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Bdsm, Slave Training, Mind Control, and The 24/7 Life

The purpose of this blog is about Slave Training, Mind Control, and living the life 24/7 It is focused on training methods, building trust, finding out what makes you slave/sub tick and how to use that to train them, it also focuses on hypnosis and creating triggers to cause spicific reactions and develop permanent behaviors. Ways of handling the the day to day of normal life. Rules, and a plan for your training, building a guide for what you want your slave to become, contracts, limits, and expectations. Unless you have unlimited time and resources living the lifestyle in a total 24/7 way can be complicated. The idea is to create an evolving frame work that can adapt to the changes in life and still keep the relationship strong, and healthy.
8 months ago. Sat 17 Mar 2018 07:42:32 AM IST

BDSM Games:

This is a list I decided to make after hearing about a list of sex games, thought I would give it a shot and see if I could make some BDSM games, these are written with a female slave in mind but can be adapted to any sub or even multiple subs, I could have written more if I included some of the more extreme fetishes and more players, this is more focused on one Master and one slave, though I have included a few variations for a second slave in certain games. The games are more for the amusement of the Master, but a slave will find pleasure as well. Some of these game have training applications as well as learning opportunities and can be good tools if you wish to employ them for that purpose.
I like to call these The Dirty Dozen BDSM Games. They are fairly tame in my opinion as they are designed to be enjoyed by both participants, of course each slave is different and so some may be more harsh to some and more mild to others. Now the let the Games begin.


Truth or Pain:

This game for one or more slaves.
This is a long game 40 minutes or more, you might want to set a time limit, something like 20 minutes.
The purpose of the game is to focus a slave on her place as a slave, and find out what a slave's focus is.
A slave should be bound in a manner that allows easy access to all of her body, hands over her head is a good way to do this, keep her on her tip toes so she will have to focus on standing. Use nipple weights and clamps, put a vibe in her ass and cunt one that you can control the settings on. Pull her clit out as a target for you whip or crop, I prefer the crop for this game. To make it more interesting you could blind fold her. I also like arm binders and pulling her up from that would also be good fun. It is called Strapedo bondage.

ask a question of your slave, she is to answer as fast as she can, for the duration of her answer you whip her all over her body, until she answers.

She gets points for right answers and looses points for each wrong answer.
Set the points to be achieved at a high number between 250 to 500.

Right answers:
True answer = 5 points.
Pleasing answer = 2 points
A thoughtful answer = 3 points

Wrong answers:
A slave may say I don't know and receive -7 points.
A slave may request to guess and a wrong answer will equal -3 points
A slave may lie to please her master but if she is caught she will loose -10 points

The type of questions can be simple yes or no, or questions that require a specific answer, they can be questions which require a longer answer. She is whipped until she has finished her answer, whip once every 1 to 3 seconds depending on how much she can take.

The game ends when ether she reaches the set number of points or the time runs out, if the time runs out before she reaches the score than she is whipped the the number points she is short from the target number.
You can learn a lot about your slave this way, she doesn't have time to think of her answers, so they are more truthful.

Spanking Game:

This is an interesting one, this game is intended to make a slave decide how she will receive a spanking or whipping and where it will be given on her body. You should pick a number, based on what she can take as far as pain and whipping or spanking goes. I will set the number to start with at 300.
Next you should chose at least 3 areas of the body I chose 4. For this I have chosen a female slave. Assign a number value to the target areas. These are multipliers. So you can adjust them as you see fit after you understand there use.

Cunt: 3
Tits: 2
Ass: 1
Legs: 1

Note there are 2 targets for her tits and ass cheeks and legs so the numbers she choose she be in even numbers for these areas.

Now comes the predicament, she must chose the area and type of spanking or whipping she will receive ton that area. Example: a flogger or crop, hands or a paddle, you can also limit the instruments of choice by laying out the ones she may chose from as an additional predicament she can chose to have harsher instruments used at a reduction of the number say like a single tail on the cunt will count as -2 or -3 depending on her pain tolerance. Where a light flogger will add additional strikes like say +1 or +2, because it is not as painful.
Now as she chooses her locations and number, the location numbers are than used as multipliers. Example: she chooses 10 for her cunt that would be 10 x 3 = 30 from the starting number if she choose 30 for her tits it would be 30 x 2 = 60 than she would have to take 15 on each side.
At this point she would have take 90 off the starting number.
She must use up all the choices to reach the target number, and this is where the harsher implements come in to play.
Say she chooses 5 for her pussy with a single tale it would be 5 x 2 for the implement which is 10 and than 10 x 3 = 30 so now she would get 10 from one implement and 5 from an other for a total of 60 from the starting number right now she would be at 150 off the number. 90+60=150

To add an additional level of predicament to her plight, you can require a set number of spanking for each location. Like no less than 30 on her cunt, 40 on her tits, and 60 on her ass, and 60 on her legs Of course that doesn't add up to the target number of 300, so what remains would have to be taken on her ass or legs. Which would be 110 so she would have to bare 60 more on her ass and 50 on her legs or how ever you chose to distribute them. She could opt to add to the other areas to get that number down. Or choose an implement that will reduce the number. By picking one of the harsher implements for a reduced number. You should also set the number of reductions based on the area she choose to have it used on, so a single tail on the cunt would get more than if it was on her ass or legs.


Pain or Pleasure:

This is a version of 20 questions with a twist, this game is for both the Master and the slave to play, it can also be a great way to get to know someone.

First off choose a minimum number of questions to be asked, at least 40 but it should not be limited, higher is better for getting to know someone.

The Rules: You can ask any question on any subject, sexual, personal, knowledge based, random or strange. You can not ask a question on the subject that was just asked the turn before or return to a subject you asked prior to you next question, in other words no questions of the same subject twice in a row, you can return to a subject at a later time.
You must answer the question asked, but have a choice of options, you can say it is too personal, or painful to talk about, you can answer that you don't know the answer, you can guess the answer or you can pass on the question. You get points for asking a question in the same subject vein, Example: the question asked before you turn was a sexual question, and you ask something about there favorite type of erotic art this would be a parallel subject and earn you a point, passing on a question will get a point, guessing and being wrong gets you a points something too personal if you pass gets you a point, if you answer and get it wrong or are caught in a lie you get a point, it should be stated that you can try to bluff an answer, but you should not lie in less the question is something like true or false or am I lying or telling the truth, an example of this would be am I telling the truth about this story? Also have a time limit in which to answer the questions, failure to answer in the time gets a point.
Now for the reward and punishment part. Ff the Master has the most points than the slave may choose a reward or the Master can have a designated reward already in mind. If the slave has the most points she is punished, 10 x the number of points she has ( or what every number you choose) and the type of punishment she will get. Example: for every point she has she will receive x number of flogger strikes.
So if she got 5 points she would get 50 strikes On the reverse side you should have a set number of point that alter the reward, let's say you got 10 points, you could give a bigger reward of each 5 points you got so at 5 the reward would be something better than the base, at 10 points it could be a special request that can be used at a later time, or she could be given two smaller reward like some chocolate or several orgasms, a massage or foot rub.

Task or Trade:

In this game you will come up with a list of tasks and a list if punishments, the tasks should be something that your slave would not really want to do, like licking cum off the floor, walking around with a dildo in for 5 minutes while in high heels, receiving an enema, peeing in the yard, walking around the outside of the house naked while in bondage, answering the door bound and gagged to pay for the pizza, suck my cock and make me cum in x amount of time, try to come up with at least 20 things you can give as a task make sure they are not something she would like or are easily preformed. Than come up with a list of punishments for both trade or as a result of failure, these should also be a little harsher, so they are not desirable ether, Example: 10 strikes on her cunt with a riding crop, or 5 lashes with a cane across each breast, sitting on a chair with thumb tacks on it. Or kneeling on thumb tack while giving you head for 5 minutes, standing for 5 minutes with clamps on her nipples, as they are tied above her forcing her to stand on her toes. Be creative, and of course safe, but make them as unpleasant as you can so that they are not a desired choice, but an option for a trade. Set a number of task you intend to have her do say like 20 task to complete the game, offer rewards for success and punishments for failing, give her a point for each success and points for each failure, check the difference and ether reward her or punish her, depending on which is grater. You can add multipliers for failure like she has 4 points difference in failures to success so she will get 10x 4=40 and will receive that many strikes on her body, you could also make them specific to the failure, that could get interesting.


The cauldron of lust:

For this game you need a bowel or large can, like a coffee can or similar.
Cut small strips of paper in to equal sizes, approximately 60 or more pieces, 1 inch wide by 6 inches long, write on each piece of paper one of the toys or items you play with. Example: whip, flogger, dildo, cuffs, clamps, and so on, if you have multiple versions of these things than make a distinction between them, like heavy flogger, or single tail. Than write on the remaining pieces numbers from 1 to 100 in increments of 5 so 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. and so on than add to the remaining list ways you play, Example: spanking bench, cross, cage, hanging, crawling, slapping, and so on, finally add the different body parts of your slave you like to use or torture and the different body parts of your self you like her to please, Example: breast, cock, feet, cunt, ass hole, ass, and so on. I would also add things like orgasm and denial to the list sever times maybe 3 or 4. Now fold them in half and half again, and place them in the can, mix the can real good so its all random. Now get a 6 sided dice, like the ones that come with most games people have, if you don't have a dice than you could get 6 small pebbles, or coins and mark a circle on a piece of paper, not to big and toss the them into the ring the number that stays in the circle is the number you have. So now roll the dice and choose that number of pieces from the can take them in order of choice and unfold them, try to connect the selections in to a coherent set of actions. Example: so you might get something like this, whip, crawl, cock, ass. So for this I would make her crawl as she tries to suck my cock and I would whip her on her ass when ever she loose contact with my cock, for something like this you should set a time so you can continue, maybe 3 minutes or more. You can add anything to the list you like 60 is just a good starting number. Try to be creative.


The Fuck Hole Game:


In this game you will need several types of dildos and insertable objects, make sure you can use something on all your slaves holes, the more the better. For this game you will number them from 1 to what ever number you have, don't tell the order so for the Example lets say you have 20 items. Now assign 3 different numbers to each of her holes like 1, 3, 5, for her pussy, 2, 4, 6 , to her ass, and 7, 9, and 10, for her mouth, leaving one mystery number being 8 so her holes get 1, to 10, each number will represent how she is to use the hole, fucking her self with her hand, holding it in place, riding it up and down like she is fucking it, what ever strikes you fancy. The mystery number is used for you to decide what hole and how it is to be used.
than finally choose 10 or more activities try to keep the number in increments of 10. Like crawling, walking, jumping, bending, spreading legs wide, deep throat, going up stairs, walking out side, sitting down, whipping, spanking, tickling, rocking back and forth on all fours and so on. Than after all the numbers are assigned make her chose an amount of time from 1 to 4 minutes, you can adjust this to suit your taste. After she has chosen the time have her choose a number between 1- 20 for the first part 1-10 for the next part and 1- 10 or 20 for the last part. than you will tell her the toy, which hole to use, what activity to do and for how long to do it. The challenge is she must not let the toy leave the hole or stop using it, if she dose she gets punished, you can make it interesting by punishing her if she orgasms or you can have an orgasm as a reward, once the time is up move on to the next choice.


The Dildo Game:

For this game you'll need 5 or more and at least 3 dildos that have a suction base but you can have more dildos
for the Example we will have 5 dildos three with the a suction base than place those dildos in different locations around the room one of the suction ones on a coffee table, one them mounted to a wall or other location at doggy level one on the floor if you have carpet you might need something to stick it to, a plate might work, one laying on something, and the last one tied to a cord hanging at deep throat level, for this game bind your slaves arms behind her back nothing to restrictive, leather cuffs or something similar you should be a little play between her hands. Now have a buzzer set to 90 seconds you will also need a crop or whip when the timer starts she must rush to the first dildo she can and start to fuck what ever hole she can with it she must try to cum each time, you whip her as the timer goes of and she runs to the next dildo, she gains a point for each time she fails to orgasm after 15 minutes than rest the timer at 20 minutes and 180 second have her start again this time for every time she fails to orgasm she gets 2 points, after the timer goes off set it to 30 minutes and 180 seconds she will get 3 points for each failed orgasm, if she fails to orgasm after that time she will be punished the number of points, if she orgasms anytime during the game wipe the points and start a new count. continue until all three cycles have be run. If she fails totally she will receive 80 lashes of your choosing. This number is based on the number of tries she has to orgasm, any orgasm will change this number. Now each dildo has a hole it is meant for, she can never use a dildo more than once a go around so she must always pick a different dildo until she has used them all, after she can choose which to star again on.
The dildo laying on the floor is for her ass only and she will have to use her hands. The hanging one is for her mouth she needs to deep throat it if she has a hard time with that you could attach it to a rod so it will stay in position for her to get it deep. You could add to her score if she fails to take it deep enough and the same with her ass. Or whip her to get her to take it deeper. This is useful for training and be quite amusing.
To add a little more amusement you can take some duct tape and insert thumbtacks on the sticky side and than tape it to the table where the dildo is so she will feel them when she is fucking herself you can even do it on the wall where the other is mounted, and as a final kick you could rub tiger balm or ginger juice on the dildos she puts in her ass and cunt, or on her nipples and and clit. You could add an element where she has to recite her rules, or some special phrase like I am a slut I need to be filled, than whip her when she miss a line or forgets to say it.


Rope walk Game:

This game is a beat the clock game or if you have another slave you could make it a race, just replace the clock with the other slave.
You will need a soft cotton or poly blend rope about 3/8 to 7/16 thick, it should be at least 50' long, tie knots in the rope at about every 10 to 12 inches. You should end up with at least 40 knots if you have less space to stretch it out in, than you can increase the number of passes for the round. Now tie each end across a room make sure it is secure and tight, it will flex toward the center that's okay you might have to adjust the height a bit. At least try get it at an inch or so above her cunt from her highest tiptoe position, at each end. Coat the knots with something like tiger balm, icy hot, chilly sauce, or ginger juice, or something similar. Now in this game you will want to bind her arms behind her back, as an option have her ware ultra high heels or ballet boots, add some nipple clamps with weights, or you could even stretch her labia away from the rope with clamps on a chain around her waist, Now she has to cross the rope before the clock runs out, she must make 4 passes on the rope, each direction counts as a pass, don't take her off the rope just make her walk backwards. You should give her a total time to complete the run and a time for each pass something like 20 seconds per pass, and if she fails to complete the pass in that time you can whipping her until she reaches the end. Give her like 2 minutes to complete the run she is not aloud to orgasm or she will be punished, if she wins the round she gets a prize, if she fails she gets punished for the difference in time to complete. you can run her through several times as the softer rope will be less abrasive and allow for more runs. You can see if she can beat her own time offer less punishments if she can. If you plan on running her for a while than you can give her some time in between runs, make her masturbate or use a dildo on her holes, than start again. You may want to refresh the applications on each of the knots. In the case of two slaves you can have the looser take her punishments form her sister slave. Or add the difference in finish time to her punishment, make the winner the favored slave for the day. Or a special treat they both love and the loser has to feed the winner, or watch as she enjoys it.


The Candle Game:

In this game she is going to learn to offer her self more to her Master, and his will.
for this game you will need several candles, at least 4 but 6 or even 8 would be better and if they are in a glass holder the better, you will need as much usable wax as you can get. It is human nature to react to pain, in this game you want you slave to do the opposite of that you will choose an area to start her tits or cunt when you drip the hot wax on her nipples or tits she is to push up to accept more of the wax, instead of covering them. Each time she dose what she should she will get a point for the good, and every time she doesn't she will get a point on the bad side she must at least have as twice as many good to bad to win a reward, you will have to remove the wax after a time so the skin is fresh for more wax. You can do this with a crop, whip, or flogger, she won't be tied during this game as you want her to react, this will allow you to apply it to as may areas of her body as you like. Your goal is to try to get her to get as many bad points as you can. If she doesn't get twice the number of good points to bad points she will get the number of bad points times the difference in lashings of your choice or some other punishment you have in mind. And if she exceeds the minimum number of twice as many she will get an even better reward. Based on how far past she is. You can make this even more interesting by adding a vibrating egg or anal plug or both, or a shocking plug that you zap her with as you are about to drop the wax. You can also stimulate the area you intend to drop it on, by first whipping it for a few minutes to get it more sensitive. Or using tiger balm or chilly sauce on her holes and nipples to make it harder for her to concentrate on embracing the wax.


Pussy Game:

This game teaches the slave to have strong cunt mussels. In this game you will need a ball about 2 to 3 inches wide with a string attached to one end that hangs down between her legs the ball should fit without falling out easily but should be able to be pulled out with a little effort. Once you have the right size ball tie a hook to the hanging end. The hook should be at least two inches across so it is easy for her to hook something on it by swinging it. Her task is to pick up a weighted object from the floor with the hook with using her hands, it would be better if her hands where tied behind her back so she won't be tempted to use them, once she has the object hooked she is to bring it to a selected area by walking to that area and depositing the object there and going back to get an other, she must hold the ball in her cunt the entire time, every time she looses the object or the ball falls out she gets a point. and must start again. You can make it even more interesting by having something she can set the ball on to get it back in her cunt hole and you can whip her until it is back in and she has a the object on the hook. You should have at least 5 objects to move but I recommend 10. if you only have 5 you can have her move them back to the original location so she can do this a total of 10 you can do as many rounds as you like but I would set a time like on hour to get the most training from her. You can count each dropped item and each time she loose the ball and string a separate things and you use the number or restarts as a multiplier to the score, this will be the total number of punishments she receives. You can make this more difficult by whipping her as she moves the objects across the room, or add some tiger balm or icy hot to the mix on her clit or ass. You could add a hobble chain to her ankles to slow her stride and make the weight swing more. You could even add a vibrating egg to her cunt before you insert the ball with the string. This will make her very wet and harder to keep the ball fro slipping out. She is not aloud to cum. If she manages to get more than half moved with out dropping them she can be given a reward. You can also add to the fun by doing this with her ass and make it a second round, this time use an anal plug with a string attached to it and put a vibe in her cunt to encourage her to focus. This will teach her to grip with her holes when ever they are filled.


Lets Make a Slave Shirt:


This game is an outdoor sport.
You will need a tight white or light colored tee shirt, 3 black permanent markers and a piece of ribbon I prefer red but color is not important, it needs to be long enough to be able to use around 3 feet and some shorts or light colored tight pants. Tie the ribbon around the laves neck leaving one end long for the pen to be attached to, than write on the tee shirt I am a slut, or I am a slave, or something like that. Now the slave and the Master will go out to a busy public area to get coffee or drinks or what ever Master wants. Now the slave is to walk up to strangers and ask them to write something on her shirt, what ever the person wants, the slave it to encourage the person to write something degrading or embarrassing.
Tell the slave to approach a person and say excuse me I have to get an assignment due and need some help, than say it will only take a minute, when they ask what. She says I need to have you write something on my shirt anything you like, but it should be dirty or embarrassing. Than she will offer the marker to use, if asked any question she will answer truthfully, and she will tell them that her Master is near by watching her. She will encourage them to write something nasty maybe even suggest something. If they rub her or brush against her in some way she is to say nothing as long as they don't try to or get to friendly, if they seem to she can remind them that her master is close. The Master should watch the slave at all times so she will know he is there and can intervene if needed. She is to get as many people as she can to write on her shirt front and back and if the Master is in such a mood on her pants or legs, the slave will have a vibrator in her cunt at all times and the master may turn it on or off as much as he desires. Set a time maybe 2 hours, and see if she managed to get the shirt full. If she orgasms during the process than she gets a point, she is tel tell her master every time she has one. If there is reasonable amount of space left to write on after the two hours than, the Master will fill in the rest and she will get a different set of points for this. She gets a point for every word the Master writes and that is multiplied by the number of orgasms she had that total is the number of punishments she receives. if she has no reasonable space but has received orgasm points she will get 3 x that many orgasms in a row in the dungeon. Her prize is her new slave shirt she can now ware out in public.


What's My Number:

For this game you will need a note book and pen the Master will choose 5 numbers from 1 to 100 try to space them out so you can give her a chance to get close to one of your number around 20 points apart give or take choose 5 activities, dildo, whip, anal, oral, clamps, or what ever you like it could be paddle, whip, crop, clamps, orgasm, any combination. You should change the number and the activity each round so she never knows what she will get. Now have the slave pick a number between 1 and 100 what ever number she is closest to she will get that activity. Example: if it is a whipping or something like that she will get 5 times the difference of the activities number. So if your number was 25 and she chose 18 she would get 5x7= 35, lashes 7 being the difference between. If she was to get the orgasm or dildo type choice she would get 20 x the difference, so if she had the same choice as above she would get 20x7=140 seconds to play and try to reach an orgasm. If she choose clamps than the difference could be the number of minutes she must ware them. 7 minutes of the clamps. You could have her standing on her toes as an activity for a period of time say 2x7 for 14 minutes and she would receive a lashing each time she tried to step down on her heels, to make it harder you could put thumbtacks on the floor under her heels so she would step on them when she tries to put her heels down. You could make her endure a tens device for x minutes. The possibilities are endless, just remember to change the activity with each round so she never knows whats next.

This is my Dirty Dozen BDSM Games I hope you like them.



8 months ago. Fri 16 Mar 2018 08:18:50 AM IST

Rewards and Punishments:


This has always been a head scratcher for me, it's not that I don't know how to punish or reward.
However punishments and rewards are such an important part of the dynamic in a Master/slave, or Dom/sub relationship that giving them there proper significance is important.
You know the saying the punishment should fit the crime, I think it's true for rewards as well.
Some of this will apply specifically to a Master/slave relationship. These are just examples and you should tailor your own to fit your specific dynamic and personal desires.
So I decided to organize the rewards into different categories, this would show meaning to the slave regarding punishments and rewards. So here is my rewards brake down and there significance, modify as needed.



The Basic Reward: This would be things like a pat on the head, or sitting on the furniture, telling her you are proud of her, or calling her a good girl, for some slaves allowing her to give you pleasure, with her body, or having you fuck her with your cock, or sucking you off and giving her your cum. Allowing her to sleep in your bed, or to have a blanket to sleep with. Telling her she can sleep in tomorrow for an extra 30 minutes. Allowing her clothing if she is not normally aloud. For many slaves this is wonderful, it makes them happy. They know that Master is pleased and happy with her.

The Special Reward: These types of rewards are more meaningful, like giving her an orgasm, allowing her to have something special to eat maybe chocolate or ice cream, maybe 3 glasses of her favorite wine or alcohol, allow her to watch her favorite movie with you, cuddling on the couch while you watch something (for me a slave normally kneels at my feet) a special bath that the Master gives her, where he washes her, maybe a massage just for her, maybe you cook her a special meal, or take her out to someplace she likes. These rewards are designed to show her a higher level of your pride and happiness with her and her performance. This shows her you are happy with her submission, obedience, and service.


The Big Reward: This is something that should be very special, this type of reward should be things like taking her to a special restaurant, buying her a special item she as been looking at and desires, like some heels or a collar she has wanted, taking a trip somewhere she likes going, maybe the museum, or a special play, maybe a show or movie. Maybe she has a special skirt or dress she has wanted to buy and ware for her Master but it is costly. Get her a spa day, or a massage treatment, allow her to chose a treat or special favor. Maybe you could give her a fantasy, a scene with all her favorite play, until she passes out form pleasure. These type of rewards show the depth of you pleasure, they have more meaning to her, because you have given your time and thought into giving them. These are strong positive reinforcements, they fill her with joy and deepen her submission. This is something I would use for rarely, placing greater significance to this type of gesture.


One of a Kind Rewards: This can be a Special or Big Reward. This would be things like a special tattoo of her choosing, if she is pierced than it could be some special rings she has always loved. A special collar that has her slave name engraved on it. A request for the day. Maybe a special bracelet or ring that is symbolic to you and her. If she is not pierced and it is within the limits of your slave, you could have her pierced, make getting each area you intend to be pierced into something special. Something that you do over time. Maybe the tattoo shows your ownership of her, like a brand. Maybe a special book for her journal and a special pen to write in it, or maybe a special box to keep it in. my first slave had a collar collection, and I made many of them, she wore her collars everywhere. This should hold a different type of significance, they should tell her she is special, important, that your proud and want her to see it all the time. This will hold great significance to a slave or sub. She will feel joy in these one of a kind things, they are like a special treasure. When she looks at these things she will remember there meaning.


For me the significance placed on these things is important to the dynamic, it fills her needs and feeds her craving, it strengthens you dominance the more meaning you put into rewards and punishments the more effective you training will be and the more she will feel your control. This is in my opinion the most powerful tool a Master has. Rewards show your slave the gentle side of you, your compassion and they let her know how she is doing.



I will add a note here on punishment, I personally believe you should never strike a slave in anger, if you do get that mad you should walk away tell you calm down, after all you slave is likely be expecting to be punished. And if she got you to that point I would think a conversation is necessary to figure out what is going on. On the other hand punishment is meant to be serious, it is for correction and discipline. It should fit the offense or broken rule and it should not be for pleasure, ether for her or you. There is a time and place for play punishments and torture. I am just saying that you know the difference, and should define it to your slave, and if she is playful in that way she will learn the difference between the lines.

I'm sure I could get very creative with the types of punishments I could put one a list, but that is something that each dominant should have. Although if requested I might be willing to write it.



8 months ago. Thu 15 Mar 2018 04:39:50 AM IST

The 64 Arts of the slave

So I have published two entries that may have seemed out of place from the theme I presented when I began my blog, but I did include in the description BDSM. That being said this is more along the lines of the previous post on training.
I don't know if any of you have ever herd of, or read the book called the “Joy of sex” an illustrated sex manual by British author Alex Comfort, first published in 1972. I did back in the early 90's it was quite enlightening, they talk about all sorts of sexual practices, and kinks, from vanilla to bondage all throughout history, and even the Kama Sutra, at the time we read this, one of the things that stood out to me was something called the 64 arts. It was in part of the Kama Sutra, which was written around the third century AD. It describes “A public woman, endowed with a good disposition, beauty and other winning qualities, and also versed in the 64 arts, obtains the name of a Ganika, or public woman of high quality, and receives a seat of honor in an assemblage of men. She is, moreover, always respected by the king, and praised by learned men, and her favor being sought for by all, she becomes an object of universal regard."

Now this caught my attention, it stuck with me for a long time. My slave at the time and I discussed using this as a template for her training, I said there are good life skills here as well, not just as a slave but for the everyday. We worked on it together and I always wanting to map things out made my first list in a note book, we than worked on refining it. She started her training,... years later and changes in both of us and we went our separate ways, not a bad ending or anything like that, we remained friends for a long time tell she eventually passed away. But that is not the point of this post. Eventually this project was shelved. Though it stayed with me I never let anything go entirely. So few years ago I decided to write the list again, of course it has evolved once more, and though this time I tried to make it more diverse so I hope I wont have to revise it again, who knows. It is interesting to look back at your self and see the changes. Nice way to gauge what you have become and who you where.
So this is more of a training program and target goal. This is my “Big Picture” plan, the direction I create for my slaves training, and how I organize that training. I thought I would share with you what I call "The 64 arts of the slave."
I want to say that if you use this, the training listed below would of course have to be tailored to the individual Master and slave, and some things might not be an option, depending on your slave. For me this is a generic outline of what I would be looking to train my slave to become.

I would also like to note that this program will not work if your slave is not both willing and has some of the skills required, or at least the ability to learn them. I recommend that you alter the list as it applies to your specific needs and her's and that she is aware of what you intend. I would let her read them and the training you intend to use. You should have both party's take an active role in building this. Although your slave may not want to know what you have planed for her, than I would suggest that you at least give her an outline of what you intend. Also keep her limits in mind as you build amd refine it.
The fact is I am stating it in the most direct way possible, what we all want. To train our slave to our desires, I just want to have a purpose behind that training, a goal that can be worked towards and eventually achieved. At least for me it's one of the draws of being a Master and owning a slave. Isn't that the purpose of training?
I suggest you look at my blog post “Foundations” if you intend to use these methods. there is a good outline for getting to know your slave and her needs which will help you create this.
Initial training time 6 month for first phase.

Use sexual stimulation at least once daily use all of her holes, get her used to have them used at any time and the feeling of being filled.
Training her holes by practicing holding a dildo in her cunt to grip and release, training her mussels teach her about kegels, wearing an anal plug stretch her ass and the mussels to make penetration more pleasant for her.
Instruct her in the use of an enema bag to keep her ass clean for use.
Practice using a dildo to train her mouth for deep throat fucking.
Listening to music selected for its submissive, sexual or erotic lyrics used daily and during sleep.
Reading of sexually explicit materiel, have her retell the materiel she has read while masturbating.
Frequent use of dildos, Ben Wa balls, wearable vibrators with wireless remotes, and anal plugs in public settings, and randomly during the day, get her used to thinking of her self as a sexual object.
Secret public bondage, like wearing body harness, breast bondage under her shirt, dildo panties, will also help to enforce her feelings of submission and being a bound slave.
A set of rules and guidelines, make it long yet repeat several themes to enforce specific mental ideas and images. It should seem a little over whelming but she will find it's not and this will stimulate a positive outlook as she starts to learn faster than she realized.
Place notes around the home with key words on them to remind her that she is a slave. That she is made for sex and always bound.
Decide her sleep cycles, if possible keep them unpredictable during this phase.
Use of repetitive phrases to be repeated as a type of ritual. Sayings to do on a daily basis and when faced with situation, or during idle times. Such things like “What do my rules say” “What would Master think” “Would master be happy if I” “I am a slave and the property of my Master he cars for me and protects me, it is my job to please him” “If she has a job and needs to eat at work have her thank Master for her meal” this type of thing. Make something like a poem or written dedication she reads out loud in the morning.
Waring cuffs on both wrist and ankles, as well as a collar 24/7 except where not appropriate.
Controlling speech by requiring permission to speak, or using a gesture to signify the request. And in situations dictated by the rules.
Asking sexual questions, exploring her sexual fantasies, needs and desires. Get into her head and figure out what makes her tick, find those hidden talents and desires.
Make her masturbate for 2 to 3 minutes ever time she uses the bathroom, takes a shower, when she wakes or sleeps, this will cause the to be horny all the time, give her at least a few orgasms ever few days to keep her from being overly stimulated, and to gain some relief, she will be grateful and it will enforce your control.
Make her masturbate in my presence using toys, bondage equipment, and any other implements at hand make her apply them to her self, push her to be a part of her own enslavement, it will make it more effective if she helps.
Giving choices of different bondage devices and toys to be used on her, add an element of surprise to this by including some pain, or unpleasantness, added as a condition to the choices offered give her options for those choices, this will help enforce her participation.
Imposing clothing restrictions, a slave should be given a slave dress, or uniform, I like heels, stocking and garter, with a half bra as an option for her, nothing else. When aloud to be clothed, restrictions on what and how she dresses. I prefer to have unrestricted access to all her holes so skirts and dresses are preferred, but some times tight pants, short shorts, and spandex, with tight tops, half shirts, see through, or easy access, but it must show off the tits. No bra or panties though. If support is required than a half or demi bra is aloud
Sensory and visual stimulation to create familiarity with being a slave, use could include images of women in bondage, the feeling of leather, the touch of the whip, reading to her, the smell of leather, blindfolds, hoods, long term bondage, caging, holding slave positions, listening to music that has a BDSM theme, watching movies that have a BDSM or dominance/submissive theme, reciting her rules, or some sort of affirmation. add smell and taste to the experience so she can relate the smell or taste, to the experiences. Include sensory deprivation, and after stimulation.
Give her a new name that has meaning, something that reflects her slave self, to help her separate from her from who she is with who she wants to be, help her visualize and build a bond with her new self and life. She knows that was not who she really was, she desires to embody her slave side and become that her real self.
Give her a new view on her purpose and place as a slave and property.
Enforce that she is beneath her Master that her place is in a collar at her Masters feet, teach her to embrace this and her new self it's what she craves.
Restrict all normal activities as something special, a privilege given by her master, things like sitting on the furniture, eating in a normal manor, using the bathroom with out permission, making her go out side instead, watching as she goes. Be creative it helps her accept her slave self and let go of the mask she has created. Restrict her free time make sure all free time is spent on training, focusing and learning what you are teaching her, give her time to meditate, write in a journal.
Begin an exercise routine to strengthen her body, stretch her and get her more limber.
You should put her an a diet that will build her endurance, and increase her health.
Start heel training her, build her leg and calf mussels. Massage them and uses the hot water treatment, to help her train without damage.
Start he on corset training. Don't push to hard but 3 to 4 inches is fine, some can take a little more. Know her limits
Get her into the habit of having no hair below her neck. She should focus on her grooming habits, learning to apply, makeup, lipstick, hair styles and colors.
Assign her a daily routine, this should include bathing me, servicing me in the morning, making breakfast, unless I wish to cook, morning coffee, and preparing for the day. Assign daily chores and tasks like, cleaning, shopping, exorcise, working on training, working a job, or helping her Master should he require.
Teach her to care for all the toys and equipment used on her, make it her responsibility to help maintain them, this will build a bond with the things you do and enjoy doing, as she will remember her experiences and relive them when she is caring for them.
To focus training and obedience, use the method of daily lashings to be given at the end of the day set a number that seems high around 40 or 50, than offer ways to reduce that number like exceptional behavior, enthusiastic attitude, positive behavior, meeting her task with a real desire to please. you can also decide if her behavior warrants a reduction, this can also be effective by adding to the number for bad behavior. It will give her a reason to preform well all the time, because she is working off her punishments, it's not the fear of getting punished, but the desire to earn a way, out it's like setting a goal she needs to achieve. After a time you may wish to limit when you chose to enact this, saving it for times you need stronger methods, you never know some slaves will want this as a permanent thing, That's okay, but watch out you may have a pain slut on your hands.
This is the initial training phase.
This should take about 3 to 6 months to get a routine established, and her training firmly known.
By this point she should know her place, remember the rules, and have good behavior. Depending on the progress you have achieved, you can ether start early or wait tell you have her under control, before introducing the 64 arts of the slave.

The arts are as follows
1. Obedience to her Master.
2. Sexual practice and use of her body.
3. Dress, she should have the ability to dress in tasteful and creative ways with in the rules.
4. Makeup.
5. Dance and erotic dance. In and out of bondage
6. Reading, watching and story telling of Sexual and erotic BDSM themed materiel.
7. Erotic and sensual massage.
8. Empathetic awareness of her Masters needs and desires.
9. Expressing her sexual and erotic fantasies.
10. Conversation, and communication.
11. Meditation.
12. Creating an erotic, sensual, peaceful, or exciting environment, to suit her Masters mood.
13. Being sensual, erotic in speech and action.(every thing she dose should say fuck me Master).
14. Submission and the “slave mind”.
15. Understanding the use, care, and safety of all the BDSM toys and equipment used by Master.
16. Creating and maintaining an erotic and seductive wardrobe.
17. Cooking. In and out of bondage
18. Serving. In and out of bondage
19. Cleaning. In and out of bondage
20. Driving. Out of bondage only, but she can ride in bondage. lol
21. Self defense.
22. Eager, willing attitude she applies her self to the everything with, passion, and energy.
23. Writing in her journal.
24. Polite and submissive mannerisms, behavior, and demeanor.
25. Maintain sexual, and physical endurance and flexibility needed for Masters use.
26. Dietary nutrition.
27. First aid and herbal medicine.
28. Exorcise routine, yoga, and aerobics, and or dance, also stretching necessary for Masters play.
29. Managing household functions.
30. Mindfulness: being focused on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.
31. Ability to research and organize information for Master.
32. Basic home and car maintenance.
33. Ability to keep a budget.
34. Ceremony preparation.
35. Party hostess. In and out of bondage.
36. Organization.
37. Personal care.
38. Parlor games, cards, board, darts, pool etc.
39. Openness: the state of being open, available, with out restrictions or restraint from Master and his desires, open to his will and command.
40. Time management.
41. Outing and recreational planer.
42. Decorator.
43. Frequent use and enjoyment of sex toys.
44. Sensual clothing and lingerie modeling.
45. Spiritual awareness.
46. Animal care.
47. Devotion to her Master.
48. Listening.
49. Personal time activities (given as a reward) this can be whatever she wishes with in the rules.
50. Learning, pick a topic, or subject for study, ether me or her.
51. Sport or activity common to both of us.
52. Music appreciation, expand her music experience.
53. Exhibitionism, within the law and able to get away with. Brake her fear of being exposed.
54. Sexual research, look for new things to try, toys to play with expand your experiences.
55. Orgasm control.
56. Resuscitation of rules from memory.
57. Embracing the pain pleasure threshold.
58. Role playing.
59. Beverage/drink crafting.
60. Basic Problem solving.
61. Slaves positions.
62. A positive self image, as a slave, her name, and identity and attitude “the slave mind”.
63. Continued communication and honesty.
64. Perform all slave positions and be able to maintain for as long as required.
This is the base focus for stage two in this stage we will use the methods from stage one to and apply them to the training list.
Begin teaching her in areas she is deficit in, reinforce those she knows, and those she has learned from the first phase.
At this stage she should have learned to embrace her sexual self and her desires, she should have an understanding of her role and the rules she lives by.
Through focused training by creating a schedule of daily activities and goals to achieve she will begin to integrate the list into her daily life and routines.
Provide additional reading materials and training methods for achieving these arts, seek any trainers needed to help facilitate the training in areas you ether lack or need help with teaching. Take part in her practice of theses arts, set aside time to engage in the slave arts, and opportunities perform and practice them in a real application, reward success, and help identify and strengthen areas she is lacking. Punish only those things she has not put effort into (as this would be considered bad behavior,) and encourage progress. This part of her training should be more positive focus less on punishment, you want to create a positive connection with the slave arts and her continued learning, not to say that punishment won't be necessary at times but should only be used to correct bad behavior not her struggles in learning. This is a process which will take time I think depending on the slave between 6 months to a year before she has, becomes proficient in the basic performance of the slave arts. Realize this is a lot of work for both of you. (though my first slave had a great deal of the skills on a very basic level it still took time to train her) Don't expect to her to learn over night, somethings she will take to quickly because of the things she learned in the first phase. Be sure to continue to reinforce the things from the first phase, they build the foundations for her continued success in mastering this stage. As you reach the end of this stage you will notice the many subtitle changes in her character, demeanor, and overall attitude. She will show signs of being more the slave you are creating her into. She will become more submissive and obedient. As she progresses through out this stage her old life will begin loose it's importance and her new focus will be on your goals, the guidance and rules will be a natural part of living.
NOTE: Don't cut her off from those who are important to her, he family, friends, or children, if there are any. Help her integrate who she's becoming with those she loves. After all they will notice a difference and ask, that's what people do. Help her, guide her encourage her to use the tools you gave her, to navigate through these situations. Things may get hard, family may not understand, help her and support her through the changes. This could be a difficult time for her and may affect her training, so be prepared to encourage and guide her, have more patience, while still being firm. Reminder her that there is nothing wrong in being her self, and that she should never hide it, that doesn't mean she should share it with everyone, as it is a personal way of life, but to always be proud to be her Masters slave.
The more she begins to incorporate these new behaviors and attitudes she will begin to form the “slave mind” this is an overall acceptance of all her teachings, training and rules.
The “slave mind” is what she craves, it is the natural focus and unquestioned knowing of being a slave, and not “thinking about being a slave”. This is what she was looking for, what she craved and desired when she accepted her need to be a slave. To give her control over to her master so he could mold her and shape her into the things that she wanted and he desired.
Phase Three:
Phase three will be a refinement of the above list focusing mind, and body, as the “slave mind” at this point she should have much of her training become routine a normal way of being, this is the last step to bring her to the state of it becoming second nature, she won't just think about her devotion, it will be automatic, she won't think about obeying command she will just do it, when she if faced with a decision she will just react as she was taught. She won't have to watch her behavior or remember how to act she will just act.
Now this is a critical part of the training, it is necessary to integrate into her routines a measure randomness or spontaneity, it is critical that through this phase you start pushing her training by testing her, making her preform and use The 64 slave arts, you want her to have routine, but you don't want things to get boring.

Overview of methods for training during the three phases, this provides a basic list of things you'll need to know to build the list, and the methods of training you will employ. Sense it largely represents my desires I have included them here also. If you wish to do your own 64 Arts of the slave you will need to adjust them to your particular taste and that of the slave you wish to train.

Maintain sexual stimulation, keep her ready and hungry.
give rewards for sexual enjoyment of the training she receives, encourage her desire and guide her body and mind towards acceptance of sexuality and training
Create difficult choices between various pain/pleasure training methods and make her choose one of them as a reward for having pleased me.
enforce the idea she must earn her keep by using her body to serve, weather by getting a job serving her master domesticity, or serving him sexually.

first phase gather knowledge:

sexual history
sexual fantasies
sexual fears and boundaries
turn on's and turn off's
religious ideals
bad habits
good habits
likes, and dislikes
body image

build model from this information to reform into your new patterns based on the selected criteria, keep the initial building blocks on an emotional level as women are more emotional and will bond better with the training. To keep her emotions engaged create meaning in the things she dose, give purpose to her actions show her that it pleases you, let her see you pleasure and pride. Encourage and acknowledge her success, reward and praise her for it. Use this to seed the further components adding pleasure and emotional conditions to aid in strengthening these new ideas and thought patterns. Have her recite rules, her new ideals, and beliefs than reinforce them with rewards in the form of sexual gratification and sexual stimulation praise, a treat some special food or desert a special bath given by Master, try to make the positive reinforcement pleasant, and a physical experience if possible. Control her orgasms and only allow her to cum after building up the sexual tension, releasing endorphin's, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine , use triggers from trigger words, images, during her orgasms to deepen the mental programming and encourage her to embrace and proclaim her new self. This should be done at the moment of orgasm, to allow her to take it with her into her subspace. Than preform any aftercare needed.

Help her Identify her pleasure with her desires to be a slave, help her embrace this as her new purpose encourage he desire and need to be owned and serve her Master.
Teach her to crave the implements of her training and his pleasure, teach her to embrace her chains and give her what she craves and she will love her submission and slavery,
keep her off balance through training. Do random actions pulling from the training program, to help build the connections, do things like binding her for hours and filling her hols with vibrators to wakening her mental resolve, do this at random hours of the day or night, limited and unpredictable sleep cycles and food intake, braking her mental resistance the use of various forms of visual, audio, and sensory, stimulation to enforce previous conditioning and any new conditioning. The purpose it to give her little time to think and just enough time to act and obey. The more varied you training an the less predictable, while still maintaining the consistency of the things you are teaching and enforcing the more effective it will be, she wont know what to expect or when it is coming but she will no what to do and how to do it, this will make it easier to train her and make doing over thinking easier. It will also make it more exciting for her and you. It will be an exciting journey.
This is what I came up with after reading about the 64 Arts of the Kama Sutra. Well not exactly this, as the first time I wrote it was years ago, and several revisions later. We have this. You would not believe how hard it was to formulate this list, if your interested in the original 64 arts you can find sever copies of them on the web.
Tell me what you think.
In my opinion if you succeeded in accomplishing this you would have an amazing slave, and companion for life.
How know maybe it is too much to accomplish, but I know that when se started training my first slave she was close to having some ability in the full list. So I have hopes to achieve this with my slave now.


8 months ago. Tue 13 Mar 2018 08:58:58 AM IST

A Masters Needs

We talk a lot about the slave/submissive her needs and desires, what drives them what they crave, learning what we can from them so we can draw from them there desires.
But what about the Masters needs, what drives this person to put all this time and effort into his slave, to learn about what makes her tic, her quirks, what she truly wants, the things that make her hot or cold, what her limitations are, what her limits are, what here kinks are. A good Master would try to understand her personality, try to discover her deeper motivations, just what buttons to push to give her the most intense experience he can, he would discover her desires and dreams. He would learn her skills and talents, he would build a set of rules that would reflect his desires and her needs. He would spend the time to organize her life and control her destiny. He would have her build this with him, get her involved making her a part of her own submission. What drive a Master to put all his effort into this? What dose he get from this? What are his needs? When you think about it he spends a great deal of time focused on this. I make lists find out about her and who she, from her past to her present, never know when you might find a fantasy or trigger you would never have found if you didn't look. I try to build a picture of my slave, I want to truly understand her, for me I am looking to win her mind before I dominate it. So than why don't people do this in the normal world with there relationships? Simple answer too much work. So what makes the Master different? What drives him? Power, he has a hunger to to control, to dominate and enslave his slave. He has a vested interest in learning all these things, to know her better than she dose. To bend her to his will and make her what he desires, to pull from her the greatest pleasure he can and make her soul fly, (atleast for me) I want to feed her need, make her desperate like a starving animal, hungry for more, to get her to need my control so bad that she will beg for more and I can see it written on her face, it's lilke a widow to her soul. To see the rapture on her face from what I have done is a high like no other, there is satisfaction in knowing I did that, that I have the power to bring this out in her it's like a drug. I manipulate her, torment her, bind her to my will and make her happy she has been bound, I would wish it no other way. If we are smart we use all her own desires and dreams to do it, we make her a part of the enslavement, and she flourishes under our control, she becomes the best we can make her and still she is bound to us and wants nothing less. We drink in her suffering at our command, relish humiliating her, forcing her to accept and cherish her place, beneath us, kneeling at our feet waiting at our whim, and it's at our whim we take what ever we desire. The slave gives us such power, and in the power they give us, we revel, we become drunk on that power and, it fulfills in us the need to possess an other, bending them to our will. We each have our own kinks that drives us, but there is a thread that all Master and Doms share it's the craving of control, the power over another, we spend our time thinking up scenes we want to try, and looking for reactions we hope to get, or know we will get. setting up a slave to be punished can be a lot of fun especially when they are surprised and it's just what they crave. Why is that? Because we want to control them and let them know we can. We get off unknowing that we can read them like a book and make them in awe of that power. And what it dose to a slave well, it makes them feel there place even more, and that makes them feel better and desire to serve more. Such a wonderful cycle it is, as we explore the mind of an other. As Masters we may not realize this but we are artist, our canvass is our slave, the brushes we paint with are the rules, the implements of torture, and punishment. We use bondage, torture, weather psychological, or physical, mild or extreme, whatever limits they have given us to work within. But this canvass is much better than the kind you frame, because this painting changes, it evolves, and so do the brushes you get to try, you can add new colors to you artistry, bring out new and exciting things, a slave can walk a long road, so long as the Master takes care of her. The best slave is a happy and healthy slave, they will give you everything, even more than you could ever have imagined. No greater treasure will a Master ever own. Yet with all the power we must be ever diligent, we must keep our own monsters at bay, we must always be the observer watching the slave, we cannot allow our self to brake her, we can brake her in but don't brake her spirit, all that is special could die and such a loss that would be. So we live on the edge of our desire to control and dominate to push and torment, to play games with her and keep her on the edge, all this must be kept within the limits of our slave. That's why we spent so much time to learn, plan, study, and teach, so that we could have unlimited access to the power she gave us, the thing we need. but even a Master has doubt, sometimes he needs to know that his treasure is happy with all he dose, that he has given her what she craves, we can become guilt ridden because we think we have damaged her and feel remorse, no one wants to ruin there favorite toy, something that is irreplaceable.
So what are a Masters needs? In the broadest sense control, power, domination, the need to feed the beast, and even to be reassured that we are OK for being such beasts. Each Master, Dom, Domme, or Dominant, has their kinks the things that get them going, but I think we all share this. I could be wrong, but the very titles we take on kinda says it all.


9 months ago. Thu 08 Mar 2018 08:45:57 AM IST

The Summoning.

In the darkness she waits unaware that I am calling reaching
out across time and space, on the edge of her thoughts yet there none the less.
In a moment she hears something it feels like a breeze the sound of something
in side her whispering, it causes her heart to race for an instant, than it is
gone. In the darkness she waits listening for that … feeling again. it finds
her moves into her sinking into her soul and fills some place inside. She
senses it, embraces It, and knows it belongs in her. Like a piece of her she never knew
she was missing. it is moving closer she reaches straining to touch it but it
fades once again. The yearning lingers it grows stronger, and now an empty place is left and she cries...
Each night she searches out for the feeling yearning for it to fill this hole, but it is gone.
In the darkness she waits and it comes stronger with more form she know it's
not just a feeling there is something there. Something more defined, what is it? A shadow, a spirit, a being? At first she feels fear her body trembles, than trying to understand if this was the feeling is this real? Did I make this up? She feels she is connected to...? it feels like she belongs with it like she must be with it or she is lost. She senses that it is speaking to her, in her, through her
mind it's like her mind is talking to her. She can’t understand it, not yet. She knows she must wait for it to return. So In the darkness she waits aching for it's return it will come back it must come back, it is calling her! Her heart aches, her soul feels emptiness, she calls to it…. Each night she calls, there is a burning need deep with in her it's been building for days now she is consumed by it desperate to feel it…and yet in the darkness she waits... because that is where it comes that is what she is she is the darkness.
It's the despair than it comes and fills her greater than before and now she can hear a
voice through the pain it is it is bitter sweet and she welcomes it, she can feel it the wash of it's embrace, it calls,Is it speaking? What is it saying? seek me I am near.
I am summoning you, your soul I have found now you body must come. Who are
you she asks? Why do you call me? You know the answer it is part of what you are, what you have always been. What do you mean? Silence that is enough… and than than the presence moves away she feels it pulling away and a part of her is being taken with it, she screams NO! But still it moves away leaving her in her darkness empty and alone… she cries…. The emptiness is all that left.... but HE is real!
He is summoning me, calling me I must find him… but how Now she has purpose there is a hope in her He is real! His presence comes to here more often now, at night he speaks to her though she can not remember what he said no can she understand what it means and yet he tries to tell her to make his will clear yet some times she can understand it's clear, yet others are
like a whisper on the wind, distant incomprehensible and still she tries to understand.
After some time she begins to see a pictures in her mind the future, the past the ancient past. she sees her self and HE is there she knows she belongs to Him. This has always been. He has told her tails of before, when they where together. He is an ancient from before the time of man, he has lived a thousand, thousand lifetimes. Only to be reborn again in this endless cycle long ago they did this to me, my enemies have created this cycle used and used it to trap my kind to
make us forget who we are. She wonders how she fits in this what dose this mean? Why dose he
call me? Who am I? He tells her You hold a piece me a key that will open a part of me, a part that has been long dormant. Just as you feel the place inside you filled with my
presence, you also unlock a part of me you free my dark power. Long ago I called
you from the void filled you with my light, made you a vessel for my dark power. Now you embody that power hidden from the eyes of my enemies. I did this so that one day you would be summoned to me, to serve your Master’s dark passions and to unlock all they seek to deny us your body is my alter and your soul, my canvas. Her mind is in shock, she cannot believe that this is true, how could she have been around so long ago, yet her body responds to his
words, stirring stirring something deep inside. You served as my consort, my play thing, my slave throughout time your body knows this, you are the conduit for my power.
She denies it closes him out refusing to accept, I am not a slave! You are, and in time you wil know it is true, his presence fades away leaving her alone in the darkness. She feels the emptiness once again, it is worse. As she struggles with the thought of his words pushing them away, wanting to deny it, to make it not real, but something keeps calling in the back of her mind. She fights to deny his words, pushing all her thoughts away she tries to forget to ignore everything. Still her body won't let her, she is aroused from the idea, being a slave, owned why do I get so aroused by this feeling? The more she thinks about it the higher her passion builds, now she is thinking of his touch her way it filled her mad he feel whole. She cries out this can’t be I am not a slave I will not be owned, so why do I feel this way?
Why dose my body yearn for him? Was I really summoned from the void? Can I truly belong to him? Yet the feelings are real the emptiness is real and it is worse than ever now.
When he is close I feel complete why, what is wrong with me?
She cries… The emptiness is to much the ache is consuming her soul is like a gaping hole like missing an arm or leg.
She wonders when he will return yet it fills her with dread and longing, her mind still fighting the yearning trying to deny and shut out her desire and need. Days have gone by and nothing, the emptiness still fills her she cant get the longing under control, he has left her abandoned her, she sobs and the emptiness she feels, turns into an ache a need she must fill, she tries to deny it shut it out eventually the need and longing are too much and she brakes calls to him begs him to come back. Nothing he doesn't answer he is not coming, she calls again and again, day after day, the feeling growing stronger her, the need building driving her towards madness. It's too much, how can the be real? Than just as she is falling into despair she feels it, it is faint at first but as it grows relief floods her fills her with a joy she did know before, In that moment she knows the truth she knows he was right, she dose belongs to him, just her simple act of accepting and her passion fills her, stronger than anything she has ever felt, like a wave it washes over her and makes her at peace and whole. She knows now that this is her place, her desire to be with him growing, she wants nothing more than to serve him to belong to him.
He speaks: Do you accept the truth I have shown you? Can you feel the words I have spoken how your body even now is telling you that this is so.
She speaks: Why do I feel this emptiness, this yearning when you’re here? I want to understand what this means, how can I be what you say?
He speaks: I placed within you a key, a part of my being, this piece is what my enemies fear. You see I was tired and wanted no more of the war no more of the hate and destruction.
I had fought to long and hard trying to keep creation from being absorbed, and in the end they trapped us. The used the power of my kind and twisted it corrupting it and using it against us they trapped us in the mortal world forced to be reborn over and over soon many of us forgot who we where, what the truth was. I summoned you from the void so I could filling you with my power and hide it from them, preventing them from turning it against me.
Now the time is close an I must take up the fight once more now I can stop them and free the world and save creation.
I have summoned you once again to serve your Master, to stand with me against my enemies.
Come to me, kneel before your Master and accept the truth I have created you and you are mine, you are my slave made to serve me to give me your body mind and soul to use as my dark possession, to be filed with my power, walk with me down this dark road be what you where created to be you Master’s slave made to bear his power. Look deep inside and you will feel that you want this, that you crave this. Only through accepting who you are, and by accepting your Master can you truly be whole.
Only I your Master your creator, can give you what you need and crave, your body craves my collar, longs for my bonds, the control I have, this is what you are what you need. Only I can awaken the part of you that has long laid dormant.
Awaken my dark creature of flesh and blood, of pleasure and pain, of darkness to my light.
Open to you senses search your soul and you will feel the power you, and you will know the truth. Our purpose in life is to live love and grow not merge with the one this is what my enemy seeks for all to return to the source, they command that we deny the body, to disavow the physical, the say it is a trap, I tell you my little Dark One do not deny the flesh or its hungers. For we are alive made to be physical to be individuals, not just energy that feed the so-called one merging with some insubstantial power that seeks to devour the self the individual. Seek me my dark pet open you mind, your soul for they shall lead you to me. Walk with me and we shall go beyond this closed dimension into the forever. Seek me my dark pet search for your Master, I am searching I am waiting to place my collar on ad free you from your illusions.
He leaves her once more this time with a burning in her body and her soul. A sense of purpose she has longed for. He calls her still, can you hear it? Can you hear the call of your Master?
He is summoning you, and you must find him.


9 months ago. Wed 07 Mar 2018 12:12:19 AM IST

Second Addendum

I wonder how may of these I will write, lol
I am writing this because it occurs to me that people might think there is an order to my writing, while that is to some degree true for my first few post, it is because I had already written them so it made sense to post them in a somewhat logical order. The subject of my blog is:

BDSM, Slave Training, Mind Control, and The 24/7 Life:

This is a broad subject and though there are some specific areas I am covering as it is my interest, I cannot say going forward that there will be a logical order to them, I can't always predict what topic my mind will latch onto and run with, and it is like a dog with a bone, once it has it's topic my thoughts just start flowing in that direction. Example: the post “Slave, Sub, What is the Difference?” that started as part of a different post I am working on, and as began to write I soon realized that it should be it's own subject, and thus off my mind went. I may not cover ever topic or kink that people want, due to not having experience, knowledge, theories, or interest in these topics. If asked I will look into suggested topics and may even research them further if I find it interesting and want to spend the time, that is not meant to be a put down to other peoples kinks, it just how I wish to use my time. I will endeavor to link relevant posts to the subjects where they may apply, and welcome any questions or comments you may have on a particular topic. I am also willing to expound upon a topic I have written if requested to do so and you have a particular area you want expounded upon. I write this with the intention of subverting any future confusion regarding the order of relevance to my blog posts. Perhaps one day I will sort them out and place them in a relevant order, but for now I am just going to write calls to me.


9 months ago. Tue 06 Mar 2018 12:09:14 PM IST

The Interview

I am writing this because others have felt that I have not addressed it in my previous Blog post so I will address the aspect of what I call the Interview

I will start of by saying that however you got to this point doesn't matter, you meet someone your both interested in the BDSM lifestyle and you want to proceed to the next stage. This is how I go about doing this.
This part is all about communication, you have to engage her in conversation, get her talking about what draws her to the lifestyle, try to elaborate on her ideas and information, (she may knot know much or she may know a lot or something in between) explain to her what the activities are and what there about, tell her some of the mechanics of how it works what she should expect in regarding physical experience like will it hurt, will it leave marks, the feeling of toys when there being used, talk about whips, floggers, and other instruments of striking the body, enplane the areas of the body that should be avoided from certain types of activities. Like never hit the kidney areas with impact play or in general be careful of bones, checking circulation, the need to communicate any distress, let her know that part of you job is to check on her and make sure her hands are not turning blue or really cold, if she is in a stressful bondage, or there is potential for a stress. I would recommend checking first in a scene after you have bound her take the time to check that your bond afford at least a finger to be inserted between the binding it should not be tight where you have to force the finger in, or loose enough that it can be gotten out of.
You should encourage her to ask questions, bring up topics for discussion suggest she do some research. You should discus as much about the kinks you and her are interested in and even other kinks just to expand her knowledge. You should talk about the reasons you like them and ask her the what here reasons are, try to identify her interest, she may or may not know, she may express an interest or she may not. The should no be a rushed conversation, it may take several days or more. You should also take about limits her's and yours, you should inform her about soft limits and hard limits, explain that a hard limit is something that will not be done for any reason, and that a soft limit could be something that can be visited and explored, or if she has consented than this may be an area she wishes to allow you to push her on at your discretion. Just because she has given her consent dose not mean you jump to that soft limit right away, get to know her first and why the limit exist, you should do that for all her limits it will help you know if something you plan to do could seem similar to a limit she has and doesn't know that it should be there. Like a fear of heights could be triggered with suspension. Talk about any physical limitations she may have like injuries special conditions or medical concerns talk about practicing safe sex should sex become involved. Tell her of the time required to have a scene, and the need for aftercare, enplane what that is and what your responsibilities are in that manner. I recommend a contract of play that you both work on together before any play begins I recommend that you both sign it and that it outlines what you intend, your responsibilities, what she desires and what her responsibilities are. You should discus what type of dynamic the both of you are looking for and make sure it is outlined in you contract. Inform her of safe words and how they are used. Example:
Red means all play stops she is removed from any restraints and ask her what is going on, give immediate after care if she desires it, communicate as much as she will allow, or give her space if she needs it, don't get angry, don't yell or make her feel bad for calling red. The scene is over and you should not attempt to start another scene, even if she request to. Reassure her that you are there and will help in any way, offer water, or a drink. Make sure she is not damaged or in some sort of pain.

Yellow mean you are to checking in with her, find out if she is in some discomfort, it dose not mean play stops but that you are checking in and adjusting things to be safe or comfortable, don't yell or get mad, don't call her names or tell her she is week because she called yellow, let her know it is acceptable and encourage her to use her safe words. They are there for a reason. If she is gagged or is unable to communicate verbally she should shake her head and say no, no, no repeatedly to get your attention, once she has you attention as her if she is calling red or yellow, than act accordingly, if she become catatonic which could happen, it is up to you to check her and see of she is alright, it may not be appropriate, or you may not be able get her to communicate, at that point so you have to make an assessment, see if she appears to be in distress, sometimes a slave/sub needs a minute or so after the the intensity is over to experience or process or come down, before you remover her from any restraints or the position she is in. you will learn more as your experience with her grows.
Tell her all this before play.
Discus with her Safe Sane and Consensual practices. I believe in communication, honesty, and trust and should be hand in hand with SSC I believe in a constant level of communication is important, I think that you should have a time when you can openly discus feelings, thoughts, experiences, likes and dislikes. Any changes you might make in you contract I believe that you both should be able to add to you contract as you need and discus any changes you plan to make. As you progress through this part of the interview you should discus the roles you both want and intend for your play. Talk about the dynamics of these roles and what is acceptable to both parties. Have a set rules for both of you create together set boundaries and enforce them together. Discus the type of relationship it will the be.
Is it a 24/7 situation, a D/S relationship or a Master/slave, is it Dom/sub is it part time, how much control dose she want you to have and in what areas of her life let her set these boundaries don't demand something she doesn't want to give. Make your desires known and work with her to meet them, she may be willing to compromise, but don't push it if she is clearly uncomfortable about it,as a Master/Dom you may not always get everything you want accept that and move on. Once you have decide the type of relationship talk about the dynamics involved, talk about your idea of what it means and get her input on what she thinks it means to her, discus the other forms of these dynamics as you you both might want to add elements of them to your specific situation. This part is about communicating educating each other and discovery, you should make sure she has no unanswered questions restate what you think she wants and desires, and what you both have agreed to. Even if she has chosen to be your slave and given (in her mind) complete control to you, that is still not totally true, you must always give her the option to say no, and use safe words
In a situation where someone gave me that kind of control, where they say they don't want a safe word, I would offer her the ability to use yellow, and through communication you can use it as red when you see that it's appropriate. She may not want to have the power to say no, that may be apart of the dynamic she desires, but someone has to, and if not her than you. Even if she has chosen the role of a no limits slave you must still discus activities you plan, training you intend the goals you are going to set, get her input, gauge her reactions to these things, remember she is still a person, even if she is a slave. She will have limits, everyone dose, it will be up to you to figure them out and set them on her behalf, talk to her about setting them, and why. If she insist that you be the voice of control, than take the responsibilities of that, trust me when I say they are serious,(heavy is the head who wears the crown). Because she has given you this level of control you will have more responsibilities, you have to figure out what her goals are, what dose she hope to gain from this, don't discount her personality hobbies or interest, a good slave is one who is happy, and healthy, mentally and psychically give her things to explore that relate to her likes. This may sound strange but exercise her mind and her body, if she is looking for direction in this area as well than you will have to figure out what she enjoys and insist she explore that.
There are two types of this kind of relationship one is called TPE that means a Total Power Exchange, and the other is called an ATPE that means an Absolute Total Power Exchange, the latter is definitely more extreme that the first both types are on the far end of the scale of control, these are typically found in a Master/slave type of relationships but that is not a set rule. Their also found in a 24/7 situation. Again not always the rule, a TPE can be only for the duration of the scene only at that time, these are also things that should be discussed prior to any scene play or agreements of the desired relationship, these are the steeps that I take when doing the interview as I am calling it.
I recommend that you ask your self weather you want the responsibilities that come with a TPE, or an ATPE. Because you are taking a huge responsibility when you do.
Once you have done all of this and you both feel comfortable with your contract, limits safe words and the boundaries you have agreed to you can proceed to the next step I don't recommend you skip any of this, but I know that people do. I think that doing this kind of preparation will allow both of you to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


9 months ago. Mon 05 Mar 2018 03:14:53 AM IST

Slave, Sub, What is the difference?

What is the difference? While it is true that it's not the same for everyone, there are differences, between a slave and a sub. some of them are in the limits set during the communication process, the feelings a particular person has, the image in there mind when they think about being submissive, also a mixture of there fantasies and the depth they wish to delve. How much of there daily life do they want to have BDSM integrated into. I think that a sliding scale is a good way to measure the level of your kinks, like the BDSM test. (You can look this up online and take it if you want, I have.) you can than build a self profile based on the categories you find most drawn to
So let me say this, slave, sub, can over lap it's not a set thing, and sometimes a label is just a word.
I am covering this as if being a Slave is at the highest end of her scale. Though each slave is unique and must be given individual attention tailored to there needs and desires. Discovered through the communication process, (For me see my blog Foundations)

The Slave:

A slave gives herself over to her Master as completely as is humanly possible with in the allowable framework of life. A slave is property, a possession, an object, a person, and a precious gift. She is owned and giving you her mind body and maybe even soul. In as much as that can be done.
The slave wants to be owned, even possessed by her Master. To have rules, guidelines and structures to live by. She has given her consent for you to take control of her and her life. The deepest level she can give is to allow you to mold her entire mind into your desire with her primary focus being you and your pleasure, happiness, and general well being, and all her pleasure comes from giving this to you. Is it possible to do that? People are motivated by having purpose, a sense of knowing there place in the world, where they fit. We see it in religion, causes, a dedication to something or someone. This seems to be a natural human need, even the Master needs to own a slave, that gives him purpose.

Because she is a slave she may even need to be striped of all that is her and remade into her Master's vision, degradation and humiliation, strict rituals and rules, harsh punishment, a set of rules that covers as much of her life and situations as it can. The more of her life that is filled with this focus the more she feels owned, loved and cared for. Let it be said the more time you put into her the more you will get out of it. these can be things a slave desires,

Addendum: Based on a comment given.

I will add it is not healty to strip someone of there personality or core self this can brake someone. and would be irresponcible of a Master/Dom to do.


The Sub:

A sub is more complex to define, they want a lot of different things, certainly to submit and give up some control, she wants the dynamic of her kink, whatever that maybe. She is not looking for total control in all of her life, (though she might) she wants to know that she can still be herself, she is looking for guidance, direction, structure. She will have limits, even conditions to her submission, specific times and places that she submits. She may have an entire vanilla life that she wants to live as a vanilla person. She may have one Dom/Master or more. She may want a relationship, or be in one, she may want a Dom/Master for a very specific part of her life. She is not property, (though you may own her). She is not an object, ( though she might like that ). She is not a slave. ( though she might want to play one). She is first and foremost a person, who happens to be submissive. She wants and needs a safe place and person to explore this part of herself, she has fantasies or ideas that have gotten her to look at that side of her self and now she wants to live that to some degree.

All that said this is just my observations and personal take on that question. I welcome any slaves, or subs to comment on or give input on the differences they see.


9 months ago. Sun 04 Mar 2018 03:53:12 AM IST

BDSM, Slave Training, Mind Control, and The 24/7 Life


Perhaps I should have stated this in the first post I did, but I am still getting the hang of posting etiquette, I have written a lot of this stuff, but not shared it with the net. I would also like to state that I believe in safe sane and consensual. I also feel that communication, honesty, and trust are important when training a slave/sub and to ignore that is just bad protocol. I believe in limits both hard and soft, I think you should have a written agreement a type of contract that establishes boundaries and limitations that it should be realistic and acceptable to both parties. I also think that you should have safe words like red and yellow and check in during a scene, safety should always be a priority in any type of scene.

So I will first start by saying these are my observations, experiences, conclusions, theories, methods, and thoughts on the topic of, “BDSM, Slave Training, Mind Control, and The 24/7 Life.” these methods may not appeal to or apply to everyone. The methods I present are from years of personal study and experience. Take it or leave it as you please, how ever I will discus others thoughts and Ideas, I would also like to draw attention to my posting about hypnosis and mind control. I see little difference in training methods as they are all meant to alter a persons behavior and mental state, weather through pain and pleasure, reward and punishments, bondage and discipline, they are all a form of mind control. It is just like the Pavlov response or even Stockholm Syndrome. Granted the latter can be more extreme, but it's methods are used to some degree. Hypnosis is just one more method of training. In my post I list the pitfalls and cautions, but the fact is such things can be said about all the other forms of training that might be used to train a slave/sub and the methods and results will very from person to person. I may have left out some areas on the subjects that I am presenting, and others may feel there is a need for them to be covered, or you may have questions or topics you want my insight on I would be happy to accept topic ideas and questions. I am not perfect, I am not a pro Master/Dom, what I am is someone who had a lot of life experience, a desire to learn many things, and express my knowledge to others. This is my truth and may not be yours.



9 months ago. Sun 04 Mar 2018 01:42:06 AM IST

The reality of living a 24/7 Master/slave lifestyle.

This is a complex type relationship in which the fantasy is really cool but the reality it is much harder to achieve. I have lived this lifestyle before for several years, and found that there are somethings that work and some that just don’t work. Having given a great deal of thought to this subject, (mostly because I want to have the 24/7 Lifestyle again.) I have determined what I think is a way to make such a relationship work and thrive. I am going to outline what I think would be a good structure to create the workable 24/7 Master/slave relationship.
I am going to break this down into several parts making it's easier to organize.
Although I know many of you Master/Doms have seen or thought of these things before, I will include things that seem basic and a given for this type of relationship, so as to be through and cover the bases. I hope that this will offer some new insight and ideas to those who are just beginning and maybe help some of the slave/subs figure out what they are looking for.
The Master Responsibility’s:
It is important that the Master in the relationship set a structure for the relationship, a set of rules, and guidelines that his slave should follow. Keep in mind that this should be somewhat flexible because life is unpredictable, to rigid of a structure can lead to somethings not being possible or a situation that your slave can't resolve. So keep it flexible and be willing to adjust to your changing circumstance.
Type of rules:

There should be a set of rules that apply to you home life, one for public, and one for when your slave is on her own, weather she is working a job or spending time away, and a set for special circumstances where braking the rules means protecting something or preventing something, common sense should play a part here. Remember that a slave is a person and needs to have time to be herself and express her desires, you cannot keep her confined and isolated from life with out causing her great psychological harm, and in the end she can become broken mentally. Like a pet she must be exercised and stimulated not just sexually but mentally, emotionally, and physically. A slave needs to have things to do and take part in, a healthy slave will be a happy slave, and her submission will be all the more sweeter.
People are complex and require stimulation and opportunity’s to grow and expand their mind, body, and soul. Many slaves and subs crave the structure, discipline, and consequences that the lifestyle brings. For a slave knowing that she doesn't have to guess what you want, or try being a mind reader, she knows exactly what she is required to do and what will happen if she fails. This gives her the ability to just relax and focus. In normal vanilla relationships we spend the time to get to know someone and try and figure out how to please them, we try to read their body language and mood. For a slave, (though she will do this, it's natural for a female to read body language and give off strong body language.) she doesn't have to think about it, which can bring a great sense of freedom.
Communication is key to her health, she needs to be allowed to voice her feeling and thoughts, a journal could be used for this there should be a free talk time, maybe daily or once a week, this should be a time where she is allowed to speak her mind and not be afraid of the consequences. This is after all a relationship there are 2 people involved here so it is important that both have a say and input into their relationship. Sometimes you may have to draw out what she is feeling and make it a point to discover the root of her feelings. This is also a time which the Master must not hold what she expresses against her; it is all about trust, truth, and communication. Without these elements the relationship will collapse and both parties will be hurt, maybe even become damaged emotionally or mentally.
The biggest issue such a relationship will face is normal life, it is hard to maintain a total Master/slave relationship because we are people we live in a complex world and have complex needs and desires, for this reason it would be healthy for your slave to have some normal hobbies or interest, and she should be encouraged to explore and pursue them, give her an outlet to express herself and time to process the life she lives as a slave. Sometimes the simple things are the best.

Just some thoughts on living the lifestyle.