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Sunday afternoon rant
2 months ago. Wed 11 Sep 2019 04:16:11 AM IDT

Princess was out of the car and headed in before Daddy even shut it off. He watched her scurry into the house and quickly close the door, a lust filled grin on his face.

He tripped over her shoes as he stepped in  "Come here baby girl" he called, slipping his own shoes off and closing the door "Come to Daddy . . . "

He tossed his jacket on the sofa on his way to her room . . . .  "Unlock this door pumpkin"   "NO!"

"Princess . . .honey, . . .unlock the door sweetheart"  "No" came a muffled reply.

"You've got to the count of 3 . . . "

" 1 . . . "

" 2 . . . "

He put his ear to the door . . . 


" 3! " he warned heading to the kitchen for a butter knife.

He quickly had the door popped open, only to find an empty room.

"Princess?" He called quietly, looking around. He checked the closet . .  under the bed. . . She was gone.

He walked across the room and pulled the curtain back - as he suspected, the window wasn't fully shut, just like last time. "Ok . . .ok" he thought to himself "its gonna be like that is it".

He grabbed his bag of "essentials", as he called it, out of the closet, slipped his shoes back on, and headed out the back door.

He stood quiet for a moment, listening.

Nothing but the typical late evening summer sounds on their 22 acre country plot. The old pole light casting a dim yellow across the back yard. He walked to the shed, the lock was still in place, "come to Daddy kitten" he called towards the woods. 


He walked quietly over to the barn and stood silent next to the door, listening.

He was scanning the tree line when he heard a soft "ouch" whispered from inside the barn.

He smiled.

"I know your in here pumpkin" he said eerily, and stepped inside the dark barn.

Making his way to the left wall, he reached for the light switch. He clicked the light on and turned just in time to see her run around the opposite corner and out into the woods.

"Come on baby girl, you only making it harder on yourself" he called behind her, heading towards the tree line.

"Come here!" He ordered, chasing after her. "No", she ducked behind the next tree. He went to the far side of the old oak she was hiding behind - he came around the backside just as she was about to bolt - she ran right into him. "Ha!" He exclaimed, grabbing ahold of her. "No!" She squealed and broke free, making a run for the house. He dropped his bag and ran after her, quickly tumbling both of them to the ground.

She squirmed,  trying to break free, but princess was no match for Daddy physically - he quickly had her on her back, pinned to the ground, arms over her head. They laid panting, trying to catch their breath. "Your in trouble now little girl" he said, hovering over her, and leaned down to kiss her. "No!", she turned her head. He held her wrists with one hand and grabbed her face, turning her back and kissed her hard on the lips. She went limp. "Sorry Daddy" she said softly. "Its too late pumpkin" he kissed her again. She bit his lip. . . Hard.

He held his hand to his mouth and looked at his fingers - he was bleeding.

"Oh ho ho, you've done it now you little bitch" he said through his teeth. "Let me go!" She demanded.

"Ive about had it with your atti . . . ."

Before he could finish what he was saying, she swung her right leg up and caught him square in the balls.

He recoiled with a groan, grabbing his crotch - rolling off of her.

She scrambled to get up but just as she was about to get away, he reached up and latched on to her ankle, pulling her back down. He climbed on top of her and once again pinned her arms over her head, his feet on top of her legs.

"You! . . Young lady . . . Are in deep trouble" he glared over her.

He leaned down to try and kiss her - she spit at him.

In one quick movement, he stood them both up, had her by the hair, and after picking up his bag, was marching her towards the barn.







2 months ago. Mon 09 Sep 2019 05:17:38 AM IDT

I dont like this

Who the fuck cares

Shut up!

You shut up!

Winter is coming  . . . Again

I love you

Fuck you!

Missed you at the party last night

She wasnt there . . . Again

Turn the page

Turn the key

I love you

Fuck you!

The tiniest of trills tempted my taste buds

Go to hell!

Why are we doing this?

She sells sea shells

Miss you too

In the midst of a new days dawn

2000 miles too far

I love you

Fuck you!

Oh dear, my hearts bleeding again

When do trees sleep?

Just one more

It isnt, it couldnt

Time waits for no one

Endless bliss

Winter is coming . . . . Again

I love you too




2 months ago. Mon 09 Sep 2019 04:26:11 AM IDT

The clop of her heels on the pavement echoed in the warm summer night air as princess pulled on Daddy's hand, leading him back to the car at the far end of the parking lot - he liked to park away from other cars. "Come on Daddy, I wanna go home" "ok ok" he tried to keep up with her as he fished for his keys.

She impatiently waited by her door as he stood behind her fumbling for the right one . . . . She sighed . . . loudly.

He was having a hard time finding the right key, because he was looking at her - her tight dress revealing her perfect behind jiggling as she twiddled her knees back and forth . . she sighed again . . . He suddenly had had enough - he spun her around and put her up against the car, pressing himself against her. She looked up at him with surprise. "If you ever . . ." He started, in a strict tone "make a scene like that again!" She gave an awkward grin "Im not laughing baby girl, I should bend you over the hood of this car and spank your bare behind right now!" 

"Sorry Daddy" she said, half heartedly "Its been two days, your always busy" placing the blame back. "You know I have things to do princess" "I know but . . ." "But nothing" he interrupted "we almost got caught in there" pointing towards the restaurant .

She grinned and quickly covered her mouth. "This is funny is it!?" He spun her around and bent her over the hood of the car and began spanking her - right there in the parking lot.

Saved by headlights, he stood her up and unlocked her door "get in", she backed away . . . "Princess" he said "get in . . . The car" she backed away further "no Daddy, your just going to spank me again" "oh your damn right im going to spank you again! Get in the car, we're going home".

His mind reeling with possibilities, princess pouted - neither spoke the short trip home.

2 months ago. Mon 09 Sep 2019 02:50:50 AM IDT

"Stop it now I mean it!" He pushed her hand away a second time. "Good thing I dont have to stand up right now, because I couldnt" he scolded her playfully.

It was a slow night at the restaurant,  they had a cozy round booth in the back corner. Candle light, soft music - Very nice atmosphere.

They shared a mushroom risotto, focaccia bread, and each got a pistachio panna cotta for dessert.

He was enjoying his coffee when she took his hand and guided it under the table. He looked around and then at her. "Whats this about?" He asked quietly, he could feel the heat she was showing him. "Its been two days Daddy" she pouted. "I know pumpkin, I know - Daddy's been very busy, you know that" she pulled his hand tighter. She was burning up.

She held his hand in place and kissed his neck softly "I need you Daddy" she whispered against his skin, her other hand on his crotch again. "I can tell you want meee" she teased.

"We're in a restaurant sweetheart, now stop"  if she kept going, he was going to ruin his slacks.

He rubbed gently against her panties - she stroked him over his pants, they were both heating up quickly.

He suddenly pulled his hand back and cleared his throat -  sat up straight and stopped her hand. "Come on princess, behave, we're in a restaurant ".

"I need you Daddy" she said again, pleading, "what do you want me to do pumpkin, fuck you right here on the table?" He said sarcastically,  his voice a bit louder than he meant it to be. "yes!" She said, definitely louder than it should have been - the elderly couple in the other corner looked over.

Princess stood up and made like she was going to take her dress off. "Sit down!" He pulled her arm. "I have to use the bathroom" she snipped, and stepped out from behind the booth.

"Ggrrr" he watched her make her way to the ladies room "I hate it when she gets like this" he complained to himself, - the pressure between his legs reminded him that he didn't really "hate it" all that much.

Princess was touching up her makeup at the mirror, and didnt give it much thought when she heard the lock on the  bathroom door around the corner.

The lipstick tube dropped into the sink as she was thrust forward, her head against the mirror, his hand tightly covering her mouth. Bent over the wide counter - his body against hers, she couldn't  move.

"Is this what you want you little bitch!?" He kicked her feet apart and lifted her dress. He ripped her panties off in one quick move and was deep inside her before she could grasp what was happening. He began to violently pound her, she was ripe, dripping wet. "mmm!" She moaned "quiet!" He ordered and slapped her ass hard.

He grabbed a thick handful of hair and pulled her head back, pushing her down with his arms.

Her soft, round ass shook,  his hips slapping hard against her, he picked up speed, holding her tighter.

Her thighs quivered from the strain, the pleasure - his cock violating her, penetrating her - deep - she leaned back -  into it, welcoming it. Assisting his assault - Their lust for each other  had been building all night. This could not wait.

They were lost in pleasure, his speed increasing, he felt bigger, harder - penetrating her deeper with each thrust. . . .

The scene was shattered with a sudden knock on the door - they froze. "Hello? Is there anyone in there?" An elderly womans voice called. "Hello?"

His pressure immediately began to subside as he stepped back and pulled her dress back down. "Shit!" She whispered, trying to quickly fix her hair.

" what do we do?" She asked, like a caught schoolgirl, trying to be quiet - her hands cupped over her mouth.

He was straightening up his shirt and tucking it back in. He motioned towards the door with a "you know" gesture - "just a minute" princess reassured the waiting woman outside.

He headed towards the door, one last look in the mirror, princess grabbed his arm and with a big grin kissed him "go" she whispered.

He unlocked the door and cleared his throat, passing the woman is if nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Sorry" princess said apologetically as she followed.

They made their way back to their corner booth and awkwardly settled back in, just in time for the waitress to say "everything ok?" With a knowing grin. "Yes, fine" he replied "I think we're ready for the check"











2 months ago. Mon 09 Sep 2019 12:10:52 AM IDT

"On a hot summer night
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?"

(Jim Steinman for meatloaf)


Princess was so excited, she could hardly wait for Daddy to get home. He promised to take her to the new Italian restaurant that opened last week on Center street.

"You ready pumpkin?" He said loudly as he walked in the front door and tossed his keys on the table. "Close your eyes Daddy" he heard from the bedroom.

"Come on baby girl, reservations are for 7" "close your eyes" "ok ok, they're closed" "no peeking Daddy, I mean it".

"They're closed, I promise"

He heard a bit of rustling . . .and then high heels approach.

"Ok, you can look now" her soft voice right in front of him.

He stood speechless . . .  motionless - his mouth partially open. He just stared . . .She took a step back "you dont like it . . . " 

Her delighted smile began to fade.

"Daddy . . . . ?"

He stared . . . 

She stood awkward and bit her lip, not sure what to do.


" . . My God!"  He finally spoke . . .

"You look . . . I mean . . . You look . . "

"Do you like it Daddy? Tell me you like it" she pleaded. Her smile quickly returning.

"You look amazing baby girl!" He exclaimed, half stunned.

She gasped with relief and flung her arms around his neck. "Let me see, let me look at you" he stepped back. She stood in her best model pose, grinning ear to ear. "My God" he said again as he circled her, taking in ever inch.

She was wearing her new black Christine dress, black net stalkings, platform pumps, and a little purple heartsease in her hair. Large hoop earrings and the matching necklace/bracelet set he had gotten her for Christmas. Her hair, full and soft, flowing like he had never seen before. She was truly a vision to make any man proud to have on his arm.

"You look stunning princess!" He said proudly, admiring what was his. "Damn!"

"You really like it Daddy?" she edged him for more "God yes! Look at you!" "Wow!" 

She beamed with excitement. 

He grabbed her up "lets just stay home and fuck" he said playfully  "Daddy!" She hit his chest and went to get her purse. He could see nothing else as he watched her walk to the bedroom - that dress fit so well!

He composed himself and looked at his watch. 

"Come on baby, we gotta go" . . . 


2 months ago. Sun 08 Sep 2019 09:54:47 PM IDT

Daddy untied princess and they bathed in each others embrace for a long time that afternoon, they even forgot they were laying on the floor.

"I love you so much baby girl" "I love you too Daddy" she kissed his chest.

"Wanna take a shower with me?" "Of course Daddy", she kissed him softly and got up -  headed to turn the water on.

"Such a pretty ass" he thought to himself, watching her leave the room.

"No baby, come on - I wanna get something to eat". She playfully bit his thigh and stood up. "Fine!" She pretend pouted. He brushed her wet hair back and kissed her firmly on the lips - reached behind her and shut the water off.

They finished off the lasagne from last night and princess sat in her white robe at Daddy's feet while he brushed her hair. "Ive seen this one" she said, "I think I have too". "Can we watch the movie you rented?, that looked good", "sure". He got up to put the disc in the player. (Cant say the name - copyright).

"What are you doing pumpkin?" He asked towards the kitchen, "come on, its starting" "you'll see" she replied happily. 

She returned with 2 hot chocolates and a bowl filled with snacks - chips, pretzels, cookies, cakes, and those little red fishes she loves so much.

Oh, and a can of whipped cream (😏).

Daddy chuckled "you make sure you brush your teeth tonight baby girl" he kissed her on the forehead. "I will Daddy" she smiled.

As per usual, princess was fast asleep nestled in Daddy's arms, a little more than half way thru the movie.

"Come on baby" he whispered as he picked her up and carried her to bed.

He tucked her in and curled up behind her,  brushing her hair while she drifted back to sleep.

"Good night princess" he kissed her cheek. "No panties now for 2 days" he softly whispered in her ear. 

She smiled and tucked his arm tighter.


Copyright Sept. 2019.

All rights reserved.

Editors notes - where the fuck did I put my damn keys!?




2 months ago. Sun 08 Sep 2019 04:41:38 AM IDT

He teased her very lightly with the tip of his tongue . . . "Please Daddy please" she begged, trying to move closer to him.

With a firm grip on her thighs with both hands, and began devouring his prey. Licking her hot pussy up and down, slow and hard, then fast and light . . .Working his tongue . . . sucking her clit . . . She moaned loudly as he brought her closer and closer - her body heaved with every wave "yes Daddy YES!" . . .

"Give it to me you dirty slut!" He thought to himself as he plunged his tongue deep inside her. He gripped her ass tight and pulled her up,  fucking her with his tongue. Faster . . .  he worked for his prize . . . . Her body heaving, almost convulsing . . . "YES DADDY! YES!" she was close. He buried his face between her legs, licked her clit steady . . . fast . . . One last . . . . . Her legs tightened on him . . .  her back arched . . . She began to shake . . . "OH . . . . MY . . . GOD!!"  he held her tight and hungrily claimed his prize . . . She gushed . . . Her body rigid . . . again . . . . He licked faster . . . . Again . . . "YESSS!!" . . . shaking . . . Trembling . . . .

He could wait no longer - with the blood thirst of a leopard he pounced - taking her. . . She was still convulsing as he lifted her legs and plunged himself deep inside her . . . Thrusting hard . . . She cried out . . . His aggressive pounding made her gush again . . . He ravaged her dripping wet pussy . . . Thrusting harder . . . Deeper . . . Her body shook . . . . He reached behind her and pulled her head back by her hair . . . . The pressure building. . . Her tits shook violently  . . . He pounded . . . Closer . . . . Closer . . . 

With a massive groan, pulling harder on her hair . . . His muscles tightened like steel cords . . . . he exploded inside her. . . Wave after wave, . . . he owned her.


They laid there,  middle of the bedroom floor . . .  together  -  catching their breath. 


2 months ago. Sun 08 Sep 2019 03:31:56 AM IDT

. . . She knew what she had done, she couldnt help it. 

He quickly returned, rope in hand. "I couldnt hel . . ." "Hush!" He barked.

He immediately went to work binding her wrists behind her back. "Princess?" He said in a frustrated (lol) tone, "yes Daddy?" He roughly grabbed her crotch, "who's pussy is this!?" "Yours Daddy" "And are you EVER allowed to pleasure yourself without my permission!?" "No Daddy", she hung her head. "Then why were you!?" . .  No answer. He pulled her head back and got close to her "then why . . . were you!?"

"I couldnt help it Daddy" she sobbed. "Your a BAD girl!" He released her hair and finished tying her wrists, arms pulled up her back and rope doubled around her neck.

He knelt on the floor in front of her, admiring his prey. "Spred you legs" he ordered. She did as she was told. "Wider" "good girl".

He leaned forward and kissed her roughly, caressed her hips, ran his hands over her pushed out breasts. Her nipples very hard. He smiled.

He kissed her again, rough, wet. "Stick out you tongue" he whispered. Again she did as she was told. He feverishly sucked on her tongue, plunging his own deep into her wet mouth. His cock pushing hard against her, His hands tightly holding her ass. He gripped her tongue in his teeth and clamped down . . .harder . . . She squealed. "Good girl" he grinned.

He stood before her and once again presented his fully erect cock, she opened her mouth. He had more control this time, he stood still, and let her do her work. She sucked his cock hard and fast, firmly holding him - all the way down, all the way back - like a good girl.

She felt so good, her rhythm steady, the pressure built - she kept going. He was getting even harder - she kept going . . All the way down, all the way back . . . She started going faster, hungry . . . Faster . . . At the very last second, Just before he was about to erupt, . . .he pulled back.

He dropped to his knee in front of her -  he held her and caught his breath. Kissing her neck, panting, her lips, panting . . . He brushed her hair back and kissed her cheek . . . .

"Am I a good girl Daddy?" She asked, needing to hear his approval.

"Yes baby, you are a good girl - you are my good girl"

He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh. . . all the way up . .  brushed against her pussy, she was hot and wet. He traced the outside with the tip of his finger, she moaned.

"Who's pussy is this baby?" "Yours Daddy" her voice quivered. He massaged her with the palm of his hand, feeling the heat. "Its yours Daddy" . . . 

He laid her down on her back and knelt between her spred legs. Her body looked so good laid out in front of him, free to do as he pleases. He leaned up and kissed her neck, making his way down. . . He teased her nipples with his tongue, tracing circles, making them even harder. She moaned with anticipation. He ran his tongue down, she arched her back . . . Inviting him, straining against her bonds. He licked her belly . . . Down . . .she moaned . . Slowly . . .  down. He positioned  himself between her legs, -  she froze -  held her breath. . . For a moment the were both still . . .he suddenly ran his tongue fully over her wet pussy . . . She gasped. "Is that what you want baby girl?" He teased.

"Yes Daddy Yes!". . .




2 months ago. Sun 08 Sep 2019 01:51:07 AM IDT

The dance - you have one who enjoys wielding a belt (strap, whip, flogger, etc etc), and one who enjoys the pain inflicted from said implements. 

There are limits, safety words, signals. And there are ones own boundaries of desire as an inflicter (?).

In between,  is the dance.

On one occasion with myself, being particularly submissive that night, I went to what I believe is known as sub-space. The connection between pain and pleasure had gotten exceedingly high. Unfortunately, my desire for pain went well beyond any desire she had to inflict.

I experienced total submission - (within the confines of that scenario, anyway).

When a couple engages in play, there must be a bond between them, an understanding of each other intimately.

I have limited experience being submissive, but I am grateful for the occasions that I did have. It gave me much greater understanding from the other side's perspective. I know what it feels like to be taken to the point of utter release. 

I would imagine when a couple that dont know each other very well, or at all even, agree to a "session", (for lack of a better way of putting it) - they can reach great heights - physically. But how high can they get mentally, emotionally? . . . Spiritually?

This, to me (my blog 😜) is where the knowing of each other intimately comes in. If, for example, she is putting out signals "harder", if I am in tune with her well enough, I can read those signals. The more subtle the signal is allowed to be, that I am still able to read and react upon, the higher she is freely able to go. (Make sense? It did in my head).

It becomes a waltz of perfect harmony.


Princess was struggling with the dance herself - part of her wanted Daddy to take her now, feast on her dirty sex - have his way with her - ravage her, appease the savage beast. She so desperately longed to feel him inside her. The other part needed to be taken deeper - beat further into submission. To savor the final reward.

Once again, his manhood hung before her - she slowly traced his tense body up to his waiting eyes. 

"Princess?" "Yes Daddy" she said in a meek reply, "Do you see what you have done?" They both looked at his fully erect cock. "Yes Daddy". It was understood, if Daddy had to punish princess, and it resulted in this . . . 

"Open" he said, tapping the bottom of her chin. "mm mm" she turned her head away. He held himself firmly in front of her - "open!" "Its not my fault Daddy" she reasoned, "You said from now o . . ." He pulled her up by her arm before she could finish her sentence, and quickly had her over his knee.

One grasping a handful of hair, his other hand spanked her bare bottom hard and fast. He had had enough of her bratty behavior.

She kicked and flailed , struggling to get away. "Are you going to do as you told!?" He said in time with the spanking. "Yes Daddy, yes!" . . . .

He stopped and she slid to the floor. He was shaking - he stroked himself, looking at her - he was about to explode - "position!" He demanded. "Yes Daddy" she sobbed. She got into her proper position at his feet. "Open" he said in a "I dare you" tone. She complied.

He had to hold himself back, to go slowly, as he eased his throbbing hard cock into her waiting mouth. Ecstasy swept over him, he began to tremble as she closed down around him and began to pleasure him,  Daddy's good girl. Both hands on her head, he assisted the rhythm - she felt so good! Gliding down his shaft, further each time, all the way back, gliding down, all the way back. He looked down in time to see, she had one hand on herself, pleasuring herself. He quickly removed his cock from her mouth and pulled her head straight back by her hair "what do you think your doing!!?" He demanded. She slipped her hand back behind her, and gave him the most innocent look she could muster.

"Dont move!" He ordered, and headed out of the room . . . 

2 months ago. Sat 07 Sep 2019 11:02:12 PM IDT

I didn't know at the time, that was a thing - there was a name for it.

I only knew to try and manipulate the situation more to my liking - Fulfill my desires. "Do this - oh no, dont do that", etc. "Your doing it again", she said. "What Mistress?" "Topping from the bottom".  😏👈

To my knowledge,  there is no handbook "etiquette for mindset - while your tied up and being beat - for dummies" lol. Maybe there should be? (Reference to the series, not the person)

I must admit, I dont fully understand some dynamics of being submissive. I myself, by my nature, am dominant. I do know, however, what it is like to be submissive to someone, to feel submissive. One aspect I do not understand is, how submissive? 

Suppose the one dominating has a fetish for making his/her sub bark like a dog? All the time, bark like a dog. Would it/could it be fulfilling just knowing you are granting the wishes of your Dom/Domme? Or would a scenario like that leave you yourself wanting for something else? Is it established in advance what the submissive wants? Particulars I mean - Or is a good chemistry and just being submissive enough?

At what point do you say, "ya know, this isnt really what I want".?

I suppose in a perfect world, what the Dom/Domme prefers doing, matches what the sub likes having done to them.


Thoughts? Comments?


Princess was topping from the bottom when she bit Daddy's leg. A gage if you will, a silent language between them - he understood - she needed more . . . 

He had been very busy these past couple weeks and she had desires building. 


She was a vision of pure beauty, looking up at him, her eyes, sparkling with tears, love, lust, . . . . mischief . . . . 

For a moment his mind struggled with the balance as he stood there in front of her, admiring. But his own lust quickly tipped the scales.

"Are you Daddy's good girl?" He asked, looking down at her. "Yes Daddy" she smiled through the tears.

He leaned down and kissed her lovingly, paused for a moment, then smoothly removed her sundress as he stood back up,  - leaving her exposed, presented before him, fully naked at his feet.

What a sight - what a beautiful sight.

She sat back and covered her self with her arms folded in front of her - withdrawing - denying him. He lifted her chin with a finger and gave her a raised eyebrow, disapproving look -  "is that how we present ourselves baby girl?" He asked accusingly. Without a word she got into the position she had been trained to be in - up on her knees, back straight, shoulders square, hands behind her back.

"Good girl" he praised.

He knelt down, kissed her cheek,  her neck - nestled in her hair - god he wanted her!

From her perfect breasts, he let his hand glide lightly down her soft, warm body - his ear close to her mouth, listening as he made his way down . . .  she closed her eyes and a slight moan escaped her lips when he got close.

Daddy liked that.

"Sshhh" he whispered softly in her ear. 

He stood up, stepped behind her and knelt down again, tight up against her. He kissed  her neck, caressed her, every inch of her. He pushed himself  against her, making her offer her breasts to him,  his fingers tumbled across her hard nipples - Her breath caught every time. Her thighs began to quiver, she let out another soft moan. Trying to remain still for him, his touch was driving her deeper. She longed for his touch down there, her mind and body begging for it - but he refused - he knew.

Her hands reassured him - her submission to his control,  as he pressed it against her, she could feel his intense desire, the heat, he was so hard. It gave her great satisfaction knowing it was for her, because of her.

He began a rhythm, pushing against her, his cock ached, sliding through her hands, the head brushing between her legs as he pushed in, she held firmly to his shaft as he pulled back - their bodies getting lost in a rhythm. He had one arm around her,  holding her throat, her head back against him, his breath hot on her neck - his other hand firmly admiring his work on her bottom, he felt the hot welts from his strap . . . He grabbed her hard, squeezing - she moaned, pushing back against him - he grabbed her again, harder, she moaned louder -  they were  . . . 

In heat . . .

Primal . . . 


"Not yet!", . . . .

He released her and  stood up . . .