Washington, United States
About me
Simple good girl that has a bad streak. Some would call it an itch, but it's an itch needing to be scratched. I've almost had a curious mind and with that comes questions which I would like answers. The only way to get answers is to try first hand am I right?

Mature adult with a heart of gold who loves coffee, watch sports, a good smut book, action/romance movies or simply just going to the beach to hear the waves crash. The best thing in life to do is to jump in a car and have no destination, no timeline, no rules, no restrictions and just go get to a light or intersection and only have to decide right, left or straight that's it.

Eventually looking for long term relationship and be able to live this naughty life style full-time with a partner.

Finally took the test lol

== Results from ==
93% Switch
83% Experimentalist
81% Submissive
79% Brat
75% Exhibitionist
72% Voyeur
71% Masochist
67% Rope bunny
52% Primal (Prey)
50% Dominant
50% Slave
42% Vanilla
29% Rigger
22% Brat tamer
18% Master/Mistress
18% Pet
12% Owner
10% Primal (Hunter)
8% Sadist
7% Daddy/Mommy
6% Degradee
5% Non-monogamist
2% Degrader
0% Ageplayer
0% Boy/Girl
scat, gore, knife play, breastfeeding, beastiality, necrophilia
What's new
When you have finally found yourself
Understand that you are her
What she was, is and will be
Continue to be courageous, bold and free

Your glow and light
Will set the path
That ray of sunshine you Possess
Will always show the way to bless

There's is a great deal
Of boss, sass, love and
strength within you
But don't share unless it's true

For those around you
Won't always see
That you are finding your way
And who cares what they say
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Jul 9, 2024
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Jun 18, 2024
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