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4 months ago. Sun 28 Jul 2019 05:35:20 AM IDT

The two ladies sat on the couch giggling as they knew they all made the guys bothered. Angela was making drinks. . .

Broody had this confident thought in his head: he danced in front of the girls, pushing his groin out shaking his ass as the girls pet his silky cover semi-hard cock like a pet that is only tame in his jeans.

“Hey Broody are you going to let us feel?” Missie had no shame wanted to feel if his underwear was really silky. He half-hesitantly ambled over to the girls as his nervous got the worst of him. Missie touched his underwear near his hip. Kay reached out to touch the top, and Missie pushed her arm down having Kay’s hand brush against his semi-hard crotch. He gasped and moaned in a whispered tone. His eyes met Kay’s but they both physically pulled away not telling each other, that they were interested, as if no one could tell.   

“How about we play truth or dare?” Mac suggested as he helped his stepsister with drinks. Strong drinks mixing the rum and vodka with the cola. Of course Angela made a diet for Kay. They passed out the drink. Angela tried Kay’s drink. She swallowed the drink hard with the sour-bitter taste.

“Kay, how do you drink this?” Angela handed her their drink.

“I just think of my hot ass body in sexy suit.” Kay bragged taking the drink checking to see if it really is diet.

“So who should go first?” Missie asked intrigued at the fully exciting, juicy game.

“I’ll ask first. . .  Missie truth or dare?” Kay asked.

“Truth.” She took a sip of the stronger drink as it burnt slightly going down.

“Which do you prefer: male or females?” They group chattered in ohhs.

“Honestly, it’s person to person, but overall its females.”

“Oh of course the girls get the boobs.” Broody blurted off after drinking half of his drink.

“That is offensive.” Kay blurted out.

“No, it is not he just stating facts. The fact is I almost guarantee that all three of guys in this room want to touch or at least see the fellas. I’ve made peace with the fact men and women enjoy my boobs.” Missie explained honestly.

“I choose women because there is more give and take and they understand how painful these fellas make my back.” She went on taking another sip.

“Angela, truth or dare.” Missie asked.

“Truth.” Angela was a bit nervous, as Missie was not afraid to ask anything.

Missie asked: “Honestly, what is your ultimate fantasy? “

“Be honest,” Mac joked drinking his cup.

She took a drink, sighed, blushed, and took another drink.

“Come on,” Kay nagged actually curious.

“Oh OK,. . .” Angela whined.

“To be honest, I want romance. Candlelight, dancing.” Missie could tell her friend was lying. She made a raspberry with her alcoholic flavored mouth.

“I detect bullshit. Look, romance with is nice, we are talking sexual fucking fantasy.” Missie broke out.

“Fine, I want several guys hitting all of my magic, orgasmic spots at once, and then they serve me. I am their sex goddess that they want to please and clean after.” She pictured the guys in cages all but ones who were physically pleasing her. The licked ones were kissing, massaging, and caressing her. They were making her moan until the ultimate point of pleasure in which she squeaked and gasped in a perfect release. She was many shades of red when she came out of her fantasy, as well as her panties were soaked.

“And of course these guys are bronze and chiseled. “ Missie added.

“Well, duh. Who doesn’t enjoy a pair of nice abs?” Angela confessed. The group wanted to be shocked but they weren’t.

Mac sitting next to Angela could smell a sweetness from her, it was starting to drive him crazy. Mac kind of front as he was a thinner guy, but no toned definition. He got another drink.

“Mac, truth or dare?” Angels requested him.

“Dare,” he felt bold and heroic saying it as if he had something to prove.

Angela looked through her playlist. She found the song “Shake your Tailfeather.” By Nelly featuring P Diddy and Murphy Lee. She synced into the living room sound system. She wanted to blast the song.

“Show us your moves.” He was a bit hestiant, but started to shake his ass as the girls cheered him on. Missie even smacked his ass and then both her and Kay danced with him. The other guys couldn’t believe it, Angela had seen him dance while he was supposed to clean house.

“That was fun.” Kay was a bit excited.

“Kay, truth or dare?” Mac asked a bit winded trying to keep up with two girls. Missie refilled her drink.

“Dare,” she stating in a sensual voice making Mac gasp and lose his train of thought. She laughed as he sat down, collected himself and asked:

“Show us two of the naughtiness yoga poses.” He felt he was being preferred and putting her on a spot.

She smiled and winked at him.

“This is called dolphin,” she stood up and bent over perfectly straightforward resting on her elbows with her arms pointing forward. They all noticed that there is perfect access for penetration from her back.  Some of the guys could even fuck her standing up.

“Yeah, that would be perfect for anal.” Mac blurted out as the other guys just watched her body perfectly posed. They all pictured grabbing her by the hips and ramming there dream sized cocks deep into her tight lubed ass, as she shouted their name echoing on the wooden floor. Missie walked seeking Kay in that position as she picture Kay in a harness hanging in such a position that her face is down as Missie nude laid on the floor and made hanging Kay lick Missie soaked pussy clean as the guys watched and applauded.

Kay moved up slowly as if in a trance. She stood up straight finding her balance and allowing the blood to move south from her slightly dizzy brain.

“The second position is the frog.” She had her legs spread slightly and moved forward on her elbows. She ass was in the air, but her back was straight. It was the prefect position for doggy position as all of the guys could see that. They all pictured her doing such position naked showing her open position as if to say she was ready to take any or all of the men.

“Now who hasn’t had a turn?” Missie asked impatiently and flustered from being slightly turn on by Kay’s flexibility.

James got up and to refill his drink.

“James, truth or dare?” Missie asked him making him stop in place. He turned around.

“Truth.” He regretted it as soon as the word came out of his mouth.

“Do you prefer men or women?” Missie asked honesty. The room stopped even Kay came back to straight position too fast making her dizzy, but even she was curious.

He turned around and quickly took a shot of straight rum with no chaser. He made a mix drink of rum and cola. He took a sip and turned around everyone was waiting . . .

“To be honest, it just depends on my mood and what each person can do.” They were disappointed with his vague answer.

“So he likes women as much as men, but can he dance or strip better?” Missie asked tipsy. James looked at her and sighed, they both knew he practice in front of his window, and being neighbors, she had seen a thing or two.

“Let’s get some sexy song and play a striping game.” Missie suggested the girls agreed tipsy.

“If we strip, then so do all of you.” Mac added.

“I'm already half done,” Broody added.

“Wait, Broody didn’t go.” Mac whined.

“I'll go first on the next game,” Broody brushed it off.

“Lets player Stripers. You pick a song, dance and strip and we give you points.” Missie suggested.

“Use these but I want them back.” James threw down 25 singles.

“Where did you get all of the singles?” Kay asked as her and Angela counted them.

“I thought I was going to the strip club thus weekend.” James argued.

“Well in some ways, you are.” Missie laughed.

“OK those who are not dancing each get five dollars to give to the dancer and at the end of the dance we count out the dollars.” Missie explained, as she divided the piles.

“Why just 5?”

“five times five equals 25, anyone with all 25 gets 100%”

“what does the winner get?” James asked.

“bregging rights.” Missie laughed.

“What song do you want?” Angela asked.

“Candy shop. By 50 cent.” Broody already had an idea in his head.

“How far do we strip?” broody asked

“as far as you are com—” Angela started, Missie interrupted.

“as far as you can.”


They start the song as broody dances for the girls taking off his shirt and showing his improving abs, there is tone but not quite a six-pack. He threw his shirt at Kay. Kay gave a few of his singles. Mac was impressed, as he moved his hips and threw a few bucks.
He danced swaying his ass into the girls’ laps. They shouted and shoved the dollars in his underwear. Toward the end he threw off the colorful underwear revealing his hard throbbing cock. They calculated he had 23 single dollar bills scattered all over the floor. They girls were impressed with his shocking ending. (92%)

They collected the singles and redevised the piles. (Missie made sure it was done in between each round.)

They rolled a dice to see who went next. .  .Angela and she picked “S&M” by Rihana. She shakes her ass and breasts to the beats. She starts with her shirt and whipped it around. She threw it at Broody we smelled it and gave several singles. She shook her bra and took off and threw it to Missie who laughed at her it was two times two small for her breasts. She got her pants off showing purple lacy panties. Once she slipped the panties off everyone passed her singles. She completely shaven, and each the guys wanted to see what that pussy tasted like. By the end of the song, she had 22 dollars bill on the floor in front of her. (88%)

James rolled next. He picked “Milkshake by Kalis” Missie was pissed, shed wanted the song. He rolled his shirt up showing his fake tanned abs. He shook his chest in front of the girls. Missie pushed him out of her face as they called foul automatic points. He took off his pants revealing a bikini briefs silky blue. He made each girl pay to touch the silky briefs. He whole his groin against the girls as both Mac and Broody mocked giving singles. He was well hung until Missie tweaked his nipples. By the end of the song he had 21 singles. (84%)

Kay got fourth and licked the song “Sexy and I know it, by LMFAO. She would shake her hips and use yoga positions like dolphin with out her pants, the frog without shirt, and downward dog without her bra. Once she was nude, she positioned herself so that her leg were bent back and breast pushed out. They guys wanted to touch, but they had no money but the second version. By the end of the song she got 22 singles. (88%)

Missie went next as she played “Lil Freak” by Usher and Nicki Minaj. She takes her shirt and bra off right away and eventually has everyone hands down her pants to feel her very wet pussy. By the end of the song she end up fingering her own naked pussy. She got 24 singles. Kay was mad because she got too technical in the touch. (96%)

Last was Mac as he picked “Shoop by Salt-n-Papa. He rode his shirt between his legs. He wasn’t sure and felt embarrassed as all three girls naked all danced and stripped him down. The guys gave him singles as he got the girls to dance with him. He kissed all of the girls on the cheek as he ended up with 21 dollars.  (84%)

“The winners are Missie and Broody.” Angela announced.

“Now that we are naked and horny, what should we do?” Missed asked in a sigh.

4 months ago. Tue 16 Jul 2019 07:31:38 AM IDT

“Okay, Mac, my mom left with your dad for their 5th anniversary, they will be gone for a week. We promised no parties.” Angela rolled her eyes.

“A few friends won’t hurt, right?” Mac suggested.

“I agree.” He smiled at her replied.

“So, Angie, who are you inviting over?” Mackenzie asked curiously. 

“I’m thinking of Kay and Missie. Who are you inviting?” She questioned back. 

“Broody and James.” He answered not sure with her history with the two guys. 

“Broody needs his oil changed.” They both knew since it wasn’t surfing season James was always available. 

“I think I’ll go call the girls now.” She dialed and exited the room. He waited until she was completely gone before he looked at a pic of Missie on his cell. He began to think how big Missie's breasts were. She was completely top heavy. He thought of pushing her to the bed and its hard for her to get up as the weight on her chest holding her down. He ripped off her shirt, and then her oversized bra only to have her triple D size breasts pop out. He licked and sucked her bouncy mounts as she moaned and groaned. 

He sucked one nipple and then the other, she arched into him. “oh oh OH! Oh God.” She shouted calling him god made him rock hard. He ripped off his clothes and stroked his cock while he sucked on both of her nipples. He finally got to ultimate point and squirted on her breasts and chin just missing her mouth. 

The erotic thought made a bulge in his jeans. He rushed to his room for his favorite lube and to release in extra soft tissues.


The girls agreed, as well as the guys. Angela went to the store and got two bottles of vodka, orange juice, a bottle of rum, two bottles of cola, one bottle of diet cola, and two packs of twenty beer with part of the emergency money her mother gave her. She also got two packages of disposable shot glasses and a bag of ice. She knew that Mac had money from his father, but he will probably use it for weed, beer, and car parts. Maybe she could convince him to buy the pizza. She used that he would look good in front of girls; she knew he couldn’t refused. He ordered the pizza and gave Angela money for extra chips and other food, because he knew if James could get the good stuff, they will be hungry afterwards.


Kay was a thin, flexible girl with two pig tails that barely held her shorter hair. She came over first with several bags. Angela was flustered because she they could never exchange clothes as Angela was four sized bigger because of her C breasts and semi-rounded ass. Kay was studying to be yoga instructor and physical trainer.

“Kay, what is all of this stuff.” Angela was confused. She said hang out, not a sleep over.

“I wanted to show you some of my new outfits, Jack got me. I also need you to take pictures.” Kay didn’t even notice Mac as she walked pass him to Angela’s room.

“Who is Jack?” Mac asked his stepsister.

“Kay’s online sugar daddy.” Angela rolled her eyes. Mac frowned as he thought he might have a change, but he knew did not make the money to be a “sugar daddy.”

“Don’t worry after what I have planned, we will all have fun tonight.” Mac overhead Angie reassuring her friend.

Broody brought James as James’ car was broken again.  Broody was a tall, bean pool who just had a natural metabolism. He could get the girls with his smile or make them laugh, awkwardly. When he sees the room get slow, he’ll bring out the card tricks. James was the opposite, he was beach blond with shaggy hair in his eyes; in the summer all he could think about is surfing. In the colder months, like it was, he always had a different girl to cuddle. They could just not say no to that perfect tan and piercing blue eyes.

Missie got there late after she shift at the bakery. She had flour all over her hair and chest. Most of the school, called her bubble girl, because they had no idea of her breasts were real or if some rich guy paid her to expand her assets.

“Hey do you mind if I get a shower.” She asked Angie. She had a bag. Angie wonder if she said it was a sleep over or hang out.

“Sure, Pizza will be here within the hour.” The guys started to mumble once they heard Missie say shower. They all got a bit quiet thinking of soap suds just floating over her huge breasts. Her wet luscious breasts just begging for the guys to lick them and suck the nipples. To pin her to the shower wall and smash their faces between the wet pillows. They wanted to have her kneel as they have her suck the precum of their prominent cocks and then they all cum all over her face and breasts.

“Did your order the pizza?” Angela asked as they were all in their own fantasy.

“So pizza will be here soon, maybe we can watch a movie and then finish the car.” Mac spoke to break the tension.

They had pizza and beer once they got there.

“I’m need to watch beer, it’s high calories.” Kay started to complain.

“I’ll get you a diet cola.” Kay rolled her eyes.


They watch a comedy movie of guys who lost their girlfriends at a party. So they have an epic party to get them back, but in the end they realize they could do better.


“What do you want to do next?” Kay could see that the guys were getting bored. She knew they were either going to get caught in a video game or their tipsy heads in the hood of a car.

“We should get shitfaced and play some sexy games.” Angela almost giggled in her suggestion.

“What should be play, Angie?” Missie asked as the guys now seemed interested.

“What about my pics?” Kay whined. Kay loved how her older admirer liked her so much that he simply buys her clothes just to see her in the outfits. She felt so sexy and it’s a high when he begs her to take pictures just for him. She didn’t care if he was married, all that mattered was that he was into her and he was paying her for it. She got to shop and show off her clothes, who cares if he was old enough to be her father and then some. She felt something between a porn star and a kinky model.

“We will work on the pics, sometime. Besides you look better in the day light.” Angela tried to pull Kay away from the online perv who only wanted her pic to countless things with them.

“Let’s play 7 minutes in Heaven anything goes.” Mac blurted out. Angela laughed as the females followed her.

“You don’t start that game, we are barely tipsy.”

“Let’s play Never Have I ever. . .” Angela had an idea where she wanted the night to go. She wanted Broody, but she had history with James. She knew that he knew her weak spots, so either way, she knew was going to be an interesting night. She made two types of shots. . . one side was rum and coke, and the other was screwdrivers. She even made several rum and diet coke for very picky, diva Kay.


They started simple each asking dumb questions. . . Never have I ever. . . been kissed, had sex in a public place, cheated etc They were surprised to see that Kay never had sex in public or Missie, and James had never cheated on anyone, or they were easily hiding it.

“I found some really naughty questions online.” Missie added.

“Okay, you read the questions, but that means you still need to drink.” Angela explained.

“Let’s start where everyone has to drink. Never have I ever sexted someone.” They all took a drink.

“Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex.” All the girls and James took a shot.

“You kissed a dude, man?” Broody shook his head.

“It was on a dare.” James blew it off.

“It’s kind of hot,” Missie flirted.

“Missie back to the game.” Kay rushed as they wondered if she was jealous.

“Never have I ever had naughty dreams.” They all took a shot.

“Okay lets make is spicy. . . Never have I ever had a naughty dream about someone in this room.” They all hesitantly took a shot and their face went red, they were sure from the alcohol or the naughty thought that someone in the room was fantasizing about them.

“Never have I ever masturbated to the fantasy of someone in this room.” Mac didn’t even think he took a shot.

“Come on, guys, you would just hold in the tension, I think not.” Everyone else took their shots on Mac’s words.

“How about . . . Never have I ever stripped for someone.” Mac didn’t drink neither did Kay, Missie or James. Broody and Angela drank a shot.

“You didn’t strip for your online guy?” Angela questioned her.

“You means that counts?”

“Were you streaming?” James asked curious.


“Then it counts.” They watched her take a shot.

“Find then, never have I ever used sexy toys.” She laughed and took another shot. Angela, Kay, and Broody all took a shot. Mac was hesitant, but he took a shot too. He just hoped he wouldn’t have to explain his toy.

“James, you have never played with a vibrator or butt plug.” Angela asked trying to flirt, but they could tell she behind tipsy. They both knew when he was sober he took sex very seriously.

“Never have I ever pretended to love someone.” He almost barked the words. Angela, and Kay took shots.

“Having a one night stand doesn’t count. Most people go to a party knowing they are doing to get laid or hang over. I never ever told them that I loved them, if I didn’t expect to see them again.” Broody explained honestly.

“You don’t love your internet guy?” James blurted.

“Why I just have to flirt a bit and he send me gift cards. I pose for pictures and then he sends me more. It’s harmless.” Kay blew it off as if was nothing.

“What if he loves you?” Missie was confused.

“It’s internet, he probably has some physically broken wife and needs my sweet bod to get off. It’s not any different than watching porn, I’m just live.” She giggled.

“Never have I ever had sex with someone at least 15 years older than me.” Missie blurted out. James down a shot.

“I learned from my neighbor, because I didn’t know what to do.” James started to hiccup.

“Did your guy ever get off online while you streamed?” Missie asked.

“Yes, why?”

“It counts, now drink.” Missie gave Kay a screw driver.


“Okay, I think we had enough of this game.”  Angela did not like the tension in the room.

“Now could play spin the bottle? I want to see the sexy ladies make out, I mean make up.” Mac allowed the alcohol talk, both girls blushed that he called them sexy.  They found an old empty wine bottle that Angela’s mother kept from her first date with Mac’s father.

“Just do not break it, mom will kill us.” Angela held the bottle as the guys pushed the furniture out and rolled the carpet up, leaving the wooden floor exposed. They all sat in circle.

“The rule goes as follow, you have to kiss whomever the bottle points to which the open part of the bottle. However whoever refused their partner can choose them do anything to anyone else in the room.”

“Damn, that is extreme.” James blurted out.

“Are you chicken?”

“No, I’m game.” Everyone agreed except Kay was a bit hesitant.

“Come Kay, it will be fun.” Angela and Missie almost stated in stereo. She huffed and sat down.

“My game, I’ll go first. . .” Angela spun the bottle and it landed in front of Broody. He crawled over to her as they both kneeled, he cuffed her face as kissed her so deep that she could taste orange juice on his tongue. She didn’t want it to end, but she knew it was just a game. He pulled away and crawled back, as he could see that she needed to catch her breath.

Kay went next and kissed James, but it was not as long as Angela and Broody’s kiss. Both could feel that it was good, but there was no spark there. She had more of a spark when she kissed Mac in the fifth round. Before that Missie kissed Broody but it was just a simple kiss. After that Angela kissed Missie, Missie tried to make it more passionate and over-do Broody as she bisexual, but not sure how to tell anyone. Missie’s breasts bounced into Angela’s smaller breasts.

“They are bouncy.” Angela whispered.

“You should see them without a bra, they have minds of their own.” Missie whispered back and laughed. She bowed as Angela bowed back at the bouncy, friendly breasts. All of the guys were drooling.

Mac spun the bottle again it landed on his step-sister Angela, the room was slightly shocked.

“It’s just a kiss, and we are not blood related.” Angela snapped. She rushed over to him.

“Close your eyes.” She whispered. He did as he was told. She always knew her stepbrother was submissive. She smiled at so many naughty thoughts. She wondered how experience he really was. She had her lips meet his and add just a bit of pressured and then she pulled him closer to he could feel her well-fluffed C breasts. She kept it simple, but enough to tease.  She pulled away and gave him a moment to readjust.

The next round was James spun the bottle, and it landed on Broody.

“Like Angie, said it’s just a kiss” James repeated.

“Dude, no.”

“Fine then, you have to be in underwear for the rest of night.” Broody sighed, but he took off his jeans to revival a color abstract pattern of silky boxer briefs.

“Cute undies.” Missie joked.

"Is that real silk?" Kay asked curious.
"I'll let you touch them if you kiss Missie." Both girls were tipsy, and had already kissed girls before. They both shrugged it off. They walked over and with no thought, they matched their lips together. They both knew if they moaned, it would drive all of the guys crazy. They grabbed each other's asses pushing their breasts into each other as they moaned. They slipped their tongues in each other's mouths. They sloppily kept their mouth partially open so the guy could see them each tease each other with their tongues. Their kiss lasted almost two minutes and had beaten Broody's and Angela's kiss.
They both clasped onto the couch in each other's arm holding back from kissing again. Angela gave then each a cup of rum and cola and she was not amused by the show like the men.

“Let’s play another game.” Mac suggested hoping to get more of a show like that. . .


(Want a part 2?)



5 months ago. Thu 11 Jul 2019 09:50:56 AM IDT

Once my sexy submissive boyfriend came home from work, I was feeling fun and frisky. (I had accomplished all of my daily goals and my word count was three time more than as my daily average of 1500.) I even had dinner in the slow cooker, chili, with a corn bread in the oven.
He came home knelt in front of me and kissed him. I noticed he was sweaty. I do not like sweat. (I know it’s a natural thing, but its slimy and gross.)
“Go shower, dry off and come back to me naked so we can play the clean game.” He knew the clean game. I came up with it when we were in the craft store. He was holding my bags, of course like a good sub would. Anyway, I made two wheels decorated with colorful markers, stickers and glitter. On one wheel was his chores and the other wheel was what he was supposed to wear while doing the chores.
The list of the chores were
1. Dishes
2. Washing, dry and fold laundry
3. Vacuum and dust
4. Sweep and mop
5. Make bed and fluff the pillows
6. Make dinner
7. Make dessert
8. Clean kitchen
9. Clean bathroom
10. Scrubbing the kitchen floor
11. Cleaning his car in the garage (with the door close)
12. Bonus hat game
Note: The hat game is where I write different ideas and pick three for him to do for me after his chores. Extra massage (usually sexual), create a romantic atmosphere like candle light dinner, read me a homemade poem, entertain me, strip show etc.
Chores like taking out the trash or cleaning after the cats are not in the game, because they are not sexy and I do not want the neighborhood to see all of my sexy submissive boy toy (unless they look through the windows.)
The second wheel was what he should wear.
1. G-string (we roll a 6 sided dice for what color: 1. Red, 2. Blue, 3. Sparkle green, 4. Sparkly pink, 5. Purple, and 6 black leather.)
2. Nude and bare foot
3. Cock cage
4. Cock ring (I flip a coin to see if its plain or with a vibrator)
5. Boxers
6. Ripped jeans (ripped in the knees, on the ass and in the grotch, no underwear with it)
7. Very short, ripped jean shorts (when bent over ass is exposed)
8. Assless chaps
9. Only cowboy boots (sometimes cock ring or cock cage)
10. Leopard print silk tight briefs
11. Just a rag (to balance on an erect cock)
12. Strip for Mistress until she says stop (and then clean in what she says)
As I said he was a very good boy, and first day he had clean up glitter while having to keep a rag on his erected cock. I also might be nice and allow an apron if he has to cook. I also personally know bacon grease splatting on an open chest hurts.)
He got out of the shower, just as I looked at the corn bread. It needed another five minutes in the oven. He knelt in front of me as bend to kiss him, he smelled good, clean. I run my fingers through his wet hair keeping his hair out of his face. He noticed the sparkly charts on the table.
“I got all of my daily goals accomplished, so I want my sexy sub to play with me, entertain me.”
“I’m happy you got so much done, may I read your work?” I loved his love of reading. Its one of many things that drew me toward him. I kissed him, he tasted of tooth paste, my good boy even brushed his teeth.
“After dinner, we can read my work together. We are going to play the cleaning game first.” I took his hand as he got up and walked with me to the dinning room table.
“Each wheel, I will spin three times, and I will match up what you wear with you chore.” I explained him the rules again.
“Yes, my sexy Mistress.” He replied in agreement.
I spun the first sparkly wheel. . . the arrow moving against the reflecting colors of silver, red, blues making it look purple. The arrow landed on g-string, and we rolled a 4 so he had wear a sparkly pink g string. I spin the chore wheel: he had vacuum a sparkly g-string.
I spin the sexy outfit again. Then I got cowboy boots, and I flipped a coin and god heads: he had to wear his cock cage. Since he was already wearing the shiny piece we would start with the chore first. I spin the chore chart for him to get make bed and fluff the pillows.
The last time I spun the outfit chart, I got nude with bare feet. We both knew was the last one: it was the simplest outfit. I was being nice so I let him spin the chore wheel. He spun the wheel and the sparkly swirls landed in make dessert. I smiled as I knew this is going to be a very fun night.
“Since you already have the cock cage, we will get your sexy cowboy boots on and you fluff my pillow in your buff.” I giggled slightly.
“Then we will put the pink sparkly g-string on and you will vacuum for me. We will have dinner and you will make me dessert completely nude.” I directed him in what order. He put the charts away as I took the corn bread out of the oven. I placed it on the stove to cool and turn off the oven. He followed me into the bedroom. He didn’t see I had my cell phone.
I laid in the middle of the partially made bed. As he getting on his cowboy boots. I sat up and threw the pillows at him.
“My sexy Mistress, its hard to make the bed with your sexy, curvy body in it.” I could hear him drooling in his truthful complaint. I laughed.
“You need to dance to get me out of the bed.” I smiled and turned on the song “That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain.
“Now my sexy boy toy, dance.” I demanded as I blasted the music. He swayed his hips hesitant at first. Then he began to thrust his caged groin getting into the song. I was very amused by his moves, but I could see that he was nervous. I smiled and blew him a kiss flirty. He eased up and really shook his hip and even swung his cowboy boots up. By the third versus I was off the stripped bed and dancing with him. I squeezed his ass as I ground my body into his caged cock. He moaned in our dancing.
I kissed him deeply pinning him into the wall. Once the music stopped, I pulled back.
“Now make the bed.” He stripped the blue sheets and put on light purple sheets as I watched him bent over his tight ass fully exposed. It gave me an idea as I put on the song “Shake Your Bon Bon,” by Ricky Martin. Then I smacked his ass playfully. He groaned and swayed his ass to the rhythm of the song. I smacked it again on the other cheek. I grabbed his hips and ground into his ass. . .
“Maybe we should play with this soon. “ He swayed his ass pushing against my groin in a playful way. We were in a frisky agreement: we both knew I got a new vibrating strap-on I needed to break in. I slid my hands just to his cock cage as his entire pelvis area was sensitive. He tried to focus on the hospital corners in folding the unfitted sheet. He moaned once I slipped my finger under the cage and just lightly brushed against his over sensitive cock. He collapsed into the folded side of the bed and just allowed me to dance to the music and grind to his slightly swaying ass. I could tell he was intense torture. I knew he wanted to rip off his cage and roll me onto the bed and take me on, but I could tell he was trying his best to hold back his sexual, desperate urges.
I kissed him on the back of the neck and slowly let him go. I sat back and let him finish making the bed as enjoyed watching his naked body work. He was my sexy submissive boy toy in the buff.
“Now you have to dance as you fluff the pillows.” I demanded as I played “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift. He shook each pillow as he shook his body. I smiled and danced with him until all eight pillows were fluffed.
I sat on the side of the freshly made bed. I had him sit with me. I don’t speak or tell him how hot he looked in the cowboy boots. I just kissed him and fell back on the bed and had him lay on top of me and our tongues were dancing just was our bodies were just a few minutes ago. I loved the pressure of his body weight on top of me. I grabbed his ass cheeks pushing his groin into mind. He moaned and groan as he was flustered because of the metal cage between us.
“Grind me harder,” I gasped as he did pushing the cage into my legging pants. I soaked through both my underwear and my pants. We could smell the sweetness.
“Harder.” I was breathless. His groin rode and drove deep with my soaked crevasse. After few moments within a steady rhythm, he find that perfect spot and arched seeped into caged crotch. I gasped and squealed as I gush making the front of my underwear and pant sweet and soaked.
I kissed him and pushed him up. I slipped off my pants and demanded.
“Be a good boy, and lick me clean.” He kissed and sucked on my inner thighs covered with my sweet juices. I moaned and bit my lips arching into his tongue and lips. His flat tongue slide between my pussy lips and licked me like a melting ice cream cone. He lapped up my sweet juice moaning as he did it, the moans made my pussy vibrate. I squeal once his tongue hit my special, sensitive spot. He could feel him smile, an evil smile as he pushed on the spot with tip of his tongue, then he flicked his tongue rapidly making it tap, tap, tap. It made my body get tense again. He continue to tap, tap, tap and then stroke his entire tongue over the spot. Within seconds, I squealed and gushed all over his face. He licked it clean with one more lap, before I pulled him back over me.
I kissed him hard sucking my juices off his tongue. I have always like the taste of myself when I’m horny. He moaned as I sucked his tongue harder and deeper puling it deep past my lips almost down my throat.
I had him get up as I walked to the closet stripping my clothes tossing them to floor as he knew to pick them up and put them in the hamper. He smelled them and moaned.
“Are you smelling my clothes, again?” I sighed, shook my head and laughed it off.
“I love your sweet smell, Mistress.” He replied between proud and ashamed.
I get into sheer, dark pink lacy camisole with no panties. I grabbed my purple vibrator as I grabbed the key for the cage as well as his hot pink sparkly g-string.
“Come here and put it on.” I demanded as he saw my curvy kegs coming from my camisole. He liked that I was not wearing the matching undies. He rushed over with drool on his chin. He eagerly allowed me to unlock his cock cage and once it opened, his cock was semi-hard once it hit the air. He groaned in delight. I knew he wanted to kiss me, he wanted to pin me, and show him how appreciative he was for his manly freedom.
“Put it on, and I’ll kiss you.” I knew better as I knew he was simply turned on by just my kiss.
I giggled to myself as I watched him shove his cock into the sparkly pink g-string. I could tell the string rode right up his ass. I kissed him with a teasing peck. I grabbed a towel and had him follow me.
“Now my sexy boy, you can vacuum and entertain your sexy goddess.” I giggled and smiled. I put the towel on the couch, expecting him to make me gush in the show. (He'll have a little help with my purple friend.)
He got the vacuum, plugged it in, this time I turned on smart TV with our surround sound and put on the song “I'm Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. I paused but he saw the song.
“Now my sexy boy toy, are you seeing a pattern here. I want you dance for me while vacuuming. And go.” I had hit play as he started to thrust his bulging pink pouch making even the sparkles dance while vacuumed the living room rug. I slide my purple friend into my soaked pussy. I gasped as he almost stopped.
“Keep going, the more you dance, the more i will cum,” I pulled it out and push it in, with my leg spread along the couch. He danced and he watched me play with my wet pussy.
After the song ended, I played “I wanna dance with somebody,” by Whitney Houston.
“Oh. Dance boy, dance!” I gasped with each word. I orgasmed twice with that song. He was practically done. I allowed him to finish the rug.
“Now my good boy, just dance for me.” I put on the song “Rump Shaker” by Wreck-N-Effect. He danced shaking his ass to the song as I put my legs over my head and orgasmed until squirted all over the towel. I could see that he pitching a tent in his pink pouch. I could see wet marks. I pulled my toy out.
“Now play with me, but just your tongue and fingers.” I demanded as I slid my own fingers in and sucked them clean teasing him with my sweetness. He knelt in front of me and slid his first two fingers in deep as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. The double stimulation made me release so hard I felt like I passed out for second when I actually gushed all over his fingers.
“Oh my good sexy boy, now lick me clean while suck my juice off of your hand.” He went face first into my open pussy licking the sweet wetness. I licked and sucked on his fingers and palm as he moaned. The moaning made his tongue vibrate. I almost came again.
We rested for a few moments when I noticed the huge wet spot on his pink pouch.
“Be honest with me, did you cum?” I was disappointed in the thought, I wanted him to show me control. True control would impress me, we both knew that.
“Mistress, its precum. I need to cum, but I know not to cum until you say.” I pulled his cock hard out of the pouch, it glisten, but it was clear.
“Good boy, but you must wear your wet g-string to dinner.” He understood.
“Now I’m going to go get dressed, you get us dinner.” I directed him.
We ate dinner. I went on about my story of a dancing slave. I take off his g-string. I kiss the tip of his cock, its not as salty as it would have been with cum. I sat back into my chair.
“Now I give you a minute to look into the fridge and freezer for things to make dessert.” I set the timer on my phone.
“And now go.” I started the timer as he grabbed the tray found whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and cherries. He had spoons but no bowls, which means its going to be naughty. We both smiled at the thought.
“My lovely Mistress, follow me.” We went into the bedroom, he put the tray on the end table as he put several towels down. He layer on the towels. I had the idea in which he wanted. I thought he was being clever since he can’t where a cock ring that !y mouth might making him cum. (However we both knew if he came before he earned it that his chastity would be prolonged.)
I ate a cherry and then fed him one with my mouth. I kissed him hard as the sweetness of cherry drive us both crazy. I took the whipped cream and covered his cock and added sprinkles. I licked and succked him clean, making his cock throbbing and be perfectly erect. He moaned as I moaned still sucking. Then I took a spoonful of ice cream. The coldness made him flinch and gasp.
“Oh mistress,” his teeth chattered. I sucked moving the melting scoop of ice cream along his shrinking cock. Then once it melted I suck all of the cream off making it swell again. He gasped. I drizzled chocolate all over as sucked so hard, could taste the precum like chocolate covered pretzels.
“sit up.” I demanded as he did as I said. I fed him ice cream as he did the same with me as he told me about his work day and how he thought of me and missed me.
“I love that you miss me, but you do not have enough points to cum yet.” I kissed him.
“I know, I just enjoyed this moment.” I kissed him again. I cleaned off his cock with a soapy rag and put on a new metal cage and locked it.
“Run me a bath, and I’ll get my writings.” We finished the night with him reading me my work as I soaked in the tub.

5 months ago. Tue 09 Jul 2019 07:05:50 AM IDT

I’m working on a writing challenge. . .

I have so many erotic ideas that I feel I should post a few.
My challenge is simple post three to five erotic stories a week.

Please feel free to like or comment.

I want to know if my writing is good enough to get published.

Note: If I write about a sub, it based on how I want my submissive boyfriend to be. (Hint to the submissive men out there.)

I will not write about my hard limits.

5 months ago. Mon 08 Jul 2019 06:09:22 AM IDT

I asked if my good sub wanted to join me in a bath. (He had remodeled the master bathroom: we took out the closet and made a huge shower with a bench and two wand shower heads with 16 different pulses. So if I felt in a teasing mood, I could have him stand in the shower while I use the pulse to pleasure myself. Its simply to show him what he is not allow to do if he was bad and that is sexually please me. There is also a huge soaker tube which made for at least two adults. There is a separate area divide the bathing area and the double vanity and hidden toilet.)

"Yes my sexy, Mistress." I kiss him lightly.

"Good, go make me tea and set my bubble bath." I demanded as it made him smile. I smile back.

He knew it was a game we had, he had to do everything nude, unless I told him so. He would make my green tea, warmed, very light honey. If it was made perfect, and my bath was set just right: I would reward him by letting him bath with me and I love washing and stroking my sexy toys. I knew I was still hot and so soak and wet between my legs. My submissive boyfriend has a way with me: he goes out of his way and in some very uncomfortable situations just to please me. I'm not just his dominant, sexy mistress, but his loving, caring, supportive girlfriend.

"My lovely Mistress, bath is ready." I got up and followed the same piano music, and I could smell my favorite vanilla bubble bath. The room was dim with several vanilla and strawberry candles around the tub. My tea was on the end table with four of my favorite chocolate cookies. He sweet and sexy sub knew how to get to my sweet side: that is extra points for him.

"Mistress, even if I do not get the chance to enjoy this relaxing moment with you, it was my pleasure to create it for you." I kissed him deeply.

"Help me take this off," I demanded trying my best keep my dominance. He slid off my lacy purple teddy over my chest and arms. I reveal my bouncy breasts that made my nipples erect.

His eyes got big as I smiled. I loved his reaction to my body. I knew I was making him hard again.

"Kiss them, suck on them." I demanded. He kissed each on with a quick peck knowing that the tub was filling fast. He sucked on my right nipple as let a small moan; he pulled away quickly and sucked on the other.

Once he pulled away, he offered to help me in the tub. I stepped into the tub, the water was a bit warmer. I slowly sat in the middle, turned the water a bit cooler. I took a sip of my tea, it was perfect. It was so good that I let the feel of the water go.

"Step closer." I demanded as he as he was told.

"Do I turn my good boy on?" I asked in a playful tone.

"Oh yes, my sexy Mistress. I love how you make me feel." He answered in a gasp as I grabbed his semi hard cock with my warm wet hand. I stroked it feeling it grow harder in my hands.

"I want you to cum on my breasts and the lick it clean. If you do this, you will join me in the bath tonight." I explained, stroking hard and faster as within moments, he arched, and groaned.

"My good submissive boy toy wants to cover his sexy goddess with his cum." I giggled in my words as a firm of girly amusement. I stroked harder and faster feeling the cum move in a rush through his cock. I position my chest close as within second his cock exploded for the second time that night. (We both knew as long as he was good, I would try to drain him as it would be at least another two weeks before he could cum again, maybe longer if he didn't earn enough points or if I'm not in the right mood.) He gushed all over the valley between my large, puffy, and natural breasts.

"Now lick and suck it clean." I smiled as we both knew I wanted him to mark my chest like I marked his with hickies. (I only mark where he has clothes on because I know he has to work and expect no one to see his thighs, cock, balls or chest but me.) He bent down and began to lick and suck soft and sweet.

"My sexy toy be a damn vacuum and suck me fucking harder. Mark me show me how much you care with your damn suction." I liked being marked: if we are both marked, its like a physical connection: a bond between sexy dominant goddess and playful submissive boy toy. He sucked harder, so hard I could feel my skin pulled deep in his mouth as it made me breathless and moan. He cleaned me up as I had three huge purple and red marks on my chest from my good boy.

I pulled away, turned off the running water.

"Get in the tub." I demanded as I turned around and faced him as he sat in the back of the tub. I knelt in front of him and led against him as I kiss him hard tasting his saltiness on his tongue. I arranged myself than I'm grinding on his semi-hard, semi sore cock. He groaned and moaned as the mixture of the kiss and slight pain on his spent cock. I kissed him deeper dancing with his tongue as I let his hand explore my body. His touched felt good, I never told him but words, just by moans, kisses, and smiles. I took the rolled wash rag and his bottled soap and washed him . . . around his neck, pulled him forward down his back, which stung as I scratched his back before, i kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back as if to say he is okay.

Then I let him lay back as I rolled the wash rag down his chest as he watched me and moaned. I kissed him once more before I put the wash rag away, turn around and sip my tea.

"The tea is so good, I will let you fondle and touch me however you would like as long as you wash me." I told him as I bit a cookie and fed him a bite. He ate it and playful smiled at me.

I put my vanilla soap on a new wash rag. He washed my back as he massage my back after each stroke. I moaned with his touch, its his massages that really relaxed me. I never told him, but we both know.

After, he finished my back, he aggressively, hornily pulled me so close to him that I could feel his cock slowly growing between my ass cheeks. He washed my breasts as he kissed my neck making me grind and tremble making his cock slide between my cheeks.

"Mistress, I'm sorry, but you drive me crazy. I think of you all of the time. I love your kiss. I love your touch. I need you to complete me. " the words instantly turn me on again.

I ground my rounded ass deeper and harder on his cock. We both moaned. I turned around and slid him deep into me. I rode him harder and faster. Our tongues sloppily all over each other. We gripped around each other as I bounced on him as his cock slid in and of me.

It was intense, and I rode him so hard that we splashed water out of the tub. The more he moved in and out, the faster the head of his cock would rub my inner, tight, wet g spot. I gasped and held him tighter. I led down and bit his nipple as I gasped and squealed "oh good boy" in my orgasm. It was just a few painful seconds later, he gasped and groaned and exploded.

We sat in the tub a few moments until looked over. I saw that my cookies were wet.

"Be my good boy. I need more cookies and please mop up the floor for me." I kissed him quickly and pulled away waiting for him to do his chores. He got up and he did as he was told. I finished my cookies and tea while I watched him mop up nude.

I got out of bed, got into my undies and night shirt. He put the dishes in the dish washer. He took out the dog, clean up the cats, cleaned himself.

He came up stairs and sat at the bed waiting for him. He kissed me. Then I put on a clean, sanitized cock cage.

"Thank you Mistress. I hope you had a fun night." I pulled him down after I locked the cage, and kissed him again.

"I had a wonderful night." I gave him a pair of boxers. He put them on.

I laid down and he laid next to me and massaged my back until I fell to sleep

5 months ago. Fri 05 Jul 2019 12:27:33 AM IDT

"Do you want to cum?" I asked again as I began to suck on his neck and grab his cock. He gasped and moaned. 

"Oh. Yes. Please. Mistress!"

"Compliment me" I demanded as I went back to sucking his his neck making it red, not quite bruised. I can't have him be marked up in a spot his coworkers could see. However I loved marking him: making him mine. 

"You are amazing. You are wonderful and beautiful." He moaned in his breathy words. I moved to his chest and sucked harder near his nipples. 

"I'm only complete when I'm with you." The last one made me kiss his lips, hard and deep. I pulled away as I wanted to feel him. He truly deserved to release but only the way I want him to. 

I untied him to the bed post, but I made sure his hands were still tied together. I slipped his tied arms around my the back of my neck. I arranged myself to slid his ringed throbbing cock in my pussy opening. 

I pulled him up in a sitting position as it pushed his cock deep in me. I was tight and dripping wet around his plump cock. I could feel his body slightly trembling as his arms strain. I slid his arms down to my waist, and I wrapped my legs around him so I could feel him penetrate deeper in me. My chest pushed against his chest, the rubbing motion made my nipple rock hard and pointy brushing against him. We both moaned in the motion. 

We rocked together as he matched his rhythm with mine. The motion of his cock moving in and out, deeper and deeper made me soaked. I dripped all over him. 

"Damn, good sexy boy, you make me wet!" I breathlessly stated the obvious. 

He wanted to cum as his body shook in my arms. I bounced as I scratched his back. He moan in a painful growl. He bounced against me as hit hit the soft spot as I groaned and scratched him harder. 

My body got tense as I dug my fingers and bitter nails into his back. For a few seconds, I could breath and then a release as my body felt light and high as I slightly collapsed into his chest. I could hear his rapid heart beat. 

"You are a very good boy." I whispered and mumbled in his chest. 

"Thank you, my sexy Mistress. I did well, right?" He wanted confirmation. However he was patient and did not ask to cum. 

"You did very well." I replied and kissed him deeply tasting the chocolate and raspberry faded on his dried lips. 

We rest for a moment leaving his throbbing cock still in me. I slid his arms up my waist and over my head. I push his chest down, so he was laying down as I could feel his cock shift in me. It rubbed against my wet sensitive spot.  I moaned as I rode him hard. I grabbed his hands and allowed him to squeeze and play with my bouncy, soft and squishy breasts. It felt nice so arch my breasts into his hands and push his cock deep within my pussy. The harder he squeezed, the harder I rode him. We both moaned harder, deeper and louder. 

"Pinch and twist my nipples my sexy boy toy." I demanded as he got excited and twitched under me. He pitched and twisted my nipples as I have very little feeling, but I know it drives him crazy.  The more he moaned and twisted my nipples making them purple and red, the harder i bounced riding him so freaking hard. Finally it all built up to such intense point that I squirted with him inside of me. He moaned as he felt my wet orgasm again his trembling cock. 

I collapsed next to him as he massaged my pussy with his tied up hands. He would taste his fingers every few strokes. 

"Do I taste good?" I laughed. 

"Oh yes, my sexy goddess." He sucked my sweet juices off his fingers. 

I looked over to his cock, it was swirls of red and purple. I knew it needed to explode, and he had given me two awesome orgasm I knew I had to help him. 

I sucked on his fingers and I love how sweet and horny he makes me get. I moaned sucking on his fingers as he moaned louder and his body twitched. I pushed his hands over his head onto the pillow. 

I kissed him hard with our tongue doing the tango as I could taste my juices on him, it drove me crazy. I kissed down his trembling body. I got to his glistening cock. I took no time and sucked my juices off as I could taste sweet and salt as his precum mixed in. 

"Oh my sexy Mistress. Yes. Oh yes!!" He exclaimed in moaning words. 

Once he was cleaned off, I slid his cock ring off. He moaned as he knew his groin friend was friend. He needed this, we both knew it. I took some more lube and stroked it. 

"Oh. my. Sexy. mistress." He gasped and moaned in between the words. 

"Beg. To. Cum." I emphasized each demanding word. 

"Please my sexy goddess, may I cum?" He asked as I stroked as a steady rate. 

"More " I stroke harder, more intense. He arched into my hand. I pushed his pelvis down with my free hand. I then held him down hold his balls massaging them with my thumb. 

"Oh my gorgeous, sexy mistress, may I please cum. Please mistress. I want you. I need you! I love you!" He knew what words to say to get me. I added lube and massaged his balls harder and I stroke him harder.

"I. . . I . .  . I can't . . ." he gasped in mid orgasm.

"Cum baby, my good boy cum!" I allowed his body to release as he gushed so hard that he drained majority of his cum in one shot. The cum oozed over my hand as I licked part of my hand. It tasted like salted raspberries. I took my other hand wiped my wet pussy only to mix his cum with my juices on my fingers. 

"Now be my good boy and lick my fingers clean." He sucked the sweet and salty mixture off each one of my fingers. I lived the suction with the feeling of wet tongue. I wonder if that what cocks feel like when someone sucks on them. 

I untied his hands and kiss him deeply. 

"Would you like to join me in the bath tonight?"



5 months ago. Thu 04 Jul 2019 01:59:48 AM IDT

Well, this is the second time I tried to write this as I lost my first draft hitting the wrong button. Anyway, the last two nights, I have very naughty dreams. They inspired me to write this very erotic tale. 


It starts as my submissive boyfriend was good all week: he did all of chores, errands, and massaged his bomb-ass sexy mistress every night without a horny complaint or to to ask to get his cage off. He also did not ask for extra in his allowance. He was a sexy, good boy and deserve some fun. 

We had a nice dinner and chocolate pudding for dessert. 

Afterward, I told him "go to the bed room and strip down." He did as he was told. 

I met him in the room. He stood by the bed everything off but his shiny metal cage.

"Lay on the bed." I was firm with my words as much as I knew his friend in the cage wanted to be. 

I tied his hands to the head of the bed. He was quiet as he watched me. I could tell he wanted to speak, but he it was best for him to wait until he was spoke to. 

I kissed him lightly on his lips, I could lightly taste the chocolate. I had to pull back just to keep my control. 

"Since you have been good all week, I'm going give you a treat. However I have two rules. Rule one: the louder you moan, the more I will do to let you enjoy the experience." I kissed him as he moaned deeply into the kiss. I slid my tongue pass his lips and and I could feel the vibrations and taste the chocolate. If he had clothes on, I would have ripped them off of him. He was driving me that crazy; he was sexy good boy! I pulled away trying to control: we both moaned, breathlessly. 

"Rule two: you can only cum, when I tell you too or you will have extra time in chastity. Do you understand?" He replied to my rules with "Yes, I understand, my sexy Mistress."

I kissed him lightly trying to keep my composure. I got up from the bed and leave him tied in bed with his on naughty thoughts. 

I got into my lacy purple baby-doll teddy. However I do not wear underwear as I am already soaked, dripping my sweet juices down my legs. My submissive boyfriend is just that obedient and hot. 

I made sure he saw me in the door ways. I don't ask him what he thinks as I just heard a moan fall from his lips. I walked over to and crawl over him as he could feel my moist and hot pussy. 

I kissed up his stomach and chest as I sucked and nibbled on his nipples. He moaned and arced into me. I ground my wet pussy into his cage teasing him. 

"How bad do you want your beautiful goddess?"

"Oh, so, bad." He moaned in between each word, which made me wetter. I dripped through the cage all over his throbbing and compressed cock. 

"Do you want to be freed and play?" I asked teasing him. 

"Yes, please my gorgeous mistress. Please." He begged. 

I leaded towards his ear . . . "well, since you asked so nicely." Then I kissed down his neck. He moaned letting out air. 

I kissed down his body. Then I got to the cage and locked the cage with the hidden key. 

I got a wipe and cleaned all of the sweat and dirt from the cage. I rolled a cock ring on it as I could feel it grow in my hands. He moaned harder and louder as I touched his precious member. I also cleaned his sensitive balls with the wipe. 

"Oh goddess." He gasped and moaned. I added an edible lube, raspberry flavored. I rubbed the lube into his balls and licked his balls to touch the raspberry. He moaned and arched into me pulling his wrists again the headboard. 

Then I added more lube and I stroked his cock, up and down. The louder his moaned, the harder and more intended I stroked. I loved feeling the cock throb and his body desire to release. 

I massaged his balls with one hand I stroke with the other. I loved having the power of his pleasure in my hands.

"This is what good boys get!" I stated enjoying touching him. 

"Oh goddess, thank you, oh yes." He moaned in his words. 

I finally start to lick the tip of his cock as there was a drop of precum mixing the slight salt with the tart raspberry. 

I slid more of his cock in my mouth. I tasted the tart of raspberries as I began to suck, light at first listening to his heavy breathy moans. I suck harder pushing him deeper in my mouth. I slid up and down making him scream with his moan.

"Oh. My. Mistress!" I slid him out and smiled. I crawl up and kissed him hard mixing our tongues making it taste like chocolate covered raspberries. We both moaned into the kiss. 

"Do you want to cum?" I whispered breathlessly in his ear. . .

To be continued . . . 







5 months ago. Sun 30 Jun 2019 03:27:12 AM IDT

I'm only on okcupid, because I like to answer the questions, I'm over 1,500 questions. I also enjoy surveys and questionnaires. 

Sometimes, I will answer back to other people if we star each other (I'm not saying like, because when you star a profile, it means interested, not necessarily like). Even on "normal" dating sites, it is still full of those guys who just want to screw and screw the girl over as they get their kicks off with a stranger. Usually when I say I cannot enjoy sex (due to my health issues as most of blog readers already know), it ends the conversation with "Sorry, but I need sex." 

This current guy wants me to tell him when to get off. (I have gotten similar things on this site, fetlife, and collarspace.) My question. . . what enjoyment, release, excitement, pleasure do I get out of telling you when to cum? (I cannot cum myself so it makes NO sense.) When I was in FLR my enjoyment came from when I told my ex when do chores, to go shopping with me, when I gave him an allowance after I paid all of the bills. (Sometimes he had to save for something he wanted or he had to decide if wanted one thing or another, because of how much money he had. Yes, I wish he had made more because I was budgeting two people on SSI budget, for number people less than 750 a month. We went out once if we were lucky. We had to save and sacrifice for months for him to get a new video game unit. yes, he was good submissive boyfriend and did deserve the unit. He didn't want me to work, because I didn't have the energy to stand for a long period of time due to anemia and vitamin deficiencies.) 

When I told the guy who wanted to "get-off" on demand about where my true turn-ons lie, he said I was just after the money. If I was just after the damn money, I would be seeking jerk CEO who just shuttle money while they screw over six other thinner dumb girls. 
I want a guy who wants me, I don't dress up, I don't up on make-up, I will tell you yes or no if you can do your activities, you need to earn a good time. I'm sick of people telling me it's about the money, but I just want to know I am secure will my bills and I comfortable enough that I can almost support my feline fur babies. 

I am so sick of every guy putting dominance with just sex. I also sick of guy think long term chastity is good idea, it can cause the cell to turn into cancer and cause other extreme problems, releasing cum is natural thing. However it should be earned, and I should get somethings that give me a release and/or pleasure in exchange. Why is this so hard to understand?

5 months ago. Fri 21 Jun 2019 08:50:59 AM IDT

What is your favourite fetish?

Micromanagement and chastity: I love budgeting, making a menu and giving my sub an allowance and seeing if they can keep it.


What are your favourite qualities in a dominant?

Connection, feeling power, control, (responsible) into their sub as being not just a servant, not having to clean (A good dominant will not just enjoy their sub, but make them a better person for it)


What are your favourite qualities in a submissive?

Loyal, good cleaner, respectable, honest, helpful (constantly trying to improve the dominant’s lifestyle and being the best person that they can.)


What is your chief characteristic?

Loyalty, responsibility, and control (they are tied)


What would you consider your main fault as a dominant or submissive?

I need a connection and committed relationship; most sub just want to serve and move on, or at least that is how it sounds.

I’m also not into sex, until I get fix.


What is your favourite way to spend your time?

Writing, cooking or playing with cats (in that order)


What's your idea of happiness?

Feeling at home: writing (while my sub works or cleans)


What's your idea of misery?

Realizing that my writing was a waste of time, not writing due to depression, or being cheated on.


If not yourself, who would you choose to be?

A cat


Where would you like to live?

A climate that is 70’s during the day and 50’s at night. (62 degree is prefect breathing weather.)


Who are your favourite authors (kinky and otherwise)?

Stephen King, Anne Rice and Agatha Christie


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5 months ago. Fri 21 Jun 2019 07:55:59 AM IDT

I have been dealing with health issues. I believe I have PCOS and it causes a lot of problems. . . from depression and anxiety (on top of my own depression and anxiety) to hormonal issues and lack of desire and pain with sex. Until I can find a doctor who will listen to me, I do not want make someone else miserable having to deal with me. I'm NOT a torturous and brutal dominant. 


I just find it funny that when I confess "I am NOT looking." and I keep getting guys wanting me to "dominate" them.


First of all, I do not have my life organized to even consider allowing other people in it, whether it's FLR or a vanilla friendship. 

Secondly. . . You need to get to know each other and feel a connection, before I will even start my dominance. 

Thirdly, I admit on my profile, I am seeking readers, so read my profile and my blog. 


Thank you. 


Back me to hiding while I figure out my health problems.