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Burn ?

The struggle is real
For those who don't know the deal
The inside desire 
To feel complete with this burning fire
The need to feel full
But the search continues to take a toll
Honesty, truth and loyalty
I'm not asking to be royalty
But a queen has her place
So give me a taste 
This beautiful soul needs his control
So he can steamroll
My mind into an oblivion of need
Once there I'm to beg and plead
This beauty of sensual dance
Omg I'm in a trance
Once on knees with ease
Mmmm I just want to tease
His pent up length
I know we're on the same wavelength 
If I do it I might be punished
That's what he wants one hit
Ahhh the release in that burn
Ohhh please I need to earn
Just another smack
Oh right on my nipple of my rack
His eyes burn to the flame
Grabs my throat for longing claim
Pussy wetness check tells him everything
I'm waiting to be taken by my king
My hips swirls in angst
While his fingers give me a taste
He denies my first O
So know do you know
1 week ago. July 9, 2024 at 1:29 PM

As I lay here 

I just want you near

To hold on to and be with you

Just to be wild like animals in the zoo

All sweaty and naked

Your claim and marks on my body x-rated

Tying each other up

Putting my legs in a stirrup

Licking your treasure so good 

Come on sir get under the hood

Sucking my clit with greed

Only to hear my screams indeed

Hands gripping my hips and ass

Just for me to moan and gasp

Reaching up to squeeze my breasts

Your favorite just open my vest

Pinching my harding nipples

As my pussy contracts a ripple 

Getting wetter and wetter 

You grab my thighs to spreader

Rubbing your hard tip against me

All I can to do is beg and plea

For you to thrust in hard and deep

All I have left is to weep 

Pussy dripping so easily

"She" aches needing you teasingly

You thrust, jam and slam

Oh fuck I'm about to cum damn

But you won't let me

Denail on edge please sir let it flee

Flipped over ass so high

Smack straight to the thigh

So close to my wet pussy

Oh God please sir next is on tushy

Dripping more and more

Feeling the smacks straight at my core

Pulling my hair back around your wrist

Just for you to give my neck a kiss

Inserting your hard length of wood

God damn this feels too good 

With ass so red from your mark

I ask again to release my spark

I don't know how much longer to can go

What I need now is just to blow

But as mysterious as you are 

I see that tiny sparkle in your eye a star

A chance that maybe you'll give in 

And allow me to finally release and win