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taxi and his ladies

A poly family.We are 5 mothers 2 grandmothers an aunt and me sir James.
3 months ago. Dec 24, 2019, 10:29 AM

thanks to my current sub's they suggest that this year I open up to others who never knew her. we lost Jane and Ann on new years night 2 years ago to a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel. and since we light a bonfire to celebrate there lives they think they would like to open it to others. leave a wish, gripe you want to let go of, resolution for the new year, or just the gift of love for the world. 


each comment will be printed and cut to feed the fire I is my hope to have many to add to this years fire. 

insanityizgood​(sub female){Owned4Now} - I hope my partner will take more responsibility for our family & help me more.
3 months ago

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