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2 months ago. Jan 24, 2020, 5:18 AM

So I'm grounded. For 2 1/2 WEEKS. Daddy grounded me last night because I "lied" to him. I didnt understand his question so I answered it wrong and he thought I was lying to him. We talked about it, he now understands why I answered the way I didn't he still wasn't happy with how I acted about the situation anyways. 

It was originally 1 week, then I didnt put my clothes away when Daddy asked so he added an extra week. 

Then he added a 1/2 week on because he wanted me to do something for him and I said, "Sure! Daddy? If I do this thing for you, can we cut down my grounding?" STUPID I KNOW BUT I DIDNT THINK I JUST DID IT. 

My grounding isnt bad though, I just cant go anywhere, besides work, without Daddy. I want to go everywhere with him anyways so it's not all too bad. The little inside me is just secretly pouting all. The. Time. 

What ever! It will be over before I know it! 

💕Kinky Kitten

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