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Rough Day, Daddy? Part 2

By Beeker​(sub female)     January 26, 2022 at 6:36 PM 849
She hears the shower shut off & stops doing dishes to get the table ready. She gathers what she needs & carries it all to the table. As she leans over to set his place, his hands settle between her shoulder blades, holding her in place, chest pressed to the table. “Give me your hands, Kitten” he commands. Without hesitation she puts her hands behind her back. As he grabs her wrists in one hand, he uses the other to line himself up with her entrance. He slams himself into her, hard. She cries out when he grabs her hair, pulling her head back so he can whisper in her ear “Shut up, whore. If it’s not your safeword, I don’t want to hear it.

Do you need to be gagged?”

“No, Daddy! I’ll be quiet” she whispers. Without acknowledging her, he starts an impossible pace. Fucking her hard & fast. “Daddy, I’m close!” She says barely above a whisper as he empties himself inside her. He stills his hips & slaps her ass, hard, 3 times & pulls his softening cock out. “Aww..too slow Kitten. I’m already finished” he says with a smirk. “Maybe I’ll let you cum later” but she knows that “later” can mean anything from 2 minutes to 2 weeks. “Thank you, Daddy” she says, as tears begin to collect in her green eyes.

He releases her & helps her stand up straight, his cum leaking from her cunt down her thighs. “I’ll go clean up & be right back Daddy” she says as she turns around to head to the bathroom. “No need to clean up” he says “You’re a cumdumpster. It’s expected of you to be covered in cum.” “Of course Daddy.” she says as her eyes focus on his bare feet.

She finishes presenting dinner & goes to sit next to him at the table. He clicks his tongue “Not tonight, Princess. I need you to keep me warm” Her eyes light up with excitement as she drops to her knees & crawls under the table, completely focused on Daddy’s soft dick. She gently takes him in her mouth & let’s out a satisfied sigh. Nothing better than cockwarming Daddy. “Do not touch yourself, baby girl. That’s my cunt & I will touch it when I see fit”. She hums to let Daddy know she hears him & understands. “Such a good slut” he says, patting her head. Daddy eats dinner slowly, enjoying every bite. She really is an amazing cook. He hears her quiet content sighs from under the table. Like a child with a pacifier, she is almost asleep, head against Daddy’s thigh, his cock in her mouth. “Kitten” he says softly, “Time to wake up”. She opens her eyes & looks up at him, mouth never moving drone his cock. “Get the dishes done & meet me on the couch. She gives his balls a little kittenish lick & more kisses the head of his cook. “Yes Daddy”.

She crawls from under the table & collects the dishes & takes them to the sink. As shes cleaning up, Daddy quietly grabs her hips & whispers in her ear “I couldn’t wait” he says, as he plunges his cock into her tight ass. She gasps, grabbing the counter, as Daddy wrecks her hole. Hard & fast again. This is for Daddy’s enjoyment, not hers. As he cums in her ass she lets out a soft sob, tears running down her cheeks. No release again. She wants to cum so bad it hurts. Her clit throbbing. Her cunt clenching around nothing. He pulls out & lets his seed leak from her. “Clean me up, Princess.” She turns around & kneels, licking his softening cock clean. When she finishes, Daddy pats her cheek. “G’Night kitten. Finish up & come to bed”. She nods & returns to her chores.

She comes to the bedroom & sees Daddy dozing off as he reads her journal. Her cheeks flush with embarrassment when she realizes what he must be reading. She crawls into bed, trying not to disturb him. He looks up with drowsy eyes, a small smile on his lips. “This is a new fantasy, baby girl. Want Daddy to make it happen?” She flushes a darker shade of red. “Yes, Daddy” she whispers, looking at the floor. “Daddy will make some phone calls tomorrow. Get a hotel room for next weekend. Some new rope, a new blindfold. Will 5 or 6 be enough? Or does Daddy’s girl want more cocks than that?” She smiles, knowing this is a trick question. “Is 5-6 enough for Daddy?” she says. “You’re Right Princess, maybe more like 15”

SirPoison{My CuddleB}
Very nice
January 30, 2022 at 12:59 AM
salutexlovely​(sub female){{Owned}}
CANT WAIT for the next story! Great job🔥🔥🔥🤗🤗🤗
February 22, 2022 at 5:40 AM