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I am a girl, I red head who likes to self sabotage. What's new? Lol I've been on here awhile and haven't really invested. I've met some great people, some good people and some who should consider rethinking their choices in life. I am not perfect, but who is? I have up's and downs and a lot of inbetweens. I've never really had a blog, but let's see how this goes lol!
20 hours ago. Fri 17 Jan 2020 09:37:25 AM IST

Today could've been a bad day. I had all the forces against me. My car wouldn't start roommates truck had a flat. Friends were at work. I had a doctor's appointment that I had to get to, I missed class, but I made it to work. The roommate almost drove me crazy. My manager needs to be fired and then sent to rehab. 

But I don't feel like it was that bad of a day. Even my 20 minute very brisk walk in the great outdoors at -40°. I had a talk with a taxi driver that stays at the hotel I work in that said some great words. Which were to be thankful for everything we have. Our health, our family,  a roof over our heads, food in the fridge. We could let bad things get us down but as long as our hearts are full it's hard to be sad.

So today has been a good day. They may not always be good days, but today really was. Also I'm planning to do something big for a close friend of mine. So I think that has me feeling good about myself. 

3 days ago. Wed 15 Jan 2020 03:36:03 AM IST

So since getting into bdsm, not all that long ago I have had problems finding my way. 

First I was told that I wasn't a sub... I was too independent and strong willed. Too strong. But they never saw the little. Never saw my submissive side. To some I was dominant, some I was a switch and on and on. 

I don't feel like I am... 

I kept on.... I thought maybe they weren't right for me. Some days I was tempted to just forget about trying... today is one of those days... I have been talking to a great dom and we had a great connection. But we'll I fucked that up... so I wonder if I really am cut out to be in this lifestyle? I can't do anything right so why try? 

Today is a hard day... 

3 days ago. Tue 14 Jan 2020 10:55:27 AM IST

So if you've been following my posts you know I've been on this keto kick...  hoestly the last couple days I've wanted to say fuck it and eat some tasty pasta or bread or potatoes (one of my favorite foods) but I didn't cave.

I have been cooped up in my place for a couple days because it's -40 outside and ain't nothing worth going out for in this... there is a warning out that frostbite will likely start in 5 minutes of being out there.

Anyways tonight I was dancing around like a crazy lady in my dragon onsie having a blast when I thought... you know what, what the hell let's see if I lost any weight... I know it's only been a week but who knowas it's not like I could've gained right? I didnt lol but I was actually shocked I've lost over 10 pounds. No way was that right... so I checked it again... nope it was even better... 16 could that be... maybe how I was standing? So I tried again making sure to stand in the same spot.. again it was reading that I was 16 pounds lighter... I was actually so happy I kept dancing for another hour lol

So I guess I'm going to keep on with this diet and try to add more exercise in as the pounds shred off. Tonight was a huge boost in my determination to stick with it!

6 days ago. Sun 12 Jan 2020 04:14:15 AM IST

OK I may be being a little over dramatic but I am one of those awful sick people. You know the ones that get a "man cold" (no offense) I will bitch and moan and cry. I do not like being sick and today I believe marks day 1 of keto flu. I have just NOT felt good all day, I evendors tried going back to bed, and that helped for a little while... enough to trick me into thinking I was OK to go to work. And now that I am at work... totally different story...

ooh maybe someone I don't like will come in and I can puke on them! That would totally make my night better lol. JOKING! .....mostly.... 

This goes away soon right? I'm not going to feel this terrible for long? Like a couple days and I'll be back to normalish (not that I'm sure I fall in that normal range) but like my normal? 

Please someone tell me there's a light at the end.... maybe Morse code it... or I could

"... _ _ _ ..."

Lol maybe I'm goin a little crazy over here in this frozen icebox!!!!😨 

1 week ago. Fri 10 Jan 2020 11:36:00 PM IST

So yesterday I was certain that by the end of my shift I would be seeing double with tiredness... shockingly I wasn't!  I even had energy to come home and clean after all the shenanigans and running around all day. Normally I would've been so beat that I would've had to have a nap before I went to work but I wasn't.  It's crazy! 

I hope this energy level keeps up. I've been told that I have to watch certain things and try to keep on top of certain vitamins and other stuff. I found something's that I was told to get. 

Still not happy I had to cut cookies out... but I've been told there are recipes out there that I can use! So excited to try them. Hopeful they taste close!

1 week ago. Thu 09 Jan 2020 07:05:40 AM IST

So I decided to plan tomorrow out so I can get everything in that I need to... I am going to be one exhausted girl come tomorrow night. My day tomorrow starts nice and early at 8:30...and no going back to bed for this sleepyhead... nope nope nope... I have some food prep to do, but I have to leave the house by 9:45. I have running around to do, some groceries to grab and people to meet. By 10:45 I plan to be at the gym... then by 12:15 I have to be out and showered and ready to go. Drive back home grab food for work and binder for school, drop stinky sweaty clothes off and be at the university for 1. Class 1 -2:30 and then be at work from 3-11.... tomorrow is going to be great! 

Something I leared today is that  there's a thing called Keto flu 😨 I am an awful sick person... like I get mancolds! And now I'm willingly putting myself in a flu like state 😢 I will need all the strength and best wishe's in this time to come... lmfao!

1 week ago. Wed 08 Jan 2020 11:35:13 AM IST

Well since I started my new dit and exercise routine I found that holy damn I need to get better at timing things. These next two weeks will be easier as there will be someone home to watch the dogs... kind of... cause there's no freaking way I could take them on walks it's in the -30s all week with next week not looking much better... so I have to go way out of my comfort zone and go to a gym... definitely NOT my cup of tea... 

Also this whole keto thing.... eating lots of faty things (good or not).... I've never had so many fatty filled meals. And I'm terrible with eating at regular intervals so having a meal plan that involves breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks is crazy! I eat like twice a day... even with the meals being small on this plan I still find I'm not making them all... 

I can see how healthy people never have time and need so much energy lol. This is crazy! But because I'm a stubborn redhead I'll be sticking this out for as long as I can...

I hope everyone is doing good and having fun and learning new things!

1 week ago. Mon 06 Jan 2020 06:40:18 AM IST

So I guess I've decided to move forward...

I broke up with my boyfriend of five long years just over a year ago... since then I have had a tornado break through my life and turn everything upside down and crazy. I have had a miscarriage with a shitty person which is a good and bad thing, got a dog who is now my best friend in the world. I stopped talking to a lot of friends, made some new ones...made some enemies.... and almost went back to very bad old habits. 

But I think that in the last couple weeks Ive decided that I need to change some things. Yes they're a little on the impulsive side, but at least they're good impulses. As of tomorrow I'm getting on the Keto train, I've already started a bit workout routine and I'm going to quit smoking... that last one will be the hardest of it all I think. But I need to stop doing whatever it is I am doing as I'm not going to be the best I can if I'm stuck in the mess that is me. (Also I really want to look good... better....when I get my diploma I've been working on for 3 years)