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South Carolina, United States
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In my vanilla life I have a pretty demanding and stressful job ... that's how I justify some of my hedonistic desires. Outside of work I enjoy good food, good wine and music ... can't live without it! My  taste in music is eclectic, what I listen to depends on my mood. Favorite genres, Jazz, Blues, R&B and Sinatra. Why Sinatra? I am Italian American from NYC. Growing up I didn't know the difference between Sinatra and The Pope ... in my family both were equally revered.
I am not a big fan of television, although I admit to occasionally binge watching Netflix. I usually gravitate towards people who are intelligent and who have a great sense of humor.
In my spare time I enjoy writing poetry, cooking, reading, traveling, keeping fit, and walking on the beach. If you would like to know more, please stop by and introduce yourself.
BDSM and me
“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.”
~Mark Twain

I am an experienced, educated Dom who has been in this lifestyle for many years ... since the days of the old guard. If I were to identify myself, it would be ... a Dominant and a Daddy,  with a sadistic edge. Which hat I wear depends on the needs of my submissive.

I like pushing limits, physically as well as mentally. I am also thoughtful, caring and very protective. I don't believe you need to be harsh to be strong. I am controlling but not abusive ... if I wanted a doormat, I would be looking in Home Depot, not here.

My ideal submissive would be intelligent, quick witted and self confident enough to totally submit without fear of compromising her self worth. I am not looking for cyber or a hook up, I've had my fill of those. I’m looking for someone who I can share my life with. As we all know, in this lifestyle, especially online, it's hard to find the one. Until then, I will keep searching.
No Trump Supporters, No Children, No Scat.
Everything else is negotiable.
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Sunday, July 14, 2019
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