Arizona, United States
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Single middle age tall thin white male - been searching for "her" my entire life.
BDSM and me
My nature is dominant, its who I am. It is in my blood.
I am especially interested in the mental and psychological aspects of dom/sub play - your biggest sex organ is your mind. Seeking a submissive female to explore with. I am not into anything "bizarre " and not into anything I consider to be "gross". I am into bondage, orgasm control, "do as your told", spanking/discipline, control over clothing and behavior, etc. - testing my baby girls obedience and fortitude. I can be very gentle and compassionate, loving and considerate. I hold my woman in very high regard. However, I require things a certain way, and will not hesitate to punish when they are not to my standards (during play time ;)). I am a good listener and am deeply involved when it comes to affairs of the heart.
The sky? ?
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Some of you may have noticed I have taken to writing recently. Thank you for the likes and comments.
I will take this opportunity to state - all written works published herein, by me, are my sole intellectual private property. I retain all rights and no portion of said works may be copied, or reproduced in any way without prior written consent.
Thank you and pass the ketchup.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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Sunday, June 10, 2018
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