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Accessional diary of a dyslexic dom.

Any old nonsence that comes into my head.
1 day ago. May 24, 2020, 12:52 AM

It just accered to me; are you eight hours behind, or eight hours ahead of me? If you are behind then this ended ages ago. If you are ahead then I might Post again later. There is no reason for the owl. It just happened to be on my desktop. It is an illustration that I did for a friends short story.

1 day ago. May 24, 2020, 12:47 AM

1 day ago. May 23, 2020, 6:49 PM

What a mess. Ignor whot is writen below. I can not seem to controle how many photos on a page, but scrole down and you will find one more.

1 day ago. May 23, 2020, 6:41 PM

For some reason I can not add more images, will probably add more later. The choice is quite random.


3 days ago. May 22, 2020, 2:31 AM

So I lost my temper because she disappears sometimes and she does not seem to understand that she can not do that, and that she needs to at least explain what happened and where she went. But much more importantly she keeps asking me for money and I keep telling her I have no money, and it just drives me nuts. So I get the feeling she does not believe me. So I said I thought we were finished. I thought she would except that and go and look for a sugar daddy but, in fact, she begged me to stay and seemed very upset.


In the end I said I would give her another chance and, now that I have calmed down I am very worried for her because (the short version) she is going to loose her flat. But then I think that maybe she is just trying to scam me (although I can not help thinking that she would have moved on to someone ells by know). She does have a lot of trouble with money because she does not even have a phone and, when I give her tasks she just has to describe them to me, and sometimes I wonder if she is really doing them. Then again, if she is not doing the tasks, then you have to appreciate how inventive she is being.


So I suppose I will stick it out for a bit longer, or for ever, one or the other. 


Sorry I do not message very often but, well, I just don't.



1 week ago. May 16, 2020, 3:28 AM

I think I am single again. Anyone interested in a grumpy 57 year old sadist with health problems?


Get in know, avoid the rush.


1 week ago. May 12, 2020, 11:22 AM

I hope it is all right for me to say this on here but my mother is slowly fading at the moment. Family are with her, unfortunately I can't be.


If I am not around for the next few weeks, I am just not in the mood (kink can't cure everything). 

3 weeks ago. May 3, 2020, 12:04 PM

Sorry I have not been on here for a few days, I see that you are having an art show (and some very nice stuff). I can not seem to load photos on to here but, if anyone would like to view any of my work, then go to: 


I suggest going directly to Albums (click on the first image, in any album, and you get a kind slide show). 

1 month ago. Apr 18, 2020, 4:13 AM

Well I have a slight cough, so I am suppose to isolate even more than I was doing. Which would be fine except that it is hard to get shopping in, especially as I have very little cash in the house. I also have even worse insomnia than usual. (The cough is probably just an allergy).


My mother does have the vires, but she is beating it, she is on the mend. She is 90, amazing (well I think its amazing).


Hope you are all well and coping.

1 month ago. Apr 1, 2020, 4:30 PM

I did not write this, but it is quite funny.


With apologies to Dr. Seuss:


I do not like this quarantine

I do not like this quiet scene

It seems so very harsh and mean

To have to keep this quarantine

Can I go out to the park?

Can I go out after dark?

No you can't go to the park

No you can't go after dark

Can I go out to the gym?

Can I work out to get slim?

No you mustn't be so dim

Of course you can't go to the gym!

Nor can you go out to the park

Even if it's after dark

Can't I just go out to eat?

Or to buy an ice cream treat?

No you can't go out to eat

Nor to by an ice cream treat

And you can't go to the gym

Not to bulk up or to slim

No you can't go to the park

Even if it's after dark

Even if it's harsh and mean

You have to stay in quarantine!

I can't! I can't! I'll lose my mind!

No walks or trips of any kind?

No walks or trips of any kind

No great loss if you lose your mind

So even if you kick and scream

You have to stay in quarantine!

Why must I follow this dumb rule

It seems ridiculous and cruel

it seems so very harsh and mean

To be stuck in this quarantine!

We're doing this to stop the spread

So no more people end up dead

This will protect the elderly

By acting extra cautiously

If we all do our part, and fast!

All this will soon be in the past

So please stop making such a scene

And just stick to the quarantine!

Ok I think I get it now

We must save lives and this is how

We can't go out with friends to eat

Or to a picnic or retreat

We cannot go out to the gym

(Who'll even see if we are slim?!)

We cannot go out to the park

Even if it's after dark

We cannot go out here and there

We should not go out anywhere

I'm sorry for the nudge I've been

I'm gonna stay in quarantine!