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BDSM Bites

Short and Tasty BDSM Info Videos

BDSM Bites Episode 9: When a Boundary is Crossed in Your D/s Dynamic

How to Process and Move Forward When a Boundary is Crossed in Your D/s Dynamic.

BDSM Bites Episode 8: Guilt, Shame, & BDSM

How to manage feelings of guilt and shame while exploring your fetishes and kinks in the world of BDSM.

BDSM Bites Episode 7: BDSM Safety Frameworks

A look at safety acronyms like SSC, RACK, The 4Cs and how they can help in your kink sessions.

BDSM Bites Episode 6: How To Find A Mistress

Practical advice to help with your search for a real femdom dynamic.

BDSM Bites Episode 5: Mental Kinks in BDSM

Exploring Mental Kinks in BDSM including Hypnosis, Roleplay, Emotional Sadism and more.

BDSM Bites Episode 4: Kink & Consent

An introduction to consent and how it applies to your kink interactions

BDSM Bites Episode 3: BDSM Rules

Your guide to establishing BDSM Rules in your D/s Dynamic.

BDSM Bites Episode 2: BDSM Checklist

Learn about this interactive tool that can help you delve in to your kinky depths and communicate your interests to others.

BDSM Bites Episode 1: Let's Get You Started

If you're curious about BDSM and ready to start exploring, this is for you.