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I identify my kink as Primal. What is Primal? Fluid, ever changing, real raw and animalistic. I’m approachable, so don’t be scared to send a message to me, but make it interesting to read and capture my attention. No one liners like “How are you…”

My erotica is written from memories of play sessions. Some like my writing style, some don’t. For those that do, feel free to follow, comment, love and message me. For those that don’t, feel free to move on without need for sarcasm or trolling. Or to put it bluntly, move the fuck along…

Want to understand me? Read my profile. It’s long and articulated for a reason. Also read my writings. I’m blunt, course, rough and soft, crude and fucking vulgar. In the right settings of course. Consent is the key, even when practising edgy kinks such as CNC. Without consent, it is vanilla and toxic in intent…
1 hour ago. Sep 24, 2021, 2:15 AM

She follows my instructions carefully.


Very carefully.


I watch her as she removes her clothing.




Very slowly.


Piece by piece.


Meticulously slow, so I can watch her body move as she takes off the item of clothing.


To inspect her, view her, appreciate her, enjoy her.


Enjoy what I own.


I know it turns her on as much as it does me.


By the time she gets to her panties, they are soaked through.


She stops, entirely naked.


I make a spinning motion with my fingers.


She complies.




She knows when in inspection mode, everything is to be done slow.


My voyeur side needs to be sated.


To watch and truly enjoy.


Those curves, the blemishes, the flaws.


I don’t want perfect.


There is no such thing.


Filters on apps, makeup, I enjoy neither.


I crave the real, the raw.


What she dislikes, is what I truly enjoy.


The things that make her vulnerable.


Her bumps, her scars, her stretch marks, her curves.


The things that make her truly beautiful as a woman.


The things that appear on her body through growth of life.


The things that come with time and age.


She turns for me.


Allows me to drink in the beauty of her womanhood.


The spectacular vision that makes up who and what she is.


Today I do not want to touch her, fuck her, use her or force her.


Today I want to just enjoy her visually.


Her beauty, her flaws, her vulnerability.


Her, as the truly beautiful woman that she is.


The exquisitely beautiful woman


That belongs to me…


1 day ago. Sep 23, 2021, 3:31 AM

Quiet whispers that create seduction.








Hunger driven kisses and gentle erotically charged touches that lead to greedy groans of lust.


Your head forced down into my lap.


Ordered to unzip me.


Your mouth forced onto my cock.


My hands gripping your hair and forcing you further.


Enjoying the feeling of you fighting to pull back.


The slurpy sounds as you gag violently.


The muffled squeal as I force my cock into your throat.


The way you feel fear gripping you.


The need to breathe becoming real and urgent.


Not yet little whore.


I cum before you breathe.


You serve me now like the little fucktoy whore that you are.


My needs now override yours.


Can you feel my cock thicken in your throat.


Yes little whore, I’m about to fill your fucking stomach with my seed.


You can’t take anymore?


Here, let me prove that untrue.


My hands grip your head tighter, forcing you down further.


I feel your fight lessen as you begin to go limp.


Now it’s time to cum inside you…


6 days ago. Sep 17, 2021, 1:01 PM

She doesn’t just chase intense kink or sex.


First she wants intense connection.


A look that captures her.


Eyes that burn down deep into her soul.


Before you place your hands around her throat


Reach out and capture her heart.


Before the beautiful impact of flesh on flesh occurs


Allow your soul to collide with hers.


When you say her name


Make it the sound of love smothered lust as it leaves your lips.


Without connection, it is no more than simply rough and tumble sex...

1 week ago. Sep 16, 2021, 7:20 AM

She sits in the chair as tasked by him.


Wearing a loose fitted dress with no panties.




Not knowing what he has planned.


He lowers himself in front of her.


Tying a soft, velvet blindfold around her head.


Removing one of her senses, knowing the others will heighten and come to life.


Once affixed, his hands lower to her wrists.


His hands gripping her wrists, pinning them to the armchair.


He leans forward, his lips so close to hers, but not touching.


She smells him.


That beautiful mixture of expensive aftershave, mixed with a manly scent.


She inhales, the smell so alluring, creating a heady feeling within her.


She feels the wetness of his tongue as he ever so gently licks her lips.


Soft, smooth, warm wetness, coating her top lip and following along to the bottom.


Her chest beginning to rise and fall as the toughness of his grip on her wrists, mixed with the erotically gentle touch of his tongue on her lips begins to infect her mind, batter her senses and invade her body.


His lips touch hers.


A slight, gentle but highly erotic kiss.


She feels herself respond.


Urgency to connect with him, connect with his flesh.


He pulls away as she pushes her head forward, his lips lightly massaging hers.


The sensation of tenderness flowing through her body.


She feels herself come alive.


That shudder through the body as the feeling of lust begins to brew and build.


He whispers in her ear to lay her head back and enjoy.


He doesn’t let go of her wrists, but she feels him lower himself further.


She feels him grip her dress with his teeth and drag it up over her hips, exposing her in the most vulnerable but sexy of ways.


He leans forward and kisses the inside of her thigh.


Tender, gentle and confronting kisses.


So light and teasing.


She feels him work his tongue up along her inner thigh.


Her cunt comes to life, imagining what is to come.


She feels the wetness build as quickly as her desire to feel his tongue on her needy, desperate little cunt.


His tongue continues its upward journey along her inner thigh.


She feels the hotness of his breath and the wetness of his tongue as it ventures closer and closer.


His tongue now just millimetres away, she feels her body shudder and a moan escapes her mouth.


Her hips push forward, but he is ready for that reaction.


His tongue transfers to her other thigh and begins to dance.


Dance downwards towards her knee.


She moans louder, wanting, craving, needing to feel him take her in his mouth.


To suck, lick, nibble and bite.


To feel him as he makes love to her with his mouth.


But that will take some time today.


Today he will tease her.


Edge her.


Taste her.


Feel her.


She no longer owns her orgasms.


He does...


1 week ago. Sep 15, 2021, 12:57 AM

She became lost in his eyes as he pinned her to the wall.


His hand around her throat, precise grip, total control.


His face centimetres from hers.


His piercing eyes staring into hers.




Intensity that pierced her very soul.


His other hand hadn’t touched her.


Yet she was saturated.


Wet as fuck.


His control wasn’t in his strength.


His control came from within.


A single look that would have dropped her to her knees.


Had his grip on her throat not held her helplessly in place.


She didn’t want for anything herself.


She wanted no pleasure given to her.


She knew at that moment she existed only for Him.


To pleasure Him.


To please Him.


To serve Him.


To service Him.


She gained pleasure from providing Him with pleasure.


She wanted only to be used by Him…


1 week ago. Sep 14, 2021, 8:36 AM

She loved to lie back and enjoy the way he touched and explored her.


The way he would start off gentle, sweet and kind. His fingers, tongue and hot breath dancing across her skin. Discovering her. Searching for this sweet spots that would illicit even sweeter reactions from her. The whimper of lust as it built. The moans of passion as she anticipated what was to come next. Building her up into a wet, needy mess.


He would then introduce different sensations. It would change from the teasing, gentle touch as he introduced brutality and allowed his Sadistic side to come out to play.


A slap across her exposed breast. Watching her head raise up as the shock of the impact takes hold. His hand lashing out and grabbing her bottom jaw, as his fingers drive into her mouth, ordering her to suck them.


A quick slap on her cunt. The mixed sensation of pleasure and pain bringing her body to life as her mind begins to race. His fingers massaging her clitoris, easing pleasure back into the equation, as he reaches down and takes a nipple between his teeth, biting down hard.


His fingers shift position. Wiping her own wetness across her tight little asshole, he lubes her up. His mouth finds hers, as his tongue explores her lips. She responds and their tongues dance and explore each other.


He feels her breath draw inward as his fingers penetrate her asshole roughly. Personal juices are the only lube she is allowed, as he forces his way inside of her. He orders her to enjoy the pain. To push down against his fingers.


To prepare her tight little asshole for what is to come...

1 week ago. Sep 14, 2021, 1:50 AM

Understand what you play with, before you try to capture her mind. Understand the responsibilities that come with taking control of a strong, steadfast woman. A worldly and street wise woman of resolute strength, understanding and endurance.


Look beyond the gaze that she offers and see the hurt behind her stare. The hurt imparted by the treatment she receives from those in the world around her. The feeling she suffers because of rampant inequality in a world where many still believe in an antiquated methodology of everyone existing in a mans world.


The pressure that builds up inside her as she fights a daily world filled with disrespect, lack of understanding and little to no concern for her as an independent being. A world where her safety is ignored, her complaints are merely treated as white noise and where she lives amongst those that think they can do as they please, without thought of consent, nor fear of consequence.


She lives in a world where equality and acceptance are words that are merely whispered on the wind, for fear that they will blow away and be forgotten. She fights daily to gain understanding and acceptance of those around her. Fights to be recognised for her ability to do things just as well, if not better than her peers of the opposite sex.


A world where instead of us collectively getting angry and holding those accountable for despicable acts, most just take the easy and weak road of acting surprised over and over again when another “good man” commits a heinous and despicable act.


A world where revered sports stars, celebrities and men of self perceived power take advantage of their pedestal based community standing and use that standing to cover up and influence outcomes of wretched actions that leave a lifetime of trauma, shame, fear and despair for the victims.


A world where in many cultures she is more valued for her cooking and cleaning skills, as opposed to valued as an equal partner in the home and family. Where she works just as hard in her workplace, yet is more often than not treated as second rate and often underpaid and under recognised for her contribution to both her workplace as well as the society she exists in.


Understand what you play with, before you try to capture her mind. She doesn’t want to give you her submission. She wants you to understand how important it is that you treat her equally, treat her with respect and treat her with dignity, especially when you subjugate her. She wants you to understand that you must earn her submission, as opposed to simply thinking you can take it...


1 week ago. Sep 13, 2021, 6:26 AM

His hand firmly around your throat.

Your little moans and whimpers silenced as you sharply inhale, feeling yourself stretch as he forcefully thrusts deep into you while looking into your eyes and growling the words


”That cunt belongs to me now. Cum for me, my little fucking whore”


1 week ago. Sep 13, 2021, 2:23 AM

She had been bratting him for a while now. Taunting him with sarcasm. She was a sweet little thing, way out of her depth of course, but he didn't want to hurt this one, so he chose to continuously ignore her bratty ways. But today she had pushed him too far. Way too far. As she walked away, she laughed.


"You are getting too old. You have passed your prime. I am young, energetic, and I'd run rings around you. You wouldn't be able to keep up. Why don't you prove me wrong..... Sirrrrrrrrrr" she sneered sarcastically.


He'd had enough. Time to teach this young piece of cunt what being in HIS prime felt like. He walked up behind her, one hand grabbing her by the hair and the other hand grabbing her roughly around her hips, and pushed her forward, pinning her to the wall, using his sheer brute force and size to hold her there.


He reached down and lifted her dress over her head. The fingers of His hand traced slowly, but deliberately, down her back, and continued down until they reached her pert little ass. He grabbed her panties and ripped them forcibly from her body, the friction of the tearing fabric burning against her skin.


She tried to resist his brute strength, and struggled against him. He slammed his body weight against her, crushing her into the wall, her head glancing off the wall, stunning her slightly. She tried to keep her legs together, but his knee pressed in between her legs, spreading them forcibly apart, exposing her pussy and ass.


He moved his hips against her, and through his jeans, she felt his big cock pressing against her, trying to escape its denim prison. She felt his hot breath against her neck, and smelt a mixture of his manly smell, along with the smell of her own pussy as she started to get wet and steam up.


She heard him unzip, and felt him reach inside his jeans. She gasped as she felt the head of his cock touch against the inside of her thigh. She felt total disbelief at the sheer size of his cock, and felt a tinge of lust begin to mix with her heightened sense of fear.


She felt mixed emotions ~ A faux sense of shame from being taken and controlled so easily; Fear and dread of being used and abused without any control; but now also felt a serious lust begin to build inside her loins, as she felt the need to feel his cock inside of her, to feel him control her, wanting to feel the the true power of his dominance, as his cock impaled her and owned her tight little pussy.


Goosebumps shot up and down her leg, as his enormous cock unraveled itself from its denim prison, and she gasped and inhaled deeply, as she felt the immense size of his manhood against her leg, pulsing and hot.


Her breathing began to labor, as she felt his powerful hips begin to grind into her, feeling his massive cock stir, as it began to move up her inner thigh towards her now saturated and dripping pussy.


Her grabbed her by the hips, moving her roughly, positioning her, so that the head of his cock was directly against the lips of her hot, wet pussy. She could feel its massive girth, and she softly whimpered as she felt it slowly stretch her pussy lips to accommodate its massive girth. Her mind raced. Was this massive cock of his going to fit into her, or was it going to split her in half?


She screamed as he pulled her towards him, at the same time plunging his cock deep into her tight little cunt. Hard, fast, brutal and balls deep. She felt his massive cock stretch her pussy, stretch it beyond anything that she had ever experienced before. Her head involuntarily fell backwards, and came to rest against his shoulder, as she let out a groan, filled with desire and lust.


She heard herself mutter "Oh fuck, don't you stop Sir. Punish my pussy please Sir. I have been a very bad little girl, and I need to be punished so hard, Sir"....


"I'm not your Sir, you little fucking cock whore" he growled "I am not your fucking Dominant. Your Dom would be gentle in comparison. I am fucking Primal. Primal is Dom's nasty motherfucking big brother. And this is not going to end pretty for you"


His hand reached up and gripped her throat, pressure building as he squeezed. He heard her gasp for air. Felt her struggle. His primal instinct began to rise. His primal was ready to hunt, ready to conquer, ready to taste it's victory. It was ready to consume the sweet prize. They were not prey until they began to show signs of struggle. Until then they were just plain fuck holes. His cock throbbed. This cunt was now his. He was going to take it down. Throat first.


1 week ago. Sep 12, 2021, 3:01 PM

Her arms and legs were bound to the bed. Blindfold over her eyes. He had been teasing and taunting her for quite some time now. A mixture of sensations, designed to maximise sensory overload


Gentle touches. Hard slaps. The pain of a pinch. Randomly placed sensations that build her towards a crescendo.


He reached for the Hitachi, pressing it against one of her nipples. He turned it on and watched her body react. Her nipple instantly becoming erect. The intake of breath.


He moved the Hitachi south, running it slowly over her stomach, working it down towards her mound.


He placed the Hitachi on her clit as he growled the words


”Cum for Daddy. Cum for me like the good little whore that you are.”


She grabbed fistfuls of the sheets as her head and back arched violently. Her body convulsed. Her cunt exploded. She screamed as the first orgasm ripped through her body.


”Good fucking girl. Who does that cunt belong to?”


She felt the second orgasm rip through her as she moaned the words


”You Daddy. This cunt belongs to you...”