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In short: College student and part-time starving artist~ Full-time smartass.

Artwork found on my profile and on my blog are copyrighted to me, please do not copy, resuse, sell, repost, or redistribute my work without my permission.

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Me? I am the epitome of duality. I am a conglomerate of different things - in all aspects of my being. Hence the name "Chimera." (A creature that is a blend of many different things.)

I am snarky, clever, and witty. I can be empathetic, kind, and caring. I can also be quite cynical, jaded, and sardonic; as well as I can be quite sharp, intimidating, and irascible. There are many facets to my personality.

I pride myself on being flexible and able to ebb, flow, and adapt in the same manner that water fills different receptacles of varying shapes and sizes.

BDSM and me


Tag reads "submissive" I'd more say I'm a Switch with Submissive tendencies.

 I've found that my submission is very much like the attention you get from a wild animal you've befriended.  Still very much wild, even feral. I'm very high spirited, and even a bit unruly a times. A misstep and you could get a nasty bite.  But my submission is a gift to those who are strong and gentle enough to keep me.



My personal hard limits sexually/relationship wise will be dicussed with my Dominant privately. These are of no concern to the general populous.


For general public: I have a very low tolerance for willful ignorance, stupidity, bigots, racists, homophobics, fascists, or supporters of fascists, enablers, desperate people, pathological liars, disrespectful people, and people who disrespect my dynamic/collar.

For those who'd like to push my limits - I will say regrettably. I have a silver tongue and I use it well. I can be confrontational and I'm not afraid to tell you off publicly if you're acting out in a public setting.

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