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Experiences and observations from a Sir.
6 months ago. July 30, 2023 at 2:29 AM

While I enjoy passing along my Dom knowledge in forums and posts, I have a real issue with passing along knowledge to former subs.  I would rather for them to go look it up in forums and blogs then for a former to enjoy the fruits of my knowledge with someone else.  If someone you had an emotional D/s relationship with asked you for advice to use with someone new, how would you handle it?  

6 months ago. July 30, 2023 at 2:24 AM

How do you recover when you submissive decides suddenly to leave?  How do you handle the feelings of loss?  Is it supposed to feel like a vanilla death?  My Dom feelings don't just turn off as they are a part of my life. I am for the most a Dom who gets very emotionally attached to a submissive.  I love my submissive especially this last one.  I can't imagine any other way though I know many people in the lifestyle just like participating in the D/s roleplay.  Any advice on how to handle when a D/s relationship comes to an end especially for the Dom?


1 year ago. August 17, 2022 at 3:09 AM

She can't stay away.  She tries.  She hates to admit it.  At the end of the day, she knows she's submissive and knows who satisfies her submissive cravings; me, I'm Sir.  I am an exceptional Dom.  I don't have to ask how to do something during an activity.  I've asked questions ahead of time, understand expectations, set guidelines and most importantly, watch and listen, focusing 100% on the submissive.  Watching her body movements, the her facial expressions and listening to every word or moan that comes out of her mouth.  You see I focus entirely on her. I don't stop in the middle of an activity for Q&A.  I make sure the submissive knows I am in control and will satisfy her wants and needs as well as those of my own, that's me Sir. Just focus on the submissive.  What makes it worthwhile is when the submissive tells you that you are the exceptional Dom and Sir understands what to do.  

By watching and listening, Sir knows her pace.  Sir knows when the submissive wants to be touched, how she wants to be touched and where.  Sir knows how the submissive wants to be spoken to, the tone, the cadence and when the sub wants to be spanked. Spanked hard and deliberate with Sir's bare hand.  Sir knows this and knows when the submissive needs to hear that she is a good girl and when the submissive needs a moment to quench her thirst or at the end when she just wants and needs aftercare.  Sir knows how to take the submissive to the places in her mind she desires the most.  At the end, the look the submissive gives Sir, is one of obedience and satisfaction as the submissive curls up to Sir.

Recently, sadly, the submissive tried with another to recreate that satisfaction. She asked questions trying to find answers to achieving the connection she had with Sir.  It's annoying until you learn of their lack of success to recreate certain moments.  As learned during Sir's early learning, if you train the submissive right, the submissive will come back to you. When the submissive tells you despite her actions, she sees Sir's face and hears Sir's voice. Sir receives a feeling of incredible satisfaction.  The submissive knows which Dom will protect her and take care of all of her needs. The submissive knows who has the right touch and demeanor. Yes, they do come back to you. 






2 years ago. December 26, 2021 at 5:15 AM

I was asked recently why I prefer newbie submissives or strong experienced  submissives. I prefer them because I am building a good foundation of trust and communication. I listen and pay attention to the submissive. My total focus is always firmly on the submissive. I want both of us to have an incredible and safe experience. I read and listen to what more experienced Doms have to offer and I am exceptional as a result of their teachings and knowledge. I don't just run out here and try something without learning about it.

If the submissive wants to play with other "doms"  then I send them on their way. I dont need to be concerned about contradicting teachings.  I don't  have time to fix messes as a result of an inexperienced "dom" who won't pay attention to the submissive's actions or concerns. 

What are my standards?  I want the experience to be fun and safe for both people. I want the submissive to receive the benefits of my 100% focus and effort so we can both have incredibly rewarding experiences. I encourage inexperienced Doms to take your time. Read, ask questions, study and pay attention to the needs of the submissive.





2 years ago. November 2, 2021 at 6:12 AM

This is an odd post.  Pull up a seat to the bar.  I've had the pleasure of a few submissives over the years. Some just ended because of work or life in general.  This one is different or so I thought . When you find an intelligent sub that you connect,  you get attached even though that may not have been your intention.  While in a D/s relationship with me, a submissive expressed that she would be pursuing a relationship outside of the D/s realm with another, but still wants the D/s play with me. Have you run into this scenario?  I wish I could say the scenario doesn't bother me at all, but there's that small hint of irritation. This new scenario makes me want to try to view the D/s play as an arrangement that exists soley to satisfy our D/s needs.  The worst part is when you are told by the submissive, the suitor or lady suitor has heard about our D/s play and has started reading up on the subject. Unlike the sub, I immediately think once the suitor finishes reading, they will want to try out their new knowledge.  A newbie, an inexperienced Dom will want to copycat the play with the submissive and I think, all the training I have given will probably go straight to hell. Thoughts?  LOL

The ideal scenario of course is to find that one who has a desire to enjoy D/s and one day maybe would like to be exclusive or even collared. The sites are full of people with fakes or robots after your financial info.   I've dated and cautiously approached the D/s subject. Surely, it would be easy to find a person with a desire and need for D/s, but in certain rural areas of the country, its just not that easy to find. Usually you get a strange look of disbelief of the topic if you bring it up while watching a movie or show that mentions the subject. My favorite is when you playfully spank her ass during sex and you either get stunned silence........, immediate stoppage of sex or you hear "don't ever do that again" followed by laughter and  "no really, don't ever do that again".  I wonder on a rare occasion, is my D/s desire, want and need important enough to me to pass up a nice, sweet person who has zero interest in the D/s. Can you extinguished the Dom burning inside of you? 


2 years ago. June 30, 2021 at 10:42 PM

Do most subs prefer online or in person Dom's?  I'm the kinda Dom that likes the sound of a hand spanking a sub while she lays across the Dom's lap. In one scenario, I enjoyed her strapped to the bed, blindfolded and seeing from across the room her phone light up with a text probably from her ball and chain at home. It seems online, subs want it rough and to be pushed to all kinds of limits.  However, in person, she runs at the though of being fully taken by the Dom because that means to her she fully belongs to him.  Online subs seem to be topping from the bottom.  They don't have to commit and there's really no way I see of keeping her inline.  An online sub can abide by any rules they want.  I admit I did enjoy the times the sub would send sexy pics of her in bed or zoom with you doing something sexual, but its still within the confines of a tv screen. Maybe this is the future of D/s?  Also, if a sub has several online male friends from around the globe who she "talks" with knowing from what she has said in the past that the subject goes into the sexual realm, how as a Dom would you handle such a situation?  Is this just part of the life of an online sub? I am asking as I am just wanting to understand the mindset of an online sub. 

I am also curious about what would you do if  a sub said aloud in person, "at this point I would let you do anything you want." Would you throw the list of agreed rules out the window to shut her up and show her how much an aggressive, alpha male you can be OR do you just chuckle at her words knowing if you acted she would run home as soon as play was finished?  Yes, as a respectful Dom, I abide but the rules, but I sense from the sub almost a wish to toss the rules out. 


3 years ago. December 12, 2020 at 9:26 PM

Let's be clear, nice guys win in the end! I am a nice guy. Many confuse being nice with being weak. Certain women say they don't like nice guys so they pass on us not knowing that when the door is closed and the lights are turned off, I can make a "bad boy" look like a choir boy.  This nice guy I am is a Dom. I make women moan, cum and forget their troubles. Yet, so many take a pass, so they can go after "bad boys because they have watched too much porn or read too many trashy novels.  These women have no idea what they are missing. 

For the nice guy, its hard. You are taught to be polite, respectful and nice and yet many women treat you like some weak kid. The funny thing is they don't realize being nice means power for me.  It gives me access. It gives me the ability to get anything I want; most of the time, lol. Ask for something naughty out of the blue, and because you're nice, just one last time, she will show you her nipples, just as an example. So much for being a nice guy. Still the stigma is there. Women don't want to fuck a nice guy or have a nice guy as a Dom, but they love a nice guy to come running to when things go wrong.  It's safe. there's the word. You get to be their Prince Charming until the next bad boy, LOL. It sucks, but it is reality.  What's rewarding is when you catch up with someone who thought you were too nice. You get to see where she is today and realize most all of the time, you dodged a bullet! Now, see what happened as result of her decisions and what she has settled for in the end.  That disaster situation could have been yours, nice guy. 

This all stems from recent experiences. A woman I pursued for years romantically, but would never go out with me because she wanted a bad boy, is now interested, because all the bad boys are gone away.  She was pleasantly SHOCKED to learn about me being a DOM.  Too bad my feelings for her after years of trying have taken their toll on me.  Bad boys don't stay, they just take their worthless souls either to the next younger woman or back home to their wife.  The second, the sexy and intelligent woman, one of my former subs, came to me asking after a morning out, why every man was a liar.  Easy to see what happened here. The second is interesting, as she does not believe my compliments for her, and its just me being, wait for it...."nice."  How soon past subs forget that while their ex or current boyfriend or even hubby is back home, their ass is tied up in my bed being played like a violin by me, and I'm the "nice" guy, LOL. 

So nice guys don't get down, realize you have power from being nice. Use it well and enjoy it.  Also, karma can be a really good friend. 



3 years ago. December 12, 2020 at 1:30 AM

We're supposed to be just friends.  She struggles and comes to me like a good girl should to her Dom. I'm not her Dom any longer, though my heart will forever belong to her. Her smile, her incredible body, her personality, she has it all. She had some time between meetings and suggested a zoom. When the picture revealed the beautiful good girl for which I love, I could see it. She wanted so bad to my be mine again, if for just a few minutes.  The question came soon after that, I want permission she asked. I explained I'm not your Dom any longer so its not permission for me to give. I want.....permission she repeated. Feeling in love like I am, I stated if I were your Dom, I would give you the permission you want, the permission to cum. A smile came across her face as her fingers got closer to her mouth.  She knows how much I enjoy when she does that for me. No secret about it, I lust for her. As she began to insert and lick her fingers with her expert tongue, I replied how she liked; with loud moans, grunts and sounds.  It's almost like cheering her on with those moans.  Her head tilted back, in a sun room visible by any passer by, this intelligent, sexy good girl, sucked and licked her fingers as she would with my cock in her mouth.  I replied how good of girl she was and how much I lusted for her. This just inspired her even more. As this went on, I knew she wanted to cum by her actions. It became incredibly intense. I was watching and talking with this amazing lady who I once held so tight in my arms. Nothing else had my attention at that moment. As actions began to go further, BAM, it happened. She closed her eyes tightly and started shaking her head, no no no, we don't do this anymore, no no. I stopped talking. She came closer to the screen. You can play me like a violin she said and you know that as well.  I hadn't looked at it like that before she said it. She had to go she said. I understood and said little. I tried offering my support, but that's the worst thing you can do for a brat I have learned recently.  She signed off and back to work I had to go.  

What follows later in the day is a text apologizing for putting me in that situation.  I respond that I don't want her to apologize and I won't apologize for my words because I miss and still lust for my good girl.  We still chat and talk about normal everyday topics. It's because the beautiful woman took time to share things about our lives first that I became completely vulnerable and let it out.  What followed created a bond. The bond between a Dom and sub is a precious, special relationship and should not be under estimated. A friend I met on The Cage says it so well; We are not a part of our kink....our kink is a part of ourselves.


3 years ago. December 9, 2020 at 3:05 AM

Aftercare is so important. I've heard about it, read about it over and over in generic terms.  I understand the concept and got the concept down.  However, I didn't really understand aftercare until one day.  I was with the Brat enjoying an incredible session. Brat was on my bed, her gorgeous brown, bare ass with smooth skin facing me as she was face down on my bed. I was spanking her with my bare hand. Enjoying her reaction with each loud smack as her ass slowly started to give off a red glow. The Brat would grab the sheets, as she enjoyed each moment of the spanking from the sounds coming from her.

After the last spanking, she got up and looked at me.  I had not seen that look before but I knew its significance.  I immediately took her in with my arms and held her.  This was the aftercare I read about.  This is why it was so important to hold and comfort her.  No words, just hold her tight and let her now all would be ok, but with no words.  Later, she asked, how did you know? How did you know I needed to be held?  I really didn't know just a reaction, a sense, that she needed it and actually so did I.  It re-emphasized to me something I never forget: Aftercare is so important, don't forget it. 

When was the last time you provided or received aftercare?  What kind of aftercare was provided or received?

3 years ago. December 6, 2020 at 11:20 PM

At first, you may not think something so innocent as watching someone sleeping would be so erotic. I sure did not. Even from miles away on zoom, how could it be. Her husband was away. It was summertime, and she contacted me to Zoom. We chatted playfully, but she was tired. She made the offer and I accepted thinking nothing more of it. She adjusted the pillow under her head and laid down on her side. Watching the good girl lay down on her bed caused my feelings to stir. As she laid her head down, she looked up at me one more time, and closed her eyes to fall asleep.

I was supposed be completing my daily work and at the same time I was able to watch and share space virtually. It was supposed to be easy. However, as I watched, I began to desire, to lust after this amazing beauty in front of me. Sexy, fit and intelligent, she was everything I desire all in one. Thoughts in my head of how I wished I was beside her, but that could not happen at this time. How I wanted to bind her to my bed. Take all of her senses captive. Spank her, use her for my pleasing and hear her scream, scream my name; Sir. There she was. Her gorgeous dark, smooth skin before me. I could not do work. I just watched in lust instead. It seems like just a few minutes, but it was longer. Upon her eyes opening, she looked and smiled knowing that I was still there. I could tell by that look she knew my desire for her had grown. Oh how I enjoyed watching the good girl sleep.

Have you ever watched that special one sleep? How did it make you feel? Did you enjoy how vulnerable they were as they slept?  What were you thinking as they laid before you?