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I am a published author. Want to find out what books I have published? You are more than welcome to message me for the link.

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I play with others. I have been with my wife for over 26 years. I am open and transparent with my wife and we hide nothing from each other. If I play with you, she is aware of it. Not the meat and potato of the details, but the fact that I am playing with you. If you are married or have a relationship or dynamic with another person, please ensure you are honest enough with yourself to mention to that partner who and what I am, should we progress from simply chatting, flirting or talking dirty, to actually playing. Your partner deserves your respect to let them know and you need to respect yourself enough to be honest with yourself and those closest to you. If you can’t do this, I’m not your huckleberry and you can just move the fuck along.

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Want to understand me? Read my entire profile below and you will begin to understand who I am, what drives me and how I live.

Kink is a subjective thing. What really turns me on? When I find raw and natural need in a potential partner. The mind fuck. The control. Objectification. Providing humiliation and degradation to those that truly seek that type of dynamic in a safe kink space.

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420 friendly. Freckles are my kryptonite. I enjoy the sensuality of flesh on flesh discovery and get off on the pain that someone invites me to inflict on them. Mental, psychological and physical control in a consensual manner is something I relish. If that ends up ebbing into consensual non consensual, then even better. The need of a masochist to enjoy rough, nasty and brutal is part of what floats my goat. Want to know more? Ask me...

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Holding a Bachelor degree in bukakke, a Masters degree in masturbation and a Doctorate in Doggy style, I enjoy a good laugh and prefer not to take things in life too seriously.

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I am openly pansexual. I refuse to limit my choices in life. I prefer the female form, but openly enjoy both females and males.  If I like a picture, image or video, it’s because I find it artistically inspiring or I simply like what I see, whether that is the female form and her curves, or a man’s body, his looks or his cock. Don’t like the idea of pansexual or cannot accept it, then please simply move the fuck along.

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Happy to accept all friend requests. No need to message me before sending a friends request, but if you are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, misandrist or just blatantly prejudice and unaccepting of others that differ to your perception of what should or shouldn’t be, then just move along.

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Some people seem to like my voice and my accent and have made it a fetish. Ask me for my YouTube channel in private message if you wish to hear my voice.

Understand my writing and you will begin to get a picture of who and what I like.

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A large part of my kink fed desires, lie in the discovery of mental connection and engagement. If you are going to message and engage with me, make sure the initial message is interesting and more than just “hi” or “how are you”. Bland and meaningless initial messages that don’t capture my attention, simply get deleted.

I also enjoy a good chat. Stimulating and intellectual chat. I am filthy. Not dirty. Seriously filthy. And this shines through in my erotica, my sexuality and in the way I chat with others. I don’t have a filter. I push boundaries, which can quite often offend people that are introverted. Don't like that? Then don't fucking talk to me or interact with me. That way I won’t offend you. Just move the fuck along.

I randomly come and go, dependant on my emotional capacity and ability at the time to deal with the oxygen thieves of this world. Don’t like it? Move along.

Let’s be very clear. I am not adverse to the block button, so if you end up being a fucktard or fart box tongue puncher, or a pretentious fuckwit, I will block your ass faster than a virgin teenage boy's first time with a $2 Thai street hooker. I don't tolerate fools well.

And apologies to any Thai street hookers for that generalisation above if you are reading this. That wasn't very nice of me. I didn't mean it as a negative comment towards you and your fellow Thai street hookers. I know you actually earn more than $2 per trick after the Global Financial Crisis ended. Oh wait. Covid19 came along and said hold my beer. That $2 price just got discounted...

What I do, how I do it, when I do it, where I do it and why I do it, is my business and not yours, unless I choose to share those things with you. I owe no one answers, nor do I owe anyone explanations. My life. My way. Don’t like or agree with it? Then move the fuck along.

I’ve grown up on the school of hard knocks. Have known immense love and have also endured immense and excruciating loss beyond the capacity of what I hope most in this world never gain exposure to. Soul shattering loss at the extremities of levels that a human can possibly endure and still manage to exist in a semblance of normality as we know it.

I’ve lived a full and vibrant life and enjoy the wisdom that only age and experience can give. I’m blunt and straightforward and will not hesitate to call someone a muppet if they act like one. Don’t act like a wankstain and I won’t need to call you one.

I don’t respond to rumours or hearsay. Nor do I get involved in other people’s drama fuelled agendas. If you need to embellish truth to satisfy your own need for gossip and innuendo, then continue to live in your fantasy world. I will not entertain you.

Definetely not my first rodeo with kink. I know what I enjoy and am not shy about pursuing those kinks.

Devoted to my wife. We have been together for twenty six years. She is my gravity. Without her, my world spins out of control. She is aware that I am on here. She prefers to lurk quietly in the background. Sometimes she is active, sometimes she is not. We share an open and non-monogamous relationship.

I enjoy my kink. Constantly exploring. Always evolving. I am filthy and debauched in ways that cannot be explained in words alone. My kinks run deep and dark and my desires ebb and flow like a tidal river.  I like kink interactions that are rough, nasty and what many mainstream people would potentially classify taboo.

Lover of music of all kinds, driven solely by mood of the day. I enjoy the written and spoken word and the nuances that our language contains. Music moves me, dependant upon the mood of the day and I enjoy expressing myself through writing.

There are many flavours of writers in existence in this world. I am by no means a professional writer, but I certainly enjoy writing and do so based upon my mood. How I feel on the day dictates what I write about.

If you enjoy what I write, that’s wonderful and I thank you for choosing to enjoy and share my self expression, by reading what I write and loving or commenting on any particular piece. If something I write in particular moves you, don’t hesitate to comment on my writing and let me know. I enjoy feedback and enjoy knowing my words touch some people.

If you don’t like my writing style, don’t even bother considering using my writing as a platform to grandstand and push your personal or political agendas. If you don’t like what I do or how I do it, then simply move the fuck along, otherwise I will happily kick you to the curb without a second thought.

“Not everyone likes me, my opinions or my kinks, but not everyone matters.”

Friendships & relationships are built on respect, trust and an emotional, physical and mental connection. 
My trigger warnings and hard limits go hand in hand.

* Children ~ Don't even go here. I fuck and fantasise about mature adults only (well ok, maybe the occasional senior citizen as well). If you talk to me about children sexually, I will hunt you down. I will find you. I will hurt you,... After splitting your ass in half.... without lube... And then I will introduce you to real pain...

* Animals ~ No interest in zoo or farm animals. Uh uh sista.... Keep that motherfucking donkey to yourself...

* Snuff ~ Whilst I'm the first to admit I love seriously rough and Primal play, when I say hunt and kill, I mean hunt and conquer. If it's cold and dead, it doesn't belong on my fetish table.

* Human excrement ~ I love giving and receiving rimjobs. I love fucking and stretching a good tight sexy asshole. I love perving at a nice tight ass. But that is where my assplay comes to a halt. If you are in need of a shit, and need to drop a steamy grogan, please do so on the toilet. Not on my face, chest, or any other part of my body. And let me tell you, that if you ever try to catch me unaware, and shit in my mouth, we will have serious fucking words....

* Personal Politics/ mind games ~ I have teenage kids. I actually deleted Google recently because apparently every time I tell them something, my teenagers make me aware that they allegedly know every fucking thing, and I no longer need Google because I just ask them. I have adequate mind games to play on a daily basis. Please don't contribute further to them.

* Muppet farts / Fucktards / Asshats / Wankstains ~ Do you fall into this category? Don't even bother talking to me. I have an ex-wife. She provided me with enough of this shit to last 12 lifetimes. I don't want, nor need, any more Asshats in my life. And for you non Aussies, who are wondering what the fuck a muppet fart is, it is slang for a window licking, crayon sniffing fucktard. Also known as an ignorant, belligerent fuckwit, or a common fool.

* Liars / Prevaricators ~ When speaking to me, be blunt, truthful and straight down the line, or don't fucking bother. And I know you had to Google the word prevaricator. Don't you avert your stare and fucking lie and tell me you didn't!

* Negativity ~ I've lived through enough nasty shit in my life, with its fair share of negative anchors, to fill 12 lifetimes. Don't bring me your negativity.
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