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1 week ago. Mon 13 Nov 2017 10:08:05 PM IST

Do not dump a person in a text.

Face the person when you give them that type of news. 

If you are overwhelmed and need to slow things down, then talk to your partner about it. 

We are adults, if you say you need time for you, then I'm not going to dump you because you need time. 

I swear clear communication and maturity are as rare as common sense. 

2 weeks ago. Tue 07 Nov 2017 11:07:08 AM IST

Please read my profile. 

I'm tired of telling people "you're not what I am looking for." 

First of all, I am seeing someone. 

Secondly, I want local guys. 

Thirdly, I want someone with experience. 


I am only seeking people to chat with at the moment. 



3 weeks ago. Fri 27 Oct 2017 08:41:27 AM IDT

You want to make someone mean. . . Just  tell you're not into them. 

  1. The reason can be shallow based on their looks
  2. or so complicated like they just have bad timing. 
  3. Some deal breaker reason between.

However they take it so personal. Even with my anxiety, I've learned not everyone likes me. I mean there are 7.6 billion people in this world. . . I do NOT expect to hit everyone's fancy.

However when I make an ad and I say I'm a bbw. . . It means I'm curvy, chubby, bigger than hwp. I have curves and I'm beginning to love them. 

I know what I want, and if its not the random email guy, then I wish you luck. . . Say thank you and move on. 

Don't waste my time and your time with a negative remark that did nothing for either one us. 

I was trying to be kind and not wasting either one of our time. 

3 weeks ago. Fri 27 Oct 2017 12:02:02 AM IDT

It doesn't matter whether I'm here, fetlife, collarspace, feabie, or craigslist.  . . I've been noticing a pattern. People want someone real and have a connection with them, but they want to start with sex.

That is not how it works. 

You are going to get just a series of sexual moments with strangers. 

You have to chat and do things  (non sexual) with them and really see who they are.

  • What do they do on a lazy Sunday?
  • Do they like cats or dogs or something without fur? 
  • What do movie do the quote from the most? 
  • What is their favorite meal, color, time of day?


It is the little things that make us unique, and those who notice our little things give us that true connection. It is the true connection that divides the real from the fake. It is that connection that we all really want and it makes us feel less lonely. 

I enjoy sex, but I need it withe someone I am connected with. 

3 weeks ago. Thu 26 Oct 2017 01:54:50 AM IDT

If you are going to chat with me, be honest. 

I'm so sick of those guy using me to get off and then blocking me, this has been happening on collarspace and fetlife a lot. 

If you are a fake, just horny, or a just plan lying @$$, then Please leave me alone.

I am real and I am seeking someone real who I can feel an intellectual  connection with within my age range . . Is it too much to ask for?


These losers are making me doubt all of humanity. 

1 month ago. Sun 22 Oct 2017 12:24:04 AM IDT

If you ask me to give you a chance.  . . And I know we aren't met to be, but I give you a chance anyway. Then you better get your damn car, plane, train whatever. . .and meet me. 

Prove to me my gut was wrong . . . My gut is still 95% right. I give 5% for hormonal and human error. 

but this  dumb loser, ask me to give him like a chance 6 times, so I went against my gut and gave him a chance.  He wasn't bright enough to keep conversation. I thought maybe I could at least get out, have a date . . .

He stood me up. I told him the distance was too much, and he kept asking for a chance. I gave him two he cancelled last night due his broken truck. I waited two hours today to get a text from him saying it was too far, which I told him in the first place. I'm so upset.

Do not piss off the dominants please. Or my dream sex room will be my torture dungeon really fast. 

1 month ago. Sun 22 Oct 2017 12:00:44 AM IDT

I cannot handle stupid people. If you I Q is under 105 please don't try to ask me if you be my beta (slave), toy, or sub. I'm sapio-sexual and demi-sexual this means you need to be smart enough with me to hold a conversation and have a connection with me to even be considered to be sexual with me.

I love the move forest gump, but I do not want to date him. 

1 month ago. Sat 21 Oct 2017 11:32:03 PM IDT

I cannot handle stupid people. If you I Q is under 105 please don't try to ask me if you be my beta (slave), toy, or sub. I'm sapio-sexual and demi-sexual this means you need to be smart enough with me to hold a conversation and have a connection with me to even be considered to be sexual with me.

I love the movie forest gump, but I do not want to date him. 

1 month ago. Mon 16 Oct 2017 06:42:01 AM IDT

Note: I know what I want and if you can't follow these, then please move on. 


Okay first of all to some subs I have not been strict enough, other say I want too much. To either of those groups obviously we are NOT meant to be. I am basing these rules on what and who I want. I realized that not everyone will fit these rules. If there is a man or woman who can handle these rules and want me to their Mistress please message me.

1. Communication is a demand. (I want a submissive boyfriend who wants give his control to me. I want them to use their free will to make their own decision for TPE. If a sub or beta will NOT communicate with me daily, then they seek someone else.)
• Lack of daily Communication is deal breaker.
• Lying is a dealer breaker.
• Lack of limits or safe word is a deal breaker.
A. I need to have an honest, open connection with my submissive boyfriend or beta.
B. Be polite. Please and thank you go a long way. I expect politeness. I know this is common sense, but I still feel it must be mentioned.
• Please when you beg.
• Thank you when you cum.
• Open doors for me.
• Pay for dates or cook for me (just proper date etiquette).
• Betas are not to eat unless Mistress has started eating.
C. The submissive boyfriend must text me throughout the day. (Do NOT text while driving or while actually working. I will hate have him get into a car accident or get fired for a text.) He must be honest, I will not put up with liars. .
I want at least three texts or messages a day. . . for example
• "Good morning or a comment I woke and I had a dream I was worshipping you. I hope you have a good day."
• "How are you today? I've been thinking of you." OR "How was your day?"
• "Goodnight or sweet dress mistress "
D. I want weekly or bi weekly date, please communicate and work out schedules.
E. I will not accept a submissive who does not use a safe words. There are there for pain and discomfort. If you found something you do not like, you are supposed to say the word. (If something is not right, I want my submissive boyfriend to speak up. I also believe in safe words. . . Yellow means slow down or something isn't right. Red means stop action completely and echo means we need to talk.)
F. I want you have dreams and goals and talk about them. (Before any physical things happen, there will be discussions of fantasies and what both sides want, don't want, will do and won't do etc.)
G. Every big decision will be discussed, but I will have final say. Just because once I agreed with you, does not mean, I will always agree. I make most of my final decision on what we need, what is best for both of us, and what the better choice in the long run.
H. If I have to keep repeating myself, disciplines will be put in order.

2. The submissive boyfriend must kneel in order to ask for any major requests. (Preferably in private.) Beta must be on their knees for all quest big or small. (Again only at the house)
3. A. The Submissive Boyfriend cannot look at other women lustfully unless they feel I would be interested. (I do not seek switch or dominant women, but I do look at the women's body in artful way.)
Beta cannot look at anyone in a sexual matter, and cannot look at any if chastity device is off.
B. I also do not want my submissive boyfriend watching porn or cumming without me. (If we are apart, and I don't orgasm, then they don't orgasm.)
Betas do not orgasm until I give the key and verbally tell them do so. (Once a month depending on how their behavior is. I will keep charts.)
4. I want to meet all of submissive boyfriend friends, especially female friends. (I will not tell them he is submissive and can be done causal. However I want to know if anyone is going to want to steal him or cause drama. I will be willing to show all of my friends as well.)
I want my submissive boyfriend to know me and for me to know my submissive boyfriend. I learn through family and friends. I want to be in the subs head. I want them asking themselves "what does mistress want me to do?"
Beta will have chore and daily to-do lists. (I will try to change it up so we are not always in rut.)
5. The submissive boyfriend and betas must have a job. (I don't care if he goes to school while working part time to find something he loves. I just want time for myself and time where he is financially productive. I am NOT seeking someone to just clean the house. I like a balance of time together and our own time.)
I think if a sub or beta doesn’t work, they become lazy and figure out ways to cut the corners. I want someone who ambitious enough to want to improve themselves, for their mistress at least. If they do not like their job, then get part time to go back to school, but please figure out what you want to do first.
I want all subs and beta to have nonsexual dreams and goals even if it just learning to be a better submissive.
(Whether it important for sub or beta, but I currently have health issues that keep me from working a 9 to 5. However I hope to make future money with my writing and when you are working or doing chores, I, too, am working. If you don’t support my dream of being a future author, then you can seek another mistress.)
6. The submissive boyfriend or beta must be fit or trying to become fit/active. I want this for at least health and energy reasons. (I want someone who encourages me and wants me to be more active as well. I think more time being active, better health, and more exciting sex.)
I want them working out at least two weekends and on Sundays. I don't care if it's yoga, kick boxing, walking, biking, or going out and playing a sport with friends. I also want them to eat healthy three times a week, and at least salad once a week. If they don't work out with me, but at least compete with me. I also want them to doctors and specialist as needed.
I want to get into a walking and cycling schedule at least 3 to 4 times a week. I am trying to get fit myself.

7. I want to have similar interests to do together.
My interests are . . .
• Writing/reading
• Board, rp, and card games (I like Wii sports as well)
• Movies/tv/netflix (cuddle time)
• Cooking/baking
• Indoor biking/going to gym
• Swimming (pool only)
• Shopping
• Dinning out
• Hanging out with family and friends
• Mediation/relaxing (trying to)
• Traveling
• Chatting
• Soaking the tub
Please discuss hobbies and interests so I know what you are doing on your free time.
8. The submissive boyfriend can call me the following names: goddess, mistress, Rebekah, sexy, babe, hun, dear (Do NOT call me madam or ma'am, I am not that old.)
I, the mistress, can call the submissive boyfriend the following names: Babe, his name, sexy toy or boy toy, dear, hun etc Sub, beta, servant, or a nickname agreed by both parties.

9. I want there is difference between submissive and beta. . . When I say submissive this means submissive boyfriend and beta is another word for servant or slave. I like the term beta as history has giving both servant and slave bad denotations. The submissive boyfriend does not have the right to mistreat the beta or punish the beta for any reason.
The order of house is Mistress, Submissive Boyfriend, toy, and then beta. However all problems are corrected by the Mistress and only the mistress. If another beta or submissive takes the problem into their own hands, it is a deal breaker.

10. Sex with the submissive boyfriend or toy will probably only be 20% of the time. I loved to be touched and kissed. I love more of the foreplay, cuddling, and kink, more than the sexual act. (This is meaning actually touching the private parts, penis, ass, vagina etc. This NOT count kissing, massages, foreplay of other parts, teasing or chastity etc.) (This does NOT count for the beta.)
A. For every 3 to 5 of my orgasms, he gets 1. I also must cum first. (If you orgasm before me, you will not orgasm again during that night or session, but I will edge you like crazy.)
B. I want him to read my blog and explore my body to find my turn on spots and things that turn me on.
C. I want to play and have sex more when I am happy. I expect at least 20 minutes of massage (anywhere of choice.) Per playdate. I love being massaged and touched.
D. I love gifts (romantic, practical, and sexy). There times I know I would want encouragement, compliments, favors.
E. The sub wears a chastity belt or cock cage if he cannot control himself between sexual sessions.
F. I like romance.
G. Do not get fired for sending sexual texts at work, it will result in time chastity with a chastity belt in which I have the key.
H. I like a mixture between romance and kinky and fun on my dates.
J. I do like surprises.
K. If you expect ass play, your ass must be clean. If rimmed or had rimmed done teeth and tongue must be brushed before kissing. (No question)
L. If I am generous and give you a reward and you simply deny the reward, there is no roll over. The reward is not void anymore. (I cannot promise I will be generous the second time.)
(The beta gets to be pegged, trampled, teased as much as Mistress sees fit. They should feel privileged just to be able to touch the Mistress in such rituals as massages, cuddles, hugs, closed mouth kisses, manicure and pedicures.)

If I repeat a rule or emphasis it, then it means that rule is very important to me. High chance it comes with a deal breaker clause.
Mistress can tweak or changes rules, but must been written and understood by both parties. If her submissive boyfriend or beta wants to adjust a rule, they must explain why, again it will be considered, change or not change is her decision in the end.

1 month ago. Sat 14 Oct 2017 10:44:01 AM IDT

 For those who were counting, I forgot rant 12. 

I'm sick of guy not reading my profile, and then messaging me as if they are perfect submissive and I will not say "no." News flash: I will say no, and I mean when I say no.

Confidence is good, but it's bad when it makes you look cocks and more dominant. 

Do not be a cookie-cutter submissive (just like everyone else)

Give me 110%

Stand out. Be different. 

Treat messaging as if you are in a job interview. Read on me, learn about me and stand out.  . . Make me remember you. 

Most of all read my profile, see what I want and what I don't want. If you are what I don't want movery on.