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Soon 2023 will be gone

Another year is about to end. What are the plans for 2024? Mine are to slow down just live from day to day and worry less about the things that I can not change but change those issues that I can do something about. I know that I can not physically live forever in my body. But I will spiritually alive.
3 months ago. April 8, 2024 at 6:56 AM

I recently began speaking to a potential slave girl things seemed to be going well. Then for no explanation or reason she removed her profile; without saying anything about it. I am done with the idea of finding the right slave girl for me.......

TheAnt​(dom male) - Spanks,
I went through this exact issue quite a few times. I have seen this nearly exact same issue blogged about several times from Doms and many subs as well. This ghosting is frankly just rude.
My advice is not to be done with your quest. She is out there.
There were so many countless false starts. So many that seemed to be going wonderfully... and then nothingness.
In the end, blissful happiness.
-The Ant
3 months ago
Innocent Me​(sub female){Protected} - I can confirm this. I've talked to Doms for weeks, just to wake up one morning and see their profile gone with no explanation. It's hard, but eventually, you WILL find your person. It's all worth it once you find your special person. <3
3 months ago
Spanks hard​(dom male){Looking } - I know however time is not on my side
3 months ago
Innocent Me​(sub female){Protected} - I asked my Daddy what it was like to be him once. He said it's like he just arrived at a party and he wants to have fun, but he's worried he got there too late. It's never too late. He found me, and you can find yours. <3
3 months ago
trappedperhaps​(sub female) - I agree & we will. It does happen. I’ve had it happen with Doms & also with women I was just becoming friends
2 months ago

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