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Sunday afternoon rant
(The story entries of my blog "Daddy and Princess", are in consecutive order, bottom up ; ) )

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5 days ago. May 19, 2020, 5:48 PM

1 week ago. May 16, 2020, 9:25 PM

* A bunny's cheek against mine

* The smells of fresh coffee and/or bacon in the morning 

* Hitting the snooze button and realizing its saturday

* A crackling fire on a cold winter day

* The smell of wet leaves in the fall

* That last peek through the clouds as the sun sets over the water

* A hard dip on my fishing pole

* A hand made gift on fathers day

* Her hand gently taking mine

* The silence the world takes on as an eagle glides across the blue midday sky

* Genuine laughter from a child

* New shoes that feel like they were made specifically for my feet

* "I love you" with that certain sparkle that only true love can create

* Making her "squirt" for the 1st time

* Those last few moments right before you fall asleep - taking a nap when theres other things you should be doing

* Baby hummingbirds 

* Grape fields in late fall

* Those feelings, how the world looks, when your falling in love

* Bubble wrap

* The waves the wind creates across an open field

* Fresh cut hay 

* The smell of leather

* Your gift that makes her cry

* Tripple layer german chocolate cake

* Sand between my toes

* A happy ending in an "against all odds" love story

* The 1st flowers of spring

* An unexpected apology 

* Splashing into the water after nailing the perfect swan dive

* My cat purring on my chest

* The first firing of an engine I rebuilt

* Winning the bid at an auction

* Music that gives me goose bumps

* Laughing to tears


To be continued . . . 

2 weeks ago. May 5, 2020, 4:55 AM

Im so tired of reading how rude you are!

These are beautiful women on this site - they are here for a safe haven, a place to be free - if you cannot treat them with the utmost respect they deserve - leave them the fuck alone!



We'll hunt you down and slap the stupid off you!  😬


3 weeks ago. May 3, 2020, 7:27 PM

This is my 3rd and final entry - 

"The Guardian"

This design came to me as a vision I guess you could say. It is the only piece that came to me from somewhere beyond myself. I always knew it was not for me and never to be for sale.

100% hand made - sterling silver,  lapis lazuli, and black onyx.

Several months after I completed it, I met who it was meant for. She was a beautiful soul who needed help. I never saw her again after that day but I know it changed her life.

3 weeks ago. May 3, 2020, 3:33 AM

I designed and made this piece a few years ago - one of my favorites.  Solid sterling silver. 

3 weeks ago. May 2, 2020, 6:46 PM

Just short of 2 ozt Solid sterling silver.

1 month ago. Apr 22, 2020, 7:04 PM

You are searching for your perfect mate - clubs, bars, grocery store, library, local sex toy store, etc  - probably most common and most convenient  - online.

You bump into someone,  you click - lots in common - your talking more and more, getting closer - closer - you start to get excited "omg! This could be the one!" . . . .

They seem like the perfect match -

Then it happens  . . . . The deal breaker! 😔


Despite all signs pointing to yes! - what is that one thing you simply cannot overlook?



1 month ago. Apr 20, 2020, 3:33 AM

I ___________ hereby enter into this relationship with ___________ on this the ____ day of ______, 2020.

I am entering into this relationship of my own free will.

I am entering into this relationship without force, coercion, or under duress.(fear of bodily harm (😊))


I acknowledge this relationship will require faith, trust, honesty, openess, and above all - communication. I swear before ________ and all parties involved, I will do my best to do so.

I acknowledge that I do not forfeit my rights as an individual. 

I acknowledge that I do not forfeit my right to a happy and fullfilling life.

I acknowledge that I do not forfeit my right to be loved for who I am, and/or helped and encouraged to be even better.

I also acknowledge that all physical acts of intimacy shall be consentual and openly discussed beforehand.


Signed ___________

Signed ___________

1 month ago. Apr 17, 2020, 6:53 PM

Song by Blackfoot
Well, I'm walkin' on a road that
Ends when I'm gone
Lawd, I'm runnin', yeah, from all the things
I fear the most
I need some directions on how, that I can find my life
Well, I'm just like you, I Lawd, I'm searchin'
Well, they tell me that a man must crawl before he can walk
Yes, they told me, oooh. you gotta cry before you can talk
I've done me enough crawlin'
It made me moan and cry out loud,
Are you with me now?
Searchin' for the life you cannot find
Searchin' for the one you left behind
Gotta give me a reason, show me your light
Stand up and fight for yourself
Oooh. are you searchin'
Can you remember when you were young, you had your fun
And your first love stole your heart, maybe tore it apart
And did you pick up the pieces
Right or wrong, were you strong to fight?
Well, I was just like you, l...
Searchin' for the one you cannot find
Searchin' for the one you left behind
Searchin' for the one you left behind
Gotta give me a reason, show me your light
Stand up and fight for yourself

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Rick Medlocke / Jackson Spires

1 month ago. Apr 13, 2020, 4:44 AM

As far back as he could remember, old barns really effected him . . . Deeply.

He didnt know why that was exactly,  but the smells - hay, old wood, rusty iron - it fueled something in him . . . 


A firm grip on her arm, Daddy marched Princess into the barn without a word, and roughly pulled her down to the loose hay in the center of the old building - a pile left from the conveyor that used to sit in that spot, feeding bails to the loft. He knelt beside her, holding her down with his left arm, and quickly produced the cuffs from his bag. Princess had stopped fighting to get away - she knew.

"I warned you! Didnt I?" He scolded, half to himself, his trembling hands making it difficult to get the cuffs on her. He brushed his hair back and stood up. It was musty, muggy in the barn, sweat beginning to form on his brow - he checked to make sure his lip had stopped bleeding - it had. Princess laid still, hands bound in front of her, her hair half covering her face, bits of straw speckled her dress. Daddy took a deep breath, calming himself,  he ached down there. He took another calming breath and knelt beside her, brushing the hair out of her face "I warned you, . . . didnt I baby girl?" He said in a much gentler tone. Princess held perfectly still - looking at him. His eyes washed over her body, his captive beauty laid out before him, He ran his hand slowly up her thigh, he could feel her tense, but still did not move. His hand went high enough to remember,  he had taken her panties at the restaurant. "Slow down" he thought to himself and adjusted her dress back down and leaned close to her, gently kissing her cheek. "you've been a bad girl . . . " he whispered,  his voice giving him away. He kissed her neck, nestled in her hair "I'll be a good girl Daddy" she whispered very softly in his ear, "I promise" . . A wave of excitement rushed through his entire body, concentrated centrally - "you said that before sweetheart" . . . he needed more, . . . "I promise Daddy ". . . her tone, her pleading drove him wild - He straddled her and they kissed - hot, sweaty - primal - his tongue invading her - he felt like he was going to tear his pants, pushing, throbbing . . . her body lifted to meet his, grinding  . . . his hot breath against hers - he suddenly broke their momentum, leaned back and stood up, pulling her with him - "slow down!" He reminded himself a second time - his trembling had increased.

Holding her restraints, Daddy scanned the room - (more to calm himself than anything, he already knew what he was going to do). He pulled her along and made his way to the back wall - she stumbled awkwardly behind. He grabbed a long rope and headed back to where they were. After tying a quick knot to the center of the cuffs, he threw the rope high and over the beam directly above them - Catching the rope as it came back down. He stepped back, steadily pulling the rope until princess' arms were straight above her head, she let out a whimper as the rope tightened - her back arched but feet still firmly on the ground - he tied off the rope to the post a dozen or so feet away, then pulled a soft cotton length of rope and blind fold from his bag. A few seconds and her ankles were bound together and the black silk blindfold covered her eyes - she was his.

A thin bead of sweat traced its way down his chest as Daddy stepped back to admire his work- he took his shirt off. The dim yellow light above cast the pefect amount of shadow across her curves, - She whimpered softly and tilted her head back. He started to undo his pants - "not yet" he thought . . .and re-did the buckle. He could hardly breathe as he made his way back to her, his manhood aching - He circled her, close but not touching her, admiring - hunger drove his pounding heart. He stood behind her and reached up, holding her hands - then traced his way slowly down her arms, pushing himself against her - "Please Daddy, Ill be a good girl . . . Please."  (The dance). "Sshhhh"

He stepped in front of her , her scent . . .her body . . .her beautiful body . . . He brushed his cheek against hers - kissed her neck, his arms holding her firmly - panting . . . begging - he slid his right hand down between them - she moaned  . .  He could feel her heat - he kissed her - hard - she welcomed him, her hot breath, her tongue reaching for his . . . . Her teeth held his bottom lip as he pulled away - they kissed again, passion ready to explode . . . 



Daddy stood silent - behind her once again - princess was still - listening . . . Waiting . . . without warning he tore her dress completely off - one quick move - she gasped, - her body shook . . . suddenly she was exposed  - completely naked. He held himself close against her, His hands rounded her soft skin, her breasts upward, nipples hard - "bad girl" he whispered - pushing himself harder . . .her trembling thighs - soft round ass against his hard member . . .

"no more delays" he thought to himself and reached for the leather strap from his bag.

Her tender naked body twitched and pulled as he teased the end of the strap down her side, across her bottom  . . ."Ill be good Daddy, I promise, ill be a good girl" she pleaded with more desperation "hush!  . . . too late now baby girl" . . . Her legs, bound together, ached to be free as he lightly teased her with his finger - then tucked his hand between them - cupping her, holding her - she was burning up - she tried to rub on his hand - he denied her and pulled away.

He wrapped the 3 foot soft leather strap twice around his right hand,  ran his left slowly down her back - down her bottom, and took a step back - princess held her breath, clenched fists  - he raised the strap . . . . .


. . . He paused . . . "Listen!"

"What?" . . . "Listen!". . .  "What baby girl?"

"There it is again! - sshhh" . . . "I dont hear anything" he lowered the strap and stepped close .

The unmistakable sound of a kitten crying in the distance . . . 

"Let me down!" Princess bounced her knees "let me down Daddy - let me down" "ok baby ok, hold on". The kitten meowed again. Daddy looked at the ceiling high above - then down at himself . . . He released her and took the cuffs off - she wouldnt hardly hold still long enough for him to get the rope off of her ankles, balancing - her hand on his head as he fiddled with the knot. "Hold still" "come on Daddy, hurry".

Daddy right behind,  princess followed the sound to the far corner of the barn - in the dim light, behind the tractor - was 3 little baby kittens and a mamma trying to free a 4th that had gotten its paw stuck in a crack in the old floor boards. Mamma kitty backed away and hissed a mean warning at Princess as she knelt down to try and help.

"Here baby, let me" Daddy quickly had the little grey puff ball free and set her down close to mamma kitty and her 3 siblings. Poor thing was terrified. "Aaawww, oh my god" princess held her hands to her mouth, knelt in the straw, watching as mamma kitty cleaned her baby's. "Can we . . ." She wasnt able to finish what she was about to ask "ill get some food and milk for them " he leaned down and kissed her forehead on his way to the house.

Moments later Daddy returned with food and milk for the kitty's,  a soft towel for them to lay on, a robe for Princess, and a large fluffy blanket for the two of them.

Princess and Daddy curled up in their blanket a few feet away and watched as the kittens played and played. One by one they grew tired and nestled up to mamma kitty, soon fast asleep. Princess too, had fallen asleep - nestled against Daddy, his arms wrapped tightly around her - the night was still and quiet - the only sound . . .  mamma kitty purring . . .



Alternative ending cumming soon 😏