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New Device Product Testor Needed
Seeking Female s type for testing of new Interrogation chair. Said device is currently pictured in my profile. I am currently in testing phase and require someone who: ○ is willing to remain in a seated position for an extended period of time ○ has experience with bondage for extended period of time. Bondage to include: Rope, cuffs, collars ○ has experience with sensory deprivation. SensDep to include: Blindfold, gags, hoods ○ has experience with Magic Wand vibratior ○ has experience with low level to moderate pain tolerances. Clothes pins and improperly placed wand may may be issues. ○ will have superior communication skills. Subject will provide feedback on sensations and will be asked fairly personal questions during trial period. Applicants should live within NE Kansas. Applicants outside of that area may be considered, however they will have to provide their own travel and overnight expenses.
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In a polyamorous relationship
About me
How does one encapsulate 30 or so years of D/s experience?

Can words convey the simple desire to stare into a submissive's eyes, seeking what lies deep inside?   The thoughts, the needs that rest within, seeking to burst forth.   Do I speak of my own needs of being sadistically abusive with the tools of my trade, my hands and my thoughts?

What is it that I can lure you into my world?   To see the beauty and the tears that can rain down from a submissive's eyes while she looks up from below to beg for more?    More pain, more learning, more love. 

How is it that a man of humor and moderate intelligence seeks someone who understands there is more to the lifestyle than the next orgasam?  What drives such a man to want someone who will curl up at his feet and lay her head on his knee?   Someone who will take his pain and his love and his drive to make a submissive more?

Do words tell of the pain in his heart?  Pain of teaching D/s ideals to the shadows of yeasteryear, the pain of seeing old friends disappear amd no one taking their place.   


Words do have meaning.  They do have power

and they do serve a purpose.

I am now as I have always been:  Simply a man seeking companionship 

TopekaDom, or TD for short.

Come, sit by my fire and tell me of yourself and your world. 

I will be happy to listen

BDSM and me
D/s to me is not so much about capturing wayward s types, but encouraging them to cross that threshold. I tend to think of it as an Gothic Vampire who must be asked in to someone's life. Ah, but once in, I will poke and prod around to see what makes a person tick. The "Why" of how D/s works is much more important than the "How".
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Writing, creating, talking and listening
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Sep 19, 2023
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Jan 18, 2023
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