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Musings of a Dom .... D/s relationships through the eyes of a Dom

2 days ago. Sun 14 Jul 2019 12:32:10 AM IDT


There is something to be said about thigh highs ,a garter belt and heels. It doesn’t matter if a woman wears heels alone, or a combination of the three, it’s still an exquisite vision. 

This remains a popular fetish, and seems to be growing. As for me, there are few things sexier. I love the feel of her stockings as I  run my hands up her legs. The look of her anticipation in her eyes, waiting for  my hands to move between her legs, and feel her wetness

I love the way a garter belt frames a woman’s body. I love the sound of it snapping, the vision of the straps hanging down. I love to watch a woman walk in heels, knowing that she has to put some effort into her walk. I love the sound of her heels as she walks. I can feel my arousal growing, as I watch this poetry in motion.


3 days ago. Sat 13 Jul 2019 05:52:16 AM IDT

 She dressed as he commanded …

did as she was told

passing him on the street

as if he were a stranger


Thigh highs ... stiletto heels clicking

like a street walking beauty, smelling

like cheap perfume,

and degradation                                  


Silently, he watched … as she walked

down the alley

knowing what was to come        


There she stood, skirt hiked up

like a cold soaked whore of the night            

her scent            


Of desperation fermenting                             

like a dark bordeaux, uncorked,           

waiting to be tasted


He advanced...

his hardness straining against

the zipper

of his pants

She felt the cold steel of the cuffs

encircle her wrists, feeling his

hot breath on her neck

she listened …


As he spoke of freedom                                     

impenetrable darkness                                     

dreams sweet as vintage port                                      


Her body betrayed  her,

while his fingers traced

the outline of her shame                                     


Pushed up against the wall,    

stripped … whipped … fucked    

taken to the extreme                                      


She cried … as the acrid taste                  

of her tears                  







4 days ago. Fri 12 Jul 2019 04:01:53 AM IDT






6 days ago. Tue 09 Jul 2019 07:59:10 PM IDT

I am sure many can relate to the feeling of post orgasmic bliss. The way you feel the morning after an intense scene.  It doesn’t matter if it was online, on the phone or in a dream. You lie in bed, recounting the steps from the night before. The stirring sensation, the ache, the longing to capture that moment. The struggle to get out of bed, and detach from those feelings. I had that experience this morning. Today I woke up with … morning wood, and thoughts of you .


The alarm rings in the distance....
Not wanting to move
Morning wood evidenced in my boxers

Pulsating with thoughts of you

Sounds of last night's desperation

Adrenaline coursing through my veins

Remembering the words that fueled my desire

Please Sir, may I cum"......


I lifted  her chin, forcing her eyes to meet mine

Do you think you suffered enough whore?

Do as your told, and don’t ask again!

Your orgasms belong to me now 


She stifled a whimper...
Barely audible, yet it resonates to my core
Hips gyrating, fingers buried, just as I had ordered
I grin.....knowing what will come next


Pull your fingers out … Now!

My command is firm, words not to refuse
"Do you feel empty Whore?"
She manages a pathetic…”Yes Sir!”

Voice filled with desperation

As I shout my next command

She obeys, as I say the words she longs to hear…

The alarm continues to ring in the distance

Morning Wood, now overflowing, with thoughts of you! 



1 week ago. Sun 07 Jul 2019 04:52:10 PM IDT

Her sin ...


tasted of love's madness
the hot flavor of desire
a potent and fiery libation
spiced with sin and temptation


I pressed my lips to hers
long, slow, deliberate strokes
elegant drops of juniper
flowed across my tongue
flooding the corners of my mouth


A light aperitif
of hedonistic succulent delights
wild abandoned bliss
inside the dark recess
of her salacious lust



1 week ago. Sat 06 Jul 2019 01:56:39 PM IDT

We have all been there ... the beginning of the end. The part where you rationalize all the reasons to stay. The endless nights of restless sleep. That constant feeling in your gut, that you wish would go away. The incessant thoughts that won’t give you peace.  All of this begs the question .. how do you know it’s over ?


You know it’s over ...


When …

the music stops, the dance ends

leaving only shadows on the wall

When …

memories flicker and fade into black

like fireflies in a glass jar

When …

the winds of change no longer carry

their scent

When …

love morphs into indifference

like the numbing effect of an opiate

When …

the last curtain drops

no more encores, just an empty stage

and ...





* Never forget, when one door closes, another one paves the way to a new beginning.


1 week ago. Fri 05 Jul 2019 06:30:12 AM IDT






Brutal strength of his passion

the force of him, coaxing her to abandon





Breaking her crumbling barrier of resistance

she surrendered without thought






Freedom found … in the taking


1 week ago. Thu 04 Jul 2019 05:26:17 AM IDT

1) Your opening line is to demand a submissive  call you sir

2) The only thing you can claim, is your self appointed title ... Dom

3) You believe calling yourself a Dom makes you one !

* Note; A True Dom is not defined by his title . A True Dom defines his title  


I suggest you do a little reading before you darken another submissive’s door again !!!

Allow me to further your education.




2 weeks ago. Tue 02 Jul 2019 09:34:50 AM IDT

It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen this, felt this, I will always marvel at the indescribable beauty of a submissive in this state. A time when the connection, the gift of trust is at its peak. The moment you know your submissive is given you her all ... through her gift you were able to break the chains that bound her her .
It is at this moment I know that she is .....Mine.


I feel compelled to add, I was able to take my submissive to subspace, even in an online relationship. Difference is, before an online scene , I always make sure my submissive has a blanket, something to drink , and a treat to reward herself ... it’s usually chocolate. I then talk her through this . It is then I provide after care. I should note, this is totally dependent on the dynamics between a Dom and his sub.

2 weeks ago. Mon 01 Jul 2019 01:16:58 PM IDT

Warning: This video contains some partial nudity 


( give it a few seconds, the music will change$

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