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Daydreams or Fantasies

I have re-discovered the desire to tell stories. What I post here is original. I do not know exactly how far any of these stories will travel down the BDSM rabbit hole nor which branch they will decide to take. So, be forewarned and enjoy. (If anything I have written is not accurate ie: terms and such please feel free to let me know!)
2 days ago. May 24, 2020, 4:35 AM

Mira frowned. Her eyes were closed, but her mind was awake. Do statues think? Fighting panic at the thought she tried to move a finger. With relief and some confusion, it moved. She opened her eyes slowly and let them focus on a beautifully sculpted ceiling.  She could feel the softness beneath her and smell wood. So she wasn’t in the room she had been taken to await the “procedure”. Before trying to figure it out too much she tried to move every muscle. No difference from before. Slowly she tried to sit up. Instantly an older woman appeared and helped her get all the way up. 

“Easy, dear. Your body has been through a lot in the last month.” She says gently while offering Mira a sip of water.  

“Month?” Mira’s mind can’t seem to get past it. 

“Everything is fine. Please, go slowly. The doctors have already given you a clean bill of health, but you have been asleep for a long time.” she smiles warmly as Mira turns to sit on the edge of the massive bed. 

“What happened? I thought I was going to be a statue.” Mira asks, her mind still fuzzy.

“You were. There was just… something, missing when you went to sleep.” David’s deep voice rumbles from a doorway across the room.  Mira felt her spine stiffen at the sight of him.

“I thought you discarded those that disappoint you...” Mira’s mind whirls in confusion.

“I always send disappointments back.” David answers as he crosses to stand in front of her. He waves his hand at the older woman.  With a small smile of encouragement toward Mira, she bows her head and leaves the room. 

“Then what am I doing sitting here?” Mira asks with a frown. “Wherever here is…” She adds with a mumble and another glance around.

“You, are not a disappointment. There was just something missing when I put you to sleep. You would have been magnificent as the centerpiece in my collection though.” He stares at her intently as if trying to see what is different. 

“So... what?” Mira asks feeling her insides squirm under his scrutiny. She could feel anger slowly starting to rise at his lack of information into her situation.  His eyes instantly snap up to hers and she can see the thunderheads building in them.

“So, you are mine. You are to stay with me in whatever capacity I decide I want you for.” He answers, his voice growing chilly. Her anger started to boil.

“And I have no say in this?” She glares back.

“I own you. There is nothing else to say.” His cold voice whips against her. Mira glares up at him.

“How can you own me, when I am a grown woman? Why keep me here?” Mira asks, her tone biting.  He steps closer, towering over her.

“I own you because I paid for you. Grown or not, you are in MY world and will abide by my rules.” He rumbles

“And if I choose not to?” She whispers back. He pauses and his eyebrows draw together slightly. Then takes a step back from her.

“Why would you?” He asks calmer than a moment ago.

“A, I have no idea who you are. B, I did NOT choose this for myself.  C, I have no idea what you want from me.  D, I happen to have a mind of my own. I can think, I can feel, and I can rationalize.  I have never done well with being given orders or ultimatums.” Mira fires back, ticking each point off on a finger.  David frowns at her.

“You really do not know?” He seems genuinely confused now.  Mira rolls her eyes and shakes her head at him. Who is this woman and what rock has she been hiding under? She’s the first woman to try to run away instead of seduce me. “Introductions then.  I am David.  Welcome to my kingdom.” He says with a slight bow.  Mira swallows hard and struggles to keep her jaw from hitting the floor. 

“Mira. Mira Whitmore.” She whispers while her mind screams at her. You idiot! You’re not in Kansas anymore toto!  KING!!!! Oh hell. Now what do I do?

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mira. What I want from you, is your company.  Considering your reaction when I found you, you already know that I surround myself with beautiful things. You are beautiful and I want you to be around me.  I paid very well for you, which in my country, makes you mine to do with as I please. That is a fact that will not change. Understand that I do know that you are a living, thinking, being and that will be accounted for. I am not cruel. I can offer you anything you wish if you please me, but I will not be disobeyed.” David started pacing as he talked but stopped in front of her again on the last sentence. Mira swallows hard, but shakes her lowered head.

“God, please tell me that I’m dreaming. This can’t be real.” She whispers to herself. David closes the distance between them. Using one finger he lifts her eyes up to his.

“I assure you, this is very real. I realize that this is an adjustment from your previous situation and will try to be patient. But patience is not my strongest quality.” He gives her a half smile.

2 days ago. May 24, 2020, 4:12 AM

Mira sat at the small desk typing on her laptop only half paying attention to the clicking of the keys her subconscious pressed. The process of letting her thoughts flow out through her fingers had long since become second nature. She stared through the wall into the kitchen and beyond.   Her thoughts rambled through the 25 years of memories stored in her mind avoiding those dark pits of pain she had walled off.  Her fingers slow as her gaze wanders over to the picture beside the computer.  It had been Carter’s favorite.  She and Carter had been enjoying a sunny summer day.  Feeling playful she had decided to show off the flexibility she was learning in the yoga classes that he had pushed her to take. A pained smile plays on her lips. 

Hearing a vehicle on the long drive, she turns her attention toward the window. Everyone is home as it’s a Saturday and it’s unusual to get visitors.  A white SUV is slowing to a stop outside. The driver, a large man wearing black slacks, a black dress shirt and black leather jacket, walks around and opens the passenger side door. This second man gives her a slight shiver. He’s easily 6’ 3” with perfectly styled light brown hair and the greenest eyes she's ever seen.  He doesn’t smile and doesn’t move from the side of the vehicle 

Mira had heard about similar situations. The man was known for his power, wealth and his taste for beautiful things. He was known to show up wherever something he desired was to take it. No matter the price tag. If it were a living thing, he had discovered a way to turn them into statues. 

Jill. Mira thought with a pang of sadness. 

The Driver entered the house and spoke quietly to Harold. It wasn’t long before Jill was called into the living room and informed that she was to go with the driver.  Mira watched the driver walk toward the back wall of the living room where Alice had hung photos of the family on the wall.  The bottom right photo was a 5x7 copy of the one on Mira’s desk. The Driver studied it for a moment before taking it from the wall. He turned and led Jill out to the SUV.

I don’t want to be a statue…  Mira thought as she watched the driver hand the photo to his boss. 

“I don’t want the picture. Where’s the woman?” The boss asked without emotion. 

Mira looked around the room for a place to hide as the driver came back in the door to find out.  

“Where is she?” He asks, handing the photo back to Harold.

“She’s in the room she rents from us. Through the kitchen and down the steps.” Harold grumbles. Mira feels a small pinch in her chest. She understands that Harold couldn’t do anything but answer with the truth, but she wishes that he had sounded at least a little sad to have to turn her over.  Quickly she ducks under a small table at the bottom of the stairs with a tiny hope that if the driver just looks into the room, she wouldn’t be seen. She can hear Alice sobbing quietly and wonders if a few of those tears are for her too. 

The driver pauses at the top of steps before descending and slowly looking around the room. It doesn’t take him long to spot Mira under the table. He takes a step toward her and offers his hand. She looks at it, then up to his face with determination and anger. Knowing where she will be taken, Mira crawls out on the other side from the driver.  She walks without a backward glance and her head high. 

“Don’t take me on account of that picture. It was a long time ago, and I’ll never do it again.” She says looking him in the eye. She noticed a gleam there that gave her a slight pause.

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure of that.” He says with a cold half smile.  He opens the passenger side rear door for her and offers his hand to help her in. She doesn’t even look at it as she slides in next to Jill. 




David glances into the rear view mirror as Aiden drives back to the estate.  The woman and the girl are holding hands and leaning against each other. The girl has tears in her eyes while the woman stares out the window over her head. He had known about the girl through an associate, but the woman was a pleasant surprise.  The photo that Aiden had brought out intrigued him.  She had been wearing a pair of shorts and a tight fitting tank top. It had to have been summer with the sunshine and greenery in the background.  She stood on the toes of her left foot. She had her right leg stretched up behind her head and her arms extended back to hold it. 

Now she was somber. He idly wondered what her story was.  She showed no sign of the joy and laughter that had captured his interest. And yet, usually acquisitions were much messier. They tended to cry, fight, or flirt their way out of it. She faced her fate like a woman should. And who does she think she is to be able talk to me like that? She’s going to need a little work to be perfect, but less than I usually do. He thinks as he pulls his eyes away from the mirror.  It isn’t long before the SUV pulls into a private hangar at the airport and everyone is loaded onto a private jet.

3 days ago. May 23, 2020, 2:25 AM

   I groan as the alarm punctures my sound sleep. I hate waking up, but rush across the dark room to turn it off. I know my room is soundproof, yet I do not want to risk waking Sir before it's time.  I stretch my arms up feeling the delicious tightness in my muscles from the night before and allow myself a small smile.  

     I know every inch of this room so I don't bother turning on the light yet.  I find my spot near the door of the bed and sit cross-legged on the floor.  Closing my eyes I relax and focus on slow, deep breaths. I let the memories from last night drift through my mind.

      Sir had been more demanding than usual.  His voice had cracked like a whip over me as he commanded. "Kneel." " Suck." "Couch." " Arms up." "Spread." But, oh, the joy in his voice as I obeyed every order instantly as he had taught me…  "Very good." " Just like that." "So beautiful."  

  I feel my body warm as I remember the feather light caresses across my face and shoulders just before the slap across my chest. The bite of the leather as the cuffs were tightened.  The ache as his fingers demanded my orgasms but his mouth told me "no".   

 I feel the rug beneath me begin to dampen. Time to get moving. I open my eyes and look at the clock. 5:36.  I smile, pleased that I am so close to Sir's time limit.  I begin to stretch out the stiffness in my well used body so I can start the day. Arms, legs, back, neck.

 Another glance at the clock. 5:45.  I quietly open my door and pad down the hall to the kitchen. I turn on the recessed lighting over the sink and find Sir's favorite coffee mug. I get his favorite coffee started in the machine before sneaking back to my room.  

Quickly I make the bed being sure that there are no wrinkles and the sheets are tucked in tight. One last glance at the clock. 5:55. I grab the knee high stiletto boots sitting just inside the closet before making my way quietly back to the kitchen.  Sir’s coffee is ready so the day is just waiting on me.  I step into the boots and lace them tight. 

Just as the digital clock on Sir’s nightstand reads 5:59 I open his door. Careful to not make a sound on the hardwood floor I set his coffee beside the clock. Sir lay on the other side of his king size bed still asleep.  Without delay I climb up and kneel beside him.  With my head down, knees as far apart as I can make them without sitting on the bed and hands laid along my thighs I know I am ready.  

“Sir, I am ready.” I say into the dark room. His eyes do not open. Without warning his hand reaches between my legs. His fingers dig into my pussy lips hard and he pulls. I bite down on a gasp even though I know he heard my breathing hitch. 

“How are you ready?” He growls at me. His hard eyes stare at me. 

“I am as you have asked me to be Sir.” I answer softly. His grip loosens a little as his eyes roam down my nude body. He notices the boots and raises an eyebrow. “For you Sir. Always.” I say. I notice a small twitch at the corner of his mouth. A smile? My body warms.

“You are wet for me.” He states as his grip loosens enough to allow one finger to slide between my folds. My breathing hitches again but I make no move.

“Always for you Sir.” My soft voice replies. His other hand reaches over his body and grabs my hair as it flows over my shoulder.

“Suck me.” He orders as his fist in my hair yanks my head toward his cock. I don’t answer, just do as he demands. I hear his breathing hitch as I take the head into my mouth, but I don’t stop there. I suck him all in and delight in feeling him begin to harden for me. As his right hand explores my pussy, his left lets go of my hair only to find a better grip on a fist full at the nape of my neck. I can feel my pleasure building as his fingers continue to tease my pussy and his cock becomes fully erect under the ministrations of my lips and tongue.

“Position!” He barks as he rips my head away and shoves it toward the bed beside him. I go with the momentum. My face plants into the blanket that he rarely uses. I wrap my arms behind my back, hand to elbow, while raising my ass into the air and adjusting my knees to keep me up.  He’s up and behind me now. Although I don’t know what’s coming, the anticipation has me nearly dripping.