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Musings from the dragons heart

Thoughts, feelings, musings from the listening thoughtful Floradragon
3 weeks ago. Jul 19, 2020, 12:21 PM

Well sort of three weeks into rl face to face, one week, break then a second week. Well what did Iexpect?

When I started this journey I simply put up my profile with no expectations, yes I put up a personal ad too. I focussed upon honestly and clear communication. I did not want to 'force' myself upon anyone, I hovered in chat watching and listening. I responded to all who liked my profile with a polite thank you for liking, except one - whom I felt I wanted to say more to. My opening line hit something special inside, I described an event on Dartmoor National Park, something that brought images and memories back to this individual. Each correspondence started to evoke memories on both sides, very quickly it became clear that we both had a lot of similarities, likes and dislikes - we still struggle to find things that one of us likes and the other hates: feet and Earl grey tea is the two major ones so far.

We allowed time/fate to lead us, we never forced each other, a time came when we shared our names, a time came when we shared a photograph. But each of those occasions happened naturally. There can to the time when we moved from The Cage to Whats App, again it was something we needed to do and it felt right.

During this time of Covid lockdown it has helped us, we were unable to meet and therefore allowed us to explore our foundations, build our levels of trust, develop our relationship before we met.

All I can say is that I have a very special partner and submissive whom I care for and love very much.

Roaming Wild thank you.



3 weeks ago. Jul 18, 2020, 12:47 AM

Keeping it very simple......

Floradragon 2 Roaming Wild 0.

I will let you all fill in the blanks, local hardware store will never be the same.

3 weeks ago. Jul 15, 2020, 8:57 PM

“Of course it hurts, it’s a spanking. How else would it work?”
― Breanna Hayse, Time Out


“I urge you all today, especially today during these times of chaos and war, to love yourself without reservations and to love each other without restraint. Unless you're into leather.”
― Margaret Cho


“Spanking is a one handed round of applause in appreciation of a magnificent Ass.”
― Anonymous


“When you can look into the mirror and see yourself as the beautiful woman I do, then I'll know I've given you the one gift no one can ever take away.”
― Michelle Hughes, Cherished










3 weeks ago. Jul 12, 2020, 10:47 PM

In everyone's life we come across crossroads, sometimes we stumble across them, sometimes we try one direction and realise that it was the wrong way to go, sometimes we take deep thoughts and make an informed decision on which way to go.

I am standing at my personal crossroads; I am standing with you Roaming Wild.

When we are together you make my heart sing, I am a different person to whom I have been for many, many years. Each day I wake up longing to hear your voice, wanting to hold you, care for you and support you.  We have been speaking since the 15th April 2020, we have allowed fate to direct us and have evolved naturally - probably exhausted the English language in the process. It became necessary for me to be spontaneous and visit you, but again you predicted my move, something we seem to have the ability to do and you were and are ready for me.

That first anxious meeting was so natural as we fell into each other's arms and that was how our time together went, we laughed, we cried, we comforted, we explored, and we loved

Roaming Wild I want to,

Hold you close to my breast,

Soothe, comfort and caress you,

Whisper words of love and encouragement,

Enfold you in my loving arms,

I want to take your pain and turn it to pleasure,

At times I will never comprehend,

But I can be there,

Allow me to take you and use you,

Allow me to be your loving Dom,

And you my yielding sub,

Please allow yourself to surrender to me,

And be my obedient partner.

Roaming Wild will you join me at that crossroads, allow me to lead you down that road and start that journey with me, we don't know where we will head but together, we can explore.  I have my map; my compass cannot guarantee ponies I just need you my love.


Roaming Wild will you become my loving submissive.



4 weeks ago. Jul 10, 2020, 9:34 AM

Well not a poem this morning,

Yesterday entered the work place after having the store closed since the beginning of lock down. OK expected dampness, expected dust....did not expected that the drains had back flowed and covered the warehouse and part of the shop floor. OK telephone call to repairs department, since you store is the furthermost may take a couple of days, that's OK i enjoy walking through dried excrement. Oh yes computer systems keep crashing - phone IT department 'sorry no operators available today', hmm - PPE all delivered to wrong shop. OK three vans booked to basically dump all our stock to and clear the warehouse. Yesterday feels like a waste of time.

But today I am looking forward to going in, why, well once this day is over - I get a quality BBQ day with my family on Saturday, then Sunday spend another full week with my submissive - learning, feeling, touching and loving. 3 nights in a 4 star local hotel then several night in my home. Despite working in 'shit' yesterday and today life is good.

To all those people who continued working through the pandemic and those still on the front line where ever you are thank you.






1 month ago. Jul 9, 2020, 8:36 AM

I am going to press on,

All I need is you,

With me in life,

Someone to lean on when trouble rears up,

With you I do not have to fear,

Beside me, with me, support me.

I will show my love, my care, my need,

To know my precious gaze,

To lift your head to meet my eyes,

To feel the palm the heat and reddening,

To see to love and respect given and reflected.

3 days.



1 month ago. Jul 7, 2020, 10:21 PM

After a play session clean and put your toys away....

Ferret and wand are not compatible.....goodbye wand....









1 month ago. Jul 6, 2020, 10:35 AM

Day 5 arrives.

I turn over to see her lying there,

I reach out and touch,

She sleeps quiet and gentle,

Her magnificent imperfections glow with beauty.

I stroke her, I caress her, I feel her.

My emotions erupt as tears bubble.

Knowing at this point in time,

I feel, no, I am the most privileged Dom.

She is mine and she is a wonderful person.








1 month ago. Jul 5, 2020, 9:19 AM

 Day Four.


Have not disagreed yet.....


Warm hearts....even warmer hand....





1 month ago. Jul 4, 2020, 3:33 PM

Two days in real life...….

Not fallen out yet...........if  we disagree I'm the Dom