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Carson City, Nevada, United States
About me
I'm a beautiful sex goddess, 6'2, divorced, and open minded to new kinks. I still want protection, love, romance, and communication. I'm a caring Mommy, love being a pet at the feet of my owner. I enjoy the simple things in life, I love the outdoors, and I am a hopeless romantic, I know your shaking your head.

I am a lover of pain and being slutty and being whorish. I need someone to fuel that passion I have to receive it, to give my submission to I need a connection. I can handle being degraded and smacked around but with agreement I get the aftercare I need from the partner I'm seeking. I want a total package, love, romance and kink. 

Why is she in this lifestyle with her vanilla thinking? Because that's part of me, to love selflessly, to make mistakes, and just taking in every moment. I'm real life, raw emotions, a sucker for romance, and lover of pain. I'm 200 pounds and I'm 6'2, please do not take me for hard to handle because of these traits. There is just more to love. My journey with my weight has brought me through some tough waters, but I'm here, face down on the ground, on my hands and knees awaiting my command, looking up into your eyes.
BDSM and me
When I think what BDSM means to me? It means I can be free and freaky however it's choosen......

I like an intelligent man, someone who wants to show me off. Someone I can speak to in a loving way. An understanding man who will help me grow. To explore the unknown, even go where no man has gone before. Lol. A caring man, who will calm me not to wind me all up. 

If I want to slave all day, I would love to, to worship you all day, is an amazing feeling. To be with a group of loving, safe environment where you can grow as one with our Master leading us.

I want a stable environment, I want to feel loved, I want to worship, I want to explore. I want to be needed. I want to be desired. I will only submit to one person. That's my connection to my submission. If you cannot understand that I am. 

I love sensation play.

My Mommy in me will take care of domestic chores around the house, with kink all day. To serve you dinner in a maids uniform and slowly putting it in front of you, watching you enjoy it as we discuss the day.

I believe in power exchange, I am a smart, cute and loving person. I enjoy a power role at work and love giving that power up when I get home. Im also ok to stay home all day and be happy as well. When that work day is done, I want that hat off and lace up my home life. 

I enjoy the mommy role, it may be just a caregiver, but I enjoy both aspects. Still answering to Daddy. A helper of sorts, to keep life safe, and moving. To care and nurture people is my natural instinct. I even have a few kinks with doing chores. 

My little me, will love on you, listen to you read to me, tuck me into bed after I color and run around naked under the moonlight. 

My pet me with cuddle at your feet and puuuurrrrr as you enjoy her pus, pus, when you like. Sleeping in a cage on a soft comfty pillow sounds so nice to be set up in the corner of your room.

My sub me is learning, but what I know? I'm born to serve, I am a pleaser,  would like a 24/7 live in relationship to help me grow. I want to worship a man of control, who knows he wants to be pampered. All needs will be taken care of with some help from my friends. But mentally it is a turn on when he controls the home, and environment. 

I believe in a strong structure can get anything. But lies and hiding won't sit well with what we are planning, so just be yourself, no matter what that is. Not a part time anything here, if you seek that, it will not be with me. 

I can see myself  as a hot, erotic sub, who gets pleasure from catering to you. At your feet serving you is what I need to thrive. 

I am a huge fan of pain, all kinds, and I am open to try anything once to try it and see if I enjoy it.

I have classes signed up to keep my education up and honing in on skills I want to work on to be a better me. 

I can share, but I need the security of knowing I'll be safe, and respected and honored by the gift of submission. This ride should be bumpy, and fun, and exciting. No hiding things, it's kink, it's better to share and have fun.
I will try anything once. Abuse, role play and strict environment is ok, but not to belittle me. I do have a brain and love the communication and consent of BDSM. Scat, underage play, blood, dishonesty, being dismissive, verbal abuse is not ok that is my limits, after care is important. Dress me up how you like, I prefer naked, but do not hide me. I'm a beautiful, sexy woman with needs. I enjoy maintenance spankings often, it gets the emotions out I hold in. I want someone to tame some of these desires. I want my limits pushed, but not my buttons. You think your up to this? We shall see, say hello.... ???
What's new
Took my test today... Growth is good. ?

== Results from == 
100% Rope bunny 
99% Masochist 
99% Boy/Girl 
99% Slave 
97% Experimentalist 
95% Degradee 
91% Voyeur 
90% Submissive 
80% Primal (Prey) 
75% Pet 
72% Exhibitionist 
64% Ageplayer 
43% Brat 
42% Daddy/Mommy 
36% Switch 
24% Master/Mistress 
23% Non-monogamist 
22% Sadist 
19% Owner 
9% Rigger 
7% Dominant 
4% Primal (Hunter) 
3% Vanilla 
1% Brat tamer 
1% Degrader
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Nov 30, 2020
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May 22, 2020
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