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Musings, whispers, thoughts, opinions, murmurs, and lessons learned from someone returning to the Lifestyle.
1 week ago. Sep 15, 2021, 1:27 AM


Y'all bastards already knew I was going to be bitching about this; and there's going to be future blogs with the same damn rant. Because its reoccurring. Plus; frankly - my old post needs an update. So here we are.

(And I’m kind of pushing the envelope because I’m doing this all in ONE take. So please excuse any fuck ups in my speaking. And I'm going to be speaking furiously fast. So do try to keep up...)



"Why was The Chimera mean to me?"

"Why was The Chimera ignoring me?"

If you're here asking those questions after PMing me, or approaching me- then this blogpost is for you!

Just as a heads up- If you decide not to listen to his, or skim it, or just don't read it at all and continue pestering me. Chances are - you're going to get blocked/ignored, and if things continue you may even get reported for harassment.
So I suggest you give this a full listen - or if you need to - READ.

"WhY wAs ThE cHiMeRa MeAn To Me? ShE's A sUb, ShE's GoTtA bE rEsPeCtFuL tO mE- i'M tHe AlPhA dOm."

Fuck you first and foremost: I'm a lady. I will be treated as such. More than likely; you came to me acting like a shit... So you're going to treat you  like shit.

  •  Approaching me with "hi slave" or "hi slut" is going to get you told off.
  • Approaching me acting like I'm some object to oggle over, or a slab of meat to drool on; will get you told off.
  • Approaching me acting as if you're going to be my new Dominant is going to get you told off.
  • Approaching me with lewd/inappropriate compliments such as "Hugh *Heavy breathing* God you're tits look so fucking hawt" is going to get you told off.
  • Sending me unwanted images of your genitals is going to get you told off (and more than likely laughed at and ridiculed mercilessly among friends.)
  • Asking me rude/inappropriate questions is going to get you told off.
  • Not respecting my dynamic/collar/boundaries is going to get you told off.
  • Flooding my inbox with messages one after the other will get you told off.
  • Sending me a cookie cutter copy/paste messages you've send 3+ other subs is going to get you told off. (Plus do I look like I'm part of a production line? Get that shit outta here.)
  • Making it painstakingly obvious you didn't bother to read my profile will get you told off.
  • Trying to pose off as asking me general questions about BDSM, only to slowly try tonose into whatever dynamic I'm in and what I do with my someone sexually behind closed doors so you can jerk-off to it is going to get you told off. (Yes this has happened. What I do sexually is none of yer goddayumn  business. And that level of desperation to get your rocks off is just *Gag noise*, not to mention pathetic.)
  • Trying to pretend that you want me to be your friend, in order to try and wedge yourself into the dynamic I'm in, or trying to use friendship with me as a means to cozy up to my Dominant- is going to get you told off. 

You wouldn't approach a stranger in a coffee shop like that would you? No? Then don't do it to me here. Just because my tag reads "submissive" doesn't make me a doormat for you to try and kick around.
I don't know you, and nor do I take kindly to people acting rude to me. If you don't have anything nice to say, then shut your fuckin' claptrap.


"Why did The Chimera ignore me?"
More than likely, you PMed me with zero context.  Some kind of one-liner to try and make small-talk. "Hello" --"Good morning" -- "Good evening" -- "Hi" --"Hi how r u?" -- "hi wanna chat?"
If you're new,  great. Welcome to The Cage, just...  take a look around before you start PMing people. Feel the site out.

If you need help or want to learn, you're more welcome to ask. Just don't place a single liner of "hi" at me. There's SO many ways to start a decent conversation. 

If you're too lazy or busy to actually start a proper conversation with context. Then I'm too lazy n' busy to respond.


However, if you come to me and pretend to want to learn about BDSM and what I know - however don't use that as a gateway to try and fish information about I do sexually behind closed doors. Chances are I'll just drop you, or you're just going to get told off.


"Can we still be friends?"
Maybe?  If you cannot respect my Dynamic or my boundaries- Then, no, we cannot be friends.

3 months ago. Jun 2, 2021, 5:19 PM





"Oho..? What's this?~
Well.. Hello there guys gals and Non-binary pals. It's your girl Chimera.

Uh, lookit this lovely feature we've got going - Thank you Cage Staff for allowing us the ability have actual video--Not video-- Good God- Gimme a minute and let me take another sip of coffee. What the fuck am I talking about?
**Sippy slurp**

Alright - lemme try that again.
Thank you Cage Mods for allowing us this lovely feature of actually doing --Voice Blogging (Video blogging- Jesus Christ) - Voice Blogging. Yes.

So with that lovely new features I tend to find I enjoy speaking more than writing sometimes, because it allows for me to squeeze in little jokes and antidotes; and sometimes hearing a goofy voice can change everything.

so I think I'm going go back over my older blog posts and record them for you that way you have something to listen to as opposed to stopping and reading. Uhm - I'm on the fence if I do go ahead and start video-- (God, I'm stuck on Video.) -- You guys are never seeing me on video by the way; Fuck that - unless you go to the deepest parts of the deep web, shhhh... 

But no, Uhm - I might do some-- some recorded blogs. Yeah - Some recorded blogs. That way uh - There will still be artwork accompanying it. I might actually do closed captioning underneath so those who don't want to listen to my 16 year old sounding voice -- Which I'm not 16, I'm 32. SHH!

People will have that option to read instead of listening to the actual recording.

Sooooo-- YEAH!

Let's do this!

Wigglefloof - OUT!

8 months ago. Jan 5, 2021, 7:27 PM

Firstly, I apologize for my lack of blog posts.  I've been very busy with passing holidays, and my job has picked up it's pace.

To begin, I'll say I don't have children, and frankly I'm very much on the fence of having children in the future. 
In return, I have 2 sugar gliders that are - essentially, like my children.

People sometimes scoff at me, or say "They're just tiny rats, what love can they give?" and usually those kind of people with those comments I pity; because they don't understand nor have they ever had that deep or intense of love or relationship with any animal.

It always surprises me, how much love animals can give so unconditionally. Without bias, or without underlying intent. Just pure love. Even in the smallest and seemingly "brainless" of animals.

Coming back around to my point: I figure I'd take a moment to share a sweeter, intimate moment with my Fur-babies.

This morning has not been a pleasant morning. I woke up with a jerk from my phone alarm and it felt like sin to leave my bed. The air was cool, and I had just hit that beautiful warm pocket where the bed is MOST comfortable... Figures.

I roll myself out of bed, and try to make a cup of tea, only to have the water spill onto my hand - damn near dropping the kettle onto my bare feet in the process of nursing fresh burns.

Managing to stumble back to my domicile/office (My bedroom) I manage to set up my work station and clock in.

I work in finance, so a lot of businesses are scrambling to finish their end-of-year business and get everything situated for the new 2021 year.
Translated:? I'm busy. Very very busy.

I can't/won't give deep details - but one very very large client has decided to take it upon themselves to issue an Email to their suppliers they do business with. Informing them of an upcoming payment. Most of them with high dollar amounts.
And of course - not issue the payment behind it. (Mind you I work with well over 300 client-companies. So one big one pulling this move is extremely cumbersome.)  So majority of my phonecalls today have been suppliers for this primary company. Questioning where their money is. This right after the passing holidays?
Everyone wants to be paid as soon as possible...

So I've been spending majority of my morning taking calls, using skills of soothing and ass-patting to reassure suppliers that yes; they are getting paid. Yes, we are speaking with the client. No, I cannot forcefully send the money since I'm with the issuing bank.

Then comes my sugar gliders. SUPPOSED to be Nocturnal. But Giliath has taken it upon herself to grab her favorite toy- which is her toddler baby keys. --Yes. They have toddler toys in their cage. Primarily this plastic jailer-ring with fake plastic keys of which, Gili has taken the obsessive shine to. -- and rattle them all over the cage, slap them against the bars, and in her attempt to hide them in one of the hidey holes- which might I mention is too small for them to fit- she drops them to the floor of the cage in a clatter.  Then, there's Ithildin is perched in her wheel, barking. (Yes, Barking.)
For those of you who do not know Sugar Gliders (which I imagine is a good many, since they're considered an exotic animal.)  The link below provides an example of a Sugar Glider barking.

Adorable when you first hear it. Nails on chalkboard, scratch at your ears, "I-will-not-eat-my-pet"- mantra inducing irritation after 2 hours of this. To boot, my suppliers can hear them on my RECORDED phone calls when I'm supposed to be working for a bank...
Damned it all.

When I finally get off a call and find a moment; I get up and tried to soothe them. Give them a treat, pet them, mutter to them "I love you, you assholes." and try to tuck them into their pouch for a good-day's sleep. Since it's pushing 11am and for whatever reason - they're still awake!

I pull on my hoodie and try to hide them in the modified arm rest. I had the openings covered with mesh and the top of the arm warmer has a zipper installed. So both sugar gliders can sleep in my hoodie in a make-shift pouch and I don't have to worry about them getting loose if they decide to wake up.
Nope. That wasn't going to cut it today. Ithildin zipped out of the hand-warmer and bee-lined for my hair to hide behind my neck. Giliath decided it was more interesting to jump back to the cage, run around, then jump back on to me, pee on my hoodie, and then go back into the cage. That's what she thought of the damnedable arm warmer this morning.

Needless to say, my morning was getting my blood pressure up. I managed to shake both marsupials off into the cage. Ripped my hoodie off, opened the cage again to try and wheedle them into their pouch so they would sleep.
Both of them raced back up my arm to my shoulder. Then down my chest and burrowed into my shirt.  Now, sometimes yes. They do sleep in my shirt, or they sleep in my hoodie.
Both tit-gremlins nestled in-between my breasts and managed to make almost like a hammock out of my tank-top and stare up at me with the most adoring eyes, then they gave me the "Sleepy squint" as fatigue overtook them,  then curled up and went sleep. It seemed today, they wanted "Tree-Mommy." (Me.)

Example of said "Sleepy Squint"  - Ithildin, 2016

I couldn't stay angry or frustrated. Instead, I felt my heart overflow and I cried a little bit. It's like they knew I just needed some love.  Placated and unable to be angry. How can I get frustrated or angry when I have them so close? 
So easily they took my crappy morning, and flipped it. It utterly astounds me how 2 tiny animals - can be so full of love and devotion.

So often people dismiss even the smallest animals as brainless or stupid. When that couldn't be further from the truth.

Regrettably, I cannot take a picture of both sugar gliders currently because they're deep in my tits, and frankly. Even if I did take a picture - you probably wouldn't see them past the bright pale white of my flesh.

So instead have a few better pictures.


(Yes, they are holding hands in that picture. I about died from the cuteness too.)




Have a good day, ladies.

And have a good day- reader/Cage Dwellers.

9 months ago. Dec 18, 2020, 10:00 PM

When an Insta-Dom see's a new Sub on The Cage.

When a Brat pushes her Dom and he grabs the flogger.


When a Dom sees his sub bend over.


When you open a new toy-box and find the pristine new toy inside.


As a primal, you see your prey trying to flee.


Daddy holds up a new stuffie for you.


Got a caption that fits? Let's see it.

9 months ago. Dec 7, 2020, 1:06 AM



As always, I gotta thank SSG for the awesome activity. She's constantly coming up with good ones. You can find her original blogpost here. 


Truthfully, I spent majority of time in bed. I've been battling a Migraine again, and it's just not wanting to let up - so I may be posting art belatedly since I didn't get to draw today.

But here's a few pieces I finished recently!

A roleplay character of mine named Nuri - She's a pyromancer, and usually is found running with her street gang. (What? Even superhumans make crappy decisions.)


A friend's roleplay character I wanted to draw. He's a bit of a crooked character- which is so much fun. Often times, people want to play the hero, champion. Villains have so much more fun~
Plus it was really fun to practice drawing a man's face instead of a woman's. This friend's character is somewhat effeminate. So it's a nice transition to play with!



And lastly; you guys have seen this lovely lady before. This is my bard character. Sassy as ever~



:::EDIT::: I Just realized they ALL have "The people's brow" lift going.  Whoops.

Here's a break in the monotony. A 'lil old, but a good expression I've made before.

9 months ago. Dec 5, 2020, 8:53 PM

I can't help it. I've seen so many people enter such fantastic remakes of classic tunes, I just gotta go again!

The "Kinkmas" challenge is where you take holiday/Christmas songs, and swap the lyrics around. They can be as raunchy or as goofy as you want it to be. The Theme to stay within is "kink."

Everyone's invited to join if they want to participate!

Here's the link to my original blogpost~ Has my renditions of "Jingle Bells" Brat version and 12 days of Kinkmas.

(I think Master might enjoy this one.)
O Cum, oh ye subby.

O cum, oh ye subby
Forceful and so sloppy.
O cum ye, o cum ye to Master's hand.
Cum and be held by Him
Aftercare with stuffies!!!!~

O come, let us adore Him
O come, let us adore Him
O come, let us adore Him
Our Dear Master.


9 months ago. Dec 4, 2020, 7:49 PM



This is an open challenge to all~ Take your favorite Christmas song, or Christmas Carol and Kink it up!

I'll begin. A couple examples.


Bratty Jingle bells-

Dashing down the hall~
With my Dom hot on my heels.
I said "No!" to his order
In giggle-fits and squeals.

HAHAHAH! (Oh shit)

That belt is gonna sting.
Especially when it hits my thighs.
Oh what painful fun it is
to be a brat all goddamn night.

Oh, being a brat- being a brat,
I'll push the rules to see-
I'll push the rules really far to see if Daddy will get mad with me~


12 Days of Kinkmas.

On the 1st day of Kinkmas, my loving Dom gave me-
A cute aftercare stuffie.


On the 2nd day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie.


On the 3rd day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie.


On the 4th day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
four restraints,
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie.


On the 5th day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
(Sing this part obnoxiously loud) fiiiiiiiiive sloppy orgasms!~
four restraints,
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie.


On the 6th day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
six open palm spanks,
 fiiiiiiiiive sloppy orgasms!~
four restraints,
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie. 


On the 7th day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
Seven feet of rope,
six open palm spanks,
 fiiiiiiiiive sloppy orgasms!~
four restraints,
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie. 


On the 8th day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
Eight minutes of corner time.
Seven feet of rope,
six open palm spanks,
 fiiiiiiiiive sloppy orgasms!~
four restraints,
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie. 


On the 9th day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
A Cat o' nine tails!
Eight minutes of corner time.
Seven feet of rope,
six open palm spanks,
 fiiiiiiiiive sloppy orgasms!~
four restraints,
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie. 


On the 10th day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
Ten headpats,
A Cat o' nine tails!
Eight minutes of corner time.
Seven feet of rope,
six open palm spanks,
 fiiiiiiiiive sloppy orgasms!~
four restraints,
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie. 


On the 11th day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
Eleven submissive poses to learn
Ten headpats,
A Cat o' nine tails!
Eight minutes of corner time.
Seven feet of rope,
six open palm spanks,
 fiiiiiiiiive sloppy orgasms!~
four restraints,
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie. 


On the 12th day of Kinkmas my loving Dom gave me-
Twelve Dynamic rules!
Eleven submissive poses
Ten headpats,
A Cat o' nine tails!
Eight minutes of corner time.
Seven feet of rope,
six open palm spanks,
 fiiiiiiiiive sloppy orgasms!~
four restraints,
three leather floggers,
two nipple clamps,
and a cute aftercare stuffie. 



Lemme see what you guys come up with. I have a feeling this is going to be absolutely hilarious.

9 months ago. Dec 4, 2020, 4:35 PM

"Wear a mask,
Wear a mask,
Get your head out of your ass~♪♫"

Mrs.Potts went right for every Karen's throat in this.



10 months ago. Nov 13, 2020, 9:13 PM

Afternoon Cage Dwellers.

I've noticed an upsurge in some naughty traits some folks have [and not the fun kind either.]


Shall we discuss? And no, this is not aimed at any one person, this is quite a few people I've observed over time be it on this site, or on others.


Passive aggressiveness is a big one. 

I have 0 tolerance for it. Passive aggressive actions/words only really serve to cause more trouble and stir the pot, but it tells me you don't have the spine to talk to me like an adult and tell me flatly you either have an issue, or you just don't like me. Trying to make snide little comments, or actions will only serve in meeting my silver tongue in a lashing, or just getting outright ignored.

It's quite alright if you don't like me. I didn't come to this site expecting everyone to be buddies with me.

I speak my mind, I'll call things as I see it, I'm confrontational, and I know I can be abrasive.

Not everyone likes nor handles that well.

But there's no need to act like an invertebrate around me. [Spineless. I'm calling you Spineless. Grow a goddamn backbone.]


I also have a low to no tolerance for willfully stupid people either. When I say this, I don't mean someone who is ignorant. There's a difference between ignorance and stupidity in my opinion. Ignorance, there's the chance to learn and grow. You can't know what you've never learned about.

Willful stupidity is more along the lines of shutting off the will to learn or grow, the incessant need to talk out of your assend just to hear [or read] yourself speaking. There's a refusal to stop, observe, or consider what's around, what's said, or what's happening.

Like I said. Willful stupidity. It's obnoxious and only shows how uneducated/uninformed you are...


One of the other traits I've noticed is compulsive lying.

I pride myself on actively listening to others. I observe and watch a lot. I've caught a few people mid-lie about different things. Not even big lies either: like saying they're single to a potential submissive they're interested in [when they told me they were married 2 weeks prior], but stupid little frivolous things. Like owning 3 cars one day when I had saw that person bemoaning their car was dead and they own no other vehicles to use a few days later...

Why lie? Just doesn't make sense. It doesn't make you look better, it doesn't benefit you, it doesn't provide any benefit to you or the other person. (Granted using lies for those things is still equally wrong.)  and commonly if someone will lie about small things, they'll lie about important things.


And a final one is childish behavior.
"Chimera, you're immature yourself..."
Notice I didn't say "Immaturity" in general. I more mean childish behavior such as leaving snide comments in historical blogposts you had to burrow into my history to comment on, deliberately trying to start issues with others, trying to spread rumors about others, or playground antics of base name-calling.

Sorry, I'm not here to babysit, or re-enact "Mean Girls" with anyone.



If you have a habit of these traits, chances are we're not going to get along and you're not going to like me much.

 Usually, (even if I dislike someone) I'll generally try to be polite, civil, and leave that other person be.  It's when you bring those traits directly to me or push me do I really go off.


What are some naughty traits you all have found in your ventures? I'm curious to see what others have encountered.

10 months ago. Oct 27, 2020, 6:02 AM

I'm the light every night in your world.
Are you ready to watch me be legendary? '
Cuz I'm--

You wish on me in my glitter light.
First star you see tonight.
So wish away, wish with all your might!
Upon this radiant sight!

The stars ignite-
They flame from dust-
Born out of gravity and force, they combust.

And though they try in rivalry-
They'll never shine bright as me!

I'm the light every night in your world-eh-
You revel in the glory of my beauty.
Ya ready to watch me be legendary?
'Cuz I'm ultra-luminary



I watched the movie "Over the Moon" and the song Ultraluminary by Phillipa Soo has been STUCK in my brain, and I can't shake it.

So I figured I'd free-sketch while blasting it on repeat- this is what came out.



Which is interesting to me, considering that the Japanese and Chinese believe in Fox Spirits that can transform into a beautiful woman in order to trick others.
And the Finnish believe in "revontulet" which translates to "Fox Fires" which is known to us as Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis~

Interesting mash of two cultures into one... I wasn't fully expecting it.