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Information & Resources

BDSM 101: Keeping Safe / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Learn how to protect yourself while adventuring out into the world of BDSM

BDSM 101 / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Curious about kink and BDSM? You've found yourself in the right place

Punishments vs Funishments / CAGE Staff​(staff)

What's the difference and how does it all work? We'll explain

What is BDSM? / CAGE Staff​(staff)

There are more answers to this straightforward query than most people know what to do with – including some answers that are downright confusing or intimidating

Let's get you started / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Here’s some handy information for both the BDSM novice and experienced practitioner
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Erotica & Confessions

Italian and Ashley a story from the Ettienne Diaries / Sculpther​(dom male){Open to su}

From the Ettienne diaries, some are fiction, some fact…

Please Sir / SassyinCali​(sub female)

A snapshot of a sub eager to please her Sir.
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Advice & Tips

Education - Basics of Safe Words / AussiePrimal

Understanding the importance of safe words, why they exist and how we use them.
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