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By MJoanne​(dom female)     September 8, 2023
A submissive of mine wanted to try edging. He was excited about it. He had done it to himself a few times and always found it fun. I cannot lie, I love edging. Isn't it amazing to see your sub begging for release?
We planned out the date and finally, everything came to play. I asked him to strip and lay on the bed. I took his favorite handcuffs and used them on his legs and hands. In this session I didn't use a cock ring, I wanted to see just how much control he had.
When all the preparations were done, I teased his nipples which are always super sensitive just by merely touching them. I lubed up my hands and sat right next to him on the bed. I told him whatever happens he should keep his eyes on me.
I slowly teased his cock from the base going up as I stroked it gently. His moans were the best. Just a touch and he had become hard. Ian gasped as stroked his cock slowly adding pressure. After a few, I then used my thumb to tease the tip of his cock and by Lord, it was as if I had touched a nerve. He fought so hard not to shut his eyes. The expression he had on his face got me going. I used both hands on his cock as we kept eye contact. I felt his cock pulse and knew he was just about cumming. He panted, moaning my name over and over.... it was a scene to behold. I teased for a few more moments before stopping making him whimper.
I lubed up a very soft cloth and used it on his cock as the tip of my thumb teased the tip of his cock. He cried out panting almost drooling. I didn't know my sweet sub was this sensitive. Time had passed and looking at it we were at it for more than one and a half hours.
He was on the verge of crying when he begged for his release over and over until I finally gave it to him. The look on his face was to die for and at that particular moment, my sweet pet went to Subspace for the first time in his life. It was simply breathtaking. After giving him his aftercare, I cuddled up with him just as he liked it. To be completely honest, that session was also a win for me. I was straight-up sure I would completely fulfill his edging fantasy.
Isn't it fulfilling when your submissive seeks pleasure from their Dominants cause the Dominant knows what they want and need? When your Submissive begs to give them the sweet release they know only you can give.