "Do you want to continue?   Do you want to take your first step in the lifestyle?  If you do, then have to hand me the flogger and we can begin.  I will be gentle in the beginning, but as I continue, things will get more painful.  If you do not want to start this right now, place the flogger on the floor and we will discuss other things."

"This is your choice."

Silvia looked at the flogger balanced on her leg.   She then looked at Matt, blinked and thrust the flogger toward him, handle first.

"Good girl, my dear.   I am proud of you." Matt replied to her asking eyes.  Again holding out his hand, He took the flogger with one hand and helped her up with the other.  He then pulled her to the desk and steered her to the edge and facing it.  "Put your hands on the desk," He whispered in her ear.

Silvia leaned down and put both hands flat on the green desktop.  The green leather felt cool to her.  While she was wondering how much a desk like this would cost, Silvia again felt His hand running up and down her spine.  No, she thought, it was both hands.  Matt had set the flogger at one side of the desktop and now slowly massaging her back.   Silvia slightly shivered at his touch, even though her shirt.   She closed her eyes in anticipation.

First just the fingers.  They seemed to dance across her back.   Touching, not touching, touching, not touching.  Then the whole hands.   Palms flat on her back, rubbing up and down and side to side.   Pressure increasing, as He put more of his own weight on her.  Then the palms turned into claws and scratched from shoulders to the small of her back.  Silva squirmed and moaned, but her own hands never left the desktop.

As Matt's hands reached her her waist, She them grab the top of her pants and pull her back slightly from the desk.   Silvia also felt one of His feet shift her right foot back.  Then the left.   Opening her eyes again, looked at her hands and realized that her weight was now poised on them.   If she moved one of them, she would probably fall over.  Silvia gulped at the situation.

Suddenly, she felt Matt's body next to hers and His voice in her ear. "Now my dear, you have a second choice: Shirt or bare skin."

Silvia closed her eyes and shook her head.  How can I get my shirt off standing here like this? She wondered,  I can't lean up without falling over!   

Then she remembered.  


Breathing deep, Silvia spoke one word:


Matt leaned his head against hers and kissed her on the back of the head.   Then he stood back and walked around to the other side of the desk.   Silvia could see him open the middle drawer and take out a pair of scissors.  He this closed the drawer and walked around back to her side.   "Oh My God!  He is going to cut my shirt off!" rang into Silvia's mind.

She again trembled as the thought of losing her shirt in such a fashion.  Both her arms began to shake, as well as her legs.   But then she felt the touch of his hand on her back.   Slowly up and down, as if he was calming a frightened horse.   As Matt continued the warm movement, Silva's fear began to subside.  Her breathing slowed and she became calm again.


Silvia felt the scissors make the first small cut.   Then another.   Then a long sweeping cut along her spine.   Til she could feel a final snip at the collar her her shirt.   The cloth parted like wrapping paper on Christmas morning, gathering at both of her wrists on the desk.    Matt then undid her bra and slid it down her arms to lay on top of the remnants of her shirt.

She didn't know if she was going to laugh or cry, as she stood there half naked hunched over his desk.   The air felt cool on her now hanging breasts.    Silvia hadn't been this naked before a man in years.   And never in this fashion.   Don't cry! Don't cry Don't cry, she screamed at herself.

Matt set the scissors on the desktop and picked up the flogger.   Leaning down again to whisper in her ear "Are you ready my Dear?"

Silvia could only nod her head, as she was biting her lip to keep herself from saying no.  Oh please! Oh Please!  Yes Please GOD! YES!

Then she felt the first slap, as the yellow leather graced her skin.   It wasn't hard.  When she thought back on it later, she remembered like the first drop of summer rain.  Then there was another.   Like the kiss of a lover saying good morning.  But instead of a third, Silvia felt the flogger rubbed across her back.   Up and down and side to side.   

Matt then whispered in her ear "Your safeword is 'Red'. " 

That was when things started in earnest.   

Silvia felt the flogger leave her back and the stings returned.  Starting at the shoulder blades and working down her spine, the leather falls bit lovingly into her skin.   A slow rhythm started and Silvia relaxed, letting  the feeling of the falls spread throughout body.  She welcomed the touch of the flogger like that of an old friend. 

Matt increased both the speed and harshness of the strikes.   Silvia's arms began to bend slightly at the elbows, she she took on the added pressure.  He then shifted targets, moving the stings from her back to ass and legs.   She increased her breathing in an effort to keep her feet planted where he had placed them.   Her toes tried to grip the carpet and her heels lifted to put her weight in one place.

Down one leg and then up again to her ass and down the other.   Then back up again and the falls crossed her waist and   danced across her back.   Silvia was now gasping for breath.  She was ready for this to end, but prayed it wouldn't.   She was starting to get a warm, fuzzy feeling. Like being wrapped in a blanket fresh out of the dryer.   

Suddenly, her breathing slowed and she was engulfed in a state of euphoria.  There wasn't any pain.  Any bites.   Any feeling.

Then there was a far away voice.  It seemed as if someone was calling her name.  She didn't want to leave where she was, but the voice did seem insistent.  

Silvia slowly opened eyes and found herself looking into Matt's.  She could feel His arms wrapped around her body, holding her up.  She wondered how that happened.

"Hi" she said, with a sloppy grin on her face.

"Hi back" He smiled back to her.

"Welcome to my world."




1 week ago. September 24, 2023 at 1:48 PM

Silvia held her hair up so she could fully admire the collar in the mirror.   It was a simple thing: brown and about two inches wide.  She could see the D ring in front gleamed in the light.   The leather was somewhat stiff from being new but had a luster of it's own.  When Matt buckled it on her,  Silvia was afraid it wasn't going to be long enough, but it was.   This was it, she almost giggled to herself, Her own collar!

"Silvia, come here", Silvia heard Matt's voice behind her.  Setting the hand mirror on the green topped desk, she turned around to Matt sitting in the chair Silvia left to crawl on all fours minutes before, although it felt like hours to her.  She walked over to him and settled down on the floor to look up at him.

"Your first lesson is to learn how to kneel properly before me."  Matt began, as he looked her straight in her eyes. " When you kneel, I want you to sitting on your heels with your toes pointed behind you. " Silvia shifted her legs to match is description.  "Next, " He continued, " Keep your back straight and shoulders pulled back.   Always remember, you are showing your position to me, but you are also showing others the dignity you have for yourself."   

Silvia smiled as she shifted her torso back into the position He had described to her.  As she moved, she thought to herself "at least this will make my tits stick out some for him."  Silvia then blushed at the thought.   Excited and embarrassed at the same time.  Matt noticed the blushing and smiled.  "Very good, Silvia.  You are learning quickly.  'Now your hands:  Depending on the situation,  your palms will either be up or down on your thighs.   Since this is your first time and we are being informal, you may place them face down."

Following his instructions, rested her palms on her legs as told.  She could not believe how calm and relaxed she was.   The idea that no one really did this in real life ran through her mind.  Yet here she was,  doing as she was told and following order.

His orders.

Matt smiled again and sat back in the chair and ran his eyes up and down her body.   From the top of her head to her knees, His eyes took in every detail of her.  His gaze stopped when he focused on her collar.  Silvia saw him tilt his head to one side and then back upright.   Then she watched in slight panic as  His mouth then went into a slight grimace.   Seeing her eyes widen, Matt gave a small laugh.

"It's the collar my dear.   I've not explained what it means."  Matt sighed slightly and relaxed his pose. " Within my lifestyle, collars can, and do mean many things.  It can mean ownership of property, it can me simple protection, or it can mean nothing more than a simple ornament."  He then moved his hand to her neck and stroked the collar with his finger.  "This one means you are in training to me.  While you were it, be it here or other places, it is a symbol of our trust.  Your trust in me, and my trust in you.  Should I ever betray you,  you will take it off and be done with it.   The same goes the other way."

"Should I ever lose my trust in you, I will take if from your neck and throw it away.  Do you understand this?"

Silvia gulped in realization.  She could lose it!   Please, Please, Please!  Not so soon!

"Yes Sir," she nodded to him"

"Good Girl, "Matt smiled back to her.  "Now comes the first test of that trust between us."  He told her has to stood up from the chair.  Holding his hand out to her, " Come.  I want you to choose the flogger for you to feel for the first time."





1 week ago. September 22, 2023 at 1:40 PM

Silvia simply could not breathe.  


She also could not see and her arms ached from being being bound by the elbows behind her back.  

But mostly she could not breathe.   His cock was shoved so deep in her mouth she was about to choke.   As she felt the acid begin to come up her esophagus, there was a violent yank on her scalp.   Silvia's head was pulled suddenly back and the cock left her mouth with a gasp of air.

"Too much for you my Love?"  His voice cooed in her ear

Silvia continued to gasp, drawing in the life giving air in big bites. "No Sir,  I love sucking your cock, Sir..."  she tried to reply when felt a wet slap on one cheek then the other.

"I didn't tell you, you could speak cunt.   If you have time to speak, you got time to suck."  His voice rang in her ears as her head was pulled forward and the cock invaded her mouth again.   His hand tore at her hair, forcing her to go down even further on his engorged member. 



Three times 

Silvia's mouth was fucked by the stabbing penis.   She wasn't in control any longer.   She was His toy to be played with and used as  He saw fit.   

Again, her head was pulled back and the cock taken from her so he could breathe again.   Oh glorious air, she thought! 

And then again, Silvia was forced to take the cock.

Over and over the mouthfucking continued.

When Silvia thought she could not take it any more and was about to beg for it to stop, He suddenly ceased and forced the cock as deep as he could.   She then could feel his whole body go twant and begin to quiver.   With a  growling yell, He released a torrent of  cum into her throat.  

"Swallow cunt" He grunted

Silvia  did as she was told and let the warm fluid sink to her stomach.  She then felt the now shrinking cock slowly extract itself from her mouth and the hand from her head.   Lowering her face to the floor, Silvia was grateful to be able to breathe again.   She was also grateful to accept her Master's gift.





2 weeks ago. September 20, 2023 at 1:45 PM

Silvia couldn't believe how big it was.   It was Huge!   She didn't think she had ever seen anything large in her life.


Shaking her head, she looked down at the yellow envelope in her lap.  The address matched the what she saw on the gate.  So this must be the place.  This was where Matt lived.   The place that was going to change her life.  Hopefully for the better, she thought to herself.  

Silvia memories dashed back to her time in the kitchen.  She had just gotten home from the coffeeshop after meeting Him for the first time.   She remembered being so scared at what He was going to say, what he was going to do.    Then He gave her this padded package.   At the time she thought it was was so small, but she didn't know what something like that could affect her so much.

When she got home, she didn't know what to do with it.   Open it?  Put it in a drawer somewhere and forget about it?  Throw it away?  After staring at it awhile on the table, she decided to open it and see what was inside.    Dumping the contents into her hand, she found a small letter and.....


a collar.


The letter told her to choose how to bring it back to him.


So here she was, in her car in His driveway.   In front of this huge house on an estate.   Like Bruce Wayne.   The thought of Him answering the door in a cape and cowl made her giggle.   Well, Silvia thought, I better do something instead of sitting in the car.  

Getting out and locking the door, Silvia strode up the walkway to the front door.   When she got there, she saw it wasn't like most front doors people see.   It was large and brown and wooden.  Weathered from the seasons because of no storm door, it looked like something from....a castle.  At eye height, a simple brass knocker.   

As she reached up to use the knocker, there came a voice to her left.  "Hello Silvia.  The door is unlocked.  Please come in.  I am in the Library.   Straight ahead and first door on the left."   Silvia looked to down and saw a video doorbell on the side house next to the door.   "Oh!" she gasped. "Yes. Ok."

Silvia entered the house and found herself in a large open area.   Eggshell blue wall and more wood in trim and flooring.   Near the door was a hall tree for coats and hats.   Next to that was smaller rack with some shoes on it.   Seeing that, she was unsure, but then decided to see if this was a test.   Silvia slipped off her own shoes and put them on the rack.

Bending back up, Silva looked around and saw a magnificent staircase leading up.  She wondered what it led to.  "How much house is there?"  Shaking her head, she saw the hallway that let people to the back of place.   As she headed that direction, she marveled at the paintings and other decorations.   All tastefully done, all expensive. 

Twisting and turning her head, she came to another door.   The first door on the left, she thought.   Silvia placed herself before it and thought about just pushing down on the levered handle and walking in, but thought better of it.   Instead, she reached up and knocked twice on the door.

"Come in, Silvia", His voice answered.

Silvia's first thought as she opened the door and entered was "Green".  Walls, carpet, curtains, all various shades of green.  Even the desktop of the desk He was leaning on was green.   Then her mind shifted focus and saw Him.  Really saw him.    Matt smiled at her as he leaned there, dressed in tan slacks, hunter's green button down shirt and brown loafers.   Holding out his hand, Matt continued to smile and repeated "Come in, Come in."

The carpet felt soft on her feet as Silvia walked across to him and raised her hand to give Him the envelope.  But instead of taking it, Matt took Silvia by the wrist and guided her to a leather chair off to the side.   As she sat in it, Silvia started to say "I wanted to..." but was stopped by Matt's finger across her lips.  "Shush.  Me first."  Matt told her as he walked off back to the desk.  

Leaning again on the desk, Matt spent some time taking her in.   Starting at the top of her head and working His way down her body, Matt's smile grew in delight.   When His gaze got to her feet, He cocked his head and gave a small laugh.  "You start off well my dear.   Though depending on your actions, we will have to do something about those socks."

Silvia blushed.   She wanted to hide her face with the envelope to cover her own grin.  To cover her giddiness, she looked at the floor right before his feet and said "Yes Sir".  She then heard him get up from the desk and walk around.   

When she looked up again, Matt was seated behind the desk with His hands folded on the desktop.   "Silvia," He started, "This is a whole new world for you.   If you decide to enter it, you will be experiencing new and wonderous things.  But you will also be experiencing pain and humiliation and control.   Things that are horrible to the vanilla world.   It will be something you have never done in your life, until now."

Matt stroked his chin and scratched his beard.  "But this is something you, yourself have to decide.  This is the one decision I can not make for you.  You have to make it yourself.   You have to decide whether you wish to enter my world, or turn around and leave it closed to you.  Do you understand that?"  Matt gaze questioned Silvia more than this words did.  

She bit her lip and nodded her head as her fingers fondled the envelope.  Silvia almost could not get the "Yes Sir" out from he mouth but, after a couple of seconds she did.  "Good," Matt returned "You know what is in the package you brought back to me.  What do you think we should do with it?"

Silvia then looked at Him.  Stared at his eyes and locked gazes.   Then suddenly she came to that decision.  

She stood up, reached down to her socks and pulled them off and tossed them on the floor.   She then reached into the envelope and pulled out the collar.   This she put between her teeth and tossed the yellow thing on top of her socks.   Silvia then got down on her hands and knees and crawled on the floor between her chair and the desk.

After rounding the desk, she crawled before Matt and shifted to a kneeling position,  Taking the collar from her mouth, she handed it up to Him with both palms and said "Please Sir, lock me into this".

2 weeks ago. September 18, 2023 at 10:58 AM

Silvia was standing on her toes.  Her legs aching from the strain, as she had been forced to stand like this for some time.   Her arms also ached from being stretched from the chain above her head.   Silvia's last visual memory was looking at her wrist cuffs being clipped to the end of the chair, right before the blindfold covered her eyes.


Yes she hurt from effort to stand there like that, but there was also warmth.


The warmth of his touch.  Warmth from the pressing of his body along her back.  The warmth of his hands running up and down trunk.  Stroking her stomach. Fondling her tits. Rubbing the inside of her thighs.   There was the warmth from His breath in her ear, the growling barely above a whisper.




There was also pain!  Crushing pain!    He had grabbed her genitals with a powerful grip!   Silvia could feel the pain radiate from between her legs to fan out through out her body.  Oh it was glorious!  

The growl turned into a question:  "Who does this belong to?"  

Silvia cried from the pain and the question.  When she didn't answer fast enough, the pain grew three fold.

"Who DOES this BELONG to?"  the pain whispered into her ear.

She screamed "YOU! " then she whispered back 

"it belongs to you..."


"That's right, "the pain said lovingly 

"This cunt belongs to me." 




2 weeks ago. September 17, 2023 at 12:33 PM


Take a Beating

Eat a Biscuit