Jack in the box

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About me

I have had an interest in bdsm my entire life (especially the mental aspect) There is nothing on this planet like the intense feelings and emotions 2 people can share when deeply entwined in that perfect scenario.

Anyone can bark orders and swing a belt - the mind is where the transformation takes place - and sends the pain signal to a different space.(thats mine, dont steal it).

I am tall and thin - 6'6", middle age, white guy - safe, sane (ish) and still very much playful and young at heart.
I am caring, compassionate, honest, and "hard" working.

BDSM and me
I seek the fire that does not burn
The sky? ?

When you go to lug a wheelbarrow load only to discover the tire is flat - god I hate it when that happens! Ya know, you have shit to get done - aint nobody got time for that bullshit!
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May 10, 2024
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Jun 10, 2018
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