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Thoughts of an 19 year old sub

I'm new to the bdsm life and these are some tboughts I have about it and the website
5 months ago. Fri 20 Jul 2018 02:07:13 AM IDT

Idk lol I was bored so I drew this real quick

5 months ago. Tue 17 Jul 2018 04:06:21 AM IDT

Subspace is....



6 months ago. Fri 13 Jul 2018 04:19:59 AM IDT

So a lots happened in the past month.

June 7th.

I moved in with my Sir Phil28😍 and its been amazing. It took a week or two to fully figure out our dynamic together as a couple living together and our Dom and Sub dynamic. There wasn't much to figure out but we went from barely seeing eachother to always being together. And so far its been so great and I'm so happy living with my Sir❤

Also been busy moving my stuff around and in this past month lol

June 9th.

We drove up and over to Chicago for the Illinois cage munch. I was nervous to meet people and attend my first munch. It was a small group but we had a blast. We talked and introduced ourselves in one of the rooms before driving(/dying in the trunk with sasspanda) to dinner. We all had fun at dinner and sat and talked for hours after. It was so so fun I hope we do it again and more people attend next time lol.


July 9th.

My birthday!!!! It was really fun to spend my birthday with Sir and it was probably one of my best birthdays I've had. 


And yeah that's the major stuff that's happened I know I havent been on in a while so... Here it is for y'all so my friends on here can know what I'm up to lol.

So happy for finding the cage and meeting all these fun people and my Sir. So much has happened since I joined and I'm glad😊


7 months ago. Thu 31 May 2018 10:51:34 PM IDT

So a while back I shared a link of this website where you can buy premade collars or design your own. 

When I shared this to y'all I went ahead and ordered a custom collar to test out the quality and how good it is.

It took a little while to get here and now that it is it is exactly what I ordered. 

I ordered black leather ,silver hardware, the ezact size of my neck with a few to adjust how tight it is. It came with 3 d rings for free and I chose a black moon charm for the a bonus the company also sent a small bag of other charms and different colored bell charms I can put on or exchange when I'd like.

Overall it is exactly what I wanted and feels like good quality.

Just thought I'd let y'all know how it turned out😊

7 months ago. Fri 25 May 2018 11:51:04 PM IDT

Doodles about an amazing weekend ive had with my Sir ❤

p.s. I have no idea what I really looked like lol 

9 months ago. Thu 12 Apr 2018 05:10:39 AM IDT

9 months ago. Sat 31 Mar 2018 05:20:14 AM IDT

Lol Sir you can see you wild hair even tho the picture is unclear?❤

So lucky to get time with my Sir and wanted to share this happy feeling with everyone?

9 months ago. Wed 28 Mar 2018 06:47:01 AM IDT

Found this website online, has a variety of cute designs for everyday wear and a lot of customise options including exact size

Idk how they turn up but they seem affordable and you can find what your looking for, from something subtle and choker style to something like a kitten collar with spikes everywhere and says "insert name here" on a engraved tag

Has real leather , vegan leather , and more

Mostly not for play but some can be used for light play

Get yourself something cute, treat yourself. Or get something for someone special who knows its up to you lol 

Just thought I would share this✌

9 months ago. Sat 24 Mar 2018 04:51:53 AM IDT

I got my wisdom teeth out today so im pretty out of it, I'm a crying mess thinking of anything that could go wrong in life or different things about myself that I hate. I'm worried I'm not good enough...


But Sir helped,

he doesnt know how much he does help


 just talking and calming me down .... It helps so so much

And I cant even tell you whats exactly wrong

Because I'm a mess

But for some reason your still here...

So Thank you Sir, for everything 

It means so much too me

Everyday you amaze me and I fall for you more and more 

Thank you Sir ❤