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1 year ago. June 19, 2022 at 8:39 AM

I decided to post this story I started back in May 2021. I am still working on it so...if you like it I will give a part 2!

Also forgive me because it is kinda long!

Happy Reading...




Her heart was beating and pounding. Even though she recently started working at Joey Drew Studios as a janitor working under the head of maintenance, Wally Franks, she already had her obsession. She had to clean the art studio area, those cartoonists were always so messy, and Joey Drew’s office every Tuesday and Thursday, but the area she seemed to clean the most was the Music Department. Sometimes she would pick up crumpled music sheets that were left behind the seats at the orchestra area. She swept up the dust that the musician’s shoes would drag in from the outside. She emptied out the trash cans and cleaned the windows, dusted the desks and stocked first aid kit items in the infirmary. She knew her position wasn’t great, but it paid the bills. Also, she had an added benefit of working there; Sammy. The way he stood so tall, with his sleek blonde hair, the way he led the musicians, the way he slammed the door when he was upset. Okay, maybe not the last part. He was uppity every day and honestly, he didn’t even think to look at the janitorial staff, except when he demanded something to be cleaned or fixed. When he wasn’t busy with the orchestra, he was holed up in his sanctuary. She knew about the sanctuary because of her boss Wally Franks. One time she took out the trash and swept in there the one time he went home early. Mr. Franks made sure she didn’t stay there very long because he already knew how Sammy Lawrence was about his personal area. If one sheet of music was out of place he would make a scene about it and possibly tell Joey Drew. Wally Franks had been chewed out by Sammy many times before so he wanted to make sure that Mabel didn’t get the same type of treatment although Sammy did not screech at women. He was known to be crass with everyone around him. He knew how to do his job very well which was why Joey Drew was highly dependent on him to make the music for the cartoons. Still, it would have been much better if he wasn’t a crumb.

It was Friday and everyone was anxious to get home on this particularly hot September day. Mabel got paid to show up 8-5 pm with a 1-hour lunch, 5 days a week and that was it. She had already heard some rumors that Joey Drew’s Studios wasn’t doing good financially as it seemed. Everyone did have their space to work in, their supplies, their break rooms to eat their lunches and gossip in, but she heard that people were starting to get their checks late. Hopefully, that wasn’t the case and if it were, it would get fixed soon. Fridays were not Mabel’s favorite days and because of that, she would do her best to leave cleaning the music department for last. She wanted one look at him before her long weekend. He always seemed so busy all the time. It was like she couldn’t really catch his gaze very well, only a side profile of his aquiline nose and sharp chin. She wanted to look directly into his eyes. She wanted to see his pale complexion up close. She absolutely loved that he was tall. She guessed he was about 6 foot give or take. She always liked the long-legged type of guys, they made her feel...protected? Hell, what was she talking about, she wasn’t Mr. Lawrence’s type. She was more on the rotund side. Mabel was sure Sammy liked those beautiful, petite voice actresses that she saw go in and out of the studio. She was sure Sammy was very charming with them.


On this particular Friday, time seemed to go faster than normal. It was already 3:30 pm, less than 2 hours until home time. She lived with her 2 older sisters, Patricia and Bonnie as they were her only family nearby. She loved them but what she didn’t like was that they would go out on the weekend and flirt and smooch on the soldiers coming home from the war. She didn’t see the reason for that behavior. She was always a stay-at-home kind of gal that loved to read which always perplexed her siblings. They would always smell like cigarettes and gin when they came back from the nightclubs which vexed Mabel and sometimes they even brought home those young men.. This thought irritated Mabel so she did her best to find some more work to do. She went to Wally, who was down in the music department running around looking like a chicken with no head. She also heard him muttering frantically about losing his keys. She tapped his shoulder as gingerly as she could.

“Dammit Maybel, don’t sneak up on me like that!” 

“Sorry Mr., I just wanted to know if there is anything you need me to do down here. I cleaned all the departments for today.” 

“Uhm,” Wally looked over his shoulder, “reorganize the chairs in the orchestra area and make sure the piano is dusted and covered. I doubt anyone is coming in this weekend to record.” 

“Ok, sir and is that i-…”

“And you can go and clean out Mr. Lawrence’s office too, you know, the other room he goes into. I overheard him saying he would be leaving early today. I'll unlock it now and lock it up when you are done,” Wally added.

Mabel’s heart did back flips.

“Also, the accounting department gave me the check to give you. Enjoy.” Wally gave Mabel a blank white envelope and walked away.

This was turning out to be a great Friday. 

Mabel went to get a cup of water from the break room and went back down to utility shaft 9. It was really warm in this area and she was starting to sweat already. She was going to get another cup of water but decided against it and went straight to Mr. Lawrence’s office “sanctuary” as she saw that Wally unlocked it like he said he would. She decided to look around for a bit. It was already 4:10 pm so no one should have been coming by. The toilet looked clean (yes, a toilet in the office, very strange) so she didn’t have to worry about cleaning that.


While she was pouring the trash from the bin into a trash bag, she noticed something that Mr. Lawrence seemed to be working on. She took the partially crumpled paper out of the bag and smoothed it out. It was a music sheet titled The Lighter Side of Hell. It had a lot of marks through it and comments about when crescendos were needed and which sections should have more horns and fewer violins. Interestingly, in the corner of the paper, there was a little drawing of Bendy. She’d seen that little devilish cartoon before. A lot of artists drew him doing different things like riding a horse, going on adventures with his friends Alice Angel and Boris The Wolf, and handling the Butcher Gang. Bendy’s smile was a little weird to be sure, but Maybel thought it was adorable. All of the sudden, she heard a creak which caused her to jump. “Hi, uh, Mr. Franks, I was just about to-” Mabel turned around and became wide-eyed and in shock at whom she saw. 

“What are you doing here?” Sammy Lawrence seethed. Mabel dropped the paper she was holding and it descended in slow motion underneath his desk out of view.

“I asked you a question!” He demanded as he eyed his musical work fall from Mabel’s shaking hands.

“I-uhh-umm, umm, I was told I could clean in here,” Mabel murmured, wringing her hands together.

“And Wally Franks told you you could?” Sammy asked incredulously, leaning on the doorway with his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised.

Looking down, she nodded her head. She couldn’t look directly at his face right now. His tone sounded biting and his words heated. But those eyes. She finally caught a glimpse of them even in her panic. They were captivating indeed. Blue with a hint of gray, frosty, with premature wrinkles due to the stress at his job no less. Light-colored eyebrows that seemed to permanently form a scowl also accentuated the intensity of his glare. And speaking of eyebrows, that raised eyebrow...yikes...she could already feel a stirring way below her belly that she was trying to pretend was not there.

“Unbelievable!” I oughta tell Joey about this!” Sammy muttered. 

Maybel drew in a quick breath. She didn’t want to get in trouble or Wally in trouble for that matter. She felt the sting of tears in her eyes, but it went away. She managed to look him in the eyes, although she quickly focused her gaze on his tie.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come in here. I didn’t mean to look through your things. I-”

“Sammy!” Wally yelled out. He looked distressed.

Sammy turned around, his arm outstretched on the threshold. And before Sammy could say anything-

“I told Mabel to clean your private office. We weren’t expecting you to be here. I thought you wanted to start your weekend early,” Wally tried to explain matter-of-fact.

“Well, Wally,” Sammy said dangerously, “you need to ask me before you send your help over here in my private office,” he gestured to Mabel. 

Mabel thought she heard Wally trying to defend her but she wasn’t sure. She had already grabbed the trash bag she had tied up earlier and ran out of there going under Sammy’s arm. She tried not to look at him, but somehow she still felt his icy gaze upon her as she went to the first floor.

Mabel lay in bed that night well past a decent hour. Why was Mr. Lawrence so insolent? Or should she just think of him as just Sammy…or Sam? He didn’t deserve a title. What a mean-spirited man. Her old bed made creaking sounds as she tossed and turned. Mabel closed her eyes and pulled the sheet to her chin, but when she did, she saw his face. Those cold eyes. That gravelly voice. The raised eyebrow. Woah. She shouldn’t have thought about that. Dammit to hell Mabel, stop thinking about him! Go to sleep. Maybel tried to reason with herself with little success. Then Mabel decided to try something even though she didn’t have much progress with it. She was a little ashamed but it did make her feel good when she could manage to get a rhythm going. She slipped her hand under the sheet and guided it down to the top of her underwear. She traced the band of the cotton panties before tracing a finger to the crotch area and moving aside the fabric and was greeted by a great deal of moistness. Wait, why was she wet? It couldn’t be because! She shrugged the intrusive thought away and  guided her middle finger over her clit area. She felt clumsy rubbing it, but it was begging to be touched. Just the thought of doing something naughty with herself made her feel alive. Mabel had never had a man touch her in any way that was this sexual. At this moment, she sort of wished she had someone in bed with her, holding her, kissing her, touching her. Since she was a sheepish person, she didn’t attract the attention of the opposite sex very much. She went out with a couple of boys in high school, but the relationship didn’t last very long with either of them. Plus, being in The Big Apple, she hardly stood out with all the people that lived there. Even in her apartment, with her khaki-wacky sisters, they were just poor souls trying to make it day-to-day. Sigh. She was thinking way too much. Mabel tried her best to relax into her body, especially because she was exhausted. She was getting sleepy now but kept trying to pleasure herself albeit haphazardly. Just as she was about to abandon her goal, his eyes came in her mind like they were bored into her soul.  Somehow, it was like he could see right through her. Speaking of that, did he know that she thought about him a lot although he was acting like an ass hat-oh shit, she felt her finger glide faster and faster! Her juices overflowed and it was like she couldn’t stop. She felt a feeling like nothing she ever felt before; it was like heat...tension...and then...release! Oh, fuck did that feel awesome. Her nipples tightened so hard that they ached which made her gasp. She waited for her ragged breath to slow down so she could finally sleep…and ohh did her slumber come fast!


Monday came and Mabel felt harried more than usual. Joey Drew has ordered Wally Franks to tell her to clean his office today on top of everything else. The day went by like an exhausting blur..  

“Mabel! Go down to utility shaft 9 after your lunch break,” Wally yelled while looking in the janitor’s closet making a commotion. Mabel nodded her head in agreement but inside she wasn’t so sure. She didn’t want to see Sammy Lawrence....or did she? Honestly, she didn’t know. Her break went too quick and she hesitantly went down the stuffy music department into the infirmary. She did some cleaning and started looking at the wastebaskets for some trash. When she was done she went back upstairs to grab the broom and dustpan from the closet and started sweeping. She made her way to the orchestra area. Behind the chairs, there was a big screen that showed Bendy cartoons and it looked like it had recently been showing something as lights flickered on a blank screen. Then that’s when she felt it…like someone was watching her. She looked up at the balcony but all she could see was a trail of dust illuminated by the projector above her.

“Mr. Polk? Is that you?” Mabel asked, confused. “Yup, don’t mind me, I’m just checking this feed spool here.” Norman Polk answered back casually. “Oh ok, well hopefully I’m not bothering you!” Mabel answered back. “You’re fine ma’am.” Norman got up and Mabel heard him dusting off his pants. “Imma go get a cup of joe from the break room, do you want anything?” Norman asked as he got up from his chair. “No, I just came back from my break, thanks though,” Mabel shouted. “Alright, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” She watched as Mr. Polk descended the stairs and out of view. “2:30 pm already. Whew, I’m winded! Maybe, I should have taken up Mr. Polk’s offer,” Mabel muttered to herself. 

As she was sweeping, that’s when she heard a familiar voice, low and gravelly. Through the partially opened door of Sammy’s office, she heard him talking to Jack Fain, the lyricist. Jack was a quiet and reserved person, that she knew. She also knew that they were busy meeting deadlines and they both looked engrossed in their work. Then she heard the door close and saw Jack Fain slip away to his work station which was below the infirmary. It stunk to high heaven where Jack got his work done but he did not mind in the least. I think he got his best work done in private and silence.  Mabel was about done sweeping the area when she heard Sammy’s door open again. It was a little creak that Mabel noticed. Then, she heard Norman Polk ascend the steps with his coffee in hand and she decided to talk to him since she was itching to talk with someone and if she was being honest with herself, anxious to see a certain someone. As she was about to head over to her salvation…

(Gravelly voice)



“Come here.” 

“In your office, sir?”


Mabel set the broom and dustpan aside and proceeded to cautiously walk into Mr. Lawrence’s office. My Lord, he is tall! She thought to herself. He opened the door a little bit more for Mabel then closed the door slowly. It closed with a distinct click.

“Please sit.”

Mabel blanked out for a second and then realized what he was asking and sat down quickly while tucking her blue skirt underneath her legs. 

“Mr. Lawrence, um, why did you call me in?”

He clasped his hands together and put his chin on them for support.

“I just want to be clear…” he maintained, “that going through a person’s personal effects is not allowed. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves actually.” He then proceeded to take something out of his drawer. Mabel recognized it and her eyes widened. It was his musical work she was looking at on Friday. She started to stammer an excuse which Mr. Lawrence raised his hand to her useless apology.

“My musical work is very near and dear to me. If I make a mistake, Joey will bust my chops. When I don’t like something, I’m done with it which is why it was in the trash,” he said as he eyed Mabel carefully. “What made you want to pick this up anyway?” 

“I uh-just thought the title seemed neat. I mean...I heard some of your compositions. I think they sound great. I didn’t understand why that was in the trash, that’s all,” Mabel said, wringing her hands.

She felt like she was going to fall apart at any moment. She was sure after Friday’s shenanigans that she would disavow men, but now here she was feeling very small, like a child, only she wasn’t a child. Also, she kind of liked this feeling, like she wanted this reprimanding. She couldn’t quite describe it, but she knew that she didn’t want to leave his office. Even though his behavior seemed morose when she came in, she knew that due to his temperamental behavior she had observed last week, he could change any moment. And boy, that did that excite her in places she knew were naughty. Her thoughts were jolted when he slammed the drawer shut to put the music sheet away. Like she had thought. Temperamental.


“So…what are we going to do about your behavior?” 

“How do you mean Mr. Lawrence?” 

“You know exactly what I mean.”

“I don’t actually...” her voice trailed off and her heart thumped profusely. 

Mabel eyed him standing up from the chair that made a scraping sound against the floor and observed him tug another drawer to pull something out; a wooden ruler. Mabel gulped.

“I got this from the art department,” Mr. Lawrence smirked. “This is not just for tracing straight lines you know.”


“I think you know what you need. And I know how to give it to you.”

Mabel bit her lower lip. Was this really happening? 

Mr. Lawrence proceeded to take off his tie and ball it up.

“Open your mouth, baby doll, I don’t want anyone hearing you whine.”

He held the back of her neck and stuffed the tie in her mouth as she obediently opened wide. She felt like her head was swirling like the time her sisters managed to get her to drink. She felt out of control, yet it felt like she was floating at the same time. Now, that familiar feeling was back. 

“Stand up and lean over, with your hands on the desk facing the wall.”

Then he whispered in her ear, “this ass is mine” as he gently traced her buttocks.

He went to the corner and put on a record of songs he did with the orchestra. 

“That will help should any other nosy coworkers walk by.” 

He stood behind Mabel and slowly lifted up the back of her skirt and held it against the small of her back.

Before she could look back with pleading eyes, like she wanted him to turn the switch off that he seemed to turn on permanently, she felt a firm slap on her ass. Even with her thick girdle, it stung a lot. She jump a little and was about to turn around when she heard his stern voice say,

“Keep looking at the wall. Do not turn around under any circumstances.”




Mabel started whimpering. She was biting the tie hard and saliva soaked through it. Her eyes started to get watery. Her white-knuckled grip on the desk excited Sammy as he smacked her ass just a bit harder than previously.

Every thwack was a reminder of her transgressions. Staying in the music department longer than she needed to be. Thwack! 

Snooping around in his sacred space. Thwack! 

Looking at his musical works. Thwack!

She was about to spit the tie out as she couldn’t take anymore when…

“I think we are done.” He had noticed her breathing ragged, her face red. 

Mr. Lawrence went to turn the record player off. 

“Take out the tie and throw it away.” 

Mabel took the tie out of her mouth and threw the drenched material in the bin.

“-I, uh, I-...,”she stammered.

“Shh, don’t speak. Mabel.”

He gently caressed her sore backside and learned over to murmur in her ear, “Next time, you will service me and you will like it.”

He took her hand and put it on his bulge. 

She yanked her hand away quickly. She wanted to feel it, but she was scared. 

She wanted to turn around and see his face. She wanted to see if he was flustered as she was, but she couldn’t. He noticed her and said, “Until, next time.”

He opened the door for her and she briskly left.



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