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Bastienne Cross | Toronto Dominatrix | Ballbuster and Mean Mommy

I'm Bastienne, a lovely, little sadist living in Toronto, Ontario. These are posts taken from my online journal, where my brain gets to wander. I hope you enjoy the perversity! If you want more, I'm easy to find online.
9 months ago. Dec 20, 2019, 5:48 PM

"Where is everyone?", you ask as you watch a smile spread sweetly across my lips. "I didn't get to spend enough time with my favourite boy this year, it's just you and me today." Your heart starts beating faster as a familiar feeling warms your body and you instantly look down to the place beside where my feet rest on the floor, your body barely angled towards me. A rush of excitement is followed closely by a sobering snap of shame. Your cheeks start to redden like the Christmas ornaments we hung together on the tree last week.

I slide in a little closer on the sofa and you try to ignore the fact that your head is perfectly parallel to my cleavage. The way you're staring straight down betrays you. I wrap my arm around you and you lean in, happy for a place to hide your rosy, little face. As I run my hands over your shoulders and down your back, you instantly feel a warm visceral safety, something that doesn't even require memory, it's just a total body warmth, a wave that takes you under.

As you press into me, a mess of hormonal nerves, I rub my bare foot against yours briefly as I cross my legs. Well that does it, any semblance of composure you had gained is now lost. The only thing saving you now is the position your legs are in, curled up, hiding the unwanted erection in your pajama pants. Not to mention the contradictory hiding spot your face has found in my cleavage. You've heard it countless times, "Your mom is so hot!", the kids at school are relentless. Their teasing doesn't bother you as much as the feelings of jealousy that bubble up despite your best attempts at suppression. This is the last thing you should be thinking about right now and you close your eyes in an attempt to gain control of yourself.

I feel your breathing increase and I know exactly how to comfort you. I run my hand into the space between your abdomen and legs, "let Mommy feel", I say as your body instinctively freezes. With my command, your legs relax enough for me to feel the very erect cock that's sticking up between your legs. "Oh my god, honey, don't be embarrassed! This is so normal! I would be shocked if you didn't have this reaction!" You look up at me in surprise then quickly look down again out of instinct. "All boys your age experience this. Oh my god, honey, I feel terrible I haven't had a chance to sit down and explain this to you. You must've been feeling so confused". 

You feel an incredible sense of relief, your body relaxing into mine as I give you a big hug, pulling you deeper into my breasts. Your hard cock is pushed up against my leg now and I pull you into it. It feels incredibly good and you feel like you might actually orgasm from this alone. It must be a combination of the sense of relief coupled with the physical contact, at least that's what you tell yourself. I pull away from you and hold your face, laughing, "Honey, I'm SO glad that this came up, I'm so excited to show you your present!" I get up and walk over to the Christmas tree, feeling your eyes on my body as I bend over to grab your gift. ​

As I plunk back down beside you, a few feet away this time, I clutch the present into my chest. "Okay, before you open this, I just need you to know that I only want the best for you, you know that, right?" I wait for your nod and continue, "that includes new things you haven't done yet and that might be a bit hard to talk about at first." You nod as you feel the return of the butterflies in your stomach, swelling and dissipating with each of my words. "You know you can trust me, right?" and you nod slowly, looking straight at me now.

As I hand you the box, you slowly unwrap it, looking back at me a couple times for reassurance. I smile and nod quickly, looking at the box, biting my lip as I gesture for you to hurry up. It's clear I'm convinced of your positive reaction and as the graphic of a naked woman is revealed, you stare at me, unaware that your mouth is hanging open. "Oh my god, give that to me!" I laugh and grab the box from you, tearing the rest of the paper off quickly. I present the Jenna Haze Fleshlight to you, staring at you with the most mischievous look. You're utterly paralyzed with confusion and excitement.

​"Do you know what this is?", I ask with a huge smile. You shake your head no, although you have an idea what it is but you don't want to embarrass yourself any further by being wrong. I take out the long, wide tube, throwing the box on the floor and begin unscrewing the large, white lid. I turn it towards you and your red face says it all, you know what this is, you've seen a pussy before. "Have you been watching porn?" I ask as I wink at you and put my hand on your knee. It seems like I'm purposely arching my back at this point, making my chest seem even more appealing somehow. You nod and I reassure you that it's very normal for a boy your age, absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. 

My hand grazes your still erect penis and I giggle. "Well I can show you how to use it if you want" I say and you instinctively react by responding "Mom, that's weird." I laugh and tell you I'm not going to do it for you, obviously, I mean show you an instructional video. I see that you're apprehensive and explain that I'm never going to make you do anything you don't want to. The issue is that you have no doubt in your mind what you want to do, you just know what you've heard other people say about things like this and that wave of shame keeps you from being honest about what you really want. That is until I say exactly what you need to hear: "I promise I won't tell a soul, this is just between you and me." As you look up, I can't help but smile. We're going to have a lot of fun from here.

I grab my laptop and open a folder on my desktop. You see the thumbnails of a naked woman, her body in various positions but her face is not visible. The video I open for you is of this woman sitting on the floor with her legs spread open, the camera is focused closely on her tight, pink pussy as she fucks herself with a vibrating, purple dildo, moaning rhythmically with each thrust. I say that I'll give you some privacy while I go start breakfast for us. You've seen some of these videos before, you've waited until mommy was out of the room and found this folder many, many times before but you've never had enough time to enjoy them fully like this. As you watch over your shoulder for me to fully exit the room, your cock basically bursts out of your pajama pants and into that tight fleshlight. You've never felt something so good and as you cum hard into it's soft interior you pretend you don't realize that the video you're watching is of me.

After a few minutes, I call for you from the kitchen. You've been sitting beside your new, cum-filled fleshlight in a complete daze. As my voice snaps you back into reality, you make your way to the kitchen, the smell of bacon hits you, reminding you that you haven't eaten yet today. "Did you clean that thing out yet?" I ask you with a tinge of disgust. "No." your voice sounding surprisingly defensive, even to you. "Don't talk to me like that" I say in my strict tone, "Well, go get it then." And just like that you suddenly feel embarrassed again, like you've mis-stepped and ruined the day. You quickly run back to the living room and grab it off the floor, rushing back to the kitchen sink, hoping your haste can make up, in part, for your lapse in judgement.

"What the fuck are you doing??" I ask, indignantly. I grab it from you and ask why you thought it would be a good idea to put your dirty cum in the kitchen sink with our dishes. As you fumble for an answer, I shake my head slowly in disappointment and begin taking the soft insert out of the hard exterior casing of the fleshlight. You watch in shock as I begin walking towards you, placing one hand on your neck holding the pink, fleshy insert above your mouth. "Open your mouth." You do as your told and feel as your own cum starts dripping out. "Lick it, you idiot." I instruct as you awkwardly stick your tongue into the fake pussy, pushing the opening apart, allowing a huge stream of warm cum to flow into your mouth.

"Good, now go clean this properly in the bathroom sink." I say with the faintest smile. You take your time cleaning it, although you're unsure exactly how. You wash it with the hand soap, sticking your fingers inside, feeling yet another erection emerging. You panic slightly at the memory of what just happened in the kitchen, maybe the hand soap was a stupid thing to use too? You wipe the bottle off so it looks like you didn't use it then re-wash the fleshlight again in the bath tub using your body wash. You attempt to dry it with a towel but it just creates a coat of red lint on the outside. You begin to panic again, realizing you're taking too long, finally deciding to leave it at that, storing it away under your bed. 

As you join me in the living room for breakfast, I'm curled up in my usual spot on the end of the couch, plate in hand, eyes glued to the gardening show that's on the TV. Your plate is waiting for you on the coffee table. I smile at you as you sit down and you feel a sense of relief knowing that you're not in trouble anymore. As you sit down and say thank you, I say "no problem sweetheart, if you eat all your food, you can give me a foot rub after" and as I wink at you, a surge of blood rushes to your cock once again and you can't wait to spend the rest of Christmas day with your gorgeous mommy.

ulfhednar - That was better then starting the day out with a cup of coffee thank you for sharing
9 months ago

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