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Rough Day Daddy?

By Beeker​(sub female)     January 14, 2022 at 1:43 PM 791
She sits on the floor at the coffee table, studying for her “exams”. Daddy says he will quiz her after dinner. The front door opens & her nipples get hard immediately, rubbing on her shirt. No bra or panties at home. Only crop tops & thigh high socks. “Hi Daddy!!” she says excitedly. She moves to stand up as Daddy flops into the chair. “No, kitten, no need to get up” he says, “I’ve had a rough day & I’m really not hungry.” She gives him sad smile “But I’m hungry Daddy.” She says as she gets to her knees & crawls to him. She nuzzles her face into the crotch of his slacks. She loves his scent. Daddy pets her hair & smiles “Such a good little girl” he says. She runs her hands up his thighs as she blows warm air on his crotch. She undoes his button & slowly lowers his zipper. His bulge always impresses her. He’s not even hard & it fills her hand as she cups it. She rubs her face against his boxer briefs. His scent filling her nose. She licks at the fabric separating her lips from his member. The area is soaked in her spit & Daddy is starting grow. She pulls his underwear down just past his hips & his half hard cock springs free. She looks up at Daddy to tell him how much she likes it, but Daddy’s head is leaned back & his eyes are closed. She takes him in her mouth & sucks gently. Making sure sit still. This isn’t for her to get Daddy’s milk. This is for Daddy to feel warm & relaxed. They sit there like that, his cock half hard in her mouth, until she is almost asleep. Keeping Daddy’s cock warm always relaxes her. She suckles a little, she always does when she’s falling asleep, & that wakes up Daddy’s cock. It’s no longer half hard, but is now touching the back of her throat & still growing. She sits up little, still dazed so the tickle makes her gag & jump. But Daddy has his hand on the back of her head, firm grip in her hair, to keep her nose buried in his tummy. Tears start to run down her cheeks, not sure how much longer she can go without a breath. “I’ve got you, kitten, trust your Daddy. He doesn’t want to hurt you” She does her best to relax & Daddy pulls his cock out of her throat, but not her mouth. “Take a few breaths kitten.” As she breathes she bobs her head on Daddy’s cock. Just because she needs to breathe isn’t a good reason for Daddy to suffer. Daddy forces his cock down her throat again & she swallows around it. He flexes his hips while he fucks her throat. She knows he’s getting ready to give her cummies, so she hollows her cheeks to give him more pressure. His grip tightens in her hair as he thrusts hard, emptying himself down her throat. He pulls her off & allows her to clean up the mess. No hands of course. Just tongue & face. Once she finishes she holds his softening cock in her mouth. It should always be warm & wet. Daddy pats her cheek & stands up. She tries to come with him but Daddy says he’s hungry now & she should start dinner. He walks to the bathroom for a shower & she walks to the kitchen to get dinner together…her thighs glistening due to her arousal. Maybe Daddy will deem her a good enough girl to fuck her tonight. Maybe even let her cum..

harleyqt​(sub female)
January 17, 2022 at 12:14 AM
LilMissB​(masochist female){Tradesman}
I love this so much.
February 20, 2022 at 1:51 AM