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Salem, Oregon, United States
Relationship status
In a monogamous relationship
About me
I am an intelligent and thoughtful person, my friends would say I am confident and self assured, I am comfortable in my own skin, and with my own kinks. I enjoy hiking and exploring the outdoors, I like thrift shopping and flea markets, I love to hunt for new treasures and modify the things I find for kinky purposes, I am good with my hands and craft my own bondage equipment when ever possible, I am master carpenter and remodeler by trade, I am self employed, and an entrepreneur, I tend to make my own path in life and am not a follower. I enjoy reading and writing, I like thoughtful conversation, and love to learn new things, I am not set in my ways and am willing to admit my own faults and short comings, and am willing to work on changing them if I feel the need. I am a good judge of people and able to read there emotions and body language, this is a great asset in training a slave/sub. I know that people are not perfect and that we all make mistakes, I am always willing to work things out whenever there is a conflict. I try to listen to people and there views as I know that we all have our own truth and that no two people are alike. I am patient and try to look at things form a whole view before I make a judgment. I have a wide range of experiences and thus a wide range of interests. people tend to come to me to find answers, and I usually have something to guide them on there journey. I try to bring all of my abilities to bear when dealing with anything in my life. As a Master I am strict and demanding but fair and calm, I tend to build on my slave's/sub's existing personality and experiences to train her, and modify what needs to be in order to focus her on my desires. Each slave/sub is unique and special and watching them develop is a special experience.
BDSM and me
I am an experienced Master/Dom I have lived the BDSM lifestyle for much of my life and am looking to find and train a new slave for a long term relationship. I am into Dominance/submission. Bondage and discipline, control, whips and chains, breath control, collars, speech and dress control, fetish clothing, heels and corsets, slut dress, secret public play, setting rules and punishments, Master/slave relationships, Total Power Exchange, water sports, orgasm control and denial, eye contact, and behavior modification, hypnosis and mind control, cages and confinement, predicament bondage, whips and floggers, spanking, gags, blindfolds, some body modifications ( like piercings and tattoos.) just to name some of my kinks. I have trained slaves through hypnosis and other methods, and I find that i wish to refine this process, I have created methods, and a plan for the final stage of what I wish my slave/sub to become. I teach and inform people that are interested in BDSM more about the lifestyle. I started when BDSM was thought it be abuse, and most people had a great deal of misinformation on the subject. I have watched it evolve into a more acceptable form of expression, and am looking forward to it's becoming accepted, as well as it's continued growth. I have a desire to build bondage furniture and interesting equipment, as I have the skill and creativity to make unusual things. I am always willing to help and answer question about the lifestyle. I believe that a relationship of this type can only work if there is trust, communication, and honesty, I believe in safe sane and consensual.
My limits are Blood sports, scarification, scat, infant play, permanent damage, anything involving under aged, ( I do not believe that children should be exposed to such things)
What's new
I am writing a blog here on the site, working on expanding my involvement in the BDSM world, and am making plans to build bondage furniture and equipment, I also want to craft custom carved specialty items. I own the Slave's Ella Kyn, and Asura.
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Friday, July 27, 2018
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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