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1 year ago. February 6, 2023 at 1:26 AM

Some of you guys have figured out which song my user is from 

But since I’m bored at work, I'm gonna explain why this song from Batman Forever resonates with me. 

First off, Batman is my favorite comic book character…sorry Marvel fans but Avengers just doesn’t do it for me…Batman is a lot for most people and is not for everyone. He is dark, distant, but wants justice stemming from his mired past.


Secondly, I used to have a huge crush on Val Kilmer who played Batman in Batman Forever, and have been crushing on him since he played the characters of Madmatrigan (Willow) and Jim Morrison in the Doors movie. 

Third…the music video and the lyrics. Bono was always seen as a saintly rockstar yet in the video he showcases a naughty 😈 trickster side which he seems to be having fun with and in the music video that naughty side takes over him ultimately.

Fourth…the moaning towards the end of the song is hot 🥵 

The whole moodiness of the song captures a really cool, dark vibe that I resonate with. I suppose I can be moody, naughty and nice, and deep just like the song 🎵 

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