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Sand Shoot

By Sculpther​(dom male)     May 5, 2024
She was driving from Sandpoint Idaho to have her photos taken because a friend of a friend had told her about my boudoir and erotic photography, the 2:00 afternoon photo session could stretch into the evening depending on costume changes and what she wanted to portray.

A few minutes before 2:00 the intercom buzzed and I responded by opening the downstairs entrance  and watching as she entered and approached the elevator.  I remotely keyed the elevator open, setting the destination for this floor and then walked out to greet the elevator.

She was lovely, I quickly decided that this was going to be a pleasurable photo shoot, I knew instinctively that she would look great in whatever outfit she chose.

“Good afternoon Ashley, I’m Steve. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”  I extended my hand and she shook it softly, smiling up at me.

“Hello Steve, please forgive me, I’m a little nervous about all of this but I made up my mind to see this through no matter what.” Looking at her it was hard to detect any nervousness but if she thought she was, ok, I would just work to put her at ease.

Reaching for her roll-along I said, “right this way.” And started down the hallway toward the loft.  I was at the very end of the hall and quite a trek from the elevator but we soon arrived.  Upon entering I directed her to the bedroom to the right of the entry and, entering ahead of her I placed her roll-along on the bed so she could get at her costumes.

“Would you care for a glass of wine, I have a nice white chilled?”

She nodded and began to unbutton her coat.  As her curves were revealed I thought again how nice this shoot was going to be.

I brought her a glass and she asked what type of photos I would be taking of her.

Slightly taken off guard by the question I smiled and said, “Whatever M’lady wishes, I am here to serve.” As I bowed at the waist smiling.

She took two carefully measured sips of her wine, nodding her appreciation and then said. “That is not exactly what I heard regarding your style.”

Her statement again caught me a bit off guard and so I decided to cut to the chase.  “Perhaps, you might share what you have heard, as well as, what you are hoping to accomplish with this photo session.

“The friend who recommended you said that you were a Master at revealing the nature of your subject, and the attributes that they keep hidden away from all that know them.  I know who I feel that I am, and what my desires are down deep within me, before too much more time passes, I would like to have some photos of that me, just to remember, and to look at when I get older.” 

“Very well then, would you like to change into your first costume so that I can see what kind of set to put you in?” 

I have photographed both women and men in every state of dress and undress you can imagine and also doing just about every imaginable and even some un-imaginable things to each other.  It always thrills me to see the first outfit they choose to wear for a shoot because that is the one that is the revelatory evidence of who they actually believe they are.

Ashley was no exception as she stepped from the dressing room in a floor length, cobalt blue silk gown split from shoulders to waist both front and back, the front barely covering each nipple in it’s passage over her bust, as she turned and the gown moved slightly at the back it revealed the sexy little dimple just above the right side of her delectable ass. I made a mental note to check for its twin on the left at my earliest opportunity.  She glided forward, her shapely left leg being revealed through the slit in front that reached high enough to show the absence of any undergarment.

This woman did not need a set, she just needed to be, taking her wine glass from her and topping it back up, I led her to the windows  overlooking downtown, the sky being slightly overcast provided me the type of soft defused light that would make the surrealistic aura created by the blue fabric just float and not pop.  As she gazed out the window I began shooting, electronically dimming the light coming through all the windows gently moving the interior of the loft toward night even at 3 in the afternoon.

“Ashley, please begin turning toward me, first with just your head, now, continue bringing your shoulders toward me, slowly, now turn your left foot toward me just slightly, now hold that.”

As she was turning I began moving around her in a sweeping arc that gave me one award winner after another, I hit the money shot when my camera caught the line of her left leg leading directly up to her right breast just behind the top of the dress, the line was flawless, anyone seeing the photo would pray for a breeze that would reveal her prominent little nipple.  I knew this woman was magic. she followed my instruction perfectly.

“And, now you can breathe.” I chuckled as I heard her actually breathe in and out a couple of times.

She chuckled as well and then said, “I think a bathroom would be a good idea too.”

I pointed at the back corner and she headed for it at a brisk walk.  After a short time I heard the toilet flush, the door open and a gasp.  I looked back and saw that she had seen my wall of pain.  Her hand was over her mouth as her eyes darted back and forth at the contents of the wall.

I walked towards her and as she looked at me I said one word. “Props.”

I could see the mental gymnastics she was going through as she processed that information.  I smiled at her with what I hoped to be a disarming smile and said.  “There is a bdsm group here in town that like to do some playing and have if photographed or video taped.  Besides, sometimes models can be kind of unruly so it helps keep them in line to just point at the wall know and then with a warning look in my eye.”  I couldn’t help it, try as I might, I finally broke out in laughter and as the absurdity of what I said dawned on her she joined me and we had a good laugh.

“What did you have in mind for your next costume change?” I asked and she responded.

“I had intended to work into some more sexy things gradually just for my own ease but after seeing your ‘props’ I don’t see any reason not to forge ahead.  I really want to get some smokin’ hot sexy pictures to remember myself in my prime, and also to remind the hubby that he has a hot chick on his hands sometimes when his ardor cools somewhat.

“Ok, I will freshen your wine while you go make the change. I will see you in the living room.”

Ashley said, “would it be ok if I took a toke to kind of mellow my head space a bit?”
“Sure, whatever you want little girl.”

Heading to the dressing room she stopped and grabbed her purse.  It wasn’t very long before I could smell the weed and wondered what this would mean in terms of revelation for her.

Her choice of outfit was perfect, at least as far as I was concerned.  She was wearing a red lace up bustier that barely concealed her aureolas, garter straps from the bustier  held up fishnet stockings with a thong over the top of them just barely covering her quite tasty looking Mons.

There is a portion of my breakfast bar that is Reminiscent of a saloon bar with brass rail, barstool and some lighting, I motioned to a stool near where I had placed her refilled glass and she leaned against it, long legs atop stiletto heels giving her a lady of the night look.  I hit some remotes and changed the lighting to soft reds and golds and began to move around her exploring looks and angles.  I loved the reflection of the soft glow from the swells of her breasts, her lips sensuously caressing the rim of the glass, long nails accenting slender fingers, the look in her eyes showing a longing for something.  

“Ashley?” I spoke softly, her eyes shifted to me and the depth ran into my soul with a crash. I took that and several more shots before allowing the camera to hang from the strap.

“I want more. Please Steve, show me who I am.” She shuddered as she took a sip of her wine.

“Are you sure?” I asked, “you might not like what you see.”

“I want to face my demons once and for all, because of what I heard of you, I came here, the photos are secondary, the revelation is my first priority and you are the one who can reveal me. I’m right aren’t I?  You can do this.”

Waiting and watching for my answer she recoiled as I stepped toward her, like a scared little creature, I held out my hand and said softly. “come with me Kitten.

She took my hand and I led her back to the wall, I turned her to face it and said take down what you consider to be the most fascinating thing on the wall please.  Without hesitation she grabbed the fur-lined cuffs.  She wanted control but not pain.  “Look at them and study them for me,” as she did I began to snap close ups of her eyes, her face, her hands, I captured the awe, the reverence, I asked if I could touch her hair, she nodded slightly so I brought a few strands forward and down near her cheek. Taking a photo of her peeking out from behind it I asked her to show me her desire, she was at a loss, I walked over to her, took the cuffs from her and clicked them on her wrists, the intake of her breath was sharp, looking down at the front of her thong and seeing the damp stain there I said. “Now, show me your desire.”  Her nostrils flared and I spun a stool around and placed it behind her.  I had a Hitachi Magic Wand on a shelf on the wall, I turned it on and it began to vibrate. “Do you wish to continue?”

A brief nod, a remote button pressed, a hook on a cable descends from above, I lift her cuffed hands over he head, snap them into the hook and send the cable back up, her arms over her head but not so taut as to be uncomfortable.  Reaching between her legs under the seat of the stool she was on I pulled an arm with a spring clamp attached, snapping the magic wand into it I turned it on and pushed it back until the business end came in contact with her clit.

She jerked and twitched until I put my hands on her thighs and held them in place up to and through her first climax.

“Computer, fire cameras one, two, and three.  Lighting at level 3 blue, 4 red and 3 yellow.  Drop flat screen into viewing position.”  The image on the flat screen was Ashley in living color working through another climax, becoming more animated as she ground on the vibrator, I walked toward her, the click of my knife startling her as she saw the blade and then saw it descend toward her thong.  Her next cum hit just as I sliced through the thong baring her sex.

I stepped behind her and unhooked the top 4 hooks of the bustier and the top fell away from her breasts, I then stepped in front of her and licked first her right nipple, then her left, then I reached down and flipped the switch on the wand to high.

She began to cum again harder, and then to cry, and scream, and babble incoherently,  I kept hearing the word “please” repeatedly she had pushed forward on the stool until the entire head of the wand was buried in her pussy and she was away on the wings of ecstasy.

She would certainly have a great number of the types of photos she had wanted, in addition to several that I did not think she had been expecting.   

Later that evening, I poured the puddle that was Ashley into the sex swing and I took complete and total advantage of her and all of her charms, but that is, as they say, another story.