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About me
About contacting me:

Happy to accept all friend requests. If, and when, I begin to post the darker side of my erotica writing, I will be posting it as friends only. I also enjoy a good chat. Stimulating and intellectual chat. I am filthy. Not dirty. Seriously filthy. And this shines through in my erotica, my sexuality and in the way I chat with others. Don't like that? Then don't fucking talk to me. But let's be very clear. I am not adverse to the block button, so if you end up being a fucktard or fart box tongue puncher, or a pretentious fuckwit, I will block your ass faster than a virgin teenage boy's first time with a $2 Thai street hooker. I don't tolerate fools well.

And apologies to any Thai street hookers for that generalisation above if you are reading this. That wasn't very nice of me. I didn't mean it as a negative comment towards you and your fellow Thai street hookers. I know you actually earn more than $2 per trick......

Messaging me:

I try to respond to all messages as quickly as possible. I respond to messages in order of oldest being answered first. My lifestyle can be very hectic, so sometimes life simply gets in the way, and can delay my ability to respond. If this occurs, take a deep fucking breath and calm your fucking farm. No use getting upset over the time taken to get a response. I don't like demands placed on me, nor being questioned about my schedules or why I didn't respond to a fucking message in 21 seconds. I am fucking serious. I don't like demands. So much so, that I enslaved my wife to ensure she couldn't be demanding on me.... Well actually I enslaved her because she is hot as fuck, a brat, and I enjoy making her lick my ass (that's my actual ass, not a donkey you sick fucker). Well that and she once said to me that there is no way that she would ever serve someone as a slave. Really? Challenge accepted.

Trigger Warnings and Hard Limits:

My trigger warnings and hard limits go hand in hand.

Children ~ Don't even go here. I fuck and fantasise about mature adults only (well ok, maybe the occasional senior citizen as well). If you talk to me about children sexually, I will hunt you down. I will find you. I will hurt you,... After splitting your ass in half.... without lube... And then I will introduce you to real pain...

Animals ~ No interest in zoo or farm animals. Uh uh sista.... Keep that motherfucking donkey to yourself...

Snuff ~ Whilst I'm the first to admit I love seriously rough and Primal play, when I say hunt and kill, I mean hunt and conquer. If it's cold and dead, it doesn't belong on my fetish table.

Human excrement ~ I love giving and receiving rimjobs. I love fucking and stretching a good tight sexy asshole. I love perving at a nice tight ass. But that is where my assplay comes to a halt. If you are in need of a shit, and need to drop a steamy grogan, please do so on the toilet. Not on my face, chest, or any other part of my body. And let me tell you, that if you ever try to catch me unaware, and shit in my mouth, we will have serious fucking words....

Personal Politics/ mind games ~ I have teenage kids. I actually deleted Google recently because apparently every time I tell them something, my teenagers make me aware that they allegedly know every fucking thing, and I no longer need Google because I just ask them. I have adequate mind games to play on a daily basis. Please don't contribute further to them.

Muppet farts / Fucktards / Asshats ~ Do you fall into this category? Don't even bother talking to me. I have an ex-wife. She provided me with enough of this shit to last 12 lifetimes. I don't want, nor need, any more Asshats in my life. And for you non Aussies, who are wondering what the fuck a muppet fart is, it is slang for a window licking, crayon sniffing fucktard. Also known as an ignorant, belligerent fuckwit, or a common fool.

• Liars / Prevaricators ~ When speaking to me, be blunt, truthful and straight down the line, or don't fucking bother. And I know you had to Google the word prevaricator. Don't you avert your stare and fucking lie and tell me you didn't!

• Negativity ~ I've lived through enough nasty shit in my life, with its fair share of negative anchors, to fill 12 lifetimes. Don't bring me your negativity.

A line that best describes me:

"When I'm good, I'm very good... But when I'm bad, my Primal side erupts..."

A motto to live by:

"Stand proud. Say it loud. Never complain. Never explain..."

About my kink:

What am I? Other than seriously debauched, filthy and completely fucked up.... Oh wait. We are talking about kink here.... Back to topic. Focus Aussie. Focus.... Choosing 1 single role, and categorising my kink, and my roles, isn't a simple thing to do. My kink is very complex and forever evolving. I could easily categorise myself into multiple roles, but I feel that Primal is definitely my anchor kink. I identify with Primal in both my kink life as well as my real life. Over the years, as my kink has evolved, my fetishes have become very raw, darker, more non mainstream, but the changes have also helped me understand my kink much more, and helped me to define what I'm looking for in play partners.

“Explaining your kink to someone is never easy.”

What is Primal? Let me try and help you understand what Primal means to me. These 4 stories listed below should make you understand me, my head, my kink lifestyle (what Primal means). Click the links to read them. They are based upon true play events. First one is how a Primal hunts physically. Second one is about how a Primal hunts psychologically. Third one is just about being raw and Primal. Fourth one is about the darker side of Primal that sometimes raises its head in play (with the right play partner). Read them, and tell me what you think.

• Primal Physical Hunt

How a Primal hunts his pussy ... Part 1 & Part 2

• Primal Psychological Hunt

Primal doesn't ask for your orgasm. He takes it.... Like this.....

• Primal Raw Play

A gentleman will open doors, pull out chairs and carry her bags. But tonight, I am no fucking gentleman....

• Primal Darker Play

You are not safe tonight. He is coming for you. You need to run. You need to go. Oh fuck. Please. Run now......

The Primal hunts listed above are both very different hunts, but it hopefully allows you to understand the intensity behind Primal. Some understand, some don't, and others simply like to claim Primal is just a boutique title that is meaningless. That is their choice of course. But so is the option for them to continue wiping there fucking leaking Manginas.....

“Not everyone likes me, my opinions or my kinks, but not everyone matters.”

Friendships & relationships are built on respect, trust and an emotional, physical and mental connection.

My Other Web Presences:

I enjoy expressing myself on Tumblr. I have a tumblr page that allows me to highlight some of my fantasies and fetishes. The posts reflect my moods and fantasies at the time I post. Visit or scroll down below my profile here to click on the web link to my tumblr page.

My Writings - Erotica:

Click here to view an index of my various writings

I enjoy expressing myself artistically via erotic writing and recording short erotic audio books. I keep my writings I publish on Fetlife very toned down to cater for the vanilla coated main streamers in Fetlife. Please beware that some of the topics I write on are controversial, as my fetishes include darker areas such as consensual non consent. I also use very descriptive language to create effect, that some may find offensive. So if you are offended easily, are squeamish, or have a leaking mangina, please wipe it and carry on elsewhere. If you like my stories, feel free to add a love to them, or comment positively. If you don't, that is your choice of course, but I prefer you don't comment negatively on my writing style, and I won't be forced to visit your wife or partner and have a primal experience with them, that will give me materials for a new story ....

My Physical Attributes:

My size and stature matches my Primal kink. I am an ex Bodyguard, and my sheer size has always, and will continue to always, control most situations. I stand approximately 6'4" tall, and have what some describe as a very imposing stature. In full blown Primal state, I can very easily grab a woman by the throat with one hand, and lift her off the ground and pin her against the wall, while her feet dangle off the ground (always controlled and safe). My sheer strength increases exponentially when my Primal comes out. Coupled with a tolerate no fools attitude (I simply cannot stand tools, fools or muppet farts), and a very deep voice, I can see how some people take this as potentially imposing. I am very approachable though, as long as you are not a fool. If you are, let's not waste each other's time, otherwise I will have no choice but to unzip and slap you upside the head with my fucking cock..... Fun for some... But not for the fool....


Mutual respect. It's really this simple. The respect factor: Regardless of your race, background, orientation, relationship status, gender, what you're looking for, your title, or your role, I respect all men and women equally. Just because my role is Primal or Dominate in nature, doesn't mean I don't have morals or ethics. I treat all women with the respect they deserve. My erotic stories may be extreme for some, but they are based on my kinks. The only thing I ask is for the same respect given to me, that I give to you.

What I look for in a play partner:

My main aim with all play sessions, is to explore my fetishes and fantasies, refine my own skills, gain new ones, satisfy and fulfil my needs, as well as the needs of my session partner at the time, in a convenient location that provides safety, privacy as well as confidentiality. Sessions that aim to satisfy all needs discussed, and possibly explore new ones each session. At the end of the play session, to provide adequate after care, feedback and other base session items also. Play sessions that are extremely intense, mind blowing, wild, passionate and fulfilling, but once the session, and after care is over, the connection remains as friendly only until the next session occurs. True play sessions as they are meant to be. Without any complications of emotions outside of those play sessions occurring.

What floats my boat?

I have a diverse range of fetishes and fantasies, from normal, through to darker fetishes. Some have been realised and discovered, while others are yet to be experienced and played with. I love submissive or primal play partners that enjoy and / or like being involved with some / most / or all of the following -

- Edge play -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Control Play -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Slut Training
- Pain Play -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• Role Play -• -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Impact Play
- Suspension -•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Sub Training -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• Orgasm control
- Spanking -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• Hair pulling -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• Couple play
- Voyeurism -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Forced play -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Squirt Play
- Oral sex -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• Rough sex -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• Breath Play
- Rope Play -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Gang-bangs -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• Bondage
- Blindfolds -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• Foursomes -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Wax Play
- Tantra -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Exploration -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Ass Worship
- Cock Worship -•-•-•-•-•-•- Toy Play -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Cunt Worship
- Sexy Lingerie -•-•-•-•-•-•-• Props Play -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- Threesomes
- Breast play -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• G Spot simulation -•-•-•-•- Total Power Exchange
- Erotic massage -•-•-•-•-•- Leather props -•-•-•-•-•-•-• Sapiosexuality
- Sacred sexuality -•-•-•-•-• Throat Training -•-•-•-•-•-• After Care
- Mentoring / Learning -•-•- Consensual Non Consent

About my real life relationship and partner:

Happily married for 2 decades to a wonderful and understanding non vanilla partner, who is also my owned and collared property, and one of my subs, and my princess. She is also an active member of Fetlife. She is totally comfortable with me having play partners and subs. My fetishes are broader than hers, so she is totally comfortable with me searching to fulfil those fetishes through play partners, or potential play partners contacting me. Nothing in my life is hidden from her. We share everything physical as well as emotional.

Part of what powers me sexually is watching another person being turned on by what I do, so I often cater to her ever evolving fantasies and fetishes, as it REALLY turns me on to know what I do makes her pussy drip (and when she is turned on, it drips so much, that it runs down her thighs).

She does everything she can to support my needs. As do I with her. Ensuring her fantasies and fetishes are fulfilled is a very important aspect of my life.

This erotic story will make you understand how I feel about my wife

Private messages received about my wife.....

If she is such an amazing partner, why do I look for more?

The answer is intrinsically simple. Relationships falter because of mistrust or stagnated boredom. Because we accept each other's kinks and our constantly evolving need to develop sexually and find satisfaction for our own personal fetishes and fantasies. Let me explain. As stated earlier, I enjoy five or more different roles in BDSM. One of those roles is a Sadist. I love major impact play. She only enjoys low to medium impact play. So to fulfil this desire, and fetish of mine, she is comfortable with me having masochists that enjoy major impact play and intense pain. The same with humiliation. She does not enjoy being humiliated, so she is comfortable with me interacting with subs that do. Even though she doesn't enjoy it occurring to her personally, she loves watching me do it to others (fulfils her voyeuristic fetishes).

And the same with my fetishes and fantasies that involve her. I love to watch her get fucked roughly by multiple men. Even though that is not one of her fetishes, she fulfils my needs by allowing me to organise sessions and watch her get fucked savagely. The same way I have another fetish that involves her being blindfolded and for her to be tied to a chair and to suck multiple cocks in a session, without ever seeing who owns the cocks. They could pass her on the street and she would be none the wiser.

We both have many fetishes, that requires other parties to fulfil our many and varied needs and fetishes, and we willingly choose to allow ourselves to introduce those parties in order to service the various needs we have.

We share everything, in order to ensure that we never jeopardise our life partnership. She is my wife, as well as my life. We love life, we love each other, we love our kink lifestyle. There is no holding anything back from each other. We were born to be together. To share our fantasies. To share other kink. With each other, as well as with others. We have the perfect relationship that can never dissolve, nor dissipate. Something so rare, that most never experience it. And we are lucky enough to recognise and understand this, so we share everything in order to enhance it. And we support each other to ensure all of our needs are fulfilled.

Contacting My Wife:

My wife is a very, very beautiful woman, with a body that is out of this world. Sexually I have found no comparison. She loves to please. Think you can gain the interest of my wife? By all means you have my blessing to contact her. You do not need my permission to contact her. She will soon let you know if she likes what she see's or doesn't. I do however suggest you read her profile, and try to understand what floats her boat before you contact her, and definitely be able to open a dialogue with her. Simple "Hi, how are you" or "hi sexy" or "look at my cock" will get you nowhere. She is very intelligent, and enjoys a good conversation with someone that can inspire her and challenge her physically as well as mentally. And if you think she is sexy in her pictures (many of her pictures are set to friends only), then you should see her in real life. She is truly sexy as fuck. She takes care of herself, goes to the gym, eats well, and the determination and hard work shows. She has the body of someone 20 years her junior. It is fucking spectacular.

About our sexual Couple Play:

As a couple, we enjoy playing and exploring with others together also, and are always looking for other people to join in with our playtime (male and/or female singles), or an open minded couple to explore, develop and/or push our boundaries. We don't place limitations, restrictions and expectations on any encounter, but we do demand respect, morals, integrity and cleanliness. We are energetic, enthusiastic and confident in our roles, as well as our lives. We have been actively involved in swinging, and continue to enjoy that lifestyle also. Sexual health is extremely important to us. We are STD and STI free, very clean and intend to stay that way. We always meet in vanilla situations first, to see if we click with you, and of course if we click with you, and then work out the details from there.

We do not treat anyone as an object of play or a toy to just use! If you are interested in couple play with us (if you are single, or are a couple) we would like to get to know you, learn about you, and if things click, we can go from there!! We are very open to trying and learning new things, as this whole experience is truly a never ending adventure, and we love new and unknown adventures!

About my non kink side:

I enjoy driving fast cars in a very fast manner. Extremely fast.

I enjoy photography (and am dabbling in Erotic Photography).

Music is life. I love listening to a large variety, dependent entirely on my daily mood.

Two musical instruments I enjoy playing are the Saxophone and the Piano.

Reading really sates my busy mind. I enjoy a diverse range of books & authors

Writing is a passion. I have written poetry for years & recently took up writing erotica.

Cooking is a passion. I love to experiment & create taste sensations & food comas.

I enjoy studying and bettering myself as a person intellectually. At the moment, on top of having a full time career, I am also studying my way through three diplomas, before starting my next ones.

Copyrights, Intellectual Property & Rights of use:

WARNING: Legally, what's mine is mine. That's correct. Not fucking yours. If you steal my shit, I will find you. I will pin you to the fucking ground. Whether you are male or female, I will spread your fucking legs. I will spread your cheeks. I will place the head of my nice thick cock against your asshole. I will not lube it up. I will fuck you. Hard. Fast. Balls deep. I will tear you apart. Then. And only then. Will I contemplate placing a law suit on you.....

Up to you now. Do you still want to steal my shit?
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