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By JhoniBoi​(masochist male)     November 3, 2023
I was waiting alone by the bus stop, smoking a joint in the shadow of the building nearby.
"Whats up" someone behind me asked softly.
As I turned around a strong arm flew around my throat squeezing as I was drug further behind the building.
"Please , what is going on"? I gasped as a rag was stuffed into my mouth and tied tight. My hands were quickly secured in cuffs and I was helpless. I was flat on my stomach partially concealed behind the building ,slighly in the alley. A rag was tied around my eyes, and then my pants were stripped from me. I began to panic, struggling and kicking.
I felt him crawl on my back, shove some lube in my ass and begin to shove his fat cock head into me.
I began to whimper and squeal as he kept shoving his cock further into me, it was so thick. I began to wince from the pain , screaming into the gag. He stopped, held his throbbing cock still, allowing me to catch me breath.
He then began to stroke and fuck me easy. Deeper each time, faster until I was reacting to his thrusts.
I felt my cock get hard from the pain of his thick cock against my prostate and I knew I was going to cum. It hurt and felt amazing at the same time.
Harder and deeper, his cock had me screaming into the gag.
I felt my ass shaking,my legs were bucking as I began Cumming from being fucked Like a slut.
I was screaming as each huge thrust pushed more and more cum from my already throbbing balls.
I realized he wasnt slowing at all, he was in fact getting more intense . He was taking his time in fucking me, but now he meant to come.
My ass was throbbing,and he really began to hammer me with his cock. Longer deeper until I felt him grab my hips and shove deep, hard and throbbing,he shot load after load of hot come deep into my ass. I felt his cock throb as he emptied his ball in me. I was laying in my own cum.with his running down my balls to mix with the huge load that had just been fucked out of me.. his cock throbbing again as more cum drained from his balls.
He then quickly pulled it out and moved away.
I couldn't see, still cuffed and naked from the waist down.
I could hear him shufflimg as he fix his clothes.
I was whimpering trying to rub the blindfold off on the ground.
"Might want to hold still or the guys from the shelter will see your ass" he laughed.
Just then I heard a shout, then footsteps heading my way.
" Whats up here B"? A questioning voice.
"Was hired to teach this boi not to be disrespectful to his superiors. They want him turned out" he answered.
" Oh dat right is it"? This said with a laugh.
" Think yall can make that happen, ya know turned right"? B asked.
"Whats it mean to yo people"? The response
B pulled a wad of bills from his pocket. He peeled 25 $100 dollar bills from the roll and handed it over without a thought.
"Consider him a lady already. I'll have the guys dog his ass real good and I'll make sure he get his dick sucked every time he gets bitch fucked". We'll keep him a cpl.days till he can't remember being anything but our slut". The 5 men laughed as one.
They picked up the now sobbing half naked slut and took him into the building.
He was carried to the top floor, stripped complete, hands chained and legs secure to a speader bar.
He was roughly pulled onto a bench with his hips against the end.
He felt a warm mouth on his cock, sucking and stroking till he felt it growing hard.
Then a finger with Vaseline on it ptobed his ass a cpl inches. Firm and quick.
Then the sucking increased as a thick cock head popped into his ass.
He tried to spit out the gag as his ass was stretched and violated by the fat black cock that was pushing nonstop into his screaming asshole
Slowly until he felt hips against his ass .
His cock was hard from being sucked while his ass was on fire from being entered in one stroke.
The huge cock was held stil in his throbbing boi cunt for a few seconds, then it began to move, mouth and cock , beginning the change that had been paid for.

TXGoldenGoddess​(dom female)
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 very good
May 15, 2024, 11:22 PM