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First time topping a couple... but not the last.

By The Revelator​(dom male)     May 18, 2024
I have always made my living in the art world in one form or another and at this time
I was a professional photographer, I did cover photography for a local Magazine (in Portland) and I was also doing some freelance photo work as well.
I had met a couple through some friends who wanted to have some photos taken of themselves in their living room as portraits for their family so we talked several times over the phone to set up a time that would work for us and we determined that a Friday evening would be best. They wanted some shots taken with them in front of the fireplace to send to their family.
In talking, as often happens, we discovered a mutual affinity for kink and they asked if I would consider nudes and or photos of them having sex in front of the fireplace and I said that in terms of portraiture, erotic photography was a specialty of mine. I had a set of colored lights that were all dimmable so that I could provide natural appearing fireplace light while still having enough light for good photos and the right mood.
These two were inked considerably and when locked together in a sexual embrace in front of the fireplace, they provided a striking image. I had set up a video camera that could capture all the action in addition to the stills and they were enjoying a very hot session of making love, as she was nearing climax she looked at me and said "Aren't you getting warm in all those clothes?" I chuckled and she came, as I finished the closeup of her cum face and she laid her head back on the floor I began to disrobe.
They separated and she crawled over to me, kneeling in front of me and eyeing my cock, I looked over at him, he was kneeling as well a few feet away. Our eyes met and he nodded and then lowered his head as I stroked her hair, She leaned forward and began to suck me as I stood there. After a few minutes of that I sat down on the couch and she followed me and continued the fellatio.
She looked over at him and asked if she could ride me, he nodded again as she climbed up straddling my lap and impaling herself on my cock, She rode me to her orgasm and then kissed me deeply. She laid down in front of the fireplace and he looked at me and said, "Please sir, take your pleasure." I stood and walked between her legs and knelt down to eat her, I took her over the top to one orgasm after another and soon we took a break, all of us sitting on the floor in front of the fire as he brought us a round of drinks.
Though there had not been talk of submission, they, slid into the roles naturally and began to serve me, after we had been refreshed I laid down on my back in front of the fireplace inviting her to ride my tongue, all of this was being video taped as she began a slow grind on my mouth.
He came closer and whispered, "may I suck you, please sir? I nodded as I continued to suck his wife's clit, he began to lick and suck me. He was quite talented and I was enjoying the attention of one on my face on one sucking my cock until finally I came in his mouth and he swallowed it all. After a little more recuperation we all went to sleep.
The following morning I was sitting on the couch and they came out into the living room with coffee cups in hand, she settled down on the couch next to me and then leaned over and took me in her mouth. After a time of that she looked over at him and said, "Look what I found, it's nice and hard too."
He came a joined her and the two of them licked and sucked me for awhile, and then he looked at me and said. "What is your pleasure this morning sir?"
I said, "I want her ass." She looked at me in a bit of shock and then said with some hesitance, "Yes sir." With that she stood up and walked toward the bedroom, The two of us followed her and she removed her gown and laid down in the center of the bed on her side. He lay in front of her facing her, and laid behind her.
I had a bottle of Astroglide I had brought with me from my bag in the living room and began to play with her wet pussy from behind, she was trembling as I rubbed her and soon I was massaging her G-spot from the back with two fingers, my second and ring finger and I started loosening her back side up with my index finger, she whimpered over her shoulder..."Please sir, I've never had one there before." Even as she said this, I could feel her flex backwards pushing against the finger intruding in her ass, she began to moan and push back until I had three fingers buried deeply two in her cunt and one in her ass. Her husband was sucking her breasts and playing with her clit as he looked over her shoulder at me.
I had lubed my cock up in the process and removed my fingers from her opening and placed my cock at the entrance to her ass. I pressed forward, gently but firmly and she inhaled letting it out as her sphincter began to yield, she pushed back as she took another breath and when the head popped in past the ring of muscle the resulting expulsion of air from her lungs propelled a deep groan but she didn't stop, pushing back harder she began to writhe in circles with her ass, It was as if she was straining to feel my cock on every surface inside her ass and soon I was balls deep within her and beginning to stroke. Her husband was holding her from the front and I could feel his cock brushing over her labia as he slid back and forth between her legs.
The only sounds in the room was the rhythmic slapping of flesh interspersed with her moans of pleasure, I have no idea how many times she came, she was drenched in sweat. She had a tiny waist and broad hips, I was holding onto the curve of her hip and pulling her back onto me hard, she started reaching around behind her and pulling me over her, her eyes hooded with lust and hissing at me to fuck her pussy hard. I pulled my cock from her ass, leaving the condom behind and took my place between her legs, her husband had shifted to the side, curled tightly against her sucking on her left breast and playing with her clit with his left hand. I began to hammer her, I could feel my cock bang into her cervix as she screamed through her orgasm, I let go then filling her with my cum as she continued to pull me into her and hammer my ass with her heels. I continued to pump until soft and then fell to the side, on the way off of her I pulled him over he and he plunged into her soaking wet center and started striving for his own climax. She was a limp wreck by then, but. she kept valiantly pulling on him until he emptied his essence into her depths as well.
Completely satiated the three of us slept then, tangled together, in their bed. Several hours later I loaded lights up and cameras and took my leave. This was before the days of digital photography, but I had a photo lab out in Gresham that would process any images I brought to them, and so, I had the film processed and loaded onto a CD for them.
That was an amazing Friday night and Saturday and a first for me topping a couple. It was a great experience for all of us.