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Long Island Dominant seeks PASSABLE and submissive cd/ts/tg
Me just your average guy next door type with a great occupation, circle of friends and happy in my life. Anything I want I work for as nothing is ever handed to us.............very tall standing 64 with a strong build at 260lbs, brown hair and eyes sometimes sporting a goa-tee with a wide variety of interests in and out of the lifestyle content and looking for someone to share that dynamic with both in and out of a bd ds sm content. If you are just looking for a bd ds sm dynamic that is fine too...lets discuss it and see where we land.

Sorry no photo simply due to occupational reasons. I have one of those jobs where all social media is checked, finances, credit status etc Although into the bd ds sm content, I am very extreme. I define myself as a Master and Sadist. I am not a daddy or a dominant please know the difference. I have been active in the bd ds sm lifestyle for over 2 decades and have become very experienced and enjoy pushing the mind and body. I am a very physical and intense individual looking for an equally intense submissive / slave who wants to have her mind and body pushed. You will go far beyond simple bondage and spanking, I will push your limits but never cross the line of pre-defined limits. As for limits I share the normal limits of most sane and respectful but enjoy bondage, tight bondage, suspension, gags, sensory deprivation, orgasm control, fisting, breath play, lead and leash, fire play, electric play, needle play, use of tens unit, cage play, impact play, whips, canes, crops, paddles, hair pulling and the list is really endless outside of the hard limits which will be discussed and established.... how are are you willing to go???

When I am using the flogger or cane and you feel you are about to collapse are you the kind to tap our or beg me to continue and not stop till I am satisfied and happy....when you are put into a group - gang bang and feel your body is going to explode from being used by countless friends and dont have another breath in you are you going to tap out or tell me you want more.....when you are denied orgasm after orgasm are you going to tap out because your body can not take the tease anymore or beg me to use you to complete exhaustion....I can go on and on but you get the idea You need to submit physically and Mentally - Yes you, that is why you are reading this. You want to feel helpless... dominated... NOT in control. you want to give yourself fully, without thought of saying no.

You are a VERY PASSABLE CD TS TG, (who when being trained / scening will be in thigh highs or garters, shaved smooth and 5 to 6in closed toe stilettos) but feel constrained by your routine, your family life and fear of judgment. You are frustrated by your inability to realize your innermost sexual fantasies. Of course you want to be spanked, restrained and many other things, and want to be ordered around, told how to please and be controlled, you know in your heart you are - And you are getting aroused just thinking about this now. I look forward to speaking to those who are true and sincere in exploring the mental and physical aspects of this dynamic. both in and out of a bd ds sm setting Please read my posting careful. 1 - i am not for the faint of heart 2- read and understand what I am into and want, I will expect you to be into the same, if you are not or not willing to explore all I have listed we will not be a good match Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you
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Looking for Caring Dom, Something Meaningful
I’m a happy, healthy, loving, sensual, total bottom/submissive ftm guy. Masculine looking/acting in public (discreet). I don’t have body part fetishess and not into intense pain or being bodily damaged. I’m very new to the this and would like to find a warm-hearted Dom man who will take it slow with me and guide with firmness and compassion. As trust develops, I think he will find he can push my limits farther than either of us thought. I’m single, very hygienic, and hiv-/std- and really looking for those two things in a partner. Besides being submissive and wanting to please I’m also a regular, intelligent, nice person : ) So I enjoy sharing meaningful conversations with a partner & laughing together, outdoors/ nature, cultural events, sports, wine/beer tasting, romance, and learning his interests.
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Pre-Transition MTF girl looking to become a 24/7 live in slave
I’m an 18 year old pre-transition mtf girl looking for a master to serve in a 24/7 live-in situation. I love being feminized and wearing women’s clothes. I enjoy being tied up, spanked, gagged, blindfolded, collared, etc. Can perform domestic duties like cleaning. Enjoy cooking but am still learning. Happy to give oral or anything else master wants. I want to completely give up control to master and follow all orders, and to be punished when I make a mistake.
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Forced feminization......
Having started transition some 15 years ago pretty well feminized but the thought of forced feminization or forged other things is unbelievably appealing so I would be prepared to undergo a regimen of forced feminization and forced many other things I'm looking to be owned at some point I'm looking to be collared and owned but in the interim in the meantime I'm willing to come for test drive for two weeks a month whatever time you have to devote because how do you know if you want the vehicle if you don't take it for a test drive I don't think you do I'm just throwing it out there I'm this is not something I want to do is something I must do I need this so I've been looking on the other most popular BDSM site and I'm just having no luck over there it's all posers and n fantasy people and whatnot I want this for real in person Flesh on flesh

Extremely strong preference for chubs and Dad bonds I also like bald facial hair Harry
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Masochist sub seeking experienced dom
I'm trans, ftm, very feminine and best described as BBW. I consider myself a bratty masochist and I'm looking for a dom with some experience, preferably an older man, who wants the same connection I crave. For the right dom, I want bondage, impact play, and (eventually) knife play. Something to work toward. Some important hard limits: I don't like spankings with hands, gotta use a toy. I can't have a hand or tape covering my mouth, ever. I don't like humiliation or punishment. When I submit, it's because I want to and want to please, not because I fear the consequences.

If any of this sounds appealing, I'd love to hear from you.
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Submissive trans girl seeking dominant master
I'm obedient to a fault.
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Submissive ftm seeks dom
Submissive ftm looking into total domination in the seattle area
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Submissive 28 mtf looking for dominate female
As the title states I'm looking for a female partner to lightly dominate me and take charge. I'm willing to do most things but have some barriers. Pleas see my profile for more info about me and message me if interested.
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Surrey, UK; Sub TV Seeks Dom Female or TV / TS
Hi, I'm a submissive transvestite looking for, (NO MALES, thanks), a kinky / dominant female, transvestite or a transsexual. I'm not a drinker but when I drink some whiskey I can let myself become very submissive. You have to be a smoker, (NOT roll up's), as that's my main fetish. Some info; looking for long periods in bondage, CBT, being dominated and more. Guess it's time to finally become a sissy slut too!!

As you can see, my name on here is 'Tom' but I'm more a submissive fetish / kinky transvestite!

As I say, my main fetish is smoking... also love fetish clothing and the obvious HIGH heels'.

Love Lizzy xx
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Master seeking slave to train & transform
Master seeking TPE sub
In search of a totally submissive boy who is between the ages of 18-26 willing to relocate to the Seattle area. Must be drug and STD free (weed okay) and very clean. Be extremely interested in becoming a totally owned sissy slave. This is a total power exchange (TPE) as 247 live in slave possibility. You will become my property. I am a masculine, erotic, and dominant man who will enjoy taking you under my wing (and having you kneel before me) and teaching, training,traning you to be my toy, servant, and ultimately my slave. I am very experienced in the art of trainingtransing a sub. You will experience total submission, bondage and feminization. Your submissive nature should be a big part of who and what you are and should want to explore and experience it in greater depth. This will include such things as bondage and enforced captivity, real servitude, total power exchange, and submitting to a dominant man. You will truly become my property. I am not looking for a one-time thing. I am looking for a long term indenture. Therefore if you think you are a good candidate to be collared do not hesitate to contact me.
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Submissive male wants to be perfect sissy for anyone!
Im a fit 30yo very submissive, looking for a Master or partner who is into forced feminization (from hormones to clothing and make up) who would take me and mold me into the perfect submissive sissy. I desperately want to be forced feminized to be the transgirl for my master or potential partner! Looking for long term. Im in Louisiana and would like to find someone interested in the area or surrounding states. Looking for real people and not online only.

Also into TPE with this as well!

If interested get with me im ready to get this going asap!

I'm looking for- Force feminized (hormones) Being dressed up everyday Obeying all of my masters commands Long term agreements
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Big country
I'm looking for a passable black petite she male that likes to fuck men and women. Must have huge dick and we want to suck it ! Alot ! My girlfriend is a submissive and has never had a black cock I want you to make her holes your cum dump and tell me to fuck your ass while you do it or tell me to lick your dick clean while you laugh at how she screamed when you dumped your load in her. I want you to humiliate both of us and us is in every way . I want you to own us and use us to pleasure your self with. I want you to tell my girlfriend that you with your big black cock is going to take her man away from her and then turn around and tell me that she belongs to you and I can not touch her with my dick until you put a baby in her. And then look at me and say now let's see how bad you want to lick my seed out of her. If you are interested in this and it made your dominant BBC get hard HMU she waiting for you to own her and use her.
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Modesto CA mtf sub looking for owner
I'm Lillian. I'm 33 mtf 4 years on hrt. I'm a a complete sub and willing to try anything. Only looking for an in person master. Please send me a message.
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genderqueer seeks online Dom/me
unfulfilled. seeking online dominant to help fill the void. no romantic strings, no real life, no face pics. fully willing slut that gets off on a host of things including public play, filthy talk and name - calling, fantasizes about group play, anal, having a cock, rape play, sleep play, so much more.

(plz be mature and aware of kink community standards expectations. i love filthy talk and being degraded and even just flirting but this ad is not consent.)
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Love forced feminisation
I've been single too long wish to meet a strong female maybe a male who will make me feel like a woman i am a sexy sissy when made up need to feel like a girl i love sissy brainwashing etc
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Seeking 3 sexy trannies
I need to be fu ked into gurl hood
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master for servant
master for live in servant willing to learn how to serve
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New here seeking
Trans BDSM LIVE IN slave only need apply relocation posible for right situations. No cds. And please be real.
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Versatile vixen nympho
I need some hot sex for my 1st 3 way
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Aim to please
I'm a Tguy ftm and I'm looking to sub for a Dom. Aim To Please and love rough aggressiveness and how ever you want it.
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