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taxi and his ladies

A poly family.We are 5 mothers 2 grandmothers an aunt and me sir James.
6 months ago. Oct 5, 2019, 3:30 AM

I am being serious it takes a few years before you are ready there are no shortcuts in learning. First and foremost do you want the responsibility of taking a submissive under you? Second, can you handle the responsibility? because make no mistake the real name of the game when all is said a done is RESPONSIBILITY. You and no one else is responsible. She may earn money and be good at it but it is you who is responsible for paying the bills. You see here is where too many messes up they are not really ready to pay for there subs as well as themselves. They think it is all whips and chains and no responsibility. Well, I am here to tell you D/s is even more work then a vanilla relationship. now I will give you a list of things that you will need. 1) you will need a mentor to tell you all the things you miss I suggest strongly someone who has 20 years' experience. 2) you will spend a good deal of money learning classes are not cheap 3) practice practice practice for the rest of your life. 3) take advanced first aid and keep it up to date and relevant. I will suggest classes in rope under a master of rope, I will also learn for a normal restraint master ( remember even leather cuffs can cause damage.) now let us discuss instruments of punishment there are so many I will not attempt to list them all so let us go with impact play pretty standard right, wrong each instrument is different and you should know each one before you use it on a sub remember she is trusting you to know how to inflict pain without damage. and don't take it that a crop will handle the same as a flail or a whip they are all different and handle differently so here it comes PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. you will also have a need for a lawyer they will draw up the contract you use for both one in training to be your sub and if you are lucky to find the one or ones the bonding contract. Maby I will do a blog on contract importance for our lifestyle. we will see. you should have a good doctor who understands the lifestyle and will not be calling the police all the time. Don't laugh it been known to happen more than once If you have done all this and you think you are ready I would recommend going and spending time at a commercial dungeon and talking to the owner she will have someone who will let you practice and will help you with fine-tuning your technic now you may go looking for the right one. remember this is the best advice I can give you if you are a couple thinking of getting into this together seek advice and training with another experienced couple there are several right here. who have offered their advice take them up sub to sub and dom to dom!       


NOTE; if you have reached this point let me tell you one of your primary jobs is to listen to her never, never ignore her.                           

T slave​(sub female){Owned} - Good advise, thank you.
5 months ago

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