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She thought to herself

Can I be me in a world that looks down on my choices to give someone her full attention, to fulfill these whorish thoughts she imagines in her head. Can she be an independent woman and work where she is needed to be the leader. However in her off time she wants to care, and enjoy day to day interactions with this person. She gets her fulfillments by bringing him joy. She is excited about this new found journey she is on where her imagination is fed, and cared for. I hope you enjoy my ramblings? I hope you're turned on by something you read. I hope you agree with something I say. For it is just my experience that I speak of. So come in grab a pillow grab a chair, take a tour. I provide a variety of things, some hard to swallow. ???
9 months ago. Nov 30, 2020, 12:13 PM

I took some time to sort some things out in my life, since the pandemic happened my world has changed so much. Just dealing with everyday stuff we forget to recharge ourselves. If we don't recharge ourselves we won't be good for others. So I learned that I am the most important person I can count on and I need to make sure to remember that when expectations are not met. 💋


After care


Once the night is over your bodies on the floor, toys are spread around, and you've been fucked right to your core


Then things take a turn, it's time to show I care, to kiss you and caress you, to stroke you pretty hair


To lift you up and carry you, to take you to your bed, gently lay you down, find a pillow for your head


You are not just a plaything, you're not just my sweet sex toy, you are someone special and I'm a loving boy


I'll snuggle up beside you, we will share a tender kiss, loving and attentive, all the things our sex games miss


Lay your head upon my chest, feel my warm embrace, let me kiss your forehead and look upon your face  


Even though our sex is wild, you need to know I care, look for me inside your heart, you'll always find me there.


Poem written by Ron Summers 

1 year ago. Sep 24, 2020, 12:53 AM

Each time my back is sore, or I pull something, because I have worked myself, or overworked myself. I remember Growth is good, I am on a health growth journey in my life. This progress from someone that was over 350 lb and is now 212 lb. I know that's not a lot of weight for someone that is 6'2 however I have carried this way for a long time. At first when I started this journey I wanted to be the sexiest woman for my partner. Then after being crushed by him I decided to do it for me. It should have been done for me all the time. I should have been important. So I'm going to share. 🎀🥰

1 year ago. Sep 20, 2020, 2:55 AM

We all wear them, love you in them. Yolo 🥰

1 year ago. Sep 16, 2020, 4:58 PM

10 things a submissive needs but won’t say out loud .... 

1. Please touch us

Cuddle us, spoon us, grab the small of our backs. Kiss our foreheads and make us feel small. We crave your hands all over us. We love them no matter where they happen to land—be that on our asses or up our skirts.

Just. Touch. Us. It reminds us that we’re yours.

2. Take pride in us

Relish in the fact that we’re yours—that we belong to you and no one else. Smile when we enter the room because you know we’re walking toward you. It lets us know you care. It makes us want to be better for you.

3. Let us cry

When we are sad or angry, or pissed the hell off. When we drink too much…especially when we drink too much, let us cry our eyes out. Let us be messes, with mascara running down our cheeks and pints of ice cream in our hands. Let us be okay with not being okay once in a while. This one requires no action from you, just that you be okay with it when it happens.

4. Forgive

Despite how hard we try, we will make mistakes. We will fuck things up, say things wrong, do things crazy, and when that happens we need you to forgive us. We’re not talking immediate forgiveness, or that a price won’t often be paid for it, but forgiveness that comes eventually. We need to know that the slate has been wiped clean, all trespasses have been forgiven…and when it happens, don’t forget to let us know. See number 5.

5. Communicate…. often!

We need this.. If we don’t discuss something, it will fester in our brains forever, eventually driving us crazy. A three minute conversation could ease hours of worry for us once an uneasy feeling sets in. If that can be prevented with a few sentences, please take the time to speak them. Honestly, like two seconds of your time could stop our heads from exploding….and you don’t want to clean up that mess, do you?

6. We want you to make us feel pretty

Not that you don’t make us feel super sexy pretty darn often, but once in a while, it’s good to actually hear. Tell us our ass looks great in our yoga pants, that our hair looks especially shiny today. Tell us you like our new boots. Notice something small and compliment us about it, and our hearts will swell for days. Compliments let us know what it’s like to look through your eyes. Those are glimpses of the world we don’t often get to see.

7. It’s the little things

Some of these are sounding cliche, but are just so fucking true. Sure, your big gestures of grandeur are admired, but it is often the small things that get our cheeks turning red. Leave a note on the mirror in the morning telling us to have a great day. Sit next to us during a movie you have no desire to see. Take the dog out in the morning so we can sleep in for an extra 10 minutes, remember what ice cream we prefer to eat when we cry. If you do these things, we’re yours for life.

8. Remember things

Speaking of little things, try to remember them. Things like how we take our coffee and the name of that bitchy girl who sits next to us at work. Remember anything. Three weeks from now, bust out some silly story we told you over dinner one evening in great detail. Remember something we’d never expect you to store into your internal drive. Remember our first concert together, and our best friend from kindergarten’s name. The more obscure the better.

9. Deal with us

When we’re singing in the car. When we drink too much wine. When we completely melt down. Deal with our pasts, and when we don’t feel pretty. Deal with our stretch marks and insecurities, our early bedtimes and exhaustion. Deal with our mood, and how we load the dishwasher the wrong way. These things silently tell us that you’ll be by our sides regardless of how nerdy, silly or utterly hopeless we can get.

10. Be the most stable thing in our lives

Be stronger than us. Be the one person in our world that won’t turn on us or walk away. When life becomes scary and confusing, and we just need something solid to hold onto, please be our anchor. It’s because of you that our awful days are easier to get through. Don’t be perfect. Just be there. It’s the only real requirement on this list.

In my journey that's all we want ... Is it too much to ask for?







1 year ago. Sep 14, 2020, 11:11 PM


1 year ago. Sep 13, 2020, 7:46 AM

But it will all be fucking amazing.... 🎀💋🎀

1 year ago. Sep 12, 2020, 7:46 AM

She wore her favorite dress, 3 inch heels as if she needed that. It made her long legs even longer as she straightened her stockings as she climbed out of the taxi. Slowly pulling up as she moved up her thigh. She pulled out her wallet to pay and noticed her phone had a missed call. She paid the man and he replied back her pick up ride would be here by 1130 pm. She opens the door to the quaint little bistro where the bar wrapped around the restaurant. Dimmed lights and jazz music plays in the background as she takes a seat at the bar and asked for a white wine. Joe, how you doing today? He replies good evening Ms., How's your evening? She takes a sip and tells him about her day. She tells him of her trip up town and her daughter being here from the country side for a visit. She goes on to tell him that she meeting a dapper man friend tonight and she wants to enjoy herself. She removes her coat exposing her beautiful red dress that criss crossed at her breasts. She had a nice shape of her, enticing for the eyes. Just as she layed her jacket across the chair, the door opened and the light from outside she could only see his shoulders, and outline of his body. He says in a deep tone, hello, good evening. He reaches for the small of her back to hug her, it was nice to see her. The hostess meets us and tells us our table is ready. She glances over to the bartender and says, well there you go. Joe looks over to the bartender and says I'll have a whiskey neat and when the lady's ready one for the lady as he picks up her glass to take to the table.  They are sat in the back corner, and the lights dimmed.... Mmmmm 🎀

1 year ago. Sep 12, 2020, 7:44 AM

I just had the most craziest dream.... The kind you open your eyes and think you're somewhere else... But you can feel everything that's going on, it's not familiar. There's a vibration I've never felt against the hair on my arms. I feel something cool run up my skin.... I try to move my hands and feet but I can't. I feel a presence all around me. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up just remembering it. The smell was so familiar, as if it reminded me of a time that had passed. I try to see through my eyes but I cannot. I set my mind to hear, here every movement, I focus on that. I hear breathing... It's moving closer.... It's next to my ear now... It's a voice that says, hi baby girl, did you miss me like I missed you fucked around and got attached to you, friends will only break your heart...... I immediately felt like I was falling... I tried to reach for anything that would try to hold me up. I just kept falling.... Then my eyes opened.... 9:23 p.m. what was that? That moment just happened in my head, as I rested my eyes after work? 😭 I have a sense of sadness over me.

1 year ago. Sep 11, 2020, 12:35 PM

I know the place where I want to be. I'm sure of my needs, had to share for those who may not get it.... 🥰🌹

1 year ago. Sep 11, 2020, 12:31 PM

It's in the way she makes her body for him, it's in the way she adores him as he moves her as he wants her. He patiently take step-by-step, ensuring it is done right... she hangs there waiting, listening to his words. She proudly displays herself for the world to see. 🎀💋🎀 🌹